Allen West gives fiery speech at anti-Obamacare rally

Wow. Allen West really knows how to get people fired up. I’ve been waiting all week for someone to post this full speech online and it’s well worth the listen.

West says that this health care law is not in concert with the Constitution that he’s sworn an oath to uphold and that when James Madison wrote the Constitution, that in no way, shape, or form did he intend for the Commerce clause to be used by the government to force an individual to purchase something or be fined. Therefore he says the Supreme Court must make the right decision.

Watch below:

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75 thoughts on “Allen West gives fiery speech at anti-Obamacare rally

    1. I couldn’t agree more,I was praying he would run.Obama doesn’t need to go back to Chicago, he needs to go back to Kenya and live with his grandmother.

  1. I agree that Obama needs not to be President anymore, but please do not send him back to Chicago. We are full to the brim with corruption and inept law makers. I have tried to vote them out, but the Democrats in our state have a strangle hold, and use unfair practices to get their way, like redistricting to make it harder for a Republican to get elected. Dirty politics abound in our entire state. So please, let’s send Obama back to Hawaii where he claims he was born. Not to Chicago!!

  2. I would like to say right here for all to see, “I love that guy.”
    So glad he is defending our rights in Congress. Lets keep him there.

  3. Why do we keep calling it obama”care”??? Rename this monstrous illigitmate bill “obama couldn’t care less about America”!

  4. Why send him to Chicago? Why not send him back to the third world where he belongs.
    Great speech Col West. I expected nothing less. Steadfast and Loyal, to God, country and family. Give us 10 more Alan Wests. Put 5 in the Senate. Hairy Weed would have a coniption fit. Nannkins’ plastic would melt in the fervernt heat of truth.

  5. Thank you Col. West for your distinguished service to the nation.

    Life…liberty…the pursuit of happiness..treasured concepts that Obama’s minions are striving daily to destroy.

  6. Col West, i have to disagree with you on one point. Obama should not be allowed to return to Chicago. rather he should be in a miltary confinement for acts of treason against “We the People”

  7. He is so pro American I could attach a flag stand to his shoulder and raise a flag over his head.

    We need several hundred of him, Palin, and Bachmann in the federal government. No doubt we would get radical change, back to being in line with what the founders wanted for this nation.

  8. I love Allen West………….but the whole time, did I have to see the first lady of nasty looking back at me. Can that ad be moved at all?

  9. I can see this man as what fires up the base in the Fall. I see this man, filled with integrity, honor, and courage, stand up for the Tea Partiers. Especially, when everyone else has bowed to the Establishment…ahem I am talking to you Rubio!

    1. What will you think of him when he endorses Romney? Personally, my opinion of him won’t change. He’d be a good conservative man endorsing another good conservative man.

      1. I don’t think he will, I think he will support Romney if Newt and Rick drop out, but I think until then he won’t. To me he deserves more respect than Rubio, because he defended the country, and he takes no guff from anyone. I knew Rubio was leaning toward Romney in Florida, he just pretended he wasn’t going to endorse. I realize you think Romney is a good conservative man, and maybe through this process he has developed into that a bit, but I will always be wary of him. He was merciless with his opponents(or his super pac was) lets see if he can be that way against Obama. If all he can come up with is “he is in over his head’ oh boy we have a problem!

      2. I’ve noticed that, too. Someone is great until they endorse Romney then they are suddenly a piece of dung. People get pretty petty and bitter when their candidate gets defeated.

  10. Oh yes, love me some Colonel West. Notice how he proudly speaks of his family and their history. In quite a stark contrast, Obumbler never speaks of his family unless it’s lying about his dying mother’s cancer and the health insurance that she actually had. What about all his family ties in Kenya? And then there’s the scathing connection to Odinga. Why would he back such a violent, dangerous man who made a pact with the Muslims to institute sharia (and burn Christian churches)?

    1. Next time he put’s his hand on the Bible and swears an oath,it will be President of the United States.If a pretty lady from the frozen North is standing next to him,all the better.

    1. What is going on with the posts? I just agreed I love West too Grace and it didn’t reply to you.

        1. Names aren’t coming up on “likes”, messages aren’t coming threw on the dashboards either. It’s Obama’s fault LOL

      1. The same thing happened to me when I replied to you on the Rubio thread. Instead of attaching to your comment, it posted at the top of the page.
        BTW, I agreed with your assessment of 10yr old Jerry.

