Allen West: I can’t understand why anyone would vote ‘no’ on BBA

Despite the fact that it didn’t cap spending as a percent of GDP or restrict tax increases to a 2/3rds vote, Allen West still voted ‘yes’ for the Balanced Budget Amendment today in the name of jobs. Here’s what Mark Levin had to say about it on his Facebook:

Republicans abandoned the cap on spending. Republicans abandoned the super-majority requirement for tax increases. Thus, if outlays are higher than revenues, what do you think Congress would do? Cut spending or increase taxes?

Now House Republicans will brag that they voted to balance the budget when, in fact, they gutted Cut, Cap, and Balance, and lost the vote anyway. Bad politics, bad policy, and nothing accomplished for the nation.

Here’s West in Cavuto:

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58 thoughts on “Allen West: I can’t understand why anyone would vote ‘no’ on BBA

  1. Once again, he shows himself to be the Speakers rubber stamp. I applaud Col. West’s stance on Islam, and his spoken desire to have a return to constitutional governance, but he’s weak as milk toast where fiscal matters are concerned.

    If we don’t get our fiscal house in order, nothing else is going to be worth fighting over. Get on the right side, Colonel, or get the hell out of the way.

  2. Mr West makes many good points here. I’ll just pick one. Just what has the supercommittee been doing for the past three months? Now, that would be a good subject for a real journalist to investigate.

  3. Without a spending cap, Congresspersons would just raise taxes, take credit for the give-aways, and claim they aren’t responsible for the tax increase because they were statutorily required to raise them. Yes, with any BBA, a spending cap is a necessity.

  4. They voted for a balanced budget. Mark Levin is taking a liberal position if he supports budget deficits and non-balanced budgets. Also, a balanced budget isn’t necessarily a “capped” budget. Budgets can also be balanced by tax increases.

  5. It is a disgrace how these politicians always cave in. Is it for bi-partisan support and a political move, I think so. Show me an honest politician and I will introduce you to the real Santa Claus. However, Allen West is truly conservative.

    We must get the word out to the “politically uneducated” in this country who put Obama in the White House the first time. They are brainwashed by the lamestream media. How do we get the message out to them and explain what a failure Obama really is? If he is re-elected, I fear for my family. Gingrich/Cain is my dream ticket in 2012. AND I don’t care about any baggage, just remember “Contract for America,” a Gingrich policy.

  6. Bad, bad, bill. Needed to be killed. Listen to Levin on this subject. Allen West is wrong about this, but hey, that’s OK, I still love the guy.

  7. Former Attorney General Edwin Meese, who served in the Reagan administration, spoke at the Heritage Foundation in late October about why a BBA with a spending cap and supermajority to raise taxes was vital.

    “A weak Balanced Budget Amendment — without certain safeguards and protections against excessive taxation and excessive spending — would be worse than the situation we have at the present time,” Meese said. “It would be used by those who seek to have an expanded government and increased taxes to make it mandatory to increase taxes.”

    “It would make it much easier to raise taxes,” he said, “and that’s why the important thing is to have a protection, for example, that it would take two-thirds of both houses in order to increase taxes … and, likewise, that there be some sort of a cap on expenditures, perhaps in relation to Gross Domestic Product.”

  8. West likes baby steps. I’m agreeing with Levin. This BBA with no cap and no cuts was garbage, and Congressman West’s sense of virtue is nonsense. All he has to do is ASK the Republican congressmen who put the red N beside their names.

  9. This isn’t the first bad decision he’s made. He’s all talk. Mark Levin explained this perfectly tonight, and why it’s bad. If you’re going to pass a disingenuous bill Congressman West, don’t bother. I already wrote my Congressman tonight and told him we won’t donate to him again, or support him anymore. I’m not stupid and I’m tired of their cowardice. Spare us the excuses.

  10. I can Understand why the 4 Republicans – Paul Ryan, Justin Amash, Louie Gohmert and Drier voted against it. Because as Eric Cantor said, the one BBA supported by Republicans did not limit Federal Government Spending. They took out the Cut and Cap. It was for a BBA, but no controls on Government Spending. I can say I am glad it failed.

