Ann Coulter DISMANTLES Lawless Obama: He Is Vetoing Legislation By Refusing To Enforce It

In this segment of tonight’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, guest Ann Coulter breaks down the difference between a typical use of executive orders, and what President Obama is doing. Counting the total number of executive orders is useless. Quantity, as they say, counts little against quality. The problem is what the President is doing with his executive power. Which is to say grossly abusing it.

Coulter says that we can only hope the next President at least has the threat of impeachment, because as noted by Professor Turley (see here) earlier on Fox, there is no chance of America’s First Black President being made to answer for it.

A truly fascinating and illuminating segment.

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72 thoughts on “Ann Coulter DISMANTLES Lawless Obama: He Is Vetoing Legislation By Refusing To Enforce It

  1. I can’t think of a better way to prove to the colored masses that
    they are not above the law . .and prove to White people they don’t have to fear them by impeaching the first and hopefully last colored president ot these here United States.

  2. Since negative consequences may arise when we accept responsibility, our natural tendency to avoid them is most easily achieved by not accepting the responsibility that leads to them in the first place.

  3. Republicans say there’s no use taking him to court because by the time it’s decided he will be out of office anyway. But what about Hillary? If they allow these changes to laws stand, all Hillary has to do is extend the executive orders. Then what will the R’s say? “Oh, maybe we should have taken it to the Supreme Court”? Do SOMETHING Republicans instead of just throw your hands in the air and say “he’s iconic, leave him alone”.

  4. Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
    This describes Obama and most of Washington to a t

  5. Impeach Oblamer for gross misconduct in office to begin with and at worst, co conspirator in the deaths of the four heroes who lost their lives in Libya due to his failure to act! Who gives a crap he is black. Blacks can be fired, impeached, whatever!

  6. And, if Hillary is elected, she will never be impeachable either since she would be the first woman president. Americans are so looking forward to 4 or 8 years of being called “sexist” every time they disagree with one of her policies. This is why Progressives and the Pravda media “pressed” so hard for Obama and it is why they will “press” equally hard for Hillary. For Progressives, the end always justifies the means.

  7. The trouble with impeaching him is it would be a Pyrrhic victory because the media in this country, the same media that installed him, will manipulate many many stupid people and label the right as racist, bigoted homophobic, etc.

    They will do it at every level of the media both overtly and covertly. Unless people are willing to grab the microphone and fight back the cost would be too great.

    Want an example? Take note of Reagan, and by rote Republicans, and they have been continually made the villain over AIDS. Need more proof? Go to your Netflix, Amazon, and or Youtube and watch “Angels in America”. That was pure propaganda. They used propaganda to drive the ratings, then they used propaganda to dump accolades on that program, and that firmly ensconced into the collective unconscious that Republicans are the cause of AIDS and we hate all homosexuals. That is where the left gets the meme that Republicans are closeted homosexuals.

    Taking back this country doesn’t begin with impeachment. It’s begins with the media and the culture. Impeachment would be the end of the process…not the beginning.

  8. so, what happens if someone doesn’t do their job? Don’t they get fired? Why isn’t Congress preparing to fire Obama if he is not enforcing the law?

    it will be too late if we wait.

  9. the king must be DETHRONED, and if Speaker Boehner won’t do his duty and LEAD, he will need to be replaced

  10. need to get majority in both house and senate so obama can do nothing without getting impeached. if he goes too far, they won’t have a choice.

  11. You know the worst part, they openly admit nothings going to be done about it and tell us to wait until 2016! In other words “hey gang the laws don’t matter he will do what he wants so get use to it!”

    If nothing is going to happen then the rest of us should follow suit and abide by only the laws we like – how long do you think we will get away with that?

    Every time he breaks the law and gets away with it he is strengthened to continue doing so. He is setting precedence that left will be using against the people again in the future.

    Instead of saying 2016 can’t come soon enough, apply the law and go after those obstructing the law, that is what law and courts are for! I have a real hard time believing our founders did not have a way of dealing with this besides citizens taking to the streets!

  12. Obama’s in sunny California with Saudi oil big shots and Michelle is skiing with the important people in Aspen on our dime and laughing at us. Three more years of this Royal couple god help us. THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

  13. Let’s impeach the WHITE SIDE of him . Because if you impeach the BROWN side of him your a RACIST. This racist BS will never END . POOR BABY BS .

    1. but you know full well that if we try to impeach the white side of him Al Sharpton would hold a “resist we much rally” (look at the clip to find out what it means that the “only” reason why we impeached this white part of this president is because it partnered with the Black Part….

      1. People are afraid they’ll be a RIOT , I say bring it on . It’s better then what we have know . With this so called leader .

  14. The law – not race – is the issue. Coulter’s focus on race – as usual – is wrong. Obama gets a pass from the media because they love his left-wing agenda. Emphasizing race is ridiculous, but is a pattern with Coulter, as noted in the book, Vanity: Ann Coulter’s Quest for Glory, available at

    1. She didn’t “focus” on race. Maybe you are focusing on it.

      She focused on the doctrine of separation of powers, the Article 2 obligations of the President, and the idea that Andrew Johnson was impeached for lesser failures to “take care that the laws are faithfully executed.”

