Allen West: Obamacare ruling a ‘horrific decision’ that ‘boils down to behavior modification by way of taxation’

Allen West says that Nancy Pelosi is delusional over her comments that it doesn’t matter how we the Obamacare ruling (being labeled a tax) because it’s good for the country. He also says the ruling yesterday was a “horrific decision” that “boils down to behavior modification by way of taxation.” He explains:

Legal precedent has been established so that the federal government can say based upon their own ideological agenda of health care that the American individual citizen must purchase a private sector comodity and if they don’t they will be taxed.

So if I were to go out and say that every person in the United States of America needs to go out and buy a 9mm glock or else they will be taxed, I wonder how the people such as Nancy Pelosi on the other side of the aisle would react to that.

But that really is the precedent that has been established.

Watch below:

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