Ann Coulter torches Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul, says Romney must fire her

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul thrust herself into the spotlight today by making a super lame argument against Burton’s outrageous “Romney killed my wife” ad by arguing that if the wife had been in Massachusetts, she would have had Romneycare for insurance. This has enraged Ann Coulter and she rips Saul to shreds, saying that Romney donors should demand Saul is fired or they won’t give another dime.

Watch below:

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399 thoughts on “Ann Coulter torches Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul, says Romney must fire her

  1. I see a lot of action in the comments below. I need a most of us to do some research as to what it really means to be a conservative. Compare that to neo-conservative which is were Fox news is pushing us. Keep in mind Fox news IS the main stream media. Look for info in other places if you want the whole truth.

    All I can tell you is that I used to LOVEEEE Rush, Hannity, Levin until I realized that they were witholding a whole lot of information from you and me. I realized that they talk a big game but in fact they themselves are the main stream media. They never talk about things like the privately owned Federal Reserve that controls our money and its supply and why it is part of the reason we are in such a terribly long recession.

    If you guys have a chance and want to learn about our monetary system check out a youtube video called the Money Masters by Bill Stihl and it will open your eyes to the real problems and challenges that this country faces.

  2. How in the world is Coulter surprised when she helped the GOP and the media choose the LEAST qualified candidate in the running, all the while helping the GOP and the media ignore the most qualified candidate, Ron Paul.

    You got exactly what you deserve, and now we’re going to lose the election again because you establishment idiots pushed for “Mr. Electable”, Mitt “the Robot” Romney, the guy who in 2008 lost to the guy who lost to Obama.

  3. I can’t stand Ann Coulter…someone please stick something in her mouth to shut her up.

    True conservatives and Tea Party folks are not surprised by Romney’s neutered campaign and lame staff. We have been vocal about this for years, but the GOP establishment and Romney Kool-aid drinkers (yeah, that includes you Ann) refuse to listen. They unfairly attacked other solid GOP candidates and tried to convince us that Romney is a conservative. Mr. Electable is far from being electable. Obama has done a horrible job as president, but Romney isn’t gaining much traction.

    I’m telling you folks…get out there and vote to make sure we keep the House and capture the Senate. Unless something major happens, the presidency can swing either way.

  4. Romney must fire Romney then if he is to fire Andrea Saul, for she was only telling the truth, as Mr GOP Establishment RINO Romney sees it. This is the Obama / Romney political hypocrisy at and in, it’s most absurdly obvious poignant point.

    We, the Reagan Tea Party Conservatives, warned about Romney and his RINO progressivism that created the Obamacare precursor- Romneycare, that would be a major problem going into the campaign election all throughout the Primaries.. But did they listen, no.  Just like they, the voters, didn’t listen in 2008 with Obama..

    Now we have to deal with what we warned about with Romney all throughout the Primaries, which Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and the rest of the GOP establishment media vanguard supported and even stated as such, by fabricating the image by saying that forced mandated Socialized Medicine, aka Romneycare/Obamacare was somehow conservative.. Amazing, isn’t it.. This is why we are in this hypocritical political situation we are in with Mr GOP Establishment RINO Romney.

  5. Where are the Swift Boats when we need them? Oh, that’s right Romney told them to back off.

    OK, so since Romney will not attack Obama like he did Gingrich & Santorum, the PAC’s who care about America need to go on the attack & ignore Romney’s insistence that O’s a nice guy.

    Obama is perfect for Swift Boating since the dirt on this guy is kind of like our domestic oil supply, plentiful, if only someone will dig for it.

  6. Big pivot with MSNBC today, GO after Obummer and team about Ad, make nice with some repubes to get some to talk on air. REPs won’t give them interviews becasue they are DISGUSTING !!!!!

    CNN (cooper) got NEWT to say one little truthful statement CNN and PROGs could spin, I have seen it EVERYWHERE. DISGUSTING CNN !!!!!

    NEWT was just on HARDBALL with Chrissy, and he was treated like a best friend, and it was fairly honest on both sides. Chrissy wanted NEWT to say ONE simple mistake, so they could go after him like that girl who made mistake as Mitt spokeman saying man with dying wife should have been in Mass so he could have had Romneycare.

    Newt did very well, and got in a lot of honest comments about Oh-uh-oh, not sure Chrissy got much. They were also after VP info and DIRT, did not happen but you see the effort by MSNBC/DNC/PROGS. They have GOT to stop this talk about the AD, because it will change the polls very negative (and IS).

    Chrissy diving back into Health Cares issues (oh O-o-o did so yesterday, what a surprise !) by USING that statement by that Girl, everyone wants her fired. Showed endless clips of MITT bragging on his Romneycare (Rich was SOOOOO right on this , but we got what we got).

    Making her out as HERO, and MITT as BAD candidate….OH, what a surprise and what a gift. DISGUSTING

    I see it all setting up, going to be pushed hard, Nail VP guy before announcement and convention, pivot away from OBUMMMER team seen as DISGUSTING.

    I say put out a AD that says D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G showing people on Oh’s staff lying, and then asking AMERICA, is this what you want for 4 MORE YEARS IN THE WHITEHOUSE ????!!!!

    Don’t need to lie,
    just show some some (ALL) people and on the streets saying DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!

    ONE word would be fine with me in AD……DISGUSTING.

  7. All responses to anything Obama throws out there should be: ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! Stop with the pathetic defensive answers. He’s go more skeletons in his closets than I’ve got shoes!

  8. I am having a hard time Why Ann Coulter is So upset. Andrea Saul brought up RomneyCare and Ann wants her fired. Do NOT WHITE WASH WHO ROMNEY IS !!! THAT IS WHAT ANN WANTS DONE !! ON SEAN HANNITY LAST NIGHT SHE WANTS TO WHITE WASH HIM !! That is what people want done.

    If we white Wash Romney and what he has done, when and if he is elected, people will fall asleep and think he will be great. yes i get what she is saying, but Andrea Saul spoke the Truth about Romney Care. Smash me all you want, i know you like me want Obama Care gone, but Who had the blue print for obama care.

  9. Yeah Ann, that’s why we real conservatives didn’t want Romney as the nominee. He showed a lot more fight against the other Republican’s than he’s doing or will do in the time before the election. Just remember Ann, he was your guy! Just another McCain.

  10. I agree she should be fired. She should be able to stay on message with a response on how Obama has lied about this incident.

  11. Yes should be fired since she has trouble making a simple argument. She should have stayed on message on how Obama has lied.
    1) Romney was not running Bain when this happened
    2) The woman had her own insurance through her job and was not on her husband’s insurance.
    3) Bain kept his place of employment as long as they could

  12. For all her glowing talk of Reagan, Coulter never learned Ronnie’s #1 rule — thou shalt not speak bad of other Republicans. Reagan knew it was okay to have differences behind the scenes, but he was also smart enough to realize what mattered most was to ALWAYS present a unified front to the opposition. Because he knew you could only be as strong as your weakest link. And you HAD to stick together to stand firm, even if you did have behind the scenes differences and your only goal was to LOOK firm.

    Then again, Reagan was an old fashioned true believer — and that’s what made him so beloved and special to the American people. And that’s why in ALL polls, he still ranks among the Top 5 presidents in history, often placing in the Top 3. It’s because love him or hate him…like his policies or not…there was ONE thing that was always CONSTANT with Reagan. Namely, EVERYONE could always just TELL that he believed every word coming out of his mouth. That all of the beliefs he espoused were GENUINELY his beliefs. And that is why he always seemed to have so much conviction. It’s because he freaking DID have conviction, which is something 99.999% of modern politicians lack.

    However, where Ronnie was an old fashioned political gamesman, Coulter represents the new age, modern political wonk. She knows her fortunes lie in looking out for herself, even putting herself over party. She knows the big bucks come from saying outrageous things or having hissy fits on TV, in order to keep HER in the spotlight. In short, Coulter’s attitude is summed up as: “It’s all about me, me, me, ME. Oh wait. You actually want to talk about something? (Heavy sigh and dramatic eye roll) Okay…fine…whatever! I guess we can talk about that for a few seconds. But then let’s get back to me. I have a new book to sell, and I need to plug my upcoming signings and other media appearances.”

    BOTTOM LINE: I get where Coulter is coming from…I do. But she didn’t need to have an all-out meltdown on national TV, where she’s only helping the opposition. Heck, when she goes into hysterical overdrive like this, she’s even giving them sound bites and footage to use in future fund raisers or even political commercials. It’s one thing to have a hissy fit during the primaries, where it’s slugfest time and you EXPECT there to be a little in-fighting. THAT is what primaries are about, but they’re long over. And now we’re just 89 DAYS away from the election and every second counts. Every media appearance counts.


    If Coulter was THAT outraged, what she SHOULD have done is sent a message through backdoor channels that bluntly said: “Listen, Mitt, here’s the deal. Either get it together and fire this dunderhead or we’re gone. And by “we” I mean I’m gonna use MY pull to get as many of the right wing media people and bloggers and whoever else together, in a unified front, and then WE are going to turn our backs on you. We’ll write off the Oval Office till 2016 and, for now, we’ll simply switch ALL of our attention and resources to Senate, House and local races to help Republicans win those. Because if Saul is any indication of the campaign personnel — and eventual White House staff — that you want to surround yourself with, then count us OUT.”

    And for the record — yeah, absolutely, no question about it — what Andrea Saul did was totally boneheaded. The woman is clearly in over her head and combined with the fact that she’s perpetually inept and lacks ANY ability to think fast on her feet, she SHOULD be fired or asked to make a polite exit. PROFESSIONALLY speaking, this is NOT the kind of person you want as your official “in front of the cameras” spokesperson. So contact the Romney people behind the scenes and vent your anger. Then you’re still voicing an opinion, but with only 89 days to go you’re NOT violating Reagan Rule #1 and you’re NOT helping the Democrats.

    This election is TOO IMPORTANT and it has to be won before Obama can destroy this country any more. Which means the Right REALLY needs to get its act together. And I mean NOW.

    1. Don’t be silly. What seems to be left out here is Andrea Saul also had a callous disregard for the woman dying of cancer. Telling someone that they should of lived in Mass not only is amateur politics but seriously callous.

      She should be fired and Obama should cop a clue and fire Cutter as well.

