Ann Coulter mocked for contradictory tweets about Ted Cruz birtherism

I didn’t think Trump supporters could get more vehement and passionate than they already were, but I should have known Trump hinting at Cruz birtherism would do it.

Here’s Ann Coulter today:

But as some are pointing out on Twitter, that’s not what she said in 2013:

Still, other Trump supporters are running to her defense, like the illustrious A.J. Delgado:

I dunno. Coulter makes it very clear she doesn’t think Cruz is a naturally born citizen, thus not eligible:

Now usually, in the world of reality and logic and reason and stuff, saying one thing and then saying the opposite means you’re contradicting yourself. But I guess I’m not as smart and classy and as A.J. Delgado and all the other Trump supporters.

And if you want to hear the other side of the issue, check out Mark Levin’s position here. 

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