Apparently Jamie Foxx is still obsessed with his black messiah Obama

Jamie Foxx just can’t stop talking about his lord and savior Barack Obama, who he says will be acting more true to his black half in his 2nd term than he did in his first term. According to Foxx, black is now the new white.

Yeah, all we need is more divisive speech about race in this country from people with a large platform.

Well if that isn’t enough, Foxx also jokes about how he kills all the white people in his upcoming new move. “How great is that” he says (via Newsbusters):

Here’s the transcript in case you can’t stand the sound of Foxx’s voice:

JAMIE FOXX: My name is Jamie Foxx. Give it up, give it up, New York City, Saturday Night Live. Come on, make some noise, man. New York City, New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, it’s crazy. I’m black, and I’m dressed all black cause it’s good to be black. Black is the new white. I’m telling you, how black is this right here? Nice fly, I’m saying. You know how I know black is in right now? Cause the Nets moved to Brooklyn. How black is that? They got black jerseys, black court. I mean, how black is that? And Jay-z is the owner, a rapper. How black is that? And Jay-z only own about this much of the team. But he act like he own all of New York. How black is that?

And I got a movie coming out, “Django,” check it out. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson. “Django Unchained” I play a slave. How black is that? And in the movie I had to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it because I get out the chains, I get free, I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?

But I’m going to tell you right now, speaking of blackness, my President, President Obama is back up in the White House four more years. How black is that? And not only that, he’s so black, he was playing basketball during the Election Day. How black is that? But he was also late for his acceptance speech. Okay, all the white people, this is your turn – how black is that?

But he going to be extra black this next four years. He going to get everything black, and white people, don’t get nervous about that because he is mixed. Now the first four years was the white side of him, because I don’t know if you saw him on Ellen when he was dancing and everything. I don’t know what this is. That wasn’t President Obama, that was President Barry Gibb Obama. But the next four years he’s even changing his name from to President Barack Dikembe Mutombo Tupac Mandela Hussein Obama X. How black is that? And the next time you see him dancing on Ellen, he gonna be dancing like this.

The way the Democrats played the race card this year on multiple issues (voter ID, disagreeing with Obama, etc), it wouldn’t surprise me if they are trying to get this divisive language more into the pop culture and someone like Jamie Foxx is helping make that happen. Just a guess.

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119 thoughts on “Apparently Jamie Foxx is still obsessed with his black messiah Obama

  1. Obama is NO Messiah, he is self proclaimed and lies to all of US….wake up Jamie. And the idiots in the audience cheer him on. The election was rigged. I will not watch anything with Jamie Foxx playing a role, and all of US should do the same.

  2. I’m doing my part for the color blind society…I will never “watch” Jamie Fox again, on anything. He is nothing but a racist.

  3. So why isn’t what Foxx is saying considered racist? I guess it’s because the mainstream media, along with our own Attorney General, believes that only white people are racists, never blacks. And they wonder why there is even more hatred in this country these days.

    1. because he’s saying it as a comedian….and because he’s black…so how could it ever be considered racist. One, black people cannot be racist. Two, comedians (black comedians) cannot be racist. Thats a one two punch there.

  4. I can see a time when all us “whities” get real tired of watching our language and walking the politically correct path and suddenly there’s an uprising like nothing they could imagine.

    All this hate will backfire!

    How black is that?

  5. People like Foxx use their comedic positions to promote their agenda. If you don’t say anything, they get away with it and push one step further, saying you are a racist. If you complain about it, they will say they’re just a comedian, it is only a joke, and you’re racist to think otherwise.

    Let’s face it folks – we’re just a bunch of racists. If you disapprove of Obama’s policies, you’re racist. If you disapprove of half of his policies, you’re a racist against his black half. If you love his policies, you’re a racist, because loving him because he’s black is the only way you can love his policies. There you have it.

    1. Here’s another thing that bothers me…. those blacks who sacrificed their priniciples to vote for obama due to skin color.

      Just look at Charles Payne. He’s a black financial analyst often on Fox Business. For the last 4 years he ripped apart obama’s policies saying the stimulus was mostly about increasing food stamps. Yet he VOTED FOR OBAMA just because he’s black!!!

      Nice job Charles, sacrifice what you believe in for skin color!! Doesn’t get anymore racist than that!!! I’ll never forgive him for this, he’s a disgrace! I wish FoxBusiness had fired this racist!!

      I remember the mod, K-Bob, actually disagreed with me over this, he said he didn’t have a problem with Payne voting for obama!! Why anyone would give Payne a pass for this blatant racism is beyond me!!