  13. I think Romney is doing the right thing for now. Team Obama is digging their own grave and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper every single day. Why impede his progress…LOL!!

  14. The only person who should speak for Romney’s campaign is John Sununu! Saul should be fired, or demoted to drive Romney’s bus, for her stupid/ignorant comments. Ann Coulter was right on the money with her rant.

  15. “Romneycare” is an oxymoron. The man (Romney) is completely without care, without emotion. He is an empty suit, a puppet. The only thing worse than a corrupt politician (Obama) is a corrupt businessman (Romney). While the politician is in it for power, the businessman is in it just for MONEY. Vile!

    1. All losers like you can do is criticize, but you have no guts or brains to run for any office yourself–right genius? Why don’t you get your [email protected]$$ off the couch and start seeking the truth? If you think you can do better, then step up! But, your capacity as a liberal would be just to talk krap! Oblamer is a communist, but you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you? So, go back to your hole and come back when you have something more intelligent to say?

      1. Just because someone doesn’t like Romney doesn’t mean they are a Liberal. Romney was the LEAST qualified, MOST Liberal, LEAST electable of all the Republican nominees, and was pretty much the only candidate in the top 4 (Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mittens) who was GUARANTEED to lose to Obama. Any of the other nominees would be ahead of Obama in polls right now – in fact Ron Paul was ahead of both Romney and Obama in national polls right up until he decided to focus 100% on the delegate races and stop actively campaigning primaries. If people wanted to WIN in 2012, they would have voted for Ron Paul, not the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama in 2008…

  16. If it were up to Ann Coulter, women would not have the right to vote:

    October 3, 2007

    In an interview with the New York Observer, conservative commentator, frequent Fox guest, and alleged plagiarist Ann Coulter left this choice quote, which the Observer highlighted as “On women:”

    COULTER: If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.

    That is not the first time Coulter said such a thing either:

    COULTER: It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 — except Goldwater in ’64 — the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.
    As quoted in “An appalling magic” in The Guardian (17 May 2003)

    Now WATCH Ann Coulter confirm it herself:

  17. Two words for you Ann: “Well, duh?!!”

    Geez, you finally came out of your RINO induced stupor ….?

  18. Why is anyone surprised that Romney surrounded himself with people like Andrea Saul? For me it was clear from the very beginning that the conservatives will not have their representation with Romney. I couldn’t disagree with Ann more a few months ago when she tried to convince us that Romney IS the conservative in the field. Sorry, his record as Governor, despite some of his great speeches doesn’t show it.

  19. Andrea Saul is an embarrassment and should be replced immediately . . .she is uninformed, can’t think on her feet, and doesn’t even look credible . . .she is the one claiming Romney received an income AFTER he left Bain Capital . . .get her a new job selling t-shirts at the convention . . .

  20. Romney staffing his campaign with all the past losers would be akin to Romney hiring the management of one the failed companies he took over with Bain, to run Bain. I suspect Romney wouldn’t do that so why is he doing it with these retread losers in his campaign?

  21. Does anyone believe Sarah Palin would have anyone like Andrea Saul–working on her behalf–if she were our nominee? Only the ones who think they’re smarter than everybody would have an Andrea Saul speaking on their behalf.
    Keep it up, Mitt. There’s an old saying, which you better heed ASAP: Nice guys finish last.

  22. couldn’t pay for entertainment like this. love reading the panic-stricken rants of the other side with a presidential election looming. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. You don’t even have to read them! You can just turn on MSNBC any night of the week and watch the panic coming out of Schultz and the rest of the loony lefty mouths. I can’t understand why the ratings aren’t higher at MSNBC with all of us tuning in for a laugh so often.

  23. Andrea Saul needs to go, and fast. She can’t think on her feet and is terrible in front of a camera. I literally facepalmed when she mentioned Romney Care. Is she trying to lose on purpose? Romney can’t win this campaign playing the nice guy. Remember what happened to McCain? These Rhinos are trying to win the presidency with a failed game plan, and throwing “Romney Care” bombs will only make it worse.

  24. Thanks Ann. You’re right as hell. Somebody has to tell Romney that having these idiots speak for you is a losing strategy. Saul worked for McCain! ! Hello. Just make john Sununu your spokesman. Romney wont grow a pair unless our side starts kicking him between the legs.

    If Romney becomes a freaking pitbull he’ll win hands down. This nice Guy $hit doesn’t work. Watch reruns of McCain’s 2008 campaign for lessons on not what to do.

  25. Ok, to take a different perspective.

    First mistake Ann has, is stating that Andrea Saul didn’t say the statement was despicable, correct, but Andrea DID say that it was disgusting what was said in the AD.

    Second mistake Ann got wrong here, was that Romney had left Bane 5 years prior to Soptic being fired. That is a LIE at best on her part, or lack of knowing the facts. Romney left 2 years prior to Soptic being fired, so lets get the time-line straight Ann, before we pop-off at the mouth.

    Third, yes, the woman died 5 YEARS after HE lost HIS job, she still had one, and, had health insurance with it, till she left in 2005. That is his and her bad, nothing to do with Romney. And to add, since when was it GST Steel’s job to cover her some 5 years after the plant closes, huh Ann?

    Now, first cudo’s to Ann, stupid to use Romneycare in this way, but, however you dice this onion, it is CONSTITUTIONAL FOR MASSACHUSETTS TO HAVE ROMNEYCARE. It doesn’t work, it has bankrupted the state, and no one wants it nationally.

    And, I must say, Andrea Saul did a wonderful job keeping her cool the entire interview, even though she probably wanted to lash out, kind of like Ann did at her, but Andrea knows what class is, and Ann doesn’t. Keeping one’s cool while being lied about is hard to do, and Andrea did a wonderful job.

    Now granted, Andrea’s political background with many failing RINO’s doesn’t do her any good, I agree with most of you, what a horrible pick for spokesperson.

    Bottom line is, Ann needs to listen to the FULL interview before blowing up, she missed key portions of it, and spouted off at the mouth over one blurb, and misrepresented the others. Sounds like what a liberal does, not a conservative.

  26. Ann is unhinged again. The woman needs a Valium.

    My question is: Is it true? Would she receive RomneyCare?

    This has been my whole point all along…we have to be consistent if we’re going to rail against liberals for doing the same thing repugnantcans have/are done/doing:

    Ann Coulter is Wrong on Andrea Saul: Mitt Romney Needs to be Fired Before Convention

    “[I]s it Andrea Saul’s fault that Romney and the Republicans (with the Heritage Foundation in 1994 as an alternative to Hillarycare) designed and implemented Romneycare, which would inspire Obamacare a number of years later? Of course it isn’t. The blame should go to Mitt Romney and the Republicans for coming up with a forced mandate that led to Obamacare.

    “So considering the Romney record, why is Coulter pushing to blame off on Saul? Romneycare is a part of the Romneyrecord and Saul is promoting Romney. If the problem lies within the policy, then why isn’t Coulter upset with the policy. It appears to me she wants to sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened because Coulter like many other Americans have swallowed the “anyone but Obama” pill–even when the anyone looks an awful lot like Obama on paper.”

    And this is EXACTLY why I keep scratching my head. It isn’t like folks didn’t know this would come back to bite Obamney; that it would be the Achilles heel of his campaign. And it will only get worse. It will be the Achilles heel of his debates with Obama.

    1. All good points, stage9! Ann Coulter seem to defend Romney care in her delusional support for him during the primaries. And you are right she does want to sweep it under rug I guess hoping that we would forget. Doesn’t she know that elephants have long memories unlike dumb a** donkies. Many like her think that because we have not been vocal about particular issues then we have forgotten. Well they are all wrong. We gave her so many passes with her promotion of homosexuality, Hillary Clinton over John McCain, and Bill Maher but those days are long gone AC and it really doesn’t matter how much you go on Sean Hannity’s show to try to rehabilitate your reputation all I see are the insults made to Sarah Palin and your support of Bill Maher.

  27. You go Ann, tell em like it is. 🙂 For all you that have been bashing Ann, let me tell you she just tells it like she see’s it, it is her opinion not yours and to be honest she could care less what your opinion is or what the majority opinions are, that is what makes Ann so awesome.

    As for Ann saying vote Romney back during the GOP primaries she was right after Herman Cain dropped out only one that would be electable was Mitt. And I say that even though I am a Newt supporter. I will vote Romney but he is just the less of two evils in my book.

    What we need is someone like Reagan (I truly miss him) that can put America back into Americans and make us all feel hope. Pitty there is no one out there that can do that for us.

    1. Sorry Chris- I disagree–We are 90 days out from backing her pick for the Presidency and she takes the opportunity to tear apart a response to an issue. dig up Romney care again and make it an issue.

      She wants the attention on herself and will do anything to get it.

      You know that stretch marked, anorexic, rope necked,long blonde hair on an old gal with dresses which are too short “look” is a standard look in every lounge where they charge more than six dollars for a black Russian, now known as the “Beige Commie.” If the bartender cannot keep a live one awake long enough, they put a blow up doll on a stool. Nobody can tell the difference.

      She is a walking cliche. They ought to stuff her and put her in the Smithsonian.

      (I was 4 Newt too.)

  28. Hey, Ann. It’s about the economy stupid. You pick a cat fight with a Romney staffer while the polecat steals your country blind. Perspective Ann. Not everything is about you and how smart and clever you are.

    You always want to come into the party with a bang. You ‘re a tired old, East side, cocktail conservative floozy who thinks she can keep her nose under the tent forever..

    Good Bye Ann. Don’t for get to vote and shut up.

      1. Just because she’s right doesn’t prove that she isn’t stupid. Even a stopped clock is “right” twice a day.

        Ann only decorated it with neon lights. Hopefully David Axelrod will come out with and attack video on Stephanie Cutter and the “Romney killed my old lady” ad. Not going to happen. As stupid as liberals are, they know not to attack their own team mates. They will certainly bury her later, but they do not “Crack out of turn.”

        Does anyone not see the Ann Coulter is a symptom of the self righteous, we cannot lower ourselves blah blah blah, Republican establishment? Who needs enemies when our own people cannot keep their mouths shut. Do you think the commies give a damn about whether an ad is truthful? Do you think good guys will always win simply because they are good?

        We’ve got a war to win here and self-seeking narcissistic sycophants like Coulter must be purged.

