Allen West jabs Obama on how to fix immigration

This is pretty short and to the point. Congressman West takes a question on immigration by a man who immigrated here in the 1950’s to save his life from war with the Soviets. To answer the man’s question, West first gives Obama’s vague response on immigration and then gives his own answer. It was awesomeness!

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18 thoughts on “Allen West jabs Obama on how to fix immigration

  1. AAAh..The ‘American’ Black Politician. I like this version much better than the one who is in the white house.
    Hmmm Maybe I’m not a racist after all???

  2. Now this is a guy I could back in the White House. I’ve said this before, he and Rubio make a great team!

    1. Now this is a guy I could back in the White House. I’ve said this before, he and Rubio make a great team!

  3. This man gives me hope. This is sanity. I’d like to know if he believes in pulling all our support (FOLLOW THE MONEY) out of every Muslim country. Let them blow each other up and when they get out of hand we take all the money we’ve saved and make a landing strip out of Jihad Brotherhood.

    1. It’s not really as easy, sadly, as that. The problem is, whether we like to admit it or not, we are entirely dependent on foreign oil. And muslim countries know this. While I agree with your sentiments and would love to pull out, you can’t do that without, literally, screwing the American public.

      Unfortunately, government needs to get out of industry first in order for the American innovators to find and build a new energy infrastructure, then we can pull out.

      It’s kind of like what Beck said the other day, “Offer a billion dollars to the team/person/group that finds the alternative” then we can pull out.

      While the economy will crash, it will be temporary, at least until the new technology and power sources can be implemented, but in the meantime our economy can build back up due to all the new jobs in virtually every sector that would be required to replace oil-dependent technologies.

      I’m sure West does believe (I believe this based on his past speeches), but unfortunately there isn’t exactly a straight answer.

      1. We get 1/3 of our oil from the Middle East. We sit on more oil in the US than you can find in the Middle East. All we really have to do is drill and remove it. Sure that will take some time to get the drilling going but not that long. If they could build the Empire State building in a year and half we can be pumping oil out of the ground sooner. We don’t even have to do it out at see head on up to the Dakotas and start a drilling.

          1. You’re welcome, it’s a pretty common oil myth, be sure to let your friends know the truth. Our reliance on any foreign oil is a strange self inflicted wound on our part. Personally I think the only reason we do it is so that our gas prices can go incredibly high, it’s a tax bonus for our government. If we’re producing our own fuel they wouldn’t be making as much money off of it in taxes. Gasoline is actually really cheap, a gallon of gasoline is actually less than a gallon of water is if you strip away the taxes.

            If we tapped our own fields we could kiss Chavez good bye, Venezuelan oil is crap. We’re one of the few nations capable of turning his bad crude into fuel. Our oil consumption keeps him in power. The problem isn’t a lack of oil, it’s that Americans have been blinded by environmentalist and aren’t demanding that we use is.

  4. No no no no no Congressman West.
    This will simply not do.
    You’re a Washingtonian now.
    You’ve just got to stop with all this straight talk that is incredibly easy to understand and just about impossible to quote out of context.

    Otherwise you might wind up impressing a whole lot of people who have nothing better to do than closely study the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and The 5,000 Year Leap, and want a President that’s on the same page with them.

    Stop with the awesome-ness, sir.
    It’s totally unbecoming a United States politician.

    (Please ignore all the above if you are intending to become a Statesman.)

  5. That sounds pretty damn concise to me. Rep. West strikes me as someone who has the will to act assertively with a plan. That’s something that we’ve been missing for far to long.

  6. Regarding Mr. West. Where has this guy been? He’s been serving his country. Where is he now? He’s serving his country!!! Where will he be tomorrow? Hopefully leading his/our country!

    Go West young men (and women) go West!

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