      Look we have our First Black President, he’s flushing the country down the toilet, but at least he’s black!! WTF!!!

      1. TOTALLY AGREED!!! Charles Payne REALLY pissed me off when he said he voted for Obama, after all the anti-Obama speeches he’s given…proved to me that even Charles Payne can’t see past skin-color (racist), EVEN when he KNOWS the person he’s voting for will SCREW HIM SO HARD (financially).

    2. Yep, “comedic position” will be readjusted to “Flying before hitting ground” after Todd P. meets Bill M. Or after really angry white talks to “Fuxx”.

  6. I’ll bet he is going to be filled with hate when the illegal’s get amnesty and the hand out line for black folks gets longer.

  7. All he mentioned and asked about is black. Now I ask, How white was the audience that was giddy over his remarks? How white are the dollars that purchase his movies, cds or whatever? How white is it that one race is becoming the bad guy in a country that that race made the greatest in the world?

    Now, replace white with the word dumb in all my questions. Get my drift?

  8. Sad, sick and racist are the best I can do to describe Mr. Foxx’s comedy routines. If he is not blaspheming God he is spewing hatred.

  9. For Foxx Sake Shut UP Jamie! You’re making an ASS (Donkey) out of yourself with ever word! You’ve already proven what a world class Moron you were with your NObama worship and blasphemy. It’s hard to imagine stupid being stacked that tall!

  10. When does it ever end??

    Imagine if it was reversed?? If we had a white comedian saying how good it is to be white and talking about his role in a movie killing all the blacks?

    Imagine all the outcry?

    And it digusts me to see those white guilt liberals — just look at those wimps in the SNL band sitting behind Fox in the monologue with their stupid laughs!

    Sickening that any disagreement or actually calling out the gross incompetence of Obama and Susan Rice results it cries of raaaaacism!

    The sad truth is that the majority of blacks are racists. What percent of the black vote did obama get again?? Was it over 95% or even higher?? Doesn’t get anymore racist than that!

    1. Of course it was a joke. But the subject matter is not a joke. That’s the problem.

      You had to make a brand new account just to come on this site to say that idiotic remark – how black is that?

            1. Liberals just don’t get it, even when they’ve been suckered in. You thought you were clever with your first remark, but just a couple of words made you admit to the world that you weren’t so much.

              I’ll always be a stupid racist to you, but Foxx, Obama, and you will never fall into that category. That was my whole point, you proved it, and you still don’t get it, no matter how many accounts you make.


        1. Don’t you have a KKK meeting to go to? Maybe a meeting with race-hustlers, inc?

          Let me make sure you aren’t late on our account.

        1. I didn’t really think you had the brain to understand that was directed at you. I won’t say anything bad about your family. Attacking families is a liberal thing.

          1. You obviously don’t have a brain, period. Acting like a spoiled brat is the conservative thing to do nowadays.

  11. I can care less about what Jamie Foxx’s ignorant rants! The way we show our discuss with his is to not go to his stupid movie or watch anything wher Jamie Foxx appears.

  12. I couldn’t believe this when I saw it. I grew up in the same town as him and went to high school with him also. Funniest and most humble Guy you could meet and now this. They have a street named after him here…ill never drive down that street again.

  13. I am wondering if he got tied up by a noose in his beloved Texas recently would he express those same feelings for the white culture?

    Two wrongs don’t make it right. Tit for tat is not cool at all. Because those who have power lay low and let you make a donkey of yourself and then get you back like in chess with a check mate.

  14. I turned the show off when he started his monologue. The only thing missing was Kanye West as the musical guest. I guess only white people can be racists.

  15. Obama has caused more black deaths, misery and poverty than the KKK and slavery ever did.

    Obama’s abortion policies targets blacks.
    Obama’s fiscal policies have caused more harm to black businesses than white ones.
    Obama’s Arab Spring support has caused deaths of thousands of blacks across Africa.
    Obama’s social policies have caused more deaths of black youth from AIDS, STDs, violence and drugs than ever before.

  16. A black man talking about killing people…….. how black is that, Jamie? Ignorant!
    He does himself and the black community NO favors with this kind of crap.
    A mindless crowd cheering on a black man because they don’t want to
    seem racist………….. how REAL is that?!?!

  17. This guy is worth boat loads of money and that is a good thing as I see it. Who bought all those movie tickets in the past? DVD’s? Mostly young white adults I would bet.
    How black is that Jamie?