    2. Liberals are the most “race focused” group of scum on the planet. You pick one line from her entire segment and accuse her of being race focused? Sure she talks and writes about race from time to time. Aren’t the liberals always whining about having a “conversation about race?” Problem is they (you perhaps) don’t want an “honest conversation” Coulter does.

    3. On the contrary, you’re obviously devoid of the ability to be objective, unbiased and intellectually honest. As usual, liberals, like you, don’t deal in reality or irrefutable facts. The irrefutable facts are Obama has broken the law on several occasions. He has illegally circumvented due process by sidestepping Congress when he made twenty-seven unconstitutional changes to his signature health care law. FACT: Those are impeachable offenses. The only truth in your comment was that your liberal biased comment is dead wrong. Ann Coulter’s saying that his being the first black, (half black) president is the reason why he has not been impeached by now is a fact.

  15. “The first black president is not going to be impeached.”

    I don’t buy this argument that not enough Democrats would vote for impeachment. They will if scared for their re-election due to their support of Obama.

    Le t the riots begin.

    1. Love your optimism…I just don’t share it. You want riots? Start the impeachment process and watch the left hit the streets and start turning over cars and breaking store windows in defense of their Messiah. By the way, your downvote wasn’t from me.

      1. And let their dead bodies pile up behind their havoc. Letting threats of violence intimidate society and the rule of law feeds their tyranny

    2. Articles of impeachment are written in the House. If the RINO leadership of the House had the guts, they would impeach the mulatto Messiah’s unconstitutional acts. The Senate would find Obama innocent, but that’s irrelevant. The House has the votes to impeach him, but lack the guts.

      Barack like Clinton, would go down in history as presidents who were impeached.

  16. On a scale of 0-9, what is the numeral difference between the following people or groups? Obamacare, a Islamic Radical Muslim Brotherhoodsman, GOSNELL?

    On a scale of 0-9, what is the numeral difference between the following people or groups? Hitler, Barrack Hussein Obama, Democrat Party, Muslim brotherhood, and GOSNELL?

    If you answered ZERO difference you are correct and reason is is that those on this list equally equate to death and destruction on the human race.

    1. Yup. Pelosi, Reid and their ilk, along with the media, would have been on W. like stink on crap. And frankly, IF Bush did what Obama is doing, they would be justified to impeach.

  17. Ann Coulter’s point that the only reason why Obama has not been impeached by now is because he’s the first black president is spot on. This egregious lack of jurice prudence and civil responsibility is the direct result of how deeply political correctness has been imbedded in the American psychie. Every politician, right and left, are violating their oaths of office and are in dereliction of duty because they are too spineless and too afraid to be viewed as a racist if they call for impeaching the most blatantly lawless president in the history of this country.

  18. All good points that were brought up in that segment, but is it just me or does anyone else get a creepy feeling from Coulter?

  19. If the President can rewrite the law on immigration, Obamacare and drugs, on a whim and with impunity, what is to prevent him from altering our election laws?

    This man has been given special treatment and access because he is black. He gets a pass on nearly every mistake and misdeed because he is black. We are now at a point in our history where the power of one black man is allowed to trump our Constitution… just because his skin color.

    When we listen for the outrage from Congress over his defiance of the law of our land, with the exceptions of Cruz, Gowdy and a few others, all we hear is the chirp of crickets.

    1. I have brought that very subject up numerous times over the past five years. I guarantee that if you were to ask one hundred people if they knew that Obama was half white ninety percent of them would say no.

        1. Liberals/progressives love to proclaim that they are the party of acceptance and inclusion, but prove via their vitriolic and hypocritical words and actions that that is, indeed, not the case. When it comes to Obama they are color blind racists, in that, they only see his black side. They, like Obama himself, refuse to acknowledge his white heritage.

    2. I don’t see Obama as black or white. He certainly looks Middle Eastern. I dislike him because he is plain and simply EVIL.

      1. Actually, doesn’t he have more arab than black blood? But then, without being sure who his real father is, who knows?

  20. I have made the quality v. quantity argument about the Executive Orders to several people. Glad to hear the Judge and Coulter talk about it.

  21. “The first black President won’t be impeached.”
    That’s not necessarily true. If the president was black and a conservative, the demos would be proceeding with impeachment.

  22. “The first black President won’t be impeached.”

    That may also become our nation’s epitaph.

    They allowed the freest most prosperous nation in the history of mankind to be destroyed by an unqualified, inept, bumbling, media creation, and Marxist ideologue; BUT, at least they weren’t RACIST.

    1. That was the line that struck me and I’ve known all along…”the first black president won’t be impeached”. Along with a long list of other reasons (corrupt media, Rinos, etc. etc.) That’s why I try to refrain from using the word impeach in my comments…it just ain’t gonna happen. We are living and dying with a dictator.

  23. The philosophy of the Founding Fathers should be the baseline of the political spectrum — all sound political thought dedicated to liberty and the prosperity of individuals should begin and end with the anti-extreme Common Sense of these great and courageous men. America was founded by principled, virtuous men who understood that without God, the nation would crumble… Only by restoring those attitudes and virtues will we reverse our current trajectory.

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