Ann Coulter THREATENS to DUMP Trump over DACA ‘betrayal’ and go on the ATTACK…

Ann Coulter is absolutely going nuts (again) because of what Trump said about immigration (yeah, again), and she’s not shy about saying so.

She’s threatening to drop support for Trump altogether, and says her “bite” will be way worse than the “never trumpers” (whatever that means).

Rawr!! Except one wonders exactly how many people would follow her example and abandon the Trump train.

Here’s a scathing interview where she goes after him some more about it:

But this one is HILARIOUS – watch Coulter savage Trump while Lou Dobbs tries pathetically to defend him and calm her down:

Yeah, she ain’t happy.

Ironically, people are going out today and saying that Trump definitely didn’t say what he definitely DID say, including Mike Pence and others.

SO, trying to prove that that the “Fire and Fury” book was crazy didn’t quite work with that meeting, did it? Instead they lit the hair of the base on fire….

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