Anti-Christian hate crimes on the rise in Germany

While German politicians are expressing shock over this new report, I think many of us here would say we expected this after allowing in at least a million muslim refugees a few years ago:

CBN NEWS – German politicians are expressing shock at a new report from the German Federal Police that shows there were almost 100 anti-Christian hate crimes in Germany last year.

The German government website, Deutsche Welle, says one quarter of the 97 cases were attacks on churches and Christian symbols, and there were 14 cases of violent “anti-Christian crimes” among asylum seekers or refugees.

A spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party called the figure “alarming” and said the problem needed to be dealt with in the same way that “anti-Semitic attacks are rightly being dealt with at the moment.”

An outside group, Open Doors, suggest there’s far more than this report suggests:

Open Doors, which tracks the persecution of Christians worldwide, recorded 743 cases of anti-Christian attacks in German refugee homes over eight months in 2016, a year when several hundred-thousand refugees came to Germany from Syria and Iraq and were forced to live together in mass shelters.

Open Doors Germany told Deutsche Welle, “The victims told us that the attackers would say things like, ‘I’ll cut off your head, you non-believer,’ ‘You’re contaminating the kitchen,’ or ‘You’re defiling the fridge.'”

There was even a Muslim apostate murdered by a fellow Afghan asylum seeker after she converted to Christianity. He staked out the supermarket she frequents and then when she arrived he stabbed her repeatedly in front of her two children. Of course he claims her Christianity had nothing to do with it, but the prosecution says that’s exactly why he did it.

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