  11. There ain’t no perfect candidate or conservative.. Every human has their own flaws and shortcomings,

    West is far better than most..

  12. With the greatest respect Colonel West, please champion the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

    It will take less time than a new Amendment and then about 30 States in this Republic will recall our sellout Senators and you will have given the People the power to reclaim our government as the Founders originally intended.

  13. Pathetic. For a military man, especially one that almost achieved the highest possible rank of field grade officer, his performance was absolutely putrid. The House GOP is in power, and yet he, and the rest of the GOP, are showing ankle, as opposed to spine. This is how Obama fights wars: gain the upper hand, then step down and give your opponent a chance to realize how great a person you are, surrender, and join forces with you. If that happens in a MOVIE, then its not a good movie. West and the rest of his ilk (Congress, GOP especially) are fundamentally ignorant of the Constitution and the Free Market: you do not stimulate the economy by passing laws that are supposed to grease the wheels. You try to remove yourself, as much as possible, from the equation, in the first place. As opposed to passing more freedom-robbing laws, maybe [really, there is no “maybe” to it] they should REVOKE a few thousand, as well as rein in or dissolve agencies that pass rules and regulations that have “force of law” (such as the EPA). I would’ve voted “no” on this, and I’m not afraid or embarrassed to say why. It does nothing to cut, cap or balance, truly. It does nothing to rein in the runaway spending, nor does it revoke the Congress’ runaway obsession with taxation without representation (or even NOTIFICATION).

    What LTC West and the rest of his ilk need to understand is this: they’re hypocrites. You can’t criticize the left by telling them that the government doesn’t create jobs, then try legislating jobs into existence, just like they did, even if you think your plan is better. He has failed in his mission. He has not fought to institute policies that revoke Congressional un-Constitutional power. He has failed to yell from the rooftops that Congress’ seemingly unlimited powers of taxation need to be stripped away, forever. He’s failed to kick down every door in the House and scream at the top of his lungs that spending needs to be SLASHED (not cut) and capped, and the budget must be balanced by living within America’s means (through spending less money, not by un-Constitutionally confiscating more and more of the Peoples’ wealth under the guise of “taxation” and “commerce clause”).

    I am very disappointed in West, and I don’t habitually forgive or forget politicians.

    1. I especially resent West’s comment about having a red N next to your name on this vote. That was a direct slam at the Tea Party and any Republican who voted no.

      I was pretty shocked to see that side card about Bachmann voting yes. She is selling her soul for this campaign. It’s sad.

  14. That’s what happens when you try to be nice to your enemy: they tear you apart. And democrats are the enemies of America.

  15. Sorry to hijack this thread, but we need Tea Party Patriots and all other tea party groups across the nation to unite in a joint fundraising effort to oust Speaker Boehner. With enough money, a tea party candidate can win the primary over Boehner.

  16. He voted yes because the leader of the house said so.”We the people”should be his boss not the leader of the house.Come on West,you’re still in the military,wake up.

  17. Can’t wait to hear Mark Levins opening monologue tonight, I think Cut, Cap, and Balance is the only way to go, without spending limits the size and scope of government grows.

    1. Yep, government is like a goldfish. A goldfish will grow to fit the size of the tank you put it in. Another way government is like a goldfish is that it is always fishing for more of our gold.

    2. Levin applauded the Republicans who voted against this bill. West is not as conservative as he pretends to be or else he is not as bright as he appears to be.

  18. This is absolutely embarrassing. You should be ashamed of yourself Colonel West. What the hell is wrong with you? At least Ryan said no way!

      1. This is not poor judgement IMO. Poor judgement is cutting in front of someone driving your car, using a butter knife to get out toast in toaster, or telling someone off on facebook. That is poor judgement. This is absolutely erroneous. You cannot vote for something that is not right. If Ryan saw it then how come West did not? I hope this is not a series of things to come from him.

      2. West is the only leader I see in Congress. It is not the first time he has made an issue of legislation that was destined to fail anyway. I trust he has a strategy in this but I do not see it.

      3. This is the second time he’s not only showed bad judgment, but appeared not to understand why he’s in the wrong.

        West is a fantastic politician in most ways, but he has this big bad blind spot. He talked about holding Congress’ feet to the fire, but then he does the opposite.

