AMAZING: Watch the STARK DIFFERENCE between Cruz and Trump on Obama visiting Cuba

The difference here is incredible between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who both criticized Obama going to Cuba.

Just watch:

Very solid comments by Cruz on how Obama is basically spitting in the face of the Cuban dissidents by going to drink mojitos with the dictators that are oppressing them.

Now, listen to Trump’s comments:

So Trump’s only criticism is that Raul Castro didn’t meet Obama on the tarmac?

Trump literally said THAT is the reason why Obama should have turned the plane around. Not because he wasn’t allowed to meet the Cuban dissidents. Not because Castro is a brutal dictator oppressing his own people. No, because Castro wouldn’t show up to meet Obama when he arrived.

Talk about amateur hour. What a joke!

Oh wait, you think the clip I’m using is taking Trump’s comments out of context? Then listen for yourself to his unedited comments. It begins around 32:40:

It ends at 38:31 and nowhere does Trump actually criticize Obama on the substance of the trip. He even suggests that he respects the fact that Castro is trying to make a good deal for his country, saying he doesn’t blame them.

Is this really the man that people want to be our next president?

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