        1. The ability for conservatives to “eat one’s own” (so to speak) is a trademark I like. If we aren’t able to criticize “our own” we can’t defeat the politics of yore. You don’t like that she’s attacking one of our own because liberals don’t do it to their own. Taking one for the team is what politicians do and I thought we were trying to change that. People do it to Romney here all the time. People try to undermine Romney every day and he’s on our team. What’s the difference?

          1. Kong I love you, my friend, but either you’ve got a hell of a lot more time left than I do or you’ve got a hell of a lot less time on the track than I’ve had.

            We do not need to lie. We need to crush these liars and purge the idiots from our ranks. We must win. There ain’t no tomorrow. There won’t be a rematch or a sequel.

            There is no room on the team for a snide little rodents like Coulter who’d rather have you listening to her clever, hair tossing analysis than thinking about what you are going to do when 100,000,000 welfare recipients receive voter registration cards with their next two checks, postage paid by American taxpayers.

            I’m guessing that you do not, by circumstance, frequently shop at Walmart. Please take your family down to the company sto around September 1 and send me your observations.

            Be well my friend. I thank you for your response and admire your willingness to engage. That’s rare. I treasure your friendship and good will.

            1. I totally agree that we cannot lose this war. I was taking your comments to mean that we should play the game the way the liberals do….where the ends justifies the means (lies and dirty tactics).

              “Ann Coulter is a symptom of the self righteous, we cannot lower ourselves blah blah blah.”

              “Do you think the commies give a damn about whether an ad is truthful?”

              “Do you think good guys will always win simply because they are good?”

              One thing that really pisses me off about the libs is they constantly lie about everything they do and what they are really about. When they name a bill you can be gauranteed that what the bill does is completey opposite of what it sounds. Every election there is tremendous amounts of voter fraud on the left, and Holder is suing states in order to make fraud a whole lot easier.

              The left is turning our nation into a banana republic. People are voting for Democrats because they are disillusioned on what the Democrats actually do and what they stand for. I want people to know who our candidates are by the facts, and I want our elections to be honest.

              You are right, we have to win this election, and I was glad to hear you say we don’t have to lie in order to do it. I apologize for mistaking what you were saying. I will say this….Republicans need to stop playing nice and tell the public exactly what the left is doing with their corruption. Stop saying Obama is a nice guy. He’s not.

  29. So now the left can use Romney’s spokeswomans argument for Obamacare. Awesome. I do agree with Coulter on this one. Fire her and make a statement saying that that healthcare in MA has nothing to do with Joe Soptic and his wife or something to that effect.

  30. See, the problem is Romney isn’t going to take the mittens off to fight Obama, Romney only takes the gloves off the beat up fellow Republicans and conservatives like Santorum and Gingrich. He went scorched earth on those two, and he can barely get off his ass to go after a deer tied to a tree. Well, Ann, you said it two years ago, if we go with Romney we will lose. How are you feeling now Ann?

      1. Never said Romney was. I said Republicans AND conservatives. If all Republicans were conservative I would have just said Republican.

  31. Ann, I see your finally waking up to what all of us have known: Mittens is s huge RINO and surrounds himself with like minded Statists that think big government is the answer.

    So Ann do you regret your support of Mittens the RINO now?

  32. I’d like to see Anne Coulter be Romney’s spokesperson. Put all that hate and ugly right out front. Maybe that would scare folks to get off their asses and vote against him?

    1. I doubt it. I am looking forward to him getting his butt kicked. Then I want to hear the new lame reason for why we have to go with the gopE’s chosen candidate in 2016 as he will be the only one that can win.

  33. Obama Accused of Massive Voter Fraud, Intimidation in 2008. Hillary’s volunteers are speaking out on what happened in 2008–massive voter fraud and serious intimidation by bussed in Obama thugs–one of them is a Hollywood producer (made Jack & Jill with Adam Sandler) who I have chatted with about the threats she has received and what she witnessed. Her movie is “We Will Not Be Silent”

      1. Yes. If she was on our side more often that would be a great help! Tonight she said exactly what a lot of us think. Could we get rid of that loser at the convention? Somehow? Please?

  34. Ann, she doesn’t need to be FIRED for someone to teach her that she made a mistake and how to handle it better in the future.

    1. Huh yea, she needs to be either fired or reassigned so she cannot make stupid comments that represent the campaign! Look, this is high stakes and not just some little ole high school campaign! All of the big guns and people who can market and advertise need to send clear messages from the campaign not reminding people of Romney care. That was a colossal mistake, kinda like the etch-a-sketch comment which I think we are starting to see now.

  35. Harry Truman said he didn’t give people hell, he just told the truth & it seemed like hell.

    Isn’t it time Romney told the TRUTH about Obama?

    It will seem like you’re giving our lawless leader hell, Governor, but you’ll just be telling the truth & if you can’t do that, could you please get out of the way of the Swift Boats with Obama’s name on them, the way you did for Gingrich?

  36. She made a great last point: “Who, by the way, came from the McCain campaign. Great idea!” LOL! I’ll give Ann kudos for that, but the rest of it was just common sense, which the rest of us have said all along Romney and his people clearly lack. Like Showbama, they think they’re the smartest people in the room.

  37. I love seeing you dumb conservatives argue over Ann and whether or not she is a real conservative. She’s a total idiot and represents you well.

    1. And you have published how many best sellers? What degrees and from where have you earned? What Supreme Court Justice have you worked for? What law firm did you practice at?

      Yeah that’s what I thought.

  38. Her remarks about “stupid, single women wanting the government to be their husbands” won’t make the PC crowd happy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in it.

  39. What an over the top DRAMA QUEEN! Chill Ann Coulter! If every word out of your mouth was measured with the same stick, you’d have already been gone! I agree that Romney has NO responsibility for the woman’s death. But publicly berating and tearing apart his staff is productive in what way? What candidate are you REALLY supporting here when you take a molehill and make a mountain?

    1. From a distance, with limited perspective, a mountain can look like a molehill.

      How is gross incompetence a molehill? Wouldn’t losing an election because of a poorly run campaign be a rather sizable mountain?

      Maybe publicly berating & tearing apart incompetence is the only way you can bring attention to it these days. It got your attention.

  40. Uhhhhh, Ann, we tried to TELL you this was going to be a PROBLEM….but you just slandered us (conservatives). Romeny is YOUR candidate, this is HIS spokesperson, and this is what we get. Thanks, genius.

  41. Okay, I’ve had my fun. Besides, I had to be either joking or delusional (you decide) when I wrote Fox should fire her for supporting RINOs. I mean, really. Fox? HaHaHa!

  42. Somehow Romney needs to be convinced that Obama is really Newt & then Mitt will take the gloves off.

    1. The problem is not really Romney per se. Its the so called campaign professionals,paid for by the party elite, who are actually running the campaign from whom he takes advice, they are like frightened little school boys and girls of being called racists by the NYTimes and the other elite media. For those people, the campaign pros, the world in which they are denizens is ruled byNYTimes and the other elite media sources. The people running the Romney campaign, have for the most part gone to the ‘right schools’, are beltway insiders, and thus are republican establishment hacks. These are people who still believe, contrary to all the facts, that Sarah Palin was the cause of McCain’s defeat in 2008. They believe they are the smartest people on the planet because that is what the ‘right schools’ have taught them, but more so, they are also part of an echo chamber of their own that believes those of us in flyover country i.e. conservatives, are nothing more than rubes to be tollerated every four years, so be it, we conservatives need to play the long game and defeat them, at the same time we are defeating the dems.

      1. they are like frightened little school boys and girls of being called racists by the NYTimes and the other elite media.

        Yep! It seems like they’re more worried about being invited to cocktail parties in elitist circles than conservatism.

  43. The comments of Andrea Saul are on par with those the Romney camp has dispatched for damage control. They are out enforce tonight, insulting and denegrating the response by fellow Republicans and/or conservatives rather than listening to us. Typical Romney. It will not be enough that Ms.Saul be fired. The fish rots from the head. The delegates need to fire Romney. One can hope and pray.

  44. Ann Coulter is a conservative as they come. The problem here is that she thinks in strategic terms and some people here think in only ideological terms. Ann is playing three level chess and some of you have not gotten past checkers. The fact is she did not think any of what you refer to as ‘true conservatives’ had a chance to beat obama, she thought Romney had the best chance to beat him, what’s the problem with that? Do those of you who are criticizing her just want her to be part of your own conservative echo chamber? I happen to believe Ann is correct, that any other candidate would have been steam rolled by the obama team because none other than Romney would have been able to raise the sums of money he is, nor would any other candidate been disciplined enough to hold his fire until after the conventions when he will have a huge money advantage. I dont think Romney is a perfect candidate and I dont like Romneycare either but the fact remains that none of the so-called true conservative candidates would have had a chance at beating obama. So we have an imperfect candidate, and one that should shake up his team by purging all the McCain elements from it because those advisors do not seem to have the stomach, in 2008 or 2012, to take the fight to obama. Basically Romney needs a wartime consigliere running his campaign. Stop whining you whom are only satisfied with a candidate who agrees with you 100%, there was not such candidate that could have won this time, deal with it, buck up and go to the polls in November, hold your nose if you have to but this one is so important that we all must vote a straight Republican ticket this time because it is important to give Romney the biggest win possible. Who knows, he may suprise us, given enough of an electoral advantage and a many seat advantage in the Senate and govern as a true conservative.

    1. Romney needs to take a lesson from the Godfather-“go to the mattresses” to fight Obama and his thugs. Any other way-the nicey-nicey way he’s doing now, just won’t work an we will be stuck with President Thug for another four years.

      1. He needs to unleash Newt and others that take no prisoners and get rid of these idiots he has representing him.

    2. Well, that makes three geniuses who have decided we’re all just too dumb to get it.

      Good luck peddling that argumentum ad ad verecundiam.

      It’s generally bad form, not to mention a bit of a fool’s errand, to make one’s first few comments at a website a generalized attack on the intellectual capacity of the folks who have spent more time there.

      Read the Comment Policy, and stick to it, if you want to continue your commenting privileges.

      1. I only spoke in general terms and did not attack anyone personally, and if thats what you consider ad hominem attacks, well, considering what I have seen here already it seems awfuly mild, especially to be considered already for banning. If you want to ban me already simply because I’m new here and had the unmitigated gall to compare those who think only in ideological terms (checkers players), unfavorably, to those who think in strategic terms (chess players) then so be it. Either way, I did look at the rules and do not think I broke any of them, I simply gave my unfetered opinion, and that, afterall, is what I thought these message boards were all about.

