Another video of Planned Parenthood encouraging gendercide

Live Action went to Planned Parenthood offices in Hawaii and once again found employees willing to look the other way or encourage abortions for whatever reasons, including because it’s a girl (via LiveAction):

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22 thoughts on “Another video of Planned Parenthood encouraging gendercide

  1. Defund this evil organization NOW! I’d be fully supportive if they sterilized these women instead of encouraging murder. Any one this evil should not be able to multiply!

  2. When I see stories like this I almost want to back to my old, unsaved butt whippin days. When I talk to pro-murder people all I get is your a Bible thumper so of course you would feel the way you do. I always tell them that you hate Jesus and life so much that you have no idea how many times He has looked out for you. They say how? Because Jesus said turn the other cheek and if it weren’t for Jesus someone would be scraping you off the floor. So see, Jesus has helped you a lot cause I want to beat your a$$ a lot. I don’t know if any of that made sense cause I’m so pissed after watching that I can barely type or think clearly. God forgive us for sitting on our Bibles and hands in the year 1973.

  3. Okay, 1 video: sure, rogue PP facility. More than once: PP policy. Anybody who thinks that they don’t do this on the regular and this is only isolated to a “few” bad PP facilities really needs their ass kicked. They have absolutely NO SHAME AT ALL!

  4. I found interesting reading at this link- testimonies of people who watched the “180 movie”, a documentary which went viral some time ago on you tube- it highlights the modern day holocaust- abortion, & I’m glad Live Action is drawing attention to it as well. A number of people are changing their minds about abortion.
    One story is horrible from someone who used to work in an abortion clinic:

  5. Oh look. A real war on women. Get it? If this is not a war on women, there is no such thing!

    The left, a wee bit less barbaric than Islam.

  6. PP has repeatedly shown an established pattern and yet America continues the genocide. There will be a price to pay for this…there always is.

    1. The price already is horrendous. This video definitely shows when there is a devaluing of human life, it’s easy for that seared conscience to take that next step into finding sex-selective abortions as acceptable.

        1. For those who are unrepentant non-Christians who will have their place in the lake of fire, I believe you are right.

          The strong guilt, the shame, the loss of these precious humans, the physical effects to a number of the women, the searing of consciences, the slippery slope people are on, there is much price even now for purposeful abortions in this world.

  7. These things make me sick. This USA is going down the tube in front of our eyes. People do not realize how dangerous it is for Obama to be re-elected. Romney may not be the most conservative guy on the block, but it’s a safe bet he won’t drag America further to the left. Obama will use his re-election as a mandate and he’ll pull America so far to the left it’ll be unrecognisable.

    1. On abortion, Romney does not have a record of being trustworthy. That’s one reason why I’m waiting to see who he chooses for a running mate. I hope he chooses someone with a far better record than his own.

      1. Romney does have a flip flop history on abortion, but that was politically motivated. he basically said what he thought voters wanted to hear. But I don’t think he actually supports Abortion, Romney has many faults, but he is a family man with children and grand children. Those people have lived life and are usually pro-life.

        The most I would say about him is that he may not care either way, kind of leave it to the states attitude.

        But he definitely doesn’t have an agenda where he is determined to turn America into an abortion rights nation. While he might not go out of his way to stop abortion, Romney won’t mind if the supreme court overturns it. When it comes to nominating a judge while he might not seek out someone who would overturn Roe v Wade, he won’t mind if the person he chooses might ultimately do it.

        Mitt Romney is not a bad person. I’ve been listening him a lot lately, and I have to say he’s grown as a candidate. I truly believe he loves his country and he too is sick and tired of what Obama is doing to the country. Romney is well aware that it’s now or never, America is at a brink and now is not the time to play games. I believe this will make him do the right thing. Or at least I hope so.

          1. An aspect I think Sheya has right is Romney has demonstrated apathy when it comes to babies’ right to life.

        1. I truly wish Mitt did care about the rights of all unborn babies… his wife did express an attitude he had about leaving abortion to the states:

          excerpt from above 2007 Newsmax article- Ann Romney being quoted: ‘”…. Mitt totally thinks it should be turned over and let the states decide, and get the bickering over with.”‘

          I think many are tired of what Obama is doing to the country. The President’s evidently even provided some funding that goes to China’s one child only forced abortion policy:

          I do think both men have demonstrated expanding with one form of government or another (state government for Romney) abortion funding.

          “Gov. Romney signed into law a universal health insurance plan that (a) includes increased state-funded abortions, and (b) names Planned Parenthood in the law as an overseer.”

          I don’t agree about Romney not being a bad person, but I believe Obama is even more desensitized than Romney when it comes to baby-killing.

        2. Mittens advocated against parental rights, and allowed for judges to allow minors to get abortions.
          Mittens appointed more liberal and pro gay judges than conservative ones. I will not trust him to do anything about the horrific genocide of abortion, nor will I trust him to appoint a conservative constitutionalist to the Supreme Court.

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