Allen West: Obamacare ruling a ‘horrific decision’ that ‘boils down to behavior modification by way of taxation’

Allen West says that Nancy Pelosi is delusional over her comments that it doesn’t matter how we the Obamacare ruling (being labeled a tax) because it’s good for the country. He also says the ruling yesterday was a “horrific decision” that “boils down to behavior modification by way of taxation.” He explains:

Legal precedent has been established so that the federal government can say based upon their own ideological agenda of health care that the American individual citizen must purchase a private sector comodity and if they don’t they will be taxed.

So if I were to go out and say that every person in the United States of America needs to go out and buy a 9mm glock or else they will be taxed, I wonder how the people such as Nancy Pelosi on the other side of the aisle would react to that.

But that really is the precedent that has been established.

Watch below:

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42 thoughts on “Allen West: Obamacare ruling a ‘horrific decision’ that ‘boils down to behavior modification by way of taxation’

  1. Ryan: Obamacare Ruling Contorts Logic, Reason
    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Sunday that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, in his tie-breaking vote on the Affordable Care Act this week, had to “contort logic and reason” to reach the conclusion that President Obama’s healthcare law was constitutional. …
    “I think the chief justice had to contort logic and reason to come up with this ruling,” Ryan said. “So one man decided against the dissenting opinion, against what I… thought were his principles and judicial jurisprudence, he decided to leave this up to the American people. So, now the stakes of this election could not be higher.” …
    “We’re not deterred,” he said. “We think we can still repeal this law if we win this election. The American people will be the judge and jury on this law come November.”

  2. It is indeed an “horrendous” decision.

    Wonder how many people here who have employer hc now will still have it in two years?

    1. I wonder how many are oblivious. When I got in to work that day, everyone was talking about what the court decided – and it was whether or not the AZ Coyotes! I’m like there was another kinda important court business today!!!!

  3. I really admire Col West. He’d a made full bird with another up I’ll bet…who knows. I’m glad he’s where he is. I don’t know if veep or prez is in his near future…but they sure need to use him somewhere high up in the next administration….after he casts his vote in the house to repeal of course.

  4. Reading comments. If you don’t pay property tax, within months, your property will be put up for auction. Even if millions refused to pay taxes, we would all be out so much money in the end, it wouldn’t be worth it. Flooding DC and our representative to DC and promising to VOTE THEM OUT and flooding Letters to the Editor in every publication is the only way we can have a voice. AND the Petitions, of course.

    1. It seems to me that we need to approach the problem from many vantage points.

      Yes, petitions, phone calls, emails, rally’s can be quite annoying however time and time again DC has shown us they don’t care what we think or want. It would be great if we could vote them out of office but being realistic we know that voter fraud is ever rising. And a company associated with soros in Spain is going to be handling the results of the presidential election this time around.

      Not paying your property taxes is a minor consideration compared to what they have in mind for us….I don’t think you understand what is at stake, p

      U N Agenda 21 quote There Will Be No Private Housing Peter Schiff John Stossel Judge Napolitano

      AGENDA 21 vehicle ownership and private property

      Agenda 21: The End of Private Property Has Begun… (Ep 9)

      Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

      “Agenda 21” The UN’s diabolical plan for the world is explained on the “Glenn Beck Show”

      The ad before this is played is liberal BS!
      Life in America Under Agenda 21 with whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt [Full]

      Millions to be KILLED under Agenda 21! (Look for parallels between this & “resource based economy.”

  5. If we start the flood of letters to the editor and letters to any LeftWingLib Congressmen and Senators that inhabit some states, we will get nasty replies but it doesn’t matter, God will help new Congress overturn all of Obamacare.

    1. I hope that God is listening – he wasn’t for me over my prayers that the Supreme Court strike it down and everyone in America would be discussing the Constitution!

  6. You have to love this guy. He tells it like it is and he is utterly fearless. I would follow him to hell while carrying a can of gasoline. I wish he would be Romney’s vice presidential choice, but I know it will never happen. Pity, because I think this true conservative would bring a lot to the ticket and he would keep Romney honest when it came to sticking up for conservative principles. I hope to see a lot more of Allen West in Congress and, maybe, even in the White House one day.

  7. Taxes have been used for behavioral control for as long as I can remember. However, they just taxed behavior they didn’t like….such as smoking. Now they have the power to force you to buy something or be taxed. They have us from every angle and there’s no limit to what they can do now.

    “Mr. Carter”….(me)….“I see you are driving a 2-ton pick-up truck. We cannot have that. You must destroy it and buy a Prius or we will fine you every day until you do.”

    The precedence is set. The Constitution is finished. Even if we repeal Obamacare the left now has a new avenue to destroy our Constitutional rights.

      1. Yep, and this is going to be the ultimate power for behavior control. The communist’s wet dream.

  8. Love Allen West.

    Back off, obama!

    We must repeal the entire bill and replace it with free-market solutions ( for starters).

  9. Thomas Jefferson: “[T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.”

    Mission Accomplished.

    1. The only remaining “check and balance” that has also woefully failed in its responsibility to protect the Republic, has done by simply doing nothing. It is the fourth one. The final one. Us.