  18. So, now that it’s so great to be black and they are so superior and all….can we get rid of affirmative action? Let’s talk about really leveling that playing field, why don’t we? Blacks should now have to score the same high score as a white person on all standardized testing! They should have to actually work to get where they are, since now they have overcome their slavery status and are in places of leadership, and therefore do not need special lowered qualifications to get to positions of power. They can pay for their own lifestyle choices by becoming gainfully employed rather than getting a welfare check. Their Imposter in chief should be getting those jobs…all shovel ready! If being black is so great, Jamie, how come you have to over sell it and call it humor? Would a white comedian get away with it? No way in hell! Nor should anyone get away with the crap you are selling! Racism has always been alive and well in the black community and always will be. After all, it was BLACK slave owners that sold their own into slavery to begin with and are still doing it to this day in Africa! What a hypocritical and sick rant!

  19. Because the Democraps control the media, they control the message. What a shame. Jamie Foxx has a penchant for dark humor. It seems he is still obsessed with his lord and savior, Obama.

    Urgh. That left a bad taste.

    1. Imagine if all white people stopped contributing to his income. I’m wondering how long he’d be around. Are there enough black people to support his lifestyle?

      1. Well, I’m not going to spend a penny on him. From now on, what I might have spent on him, I’m going to give to the KKK or the New White Panther Party (If they even ever exist.) How might white of me, eh? /sarc.

  20. This guy is WHACKED! If he hates whites so much, why not move to Marxist, Moslem black Africa? Let’s see how long he lives the second he criticizes any African despotic leader. They’ll be shipping his head back to the States. (no doubt, paid for by a white liberal)

    1. Yeah, they need Comedians over there really badly…AND, everyone is equal in their tribes!!! That’s the liberal utopia, right?!? Oh wait…I’ll bet Foxx won’t work for free (that’s for all us “producers” to do…)

  21. He is a comedian. Get over it. Far more important things to be worried about (ex: the collapse of federalism).

    People are reading way too much into this.

    1. Tell that to all the whites who have been racially targeted and murdered across America. What he’s saying is NOT funny because he means it, and what’s worse, he can say it and get away with it. The blacks who cheered him are barbarians, just like the 98% who voted for him.

    2. “He’s [just] a comedian”

      Now where have we heard that one before?

      You may get over it, but the Republic won’t.

    3. He’s a comedian (questionable there) but he and others like him are infecting the ignorant masses who pay to listen to this garbage. The collapse of our Constitutional Republic is happening in a large part because of what has and is being fed to ignorant people by a$$hats like these who promote anti Constitutional politics.

      I don’t ignore this. Our society is sick and our government through their lapdogs in the entertainment industry and media has been the ones infecting us.

    4. In 2006, Michael Richards (from Seinfeld) was performing at a comedy club and responded to a heckler with a racially-slanted response. He later claimed that he was trying to be as outrageous as the heckler to defuse him, but he never got a pass.

      He was dragged through the mud as a racist, had to apologize publicly, and was ripped apart on several shows. Of course, he was white and Foxx is black. Therein lies the difference and it’s not proper.

      Of course the collapse of federalism is an important topic. Let’s make sure that you talk of nothing else when you respond on any thread then, because you wouldn’t want to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, now, would you?

      1. That was far different than what Foxx is doing as part of a routine.

        You should watch more comedy acts. It is an insane thing to get your knickers in a bunch about.

        1. Hey, your comment had nothing to do with the collapse of federalism. Keep your focus.

          So Richards, in his comedic attempt to defuse a heckler, is totally different from Foxx, who planned his act from the beginning, even though they were both racially charged.

          I see. Richards will be happy to know that it has more to do with preparation than with skin color.

  22. Foxx is a twit. Good luck on your new movie loser.

    This is Obama’s America… how contemporary (hopefully temporary).

  23. This IS what you get when leftist Hollywood hypocrites who benefit and profit off everything that freedom and capitalism enables them to enjoy, while have a microphone pretending to think they have something useful and edifying to say.

    This is what happens when you pretend to celebrate Christmas with poinsettias and Christmas lights as a backdrop within the Church of Satan spewing such hatred.

    This IS what happens when you don’t have Jesus Christ with you and in you.

    Did I say Church of Satan? After all, what else could it be.