        It’s worrisome.

      4. Scoop, this is a very late comment on this issue of West’s judgment, but I’ve been trying to figure him out, and I think I’ve got it. I’d like to know if you think this fits.

        West is, we all know, prior military. His dedication to his men is legendary. Honor, duty, country, is the way LTC West thinks, lives, and breathes. Indeed, he has said that he is still serving his country or still in the military. He lived for twenty-plus years with military personnel who put the unit and their comrades in arms and their country ahead of even their own lives. Most certainly did this without a second’s hesitation, even under fire.

        That’s the problem: Allen West can’t conceive of politicians being anything worse than stupid. He literally does not realize that some of them are corrupt, and some of them are dedicated socialists who fully intend to destroy the American way of life. So when they offer a “compromise”, West accepts it as a good-faith gesture, instead of realizing that it’s just a Trojan horse.

        He was right when he said he didn’t have enough political experience to run for president.

    1. “RINO”!??. Have you actually been following the news/politics?? Study up on the tyrue meaning of “RINO”…or why take up space on this thread?

        1. I’m guilty of hero worship regarding West. He has a flawed voting record and this most recent one is seriously problematic.

      1. I fear the definition of RHINO has evolved right before our eyes, and is now outdated. Since the vast majority of Republicans fall under the category of RHINOs, making the two synonymous, it is more accurate to use the term to describe the exception; the ANTI- establishment Republican.
        I know it sounds confusing, but soon most people here will be proud to declare themselves “Republican In Name Only”. It’s just the sad reality that exists vis-a-vis the Republican party of today. Revolution, anyone?

  19. I can. Because they’re stupid leftists and ruling class statists who believe that there shouldn’t be any restraints in spending our money. They believe they are smarter than us and that they can make wiser choices with our money, than we can. A constitutional provision only gets in the way of that.

    1. The “better choice” they believe they can make with our money is to make it their money.

      It’s not even stupidity anymore. It’s psychotic greed. They want all the money and power in the world. And when they get that they will demand to be worshipped.

  20. Is a bad balanced budget bill better than no BBB? I don’t think so. If they would have passed this one all the congressmen would have broken their arms patting themselves on the back for passing this bad bill. (We already have the PAYGO – pay as you go bill that has not worked) We need a bill that caps spending at a percent of GDP!!

    1. keninil, hotair has this up and I am a little confused, could you explain further, is Alan West right or wrong?

      1. West is wrong to support a half-baked bill with the “right” title. Just like he was wrong to support the debt ceiling compromise. They had the Pres & D’s by the short hairs – they could have gotten a better deal in Aug. If the PAYGO bill from the Bush era had worked we wouldn’t have the deficits we have to day. This bill was just another version of PAYGO!

        1. I concur. I was so angry at West then, and I’m angry at him now. I don’t have the stars in my eyes over him that so many other conservatives seem to have. I don’t find him all that fiscally conservative.

        2. Obama signed PAYGO and have any of them followed it. NO. All of these bills are phony because they take the teeth out of them.
          BRAVO to Paul Ryan for stepping up to the plate and refusing to back the lying Speaker of the House who is happy to do the minimum to appease those of us who gave him the majority. He makes me sick. And he has corrupted many of the good conservatives we sent there. It saddens me to no end.

    2. Maybe Colonel West trusts this corrupt seditious Congress meddling with our Constitution, but I sure as hell do not.

      Worse than a bad bill, by the time it gets through the House and the Senate it will have been turned into yet another tool to increase the power of Central Government.

      I am really sick of this. Can it be anymore obvious that this is now the People vs the Government? We made it crystal clear in 2010 that we expected them to cut spending and reverse course. They have ignored us. If they cannot do their job lets vote the self-serving bastards out in 2011.

    1. You are joking, right? We would have all been so screwed, had this sailed. There were only FOUR courageous conservatives that voted against BBA. This legislation says that they can raise taxes to match spending. The only thing that got cut was the “Cut and Cap” part. Do these politicians EVER read these bills? Among many others, West, is either revealing his stupidity, or at best, his lack of “critical thinking” in exchange for clever-sounding PC legislation.

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