  10. I know he was drawing an analogy for effect but damn, the Colonel is not that far off and a strong case can be made for the idea based on often mis-understood Swiss law:

    “By the Federal Constitution of 1874, military servicemen are given their first equipment, clothing and arms. After the first training period, conscripts must keep gun, ammunition and equipment an ihrem Wohnort (“in their homes”) until the end of their term of service.”

    “Like America, Switzerland won its independence in a revolutionary war fought by an armed citizenry. In 1291, several cantons (states) began a war of national liberation against Austria’s Hapsburg Empire.”

    “Over the next century, the Swiss militia liberated most Switzerland from the Austrians. The ordinary citizens who composed the militia used the deadliest assault weapons the time, swords and bows. Crucial to the Swiss victory was the motivation of the free Swiss troops.”

    “From the very first years of Swiss independence, the Swiss were commanded to keep and bear arms.

    After 1515. Switzerland adopted a policy of armed neutrality. For the next four centuries, the great empires of Europe rose and fell, swallowing many weaker countries. Russia and France both invaded, and the Habsburgs and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire remained special threats. But Switzerland almost always retained its independence. The Swiss policy was Prévention de Ia guerre par Ia volonté de se défendre (Prevention of war by willingness to defend ourselves.)”

    During World War I, both France and Germany considered invading Switzerland to attack each other’s flank. In World War II, Hitler wanted the Swiss gold reserves and needed free communications and transit through Switzerland to supply Axis forces in the Mediterranean. But when military planners looked at Switzerland’s well-armed citizenry, mountainous terrain, and civil defence fortifications, Switzerland lost its appeal as an invasion target. While two World Wars raged, Switzerland enjoyed a secure peace.

    lots more here to read!

    1. Kennesaw, Ga passed a law that every home must have a gun and shortly after that home invasions plummetted! Imagine that!

    2. Very good sDee. It most definitely shows how a country which desires to protect itself and it’s citizens from invasion and assault and helps to keep officials honest.
      Liberals would never go for such a program because it is the liberals that are the perpetrators of the assault on it’s own citizens.

      The Supreme Court this week has shown they are complicit in the internal assault, and are encouraging the invasion on our country by foreign nationals and Muslims (no reason to add “extremists”).

    3. US Code; Title 10; Subtitle A; Part 1; Chapter 13; Subsection 311;

      (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
      (b) The classes of the militia are—
      (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
      (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

  11. If the Supreme Court can rule against the people then an election can be stolen. Folks it may be time to……………………………I won’t say it but we are getting very close to a bloody revolution

    1. Alter or abolish.
      Taxation without representation.

      I think a tax revolt would be the first step, then you’d have thousands of officers being told to go and make hundreds of thousands of arrests.

      1. By no coincidence the government has made it nearly impossible for the average worker to even protest in the first place by not paying taxes. There are means of tax collection on all financial transfers, payroll, retirement funds, purchases, sales etc.

        And even if we find a way to avoid paying them it is even harder to avoid paying the judgement including wage garnishment, bank account freeze, and liens/confiscation on all property via title, deeds and registrations.

  12. “Direct hit. Round on target. FFE, over.” Lets see if we can destroy that target on Jul 9 when Congress votes to repeal.

  13. I love the Glock analogy!

    Liberals and Progressives must always have the goal of totalitarianism, because they would never risk free men having the power they have given themselves

    anyway I would be pissed because I buy Sigs 🙂

    1. Yeah so do I, it would be just like the feds to mandate a 9mm glock when some of us would prefer a .40 cal Sig Sauer.

      1. What about paying cash for your doctor? What about co-ops?
        No, you have to buy an insurance product, like it or not. And the reasoning is that everyone is already in that market, which is an abject falsehood.

        Come down to the real world. Lots of people buy groceries, pay the power bill every other month, and pray they don’t get sick.

        1. I think of our declaration and the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness and do not see where any of those elements are advanced but instead greatly diminished.

        2. “What about paying cash for your doctor?” BINGO!!!

          That’s the way it used to be done when I was a girl. I have decided it was the union’s pushing for always moremoremore that got medical insurance associated with employment (1960s). From there costs have EXPLODED! And no wonder, the fiscal gatekeeper (the consumer spending his own money) is removed from the transaction. Now a luxury is seen as a necessity — and with these prices it is!

          It’s a matter of cause and effect: If you want to change the effect, take a hard and realistic look at the CAUSE!

          1. I just thought of something else, Carol. Putting this down as law stifles future innovation. Now, the only way you’ll be paying for a doctor is through health insurance.

            Believe it or not, we in the free market can come up with other options.

          2. I have often wondered how that employers got to be responsible for providing healthcare. I figured it was offered as perk, ie non-taxable or off payroll benefit that avoided the taxman. Health benefits at one time were not the burden on employers that they are now. It works for some alright, but, is very complicated and wasteful.

      2. Really, if they’re going to compell us to buy guns, they ought to be at least full auto AR’s and AK’s. I think that in the not-so-distant future we’re going to need all the firepower we can get.

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