Amb. Bolton: Iranian nuke deal the opening gun of a NUCLEAR ARMS RACE in the Middle East

Former Amb. John Bolton says that the biggest concession in this interim deal that the US made, something he says is already indicated to be a concession in the final deal down the road, is that Iran will continue to enrich uranium and the rest of the deal is just window dressing.

He also points out that the so-called ‘freezing’ of Iran’s nuclear program isn’t freezing anything other than expansion and that Iran’s nuclear program, per this agreement, will continue at its existing levels.

To that end Bolton says that if Israel doesn’t attack Iran then it’s now “essentially 100% the case that Iran will get nuclear weapons” and it won’t just stop with Iran. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others will get nuclear weapons and thus he says this agreement is the opening gun in a Middle East nuclear arms race.


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