  11. Notice who else is absent, Romney, Rubio, DeMint, Lee, GW Bush, Jeb Bush, and all the establishment!

    Santorum/ West 2012 we know they will stand-up and fight for the Constitution and the people!

    1. Actually, Mittens was present in spirit at the SCOTUS arguments this week. The MassCare example was frequently referenced.

      Thanks for the help, Willard.

      1. You are right. It was brought up by Ginsberg, the totalitarium anti-constitutionist supreme court judge!

      1. Well thats worse! How can Rubio endorse Romney? I mean what does this say about Rubio? Ok its a State matter versues a Federal matter. That is not consistent with any ideology except liberalism in that its incoherent, aPLWBinAK!

        1. I thought we were talking about Obamacare at the SCOTUS, so replied about that. But if you want to talk about Romney, fine, I’ll say this; nobody was more disappointed than I to see Rubio endorse Mittens. But unlike a lot of people, I’m not ready to throw the young man under a bus for one questionable move. When I see someone I have had faith in make a move like that, that takes me by surprise, I wonder what he knows that I don’t, and give them a little time to prove out their reasons.

          1. You are correct but this decision to endorse Romeny speaks to decision making which is critical as a leader in the Senate.

    1. ALMOST right, my warrior friend! Palin/West 2012 ! America has need of her warriors in these desperate times, not a social conservative.
      However, if it works out that it is Santorum/West, I’d vote for that ticket. I could never imagine West consenting to a Romney/West ticket! Polar opposites!

  12. I doubt that Obama will be heading back to Chicago after his Presidency. Notice how often he visits? Not at all. You never hear of him headed back to Chicago. GWB, GHWB, RR had their homes which the retreated to. I believe the Clintons used Camp David the same way. But Obama has to rent a place in Hawaii despite armed guards surrounding his home in Chicago 24/7. I’m betting he retires “out of country” so he can’t be arrested for all the treasonous things he has done.

  13. A preview of John Kerry, critical of the Supremes and wedded to Obamacare: (h/t Legal Insurrection)

    Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) said the law has been thoroughly vetted.

    “As a senior member of the Finance Committee,” he said, “I can tell you that we had one of the most rigorous and transparent legislative processes that I have witnessed in almost 3 decades here in the Congress. We worked with some of the brightest, most thoughtful and experienced constitutional lawyers in order to make sure that the law was constitutional.”

    1. Yes John, it was so transparent, you locked Republicans out of the room and changed the locks and then snuck out the back door.

      Today’s constitutional law has nothing to do with the Constitution.

    2. Kerry is vivid proof of the disconnect between ‘We the People’ and a 30 year Brahman senator.

  14. If Chris Matthews said he got a tingle up his leg after listening to Lt Col West speak, it would be okay with me. 🙂

    1. When Col. West speaks, be asured that it isn’t a ‘tingle’ up Matthews leg that he feels! It’s a warm liquid running DOWN his leg! West unnerves lil Crissy Matthews.

      1. Be careful now, Virginia Gent.

        Right Scoop is liable to issue a “Let’s Be Grownups” policy… lol

  15. Liberals don’t understand the Constitution, thus, how can we expect any of them to grasp something like the Commerce clause.

    West’s version of Airborne is soooooo different from Obama’s Ayersborne!!!!

    YES West.

    1. I remember watching a pay per view fight between Mike Tyson and some other guy. The fight lasted all of 13 seconds. Your proposal would last 5 seconds.

        1. I recently saw a video of a martial arts hot dog fight a Marine. The fight lasted exactly one punch. 2 seconds and that Marine wasn’t even angry. Just business like.

          You asked…..

      1. Can you please explain that to me I am all of thirteen yrs old and I did not unerstand you.

        1. Sure, Happy face. If you have ever seen Pro Wrestling, one of the guys above suggested we have a cage match between Allen West and Barack Obama. I told him that I once saw Mike Tyson win a boxing match in 13 seconds. If Allen West and Barack obama had a cage match, Allen West would win in under 13 seconds.

          Did this help, my young friend?

    2. Screw cage match…lets nominate him at the brokered convention…he’s far superior to the current offerings….West and Obama – 2012 election!

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