          1. Unfortunately, at least from your point of view, it is correct. Think about it, and please answer this question. Would you rather have Mitt Romney as President for the next four years or Obama? Thats the choice and like it or not Romney is the smart, strategic choice that gives us the best possible chance of beating Obama. The choice is as simple as that and its really not much more complicated than playing checkers afterall, is it?

            1. You have your opinion on who the smart choice was/is, no problem. Some here had different choices as well, that each thought was better. That is not the problem with Coulter. If he was such the smart choice he’d better up his game and soon because he’s losing his butt right now and picking that twit as Press Secretary isn’t making me feel very comfortable about his competency. In my mind if McLame beat him the 1st time he’s not as brilliant as you all thought he was. His choice of spokespersons has me wondering.

              1. Well I have never claimed to think he is brilliant and I would ask you not to put words in my posts. I think I stated that the main thing is that he can raise far more money than the more pure conservatives and, having much experience in business, he does know how to plan a strategery and stick to it. Remember the real campaign has not even started and for your info Romney might be losing slightly according to the media published polls but if you had listened to Dick Morris the other night on Hannity you would have heard him talk about the internal campaign polls that are not published where Romney is leading by an average of 5 points and is even or within the margin of error in swing states. And you would also know that 80% of undecided independents always break for the challenger on election day. Think about this, all of the crap they have thrown at Romney and really none of it has stuck. It takes an over sampling of approximatley D+12 or so in Gallup or PPP or the other media paid for polls to show Obama winning. D+12 is not going to be even close to the turnout model on election day and Romney is going to win with IMHO somehwere approaching 380 electoral votes and probably 53% to 55% of the popular vote

            2. And if electing Mitt Romney now delivers a Hillary or Obama in 2016 then we won the battle but lost the war. You sir are no chess player, checkers perhaps but not chess.

              1. Please explain how electing Romney in 2012 will deliver Hillary or Obama in 2016. Your thesis, sir, makes no sense. And anytime you want to play chess please let me know because it is quite apparent you are an emotional person. I am simply saying that we as conservatives need to play the long game and basically elect anyone but Obama in this election and our best chance is Romney right now. This is not difficult to understand if you would think using logic instead of feeling with your overwrought emotions.

                1. Project much Jim? That was a very emotional response to my hypothetical.

                  Sorry but I don’t see Romney as some sort of great savior like you do. You remind me of emotional Obamatrons who thought Obama was a savior.

      1. Call her what you want, but the most likely posibility is that she is correct and that any of the candidates considered by we conservatives to be ideologically pure would have lost the election for sure. Gingrich would have been portrayed as a crook and it would have stuck to him like crap on a wall because of his shady dealings in the past and the fact that he resigned as Speaker of the House under an ethical cloud. Bachman would never had been able to raise the money needed and worst of all the Republican progressive elites along with their media friend would have undercut her just like they did to Palin 2008, same goes for Santorum, who by the way backed that great conservative Arlen Specter who after winning promptly switched parties, great decision that was by Santorum. Look what the media did to Herman Cain and that was just in the primaries, they had women lined up claiming he had affairs with them, imagine what would have happened in the general election. We all have to remember, the republican progressives who run the party detest conservatives almost as much as the dems do, so when we are able to pick a true conservative with any chance at winning in the general it will have to be when the progressive republican elites have been purged or at least their influence has been checked by conservatives in positions of party power. If conservatives are not running the Republican Party then, in this day and age, a pure conservative does not stand much of a chance at winning, wither in the primary or in the general. Our time is coming, look at all the conservative Tea Party candidates that are winning in Republican primaries for national races, and it is happening at an even bigger scale, that being conservatives winning, at the state and local level. In the near future conservatives will be running the republican party then our time will come to run pure ideologically conservative candidates for President and they will stand a very good chance to win. Unfortunately this is not the time, we just need to be patient and focus on defeating Obama with the candidate we have, imperfect as he is, and deliver him the largest and most conservative House and Senate majorities as possible to hold his feet to the fire.

        1. You are missing my point. I don’t give a [email protected]! about who she supported. It’s what she did and said about the grassroots and others who have busted their asses to get conservatives elected. Just what exactly did she do? Give a few speeches where she ripped all those working their asses off. Palin has done more for the conservative movement than that loud-mouthed Mahr mattress has ever done. She ripped Newt, Santorum and anyone else she thought was a threat to her BIG GUBMNT guy. But like I said before, it’s what she said about grassroots, Tea Party, we the people, “checker players” (as you call us) that pi$$ed us off. She’s a phony hack.

          1. Really now Shelly, I’m a Tea Partier also but I am not one to cut off my nose to spite my face. I love Sarah Palin and her message and I wish she had been on the top of the ticket instead of McCain and if she was I doubt that we would be stuck with obama today, in fact I voted for Palin, not McCain in 2008 as I suspect a lot of people did. Palin’s time for a Presidential run is coming in the future, I hope, since she is a relatively young woman. Also, please do not misunderstand where I am coming from, I certainly do not consider all Tea Partiers or Conservatives as checker players. I was referring to those who only seem to consider a 100% pure ideological candidate as worthy of their support even if it means losing the election to obama and I am sorry if you fit that description and are offended, but it is what it is. Personally I agree with you on at least one point, to wit, Palin has done far more tangible things in her few years of noteriety for the conservative cause – she actually gets conservatives elected – than Coulter will do in her entire life as just a messenger and conservative media personality. Sarah Palin is rapidly becoming the Republican King maker and the sooner the better for her to start wielding real party power. But the fact is we do ourselves no favor by possibly alienating someone like Ann Coulter, who has also taken her share of slings and arrows for the cause, just for disagreeing on a few issues. Whatever you want to say about Ann Coulter, she is one of our finest messengers for the conservative cause that we have, but remember she has her own opinions, and all of them may not align perfectly with mine, or yours, but that makes her no less the conservative and she has very a powerful soapbox with which to announce those opinions. I just see no reason to abandon Coulter just because there may be a few instances of disagreement with her, afterall we do need all the intelectual firepower we can get on our side and she is smart as a whip, and having Coulter agreeing with me, or us, 99% of the time is a good thing. I would susupect that if Palin were running again, as a more polished media presence that she has obviously attained in the last four years, Coulter would probably have a much different opinion of her. Remember this, and I know a person who went to U of Michigan law school with Coulter, and he told me she was the smoothest debater he had ever seen and also one of the fastest thinkers on her feet and that she had extremely high standards for herself and those on her team. In fact he told me it seemed to him that others were shooting blanks at Coulter and she always answered with a howitzer. I suspect Ann Coulter simply expected Palin to be more polished with the media than she was and her attitude was, if your on this big a stage you better be up to it in all instances, and no matter how much one likes Palin one must admit that she did not handle the likes of Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric very well at the time. But I also suspect that times have changed and goven the same interviews the Mama Grizley would not eat them up and spit them out and in so doing gain Coulter’s ultimate respect. I have heard Coulter praise Palins ability to give a speech and fire up a crowd and she has no problems with her political stances I am sure as they are basically the same as Coulters. There are just small differences but when the time comes Coulter will be in Palins corner if she ever wins the nomination and runs for President.

            1. Dear God man, you’re worse than my ex-husband. You took what I said and made it into some sort of tirade about being mad because I didn’t get the candidate I wanted. Am I happy with flopney? No. Am I going to pout about it? No. Do I think flopney was the best we could do? No. My opinion. You have yours. To me flopney is not much (if any) better than the zero. I’ll vote for him even while I’m wretching in the bucket I’ll have to carry with me. My thing about Coulter is plain and simple, she smeared a lot of conservatives just because SHE wanted flopney. It’s her smear job I detest. I don’t like backstabbers. SHE made herself the enemy. SHE brought it on herself. Screw me once shame on you. Not giving her the chance to do it again. She can go back to her roots with Billy Mahr. She talks the talk real well, but she ‘s all talk no backbone. She made her bed with the likes of Mahr, she can lie there.

              1. She an elitist east coast biatch. A sellout only in it for the money. She has done absolutely zero to advance the conservative cause.

                1. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the biatch wants Obama to win because she thinks she can sell more books with a marxist in the WH.

    3. Ann Coulter is out and about now because she has finished writing her latest book and is looking to shill it out amongst her dwindling fan base.

      I used to be a big fan of hers but her blind support of Romney and Chris Christie threw all of her credibility out of the window. She is only one of many who are imploring Romney to shake up his staff and come out swinging against Obama.

      That, along with degrading herself and appearing with Bill Maher, in my book, her “conservative values” only go so far as her bank account.

  45. I hate to pay any attention to Ann Coulter these days (too soon, too soon). But when I heard Rush read that “response” today, I shut off the radio.

    I looked at the K-Missus and said, “Worst. possible. answer.”

    It’s such a horrible answer that even “Screw that B****, who cares about her?” would have been higher up the scale. So yeah, I agree with Ann. Fire her right now.

    Of course, I’d like to see Fox fire Ann for supporting RINOS right out of the box.

    1. Of course, I’d like to see Fox fire Ann for supporting RINOS right out of the box.

      Are you kidding me? FOX News was the Romney cheerleader network during the primaries.

  46. Ann has done MUCH MORE good than what some may call as bad. McCain is / was an idiot, and she highlighted that.
    McCain WAS a loser, and he proved it…
    WE NEED people like Ann who will SAY the things WE WOULD SAY if we had the podium & the microphone.
    Live with it…
    We’ve GOT to win in November, or there will be ANOTHER 200 Executive Orders issued by that nauseating PUNK in the whitehouse, which go right around Congress & right INTO YOUR PAYCHECK & BANK ACCOUNT…
    GOT IT ??

  47. Well Ann, you get what you’d been craving for. While she was throwing every Republican Presidential candidate under the bus during the primaries and after debates, the conservatives didn’t believe Romney would hit Obama hard. We said it, we said it, we said it. She constantly reiterated that Christie and Romney were the “only ones to defeat Obama”. Can’t give him back now.

  48. The message from Andrea had the nod from Mitt Romney………these great minds talk things over before anyone speaks, IMHO.

