AP reporter GRILLS State. Dept. Spokeswoman on Kerry’s ‘apartheid’ comments

Matt Lee from the AP poses serious questions to State Dept. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Kerry’s ‘apartheid’ comments and she clearly doesn’t have good answers for him:

I think it’s more the case that she refused to answer Lee’s questions because she knows her answers would likely be outrageous to the American people.

(h/t: Free Beacon)

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61 thoughts on “AP reporter GRILLS State. Dept. Spokeswoman on Kerry’s ‘apartheid’ comments

  1. God forbid anyone should speak badly against Israel and/or the Jews in general. Israel is an APARTHEID STATE and ALL AMERICANS are pimped by Jews…bow down to your Semitic masters, keep funding Israel and fighting their wars.

  2. The liberty to choose our own way frees each of us to develop our own unique abilities and maximize our unique contribution to civilization.

  3. This commie mouthpiece, Jen Psaki is just like the one before her. Their more notorious mentors include Baghdad Bob and Goebbles.

    There is no integrity in the State Dept. It has long been a hot house of commie subversives under the control of the progressive democrats. They worked together w/ FDR to implement the socialism of the New Deal (America’s Raw Deal), start the U.N. and the I.M.F. (and so much more).

    The democrat party has long been the metastasizing cancer of Marxism in America’s body politic.

  4. So the man who has been appointed to be the most powerful negotiator on behalf of the US “chose” a wrong word??? Really??? Pretty pathetic…and indicative of his true feelings!

  5. He had to use the word apartheid. Racist has already been overused to describe US citizens. Some amount of differentiation was in order to show the obamessiah regime’s support for an ally.

  6. Its a sad day when the State Department has to hire such a person as this. Where has the honor gone?

  7. I’m sure I don’t like her views and political philosophy anymore than I do Kerry’s, but I feel sort of sorry for her…she knows Kerry said something monumentally stupid and she just has to sit there and take it from these reporters who actually don’t give a crap about Israel or Palestine, either…they’re just looking for a gotcha moment for their bosses.

    1. Kerry’s comment only confirms what we’ve come to learn about the overriding global agenda of this lawless and radical leftist administration. That being the obvious placating and advancement of the world wide muslim caliphate.

      Since the lying, despicable, muslim fraud, Obama was elected, there has been an outright assault on the Jewish and Christian religions in this country. Examples Abound confirming this despicable and unlawful trend.
      * Atheists have been overwhelming our court systems with lawsuits condemning any public display of Christianity.
      * Our Obama appointed, muslim sympathizing, military leaders have made a concerted effort to attack our troops’ Constitutional right to practice their Christian beliefs.
      * Our deeply leftist institutions of higher learning openly discriminate against anything having to do with Christianity. They have openly discriminated against students that have expressed their devotion to Christianity and conservatism.
      * The main stream media is firmlywith the views of this

  8. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, John Kerry, this 2-bit xxx, ….. the LYING and DECEIVING goes on and on and on and on and NOTHING ever get done about it. We have a bunch of GUTLESS POLITICIANS that have to go!!!

  9. She’s the spokesperson for the state department?…. She’s about as worthless as t*t$ on a boar hog.

  10. Is this the same person that could not give the answer to what was Billiaries major accomplishments as SOS? She is a “twit” if I may type that. So sorry if not accepted. She prevaricates, obfuscates and just plain skates along in her rhetoric. Oh, that’s right, she works for the State department.

  11. For the record, I despise how the world refers to Israel as an
    “occupying power,” or “occupying territory” to try and delegitimize
    their right to the land, which has been shrunk down to the size of New
    Jersey. It is an absolute outrage. The land of Israel was given to the
    Jewish people by Almighty God Himself in an everlasting covenant with
    Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants FOREVER. And anyone with
    half a brain, knows that the Arabs living in Israel have more freedom,
    more opportunity, and more peace than they would ever have under the
    Palestinian authority and Arab dictatorships.

  12. Looked like for a minute she was going to poke herself in the eye. I’m sure she would rather have that happen instead of facing an honest question.

      1. 🙂
        We can use all the chuckle’s we can get these days!
        Hope you get to enjoy some of the warm weather this week…who knows if that will be all we get for spring and summer!

  13. He was getting the point across that Kerry crossed a line with his ignorant big mouth. I think he knew he was going to get the runaround.

    1. That is all he has ever gotten from the State Dept. Doesn’t matter who is supposed to be sharing information with the media. But Matt Lee is the only one I have ever heard ask real questions of them.

      1. More of our media needs to be like him instead of Obama’s propaganda mouthpiece to the public.

  14. I’m untouchable you. We can do and say what ever we want. For every tough question you ask we get 50 softballs, and which questions are going to make the news?

  15. is that a robot or a human…..the smile never leaves the face ….even during such questions…unhuman

    1. Its hard to stick to the talking points she is given when a rogue reporter doesn’t ask questions that praise the administration.

  16. Well, she is certainly an asset to the administration. Can’t make up stuff on the fly – nope she’s out.

  17. Kerry is an UN-American, antisemitic racist who should NOT be Sec. of State!!!! Put him to good use…have him do community service, perhaps clean up park dog poop! After all for a guy that throws it around so much, he should be picking it up! Better yet, someone should follow HIM around with a pooper scooper!

    1. He can scoop the poop with his bare hands, AFTER he’s done the appropriate time in Leavenworth for being a traitor.

          1. He should get ten minutes alone with in a room full of Vietnam Vets, he won’t make it to Leavenworth! He turned on them just as he turned on Israel! He is pond scum!

            1. I will never forget when he was running for president he was addressing a group of people, (don’t remember what group), several Viet Nam vets stood with their back to him the entire speech!
              I think you insulted pond scum. 😉

        1. There’s just one problem with having Kerry build the fence… If any metals went unused, he’d just throw them over.

    2. “Hanoi John Kerry was a traitorous butt-hole during the Vietnam era, and he hasn’t changed one Iota since. He fits in perfectly with Obama’s hate, and make Israel drink-salt-water regime….:

    1. It takes training to do that, it’s called composure, all the while her facial language said “go to hell’.

  18. Israel secures their border and wouldn’t be foolish enough to shred their sovereignty with a mass amnesty like we are doing.

    1. Amnesty to illegal aliens was enacted before, all it did was encourage more illegal infiltration because border security was never enforced with the due diligence it deserved; not because of the agents on the ground, but because of bureaucratic regulations that continually ties their hands. Failure to secure our borders and ports only makes us more vulnerable to criminal activities and terrorists.

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