Al Sharpton unaware Rush has black phone screener

Oh I can’t wait to hear Bo Snerdley’s response to this, assuming he gives one. Al Sharpton had a man come on his radio show with big news this week, namely that Rush Limbaugh has a black phone screener, or rather a ‘black sidekick’ on his radio show. The funny thing is that this isn’t news to anyone who has listened to Rush for any length of time. So it’s curious, as pointed out by Radio Equalizer on the text of this video, that Al Sharpton didn’t know this, which begs the question if he’s ever even listened to Rush’s show. After all, this is the man who opposed Rush buying an NFL football team. This is the man who was trying to get Rush silenced by the FCC. Yet it appears he’s never really listened to the show outside of a clip here or there.

The guest who is reporting this ‘revelatory’ information then says that people like Rush hire black co-hosts just so they can say they aren’t racist. Because after all, Rush must be a racist so everything has to fit around that narrative. And then the guest questions what it must feel like to be Bo Snerdley, who is sitting at the side of someone who most black people can’t stand.

This is what Al Sharpton and his ilk think is good radio. Lies, smears, and propaganda. What a fraud.

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