  49. Ann’s column about romneycare: brilliant
    Ann’s assessment of Andrea: wrong…her talking points had to be approved by a higher up, so the person who should be fired is still the question
    And FINALLY…people who think her romneycare piece is relevant to her criticisms of campaign strategy, are getting brain-sloppy

      1. I think someone made a calculation based on independents…maybe they have focus groups who knows…it’s not a pattern of miscalculations–they have done a fine job on most ever issue…look at the ads they are putting out, surrogates doing the media rounds…ALL of them lambasting Obama effectively

        1. The Romney campaign actually pays you for such pathetic damage control? You should be fired, too.

    1. Brilliant…any idiot who thinks passing any kind of mandatory healthcare, whether it be local, state or federal, has a socialist way of thinking in my book. It’s as un-American as Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. There’s not one redeeming quality for flopney care or zerocare PERIOD. The one good thing about flopney, at least he doesn’t hate the country like the zero. YAY! Some thing to vote for.

        1. Taxes….? What friggin cool-aid are you drinking. Just because Robert’s called it a tax doesn’t make it any better. It’s socialist no matter what label you want to give it. I swear you sound like a zero supporter with that tax garbage.

  50. The issue is NOT Ann Coulter. The issue is the limp-wristed, weak-kneed, milquetoast, Wall Street insider that the Republican Old Boys Club chose to run against Obama.

    Romney was not chosen by the Conservative grassroots. Romney was chosen by the likes of John McCain for a reason. Romney is maleable and refuses to get into the trenches and get his rich, lilly-white hands dirty

    On the other hand, were Newt at the helm, he would have already eviscerated Obama and crap like this would never even make the news! And, Newt would not let the likes of Andrea Saul grace the doorstep of his campaign office, never mind spewing this garbage.

    Romney is McCain Act II. Americans are so screwed!!!!!!!

    1. I totally agree that these weak-kneed GOPers need to take the gloves off. We’re fighting to survive out here. Newt is no conservative, but at least he’d fight.

  51. I am a liberal but I honestly think he is sandbagging his campaign on purpose. She could of attacked Obama with the lies conservatives are talking about but she didn’t. I think this is planned so they could replace Romney ( just assumptions). I also believe the top guys told her to say that. I mean how could Romney’s camp cause its own self destruction. There is no way in hell this was caused by mistake. Romney is very smart and cunning man and not like Palin. I am still in disbelief. If he picks Paul Ryan it would also make him make him worse. The best guy at this moment is Tim Paulenty because he is unknown and cleaner.

    1. No, this isn’t deliberate, Romney’s just a political expedient. He says whatever sounds good to the audience of day; it isn’t exactly a mistake but it’s not a diabolical plan either. Coulter and a bunch of some of the others are the same way. Just out for themselves and saying anything to take others along for a ride as well.

  52. Ok folks, I want to know who left the door open. Seems as though we have some pesky trolls that are flying around here. Treat them like pigeons…. if you don’t feed them, they will go away.

    1. Here’s something good for trolls, Maxine. Scoop should have a warehouse full of this.


  53. I’m no fan of Ann any more, but I must say she’s fightin mad in this video. As well as are several other pundits today. I see everyone is ready to fight , and fight like hell but what the hell is up with Mitt. I only wish he had half the fight Ann shows in this video. ( I feel a McCain coming gawwd!)
    This is Ann’s guy so if she’s mad about who they pick to be on their team she only has her Rino pick to be mad at.

      1. I’ll pick it up at the Dollar Store and use it to line my birdcage with. Coulter is only a conservative when it comes to selling books. Real conservative women don’t date Bill Maher, support RINOs etc…. see Michelle Malkin for a real conservative woman, Coulter is a book whore and she played us for fools while she got rich. I’m sure her and Maher had some chats on what saps we are.

    1. She is mad because someone exposed what the entire campaign has been tryig to hide, the pink elephant in room that they have convinced Republican voters to not worry about – Romneyycare.

      They are furious because this Saul woman just tripped over a big pile of pink elephant dung.

      1. Yes, Andrea Saul told the truth, Romneycare works….and the GOP cannot handle the truth!!!

        1. We work with Romenycare patients, and yes it is working well. In fact it is collapsing the private sector healthcare much more efficiently and effectively than could have been expected. Insurance cost have spiked,, deductibles and copays increasing, doctors retiring and leaving the systems, providers are losing money on patients, treatments and meds being denied, cost of regulations nearlhy doubled, and patient care quality degrading. As designed and intended it will degrade and collapse into government run healthcare.

        2. Increasing cost, copays, and waiting in line for services. Yes, it works! Hey, I think that’s an advertisement. Kinda like FORWARD! Romney Care Works? Not!

            1. I have one question about Romney care? Does Ann and Romney participate in the plan that Romney created for all the citizens in Mass? Well I do know that the plan that Obama care excludes the President, the Senators, and the Congressman and this should say it all about what they think about the citizens. Obama care is an inferior plan because if it wasn’t the politicians would be running to the front lines.

    1. Nor more yawned at. She has never had more folks running for their Prilosec either.


      Never before in my life have I associated the name Ann with the name…Ralph!

      I’ll vote for Romney, Ok? You though Ann, are a whore.

      Sorry folks. I just despise the byatch. It happened just this year for some reason. If I were a girl, I’d slap her face and snatch her bald-headed 🙂

  54. I lost all respect for Coulter when she was yapping about Crispy Cream and put down all of the candidates that were in the field. However, IF that was the response from the Romney campaign spokes person, it is truly sad and I agree she should be taken out of her postion. Maybe they should bring in Newt to handle the media. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    Mitt had better put on the gloves and come out fighting because the Chicago thugs are not going to stop the lies. They will fling some new crap every day until the general. Gosh, if you can’t handle Chicago thugs, how the heck are you going to handle the likes of Putin?

    1. MaxineCA, I forgot about that! This is really overwhelming. I mean, I don’t think even McCain is this bad.

    2. Why isn’t Romney fighting Obama like he did Newt, Santorum etc…? ?

      Don’t know for sure but it sure seems like Romney dislikes conservatives more than he dislikes liberals.

  55. If it were up to Ann Coulter, women would not have the right to vote. I am not making this up.

      1. I can PROVE it. Read it, listen to it, and WEEP.

        October 3, 2007

        In an interview with the New York Observer, conservative commentator, frequent Fox guest, and alleged plagiarist Ann Coulter left this choice quote, which the Observer highlighted as “On women:”

        COULTER: If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.

        That is not the first time Coulter said such a thing either:

        COULTER: It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 — except Goldwater in ’64 — the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.
        As quoted in “An appalling magic” in The Guardian (17 May 2003)

        Now WATCH Anne Coulter confirm it herself:

      1. I can PROVE it. Read it, listen to it, and WEEP.

        October 3, 2007

        In an interview with the New York Observer, conservative commentator, frequent Fox guest, and alleged plagiarist Ann Coulter left this choice quote, which the Observer highlighted as “On women:”

        COULTER: If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.

        That is not the first time Coulter said such a thing either:

        COULTER: It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 — except Goldwater in ’64 — the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.
        As quoted in “An appalling magic” in The Guardian (17 May 2003)

        Now WATCH Anne Coulter confirm it herself:

  56. I am not surprised. They believe in Governement Healthcare.

    Her mask slipped for all their voting base to see. That is inexcusable.

    1. Ann’s mask extends from stem to stern. She is inexcusable. The only thing she should be opening her mouth for is a trough full of slop. The only place she should be wallowing in is a sty, with Matt Drudge, and others.

  57. Um…hmm…didn’t she defend RomneyCare herself this year? And she’s always on Bill Maher’s show and I think she even used to date him. I think that Ann Coulter is just putting on an act and taking conservatives for a ride, but I’m just a dumb liberal, so what do I know…well-acted Ms. Coulter. Keep that money coming in.

  58. Its my first time hearing this but I am as disgusted as Coulter is, so If these are the people that Romney is going to be hiring if he gets elected, we have much more to fear from a Romney win, than we thought, because if our side can not articulate our message appropriately we will lose the debate.if anyone has the link so that I can listen to it, please post it.

    1. But this is Romney’s message. I mean, he passed, on a state level, a form of universal health care, then said it would be great for that to be passed on a national level. Of course, at the time he was governor of a fairly liberal state and pandering to that crowd, but isn’t RomneyCare fully consistent with Romney as a politician? Or at the very least Romney as someone who panders to whomever he finds expedient at the moment, whether liberals in MA or conservatives during the GOP primaries? Shrugging my shoulders. Like him or love him, President Obama is an unapologetic proponent of ObamaCare, he’s never run away from that and never put his fingers to the wind about it. That’s why I respect him.

      1. You mean to say that Obama is proud of his accomplishment on health care?, send me the link where in his campaign speeches he has mentioned the word obama care, He is trying to run from it, not one campaign speech has he mentioned his Obama Care like you said, He is running away from it, and is going to pay dearly for it come november. You also said that you respect Obama, then you should have very low moral standards my friend.

        1. No, he says it. He has said several times, “I like the name ObamaCare, because I do care.” You may disagree with me, but there’s nothing immoral about caring that people who lose their jobs still have insurance, or that someone who is sick can get care without worrying about being denied by an insurance company for a “preexisting condition.” But I don’t want to litter this comments section with an off-topic debate. You have your opinion, I have mine. But my point here is that I think that Coulter, and Mitt Romney, and several other supposed die-hard conservatives are taking you guys for a ride. And with that, goodnight, and I’ll let you discuss these topics in peace.

          1. You are pitching the same liberal talking points, that all liberals throw at you, liberals talk like there has never been entitlements in this country, there are laws that already help the poor. There is medicaid, no emergency hospital can deny you care, we did not need this monstrosity of a government take over of our healthcare system. Is it fair for a student that goes to college 12 years, and after that person graduates with massive amount of debt to be obligated by the government to serve someone just because the government says so?.

          2. What about the people who don’t make enough to pay for insurance and will be paying a fine instead? The government may subsidize some but those people are still going to have to come up with money they don’t have to make up the difference.

            Bottom line: Those people still won’t have insurance.

            In fact I think the Dems are counting on it so the government has more money coming in Dems can spend buying votes.

      2. I told you all this is exactly how the left would play it. GN, here is proving me right.

        Luckily it doesn’t matter anymore. Fewer and fewer people respect the SCOAMF anymore.

      3. But this is Romney’s message. I mean, he passed, on a state level, a form of universal health care, then said it would be great for that to be passed on a national level.

