And there’s the other bounce…

Just like Trump got a bounce a week ago from his Republican convention, so is Hillary getting a bounce out of her Democratic convention:

This bounce was pretty much expected. But the Democrats are also getting more from their convention as they now have Trump on the defensive with the whole Khan thing. He totally fell for the bait and of course the MSM is doing their best to ensnare him with it, which apparently isn’t too hard.

Trump should have known better than to address the Khan accusations. He would have been better to change the subject. Instead he suggests that the wife was silent on stage because she was forced to be silent by her husband. Why even mention the wife? Whether it’s true or not, it was a dumb place to go.

Instead he should have pointed out exactly what I’ve been thinking since that speech aired, that the same accusations could be said about Hillary. You think she’s read the constitution? You think she cares about it? And what sacrifices has she made?

Ah well. It’s only the beginning of August with a long way to go before the election gets here. But Trump’s going to have to do better than this in the coming weeks to even have a chance of beating Hillary in November.

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