        That’s funny I have heard Romney in several interviews and in several of the debates, state that while he felt it was right for Massachusetts, it was not the right thing for any other State, much less the nation as a whole.

        As to the inappropriately named AHCA, frankly it does nothing at all to address healthcare or its cost, what it does do is to set in motion the destruction of the private insurance industry. Insurance premiums are a direct reflection of the cost of care, not the reverse, as its supporters and creators would have us believe.

        1. That’s funny I have heard Romney in several interviews and in several of the debates, state that while he felt it was right for Massachusetts, it was not the right thing for any other State, much less the nation as a whole.

          Just another one of his flop flips.

    2. This is the problem when their deeply help beliefs do not match the narrative. People slip up.

      This is a candidate and trusted inner circle who truly do believe in government run healthcare. Stuff like this is bound to happen.

      1. I guess you are right, you can put silk on a pig and it is still a pig. I am very concerned my friend I think we are giving the election to Obama, with people on our side believing those things.

  59. Hurray, Romney needs to wake up before he repeats John McCain in 08. His senior staff is brain dead. Calling the Obama Care Not a Tax, Calling the general election a Etch a Sketch. Now we are talking about RomneyCare when Obama lies in TV Ad!

  60. Hurray, Romney needs to wake up before he repeats John McCain in 08. His senior staff is brain dead. Calling the Obama Care Not a Tax, Calling the general election a Etch a Sketch. Now we are talking about RomneyCare when Obama lies in TV Ad!

    1. Maybe that’s just who Romney is. Sorry, but us liberals have seen it from the beginning. He panders. And he told conservatives what they wanted to hear during the primaries and is now sending out trial balloons for indies and moderates now that the generals have come around.

      It is what it is. He doesn’t really stand for anything. People can hate President Obama’s policies for being too far left, but he’s never pretended to be an opponent of ObamaCare, and is proud of the concept of universal insurance coverage.

      1. Obama is the grand deceiver. His core ideology is marxism yet he hides it – makes excuses and illusions. He did not make Obamacare his number one priority because he gives a damn about our health – he did it because government run healthcare is the most essential tenant of all strains of Marxism.

        Obama forced healthcare through to establish the ultimate cetral control over us and our families, not help us.

      2. “…never pretended to be an opponent of ObamaCare…”

        Then that’s the only thing this communist Trojan Horse has not pretended about. One wonders if even he knows ‘who’ he is.
        But we do know he’s not American in spirit, even if he is by birth. And that’s a big if.

  61. “If we don’t nominate Mitt Romney to run against Obama, we’ll loose.”

    thanks Ann…. this is your horse in the race, so own it…..

  62. Andrea Saul has worked for Senator Orrin Hatch, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Carly Fiorina, as well as McShame.

    I think these names say it all…

      1. Why is anyone surprised by this?

        For the same reason they thought Roberts did us a solid.


  63. Romney needs to get rid of these teen-agers he has running his campaign and get some seasoned conservative pros in there. And no yellow bellies.

  64. Wow Scoop. You’re really kinda slackin’ with getting these videos up. I mean – she had almost stepped off the stage by the time you got this thing up! I don’t know how you plan to stay relevant with time delays like that! LOLOL!

    (and on a completely ridiculous note, she looked really pretty tonight. AND she spoke the truth about that gal who gave the stupid response about that ad…)

    1. Right, but another could’ve given the same speech about her a few months ago, and did…many others. Should folks ignore her own political prostitution and instead writhe and wring the necks of those she points out?

      She makes me sick.

      “Annie Get Your Gun”…and pistol-whip yourself with it!

      You stink.

  65. can’t stand ann anymore. this guy here is running against don young in alaska. he be a far better choice then don young. it shows on his site that he had a interview at some point with hannity, but hannity did not highlight it. this guys needs help. we can’t afford don young.

    1. Do you ever post any comments that are relevant to the post?

      Off topic comments aren’t allow and I’ve seen you do that several times. Please read the Comment Policy.

      1. oh, had no idea, though I did comment on ann. I think its unfair to say do I ever post comments relevant to a post, not very nice of you. yes can read the comment policy. thanks

        1. well i did comment on ann, but i did add something else, that was not about the article. so that is fine, but to make it sound out of the 308 comments i made, none are relevant to the posts , is not correct. thanks right_ wingnut

      2. So is the topic about Ann behavior, or about Romney trying to hard to be civil? I personally support his candidacy, but he does need to re-evaluate his staff, and his strategy. He DOES need to take off the kid gloves, and fight hard. He NEEDS to seriously do whatever it takes to pick a vp that will galvanize the Tea Party, and that is Palin, if she would accept, and I think she will if only to fire up the Tea Party.

  66. It’s time to fire the entire “Team Animal House.” They stink. The message is not getting through.

  67. Has Ann been rehabilitated as a credible conservative? Wondering why she should be relevant to us suddenly?

            1. I don’t have the credentials to assess your brain function or Levin’s…but I do believe some obvious logical conclusions that she outlines quite eloquently, is lost amidst the rabid nature of mob chanting. Riddle me this….did MA have free-market solutions prior to Romneycare?

              1. Amanda – this is a woeful piece and frankly any version of socialized healthcare is a mistake. If your opinion is that it is in some way “conservative” for a state to mandate its people “buy” insurance or else then you have lost me.

                I’m for smaller government not giving them more power. Do you see that this is just more government power over the people? whether it is just a state or the entire country i oppose it. If you support government mandates then have at it but it is not a conservative position.

        1. Thank you, sDee for sharing that! Ann was really a walking zombie. I mean its fine to support your candidate, because we all did, but to demean and degrade most if not all of the other republican candidates in the primary the way she did was like being in a trans. You would have thought she was a democrat or something and I for one regretted buying her book after that. Moreover, I think a little damage control is on tap because as I understand it she has another book coming out soon. Won’t get my dime.

            1. If you feel the need to get on this thread and post a stupid comment like that then it appears that the party of Bill Clinton, the rapist and womanizer, Barack Obama, the imposter and Marxist, Ted Kennedy, the murder and trader, and Al Gore, the global scare warmest, all politicans I mind you, are the PARTY OF SATAN and LOSERS!

                1. Ok, thank you genius! You are probably and Obama supporter, James Morrison. You appear to be trolling for comments that are clearly above your intelligence level! So I have a suggestion, don’t read it!

              1. I can’t believe we are still arguing over party politics. Look at the truth both parties are identical. One caters to big state welfare programs which satisfies the liberals the other caters to the big state military industrial complex screaming liberty and patriotism while the contractors and bankers line their pockets satisfying the neo-conservatives. Its time to stop watching Fox, CNN, MSNBC and all the other corporate news crap and start looking at the real issues.

                Everything these people talk about is a distraction to keep you from opening your eyes to the truth. Step back and ask yourself who’s interest does Fox news really serve? I love how they always tout this and that about the main stream media meanwhile they ARE the mainstream media.

                Do yourself a favor and do a Google search for the real alternative media and start looking at places like, Adam VS the Man, Zero Hedge, Max Keiser, Lew Rockwell, Russia Today(It has nothing to do with Russia), Infowars, Wold Net Daily, Economic Collapse, Peter Schiff (an ecomist that was laughed at by Fox, MSNBC and others meanwhile all his predictions were right since 2006) and really get informed.

                Stop arguing about crap and open your eyes. The two party system has failed us!

            2. Mean spirited? You have got to be kidding me….mean spirited? Lets abort kids ’cause they are inconvenient, now that’s mean spirited.

              Oh did i just call you out for baby killing? How about this – libs are baby butchering bigots. This is a goodie – libs demand I pay for their disgusting no-morals lifestyle or i get called out as mean spirited or that other goodie “a racist” or “homophobe” or whatever little name you wish to throw. Libs are happy transforming people into anti-American, soulless, dependent zombies, sucking on the government tit.

              Oh gosh am i being mean spirited? Poor lil lib child. Libs make me to retch!

        2. And this is why we, conservatives, are so stupid and we don’t deserve to win a damn thing. We forget who our friends are and throw them under the bus because we disagree with one or two things.

          Ann Coulter has written so many incredibly scathing books and articles and because she endorses Romney she’s a RINO?

          That is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard! John Kyle is not a conservative because he was wrong on immigration reform?

          I voted for Santorum, but I recognize Romney is the best chance we have… and he’s looking better every day compared to the Marxist in Chief.

          Ann Coulter IS a conservative… period!

          1. Ann is dating one of Romney’s people. She was being loyal to him, not the conservative cause. I lost respect for her when she went after Sarah Palin for no reason.

              1. She’s no friend. She ripped every real conservative like Jack the Ripper. She was trying to get muzzie lovin Christie to run then switched to Flopney who’s as big if not a bigger rino than McLame. She burnt her bridge. Now she has to deal with the consequences.

                1. and…? I’ve read all her books and many of her articles and watched many of her talks. I may disagree with her endorsements occasionally but she is a great conservative voice.

                  What IDEA has she put forward that is liberal? Uh… none.

                2. She is doing a compare and contrast of Romneycare and Obamacare. That seems legit.

                  Do you not recognize Coulter as a friend to the cause. Or is she a RINO like McLame? (she was advocating voting for Hillary over McCLame until the great marxist won the nomination.)

                  I just don’t understand why as soon as someone says something we disagree with they become a “HERETIC!”

                  I find it so weird.

                3. My point is she seems to think there is a major difference between McFlame and Romney. My whole argument is we throw Coulter, a great conservative commentator, under the bus… I’m still not sure why?

                4. Mike – I really enjoy your posts but I have to disagree. Coulter burned not just her bridges but she burned many Conservatives, like me, when she not only supported Romney but when she attacked Newt, Michele, Rick and Sarah. She went too far. Support is one thing but trying to destroy real conservatives, dishing dirt on them like a good ole Lib would do, was way, way over the line.

                  Now she wants to be back in the conservative camp and act like she never smeared Palin or Gingrich etc etc – I’m not buying it cos it stinks.

                  As for tossing Ann Coulter under the bus? Well she threw many under the bus during the nomination process just like a Lib would. You like her and want to overlook the viciousness the nastiness with which she attacked “real” Conservatives, then go right ahead.

                5. Thank you for your civil response. We disagree, but that’s ok. You’re conservative… I’m conservative… now let’s kick Obama out of office! : )

                6. It’s not a simple disagreement. It would be like someone claiming to be “pro life forever, and in all cases!”, and then sneaking off to have an abortion.

                  When someone breaks trust that badly, they shouldn’t expect to win it back easily.

                7. and THAT’S my point… you turned a disagreement over a candidate into an abortion! That seems out of proportion to me.

                  I don’t really care if you “like” Ann Coulter…. my point is bigger. We do this to candidates and other conservatives all the time.

                  Many probably think Bill Buckley was a RINO.

                  Do you see where I’m coming from?

                8. Sure. Go ahead and miss the point.

                  Coulter screwed up. Serially, in this case. If you expect folks to forget that because of “general disagreement,” then you will be continually puzzled by the “out of proportion” reactions of an awful lot of conservatives.

                9. I get your point and you’re right, I will be puzzled by those who compare a “bad” political endorsement to someone who killed a baby. That’s how we get out of proportion. I actually hate the term RINO because it seems to mean “He is wrong on one or two issues… therefore SCREW HIM!” I just don’t get the suicide pack we have with each other.

                  Again…this is bigger than Ann, this is the culture of conservatives where we are always waiting for the other foot to drop and nobody is “conservative” enough. It’s so un-manly.

                10. I always hate those “you compared so-and-so to hitler” sorts of claims in political arguments. It’s a cheap shot. Look, it was an analogy about the form of her mistake. I just shifted to a simpler concept to show how serious it was. Don’t go all twisty and make it seem like I’m claiming shes’ pro abort or something else vaguely sinister.

                  We had entire right-side websites go wobbly this time around, blaming the conservatives for trying to act as though principles matter. The term “purist” was trotted out for abuse over and over. All done in aid of some cowardly perspective over the possible “negatives” of any conservatives who might, or did, run. People fell for the Romney train because they didn’t really learn the lesson of Reagan: run AS a conservative, not to-the-left of conservatives.

                  It’s a belief in the great, undecided “middle.” No such “middle” exists, especially today.

                  Romney needs to do what it takes to win. If he loses, it’s on him.

                  As for “nobody is conservative enough,” that’s mere hyperbole. You can’t sell a candidate who is “barely conservative” by claiming folks are somehow too un-manly to tolerate a “little” deviation from the norm. Romney doesn’t just deviate “a little” he is a Rockerfeller Republican, period, and not a conservative at all. And Coulter jumped on his train early, with great fanfare.

                  No one really had a chance to throw her under the bus. She ran right out in front of it and rolled under it all on her own.

                11. I sound like such a hard-a$$.

                  Don’t forget to assume the usual emoticons. I prefer a more humorous sort of dialogue, anyhoo.

                12. I hear you and I’m with you.

                  Don’t misunderstand. I agree with much of what you say. I do have more faith in Romney than most people on this site because I see him hitting Obama harder on the right stuff than I imagined.

                  It’s all good!

                  : )

                13. She should not have gone after conservatives the way she did during the primaries. She basically said we were stupid if we didn’t vote for Romney. When we had more conservative choices she was pushing Romney. It just didn’t make sense.

                14. “What IDEA has she put forward that is liberal? Uh… none.”

                  That Romney should be the nominee as she ripped the real conservatives in the race.

                15. So you don’t like Romney as the nominee. I didn’t vote for him either. So what?

                  What did she write or say that supported higher taxes, abortions on demand, or a bigger, badder EPA?

                1. Perhaps she was using the royal “We”. The Queen very often refers to herself using the Royal “We”….oh but I digress ……


                  I loved the duplicate and triplicate line but to be honest was more amused to read Amanda’s need to “google” the meaning of those words and that the mood was not there to do so.

              1. “…a lot of reasons to “go after” Palin, but we digress” ??!!!! You have got to be kidding me. Where the heck are you coming from?

          2. Remember when she was all gaga for Christie? Christie is hardly a conservative. I love Ann when she remains in the sunlight of lucidity and I still consider her a conservative. But she wanders into the fog too often. To have her berate conservatives because they would not support Romney tells me that she is seriously damaged. Remember when she was against-him-before-she-was-for-him… in that very vocal way of hers. She can only alienate people for so long before the alienation becomes permanent. And that’s what some people are expressing here.

            1. I don’t get it? ANy conservative who isn’t supporting Romney right now is crazy.

              I’m with you on the Christie nomination and I’m not saying she is right on everything. I’m saying we lose prospective so easily and forget who our advocates are.

              1. I don’t see people here NOT supporting Romney. What I do see are people who will vote for him holding their noses but who are not terribly comforted with the notion that if Romney ever does get elected that he can then be reined in to advance conservatism. In other words he will continue on as just another RINO squish.

                1. I thought so too, but he is doing quite a bit better than McShame.

                  My point is people are hating on Coulter BECAUSE she endorsed Romney. That’s being a little sensitive I think.

                2. I don’t give a crap who she endorsed . It’s what she did to rip everyone else up to get her guy in. In my book she’s not much different than the zero’s camp.

                3. I love Coulter. She’s funny… she’s smart… she’s definitely edgy. But seriously she’s really flip flopped and torched conservatives way too much to be a reliable pundit ever again. When she’s good… she’s good. But at the present time she sucks (on ice). Imho.

                4. Uh … you seen the polls? Plus, if you look at revenue-raising, there are some sources that say Showbama’s ahead of Romney, along with others that claim vice versa. So, actually, Mitt really ain’t doing half as well as he should be given who we have in the Oval Office.

              2. anybody that supports Romney is crazy, conservatives’ advocates are those that wipe their arse with the constitution, you can be LEFT, RIGHT, SON OF gOD, SON OF MAN ,SON OF A kANYAN. Trust is something you earn, not force down in your throat! that is RAPE !My eyes are open. For sweet Ann C. I have devorced her three years ago. Packed all her books and donated at CL.
                Newt wont miss a swing at the distracting hacks from the left and their allegations and false misguided daily attacks on Romney.

          3. Ann stands for Conservatism when Conservatism works to her benefit. Ann’s behavior through the Republican campaign for weeks and months defied Conservatism. Otherwise, she’s a RINO, through and through.

            1. Just stop it! Calling Ann Coulter a RINO is like calling Whittaker Chambers a RINO.

              If Ann Coulter is a RINO then RINO has lost all meaning.

              Let’s get serious, we have an election to win!

              1. Mike – you need to see this. I assume you actually know the crap she threw during the primaries. If you don’t this is all lost on you. She flung crap at “real” freaking Conservatives dammit and we all saw and heard her do it. Don’t say that we cannot call her a RINO. She torched “real” conservatives and sided with the “Establishment” candidate. That’s the bloody definition of a RINO for God’s sake.

                I will vote for Romney over Obama all the way but that’s not the point. Ann Coulter supported the Establishment guy and torched real Conservatives in the process. A lot of people were bummed at her antics and wont forget it because we have morals. She torched some really great and wonderful people for what??!!! For an Establishment RINO – Romney. So if that isn’t the definition of a RINO just what the heck is???

                1. No… I thought a RINO meant “Republican In Name Only” meaning a Republican who votes like a Democrat.

                  I believe Conservativism, bottom line is this:

                  1) Limited Constitutional Government
                  2) Pro-Life/Pro-Traditional Marriage
                  3) Strong National Defense
                  4) Low Taxes and Low regulation

                  Anyone who espouses these principles is a friend of mine.

                  It’s as simple as that.

          4. I think of more as a RINO slut and so does her ex boyfriend, Bill Maar. That’s only thing Maar and I agree on.

          5. Andrea Saul is not helping the Romney campaign. Ann is right….Romney has to fire Saul because this is too serious an election to be left to moronic spokespeople. Andrea Saul was also a McCain spokeswoman…so now you know.

      1. CPAC 2011 she said something along the lines of if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee in 2012, the GOP will lose. You can catch it on c-span

            1. Wow! I wasn’t calling anyone one stupid. I am making the point that it is this kind of stupidity that will get Obama reelected.

              Let me clarify. The idea is stupid, NOT the individual.

          1. What good are all her writings in the past if SHE THROWS all of her past works overboard? This is the most important election since 1860. In some ways more and she acted the way she did during the primaries. I would think she would have supported Bachmann as she was the true conservative.

          2. “We” will lose because the GOP is so stupid as to repeat history. Romney will double down on the stupidy by selecting a safe VP candidate like Portman or T-Paw. At least the base was energized in 2008 by Palin, whom your phony conservative Romney undercut before the ballot counting was even completed. I remain on bended knee praying for a miracle at the convention. Romney governs as a liberal. And that vaunted business acumen? How did that transalte to good governance in Massachusetts?

            1. I hear ya. I am more optimistic than you are about Romney. It is just sour grapes as far as Coulter is concerned, that’s what gets to me. Nobody’s perfect, but she is a friend to conservatives.

          3. So because you disagreed with her endorsement, all of her books and articles get thrown overboard.

            Actions speak louder than words and her actions during the primary speak volumes. Coulter is an east coast elite and a RINO. Perhaps if Newt or Santorum had an Ivy League education she would have supported them?

            Actual conservative woman date Bill Maher? I think not. She speaks our language to sell us her product, she’s a sell out and I will never give her another penny for her books.

            1. In politics words and actions is the same thing. I voted for Santorum but I lost. I don’t trust Newt with at all.

              Having said that… she agrees with me 90-95% so I support her 90-95% of the time.

              I don’t know her “true” motivation and neither do you. All I can judge is what she says and what she writes and she’s on my side more times than not.

      2. Ann Coulter lost her street cred when she degraded, let’s say Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin during the primaries. She absolutely eviscerated any candidate other than Romney and that was absolutely unnecessary. Plus her support of Hillary Clinton, and Bill Maher, her friend! Are we to forget all of this. I always thought she was a conservative regardless of the outrageous things that she says and whats worse to demean any supporter that support those candidates. So has she lost her street cred here, a resounding yes!

        1. You clearly haven’t read her recent book…which is fine…but anyone saying Ann Coulter isn’t a serious conservative mind is just butthurt over the primary results.

          And honestly, since we are cannibalizing cnservatives on this thread, Santorum, Palin and Newt aren’t the intellectual standard bearers of conservatism…and have all made missteps worthy of criticism

            1. Thank you very much again you hit it out of the park, Read my lips everyone “Ann Coulter is not a real conservative”

              1. It is not a matter of right or wrong. Anyone who defends government run or government controlled healthcare is a Statist, a politcal Progressive – and as far from the founding principles of limited government as one can get.

                1. Okay. Wrong on both counts…romneycare is neither government run or government controlled. You did think this issue through BEFORE you started posting, right?

                2. I have to step in here. Mandated insurance, regulation of every aspect of healthcare, etc. What do you call that? I call it fascism, which it is. My brother works for a large insurance company and told me about what New Jersey did with auto insurance. They created a state insurance that they mandated other insurance companies finance. Even with that, the company was broke within a couple years. There is no good mandated private insurance. Forced capitalism is not capitalism, period.

                3. It is State Government “Mandated”. Are you going to debate that fact? Because it is indisputable. So given that fact I’m against Government mandates – why? Because I’m a firm believer in small government because I’m a conservative and Government works badly when it works at all and depriving people of freedoms comes so naturally to despots.

                  Go “google” despots…..

            2. Coulter pens… “Romney, incidentally, has always said his plan would be a bad idea nationally.” Now why would Mitt say that eh Ann? But what I recall him actually saying was that “Obamacare” would be bad for the nation. There is a difference… at least in Romney’s mind.

          1. I wouldn’t give Mahr’s mattress a thin dime of my money. She’s as phony as her eyelashes. First she has some sickening infatuation for the muslim brotherhood lover Christie, then she helps shove the phony “severely conservative” Flopney down our throats. Coulter makes me want to vomit.

            1. Indeed! And how do we know Coulter is not only conservative to sell her books? Actions speak louder than words. Coulter can kiss my conservative asz.

          2. Look, anyone who is friends or supports Bill Maher in any way is seriously challenging in conservatism. No, I haven’t read her latest book because I am not buying it! Read the post, Amanda! She defended Romney and Romney care ad nausium and now we are to think that she is so offended by someone in the campaign who saying that if the lady would have been supported under Romney care. She just she what Ann Coulter supported. Are we to just forget what Ann Coulter said?! What are you and Ann smoking?

            1. Well, this is the problem…you pretend to know what Ann thinks and who she respects, it haven’t even read her latest book…well, it just so happens…that IN HER LATEST BOOK…she excoriates Bill Maher extensively, and personally. So your dog won’t hunt, and is, in fact, drunk and passed out in the bathtub.

              1. Amanda, get over it! It doesn’t really matter what Ann says about Bill Maher, she is really fighting demons within. How can she defend Bill Maher on one hand and excoriate him in her book, on the other hand? How can she not support Romney at CPAC 2011 and become a zombiephoebe for Romney on the other hand? Moreover, with her support for same-sex marriage and Hillary Clinton is waaaaaay over the top for me. I wish her well with her next book, I just won’t buy one.

            1. So Mike – on this post today it looks like it is you and Amanda who think Coulter is awesome for excoriating real conservatives during the primaries and shouldn’t ever be called on it ever in any way whatsoever. We should just pretend it never happened right? Just keep buying her books. So everyone is out of step except you two….errrr right!!!

              As for the “There is one smart person in our party” what party is that? And am I to deduce because we all have morals and memories, that last longer than a gnats fart in the wind, we are all suddenly “dumbasses” compared to you two “smarts”?

              Drivel !! Cannot even find the words.

        2. Thank you sir couldnt have said it better myself, You should be Romney’s Campaign advisor

      3. Not sure where you’ve been, but her RINO love of Romney and Christie has set conservatives on edge, especially when bad-mouthing better conservatives during the primaries, including some backhanded jabs at Palin. Coulter has lost much of her audience this past year, and it’s all her own doing.

        1. I agree with you on that, imo was her mother who was the conservative, no Ann herself.

          1. Considering “Conservatism” is not a political party, but rather an ideology, to answer your question requires a question. To which party do you belong?

            1. Ha! Good point. I am a Republican, which is the current home of “classical liberalism” (known as conservativism.)

              I heard someone say that there are two parties in America, the dangerous one, and the stupid one.

              1. Mike, classical liberalism is the libertarian perspective. Conservative is the Republican perspective. There are slight differences in these two philosophies, but for the bulk-cornerstone portions, they are virtually the same.

                1. Which is why libertarians should become Republicans and influence the party. That’s what I’m trying to do. None of the nominees I’ve voted for since 1992 has won. But the party is slowly moving in the right direction. Libertarians will NEVER have any influence until they join the Republicans and do all they can to influence the party.

                  Even though Paul lost the nomination he sure has had an influence. He never could say that as a Libertarian.

              2. Ha! Good point. I am a Republican, which is the current home of “classical liberalism” (known as conservativism.)


                Uh….you might want to check the GOP last decade and you’ll notice not very conservative. The GOPe nearly doubled debt, expanded entitlements, expanded the size and scope of government etc…

          2. One or two things such as who will be the republican nominee for President of the United States of America the greatest nation on Earth. Yeh that could be rolled up into your neat but nonetheless asinine one or two things comment that we disagree with her on. But it wasn’t that she supported Romney alone. She eviscerated “real” Conservatives. Have you got that yet? Are you a thinking person ? Can you hear? Can you read? Are your senses functioning? Because you betray no signs that they are.

            She threw crap at Gingrich, Palin, Bachman, Santorum. You obviously don’t care about that. But guess what Mike? Plenty of us do care.

      4. When in the primaries, she attacked every single real conservative to get romney elected. is one thing to be in favor of a candidate but is another to blast other conservatives while doing so, she lost it there in my mind.

        1. Wasn’t Romney the only Ivy League educated candidate in the primary?

          Coulter is probably more an east coast elite than RINO but either way she sucks now and can kiss my conservative asZ.

          1. Yeah she is not a real conservative, no real conservative would’ve brought herself to write this

      5. It started when she said she would campaign for Hillary, if McCain was the 08 nominee. It continued when she began endorsing the liberal Christy for President the minute he was elected governor. It trudged on dilligently when he endorsement of the guy who socialized medecine in Massachussetts turned into the typical liberal lies about the candidates who were actually more conservative. It probably reached a point of no return, when she wrote an editorial claming that there is no right not to be mandated to buy insurance – the exact same argument Obama made to the Supreme Court.

        1. Uhhhh… not sure where the hostility is coming from. I’m just for limited government and a pro-business environment.

          I think Ann Coulter supports these things. Don’t you?

          1. Ann doesn’t support anything but herself. Romney bought her off just like he bought off Pam Bondi and Marco Rubio.

            You still didn’t address the Mike Leavitt user name. Busted!

      6. Hmmmm, isn’t Mike Leavitt Etch-a-sketch’s crony capitalist corruptocrat who intends to profit at our expense shoving health exchanges down our throats? You are despicable and no friend of ours if this is who you are.

        Sorry, you Romneybots gambled and lost. Coultergeist has lost all credibility and a great deal of revenue because no one will purchase her books any longer.

        1. I’m not sure who you mean by “Romneybots.” I voted for Santorum in the Primaries. But Romney is our best chance RIGHT NOW.

          Why do you love to hate on people who believe what you do 90-95%? Or maybe you’re just a leftist in disquise.

          1. Anyone who chooses the name Mike Leavitt is a Romneybot. Do you think that people are so stupid they don’t know how corrupt he is?

            Leavitt and Romney are leftists in disguise. Projection is your friend I see as well as crony capitalism.

            No, I have nothing in common with corruption.

            1. You’re an idiot. First off, my name IS Mike Leavitt! Second – name one instince on CORRUPTION and CRONY CAPITALISM my namesake and cousin ever took part in?

              I’d like to know.

      7. Remember the primaries? I do…I went from Coulter fan to “i will never visit her website ever again or buy another book of hers” and that is coming from a former lifelong Coulter fan.

        1. That’s cool. But so what? She still believes what you do 90-95%, right? We’re on the same team and you guys think she is trying to get Obama reelected.

          That’s my only point.

    1. Its not about Coulter is about Andrea Saul and the stupid response, I guess we are all outraged about her. And Coulter is not a real conservative, she was a big help to romney being the nominee she endorsed him from the beginning when we had a better field of candidates.

        1. You seem to have difficulty with your reading comprehension.

          The posts above explained quite clearly why we are unhappy with Ann’s actions during the primaries. We have every right to be mad at her and to refuse to buy her books. Get over it.

          1. You seem to have lost your intellect. And I have every right to call this kind of crap, just that… CRAP! Everyone can have their little pitty party, “ohhhh… Ann Coulter said Santorum talking about birth control isn’t very smart or… oooooo Newt Gingrich is a closet statist… Oh!”

            Stop ringing your hands and let’s get serious. Don’t buy her books, I don’t get a commission… (maybe I should 😉 )

              1. I’m not trying to be a smart-aleck but I’m not sure what you are refering to. I’m not being mean-spirited. I’ve never been “talked to” about my comments so I’m a little shocked the above is over the line. If anything I was giving back in the exact same spirit that others were commenting to me.

                I’d appreciate where you felt I went over the line.

                Thank you K-Bob.

                1. Thanks! We’re not too hard-nosed about stuff, but I wanted to make sure we don’t get the usual flood of new folks dumping on a thread because it got linked somewhere. If we don’t tap the brakes in those situations, we often end up with people thinking this is one of those more “freewheeling” sites like Ace’s place (and that’s not a negative thing about Ace), where you can nearly write whatever you want. Scoop just likes a more family-friendly feel to the place, and no flamefests.

                  Stick around a while, and learn what the folks are really like. We have some really brilliant folks hanging out here.

                2. I hear ya and for the last couple years I’ve really enjoyed the conversation here.

                  I actually appreciate the comment policy that Scoop has. I don’t like too much fire and profanity. (It turns off the brain)

                  I just wanted to be clear.

                  Thank you!

            1. Let’s get serious? We here at the Right Scoop have been serious all along. That is why we were so honked off at Ann for badmouthing the true conservatives in the race.

    2. She has only lacked “credibility’ with the oppressed and controlled that are incapable of constructing an intelligent and factual opinion or assessment of anything beyond what to wear today while relying on pretend news to tell them how to vote and buy the latest pair of shoes. So, only in THAT la la land, yes, she still lacks credibility. Otherwise, in the real world of grown ups that can think and make sound judgment while having dialogue about the actual issues, yep’, she is right on target of complete accuracy and greatness.

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