  24. “…it wouldn’t surprise me if they are trying to get this divisive language more into the pop culture and someone like Jamie Foxx is helping make that happen…”

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!? This language has been an every-day thing for me since 5th grade (around 15 years ago)…it is COMPLETELY acceptable for ANY black person to say what Foxx said (and MUCH WORSE), even on National Television, simply by the virtue that they’re black and we’re unlucky enough to be White.

    This country has been blatantly anti-White for my entire lifetime, and I get pissed off on a daily basis because while I (and MANY people like me) were getting our asses kicked in school by roving gangs of blacks, we were constantly given some manner of rationalization for their behavior, and why we shouldn’t be too critical on them because they were going through a hard time, or something like that. It was always ME that was doing something wrong, or needed to do something differently so as to not bring the blacks’ focus onto me, rather than deal with THE PROBLEM. But then again, in their eyes, I WAS the problem…

    FINALLY, people are starting to wake up and realize the mess we are in racially…it just pisses me off that it had to get to the point where the racism affected the adults for them to care (nobody gave a crap when it was just the White kids getting pummeled by blacks, and then getting in trouble for fighting back). In fact, nobody even NOTICED when the racism and violence didn’t affect the adults…but now that the black “kids” are attacking grown adults, and now that we are seeing it on national television…it’s about time.

    MANY of our problems today can be traced back to previous generations simply not caring AT ALL about what happened to their kids at school. If they had simply paid attention to their children and what was going on, THIS racial hatred would not surprise anyone, and perhaps we could have even fixed things so as to not have THIS happening at all. But instead, WE are the HATED race, and fighting a losing battle from a position of weakness in an ill-fated attempt to regain some semblance of equality from a minority-dominated society. End of rant.

    EDIT: if you don’t believe me about the prevalence of this kind of hate-speech, ask your kids…THEY WILL TELL YOU and it WILL shock you…

    1. It’s called the Great Society. Look little further than Lyndon Johnson. What’s that oft quoted line of his? Oh yeah:

      “I’ll have those n*%%$3s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.LBJ”

      Only one hundred fifty more to go there eh Jamie!

    2. You are correct. The meme since the late 60’s/early 70’s is blacks can’t possibly be racist. It is an impossibility.

      Turn on CNN or MSNBC for five seconds and you will find out otherwise.

    1. I guess whites will continue to “pay for it” for a while longer… a black pResident isn’t far enough I guess.

      You’d think after years of ignorant crap from the KKK, Nazi’s and other twisted minds, that black people would take the high road. But Foxx got high on the road or something…

  25. Now. Let’s see how this would fly.

    My name is Duckie. Give it up, give it up, America! Come on, make some noise, man. New York City, New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, it’s crazy. I’m white, and I’m dressed all white cause it’s good to be white. White is the new and improved white. I’m telling you, how white is this right here? Nice fly, I’m saying.

    And I don’t act like people for a living, but if I did, I’d play in a movie coming out, “Django,” check it out. And I’d pick better actors than socialists like Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson to star in. “Django Unchained” I play a white chick. How white is that? And in the movie I had to wear a duck costume. How whack is that? But don’t be worried about it because I get out the costume, I get free, I save my peeps, and I kill all the other people in the movie. How great is that? And how white is that?

    But I’m going to tell you right now, speaking of whiteness, dear leader is back up in the White House four more years. How pathetic is that? And not only that, he’s so marxist, he was praying to allah and lenin during the Election Day. How marxist is that? But he was also late for his acceptance speech so that was great right there. Okay, all the black people, this is your turn – how marxist is that?

    But he going to be extra marxist this next four years. He going to get everything marxist, and black people, don’t get nervous about that because he is mixed. Now the first four years was the white side of him, because I don’t know if you saw him on Ellen when he was dancing and everything. I don’t know what this is. That wasn’t dear leader, that was Dear White Men Can’t Jump Leader . But the next four years he’s even changing his name to Dear Leader mo X. How black is that? And the next time you see him dancing on Ellen, he gonna be prayin still to allah and lenin.

    Alrighty then. Let the fun begin.

    1. Martin Luther King is definitely rolling, more like spinning out of control, in his grave.

      Do they really believe he marched so that they could become the new racists?

      1. Pitiful isn’t it. They use his name like they do the Bible- for their own twisted propaganda, yet they ignore the truths of the message. Worse, they lie and spread it to keep the masses ignorant.

      2. this is the new version of black liberation theology as practiced by Rev. G-D America Jeremiah Wright. IT’S WHITEY’S FAULT is their premise. MLK wanted to do what Jesus and Ghandhi did, conquer evil with good. Get away from entitlement culture that breeds caste system and slavery and have people be free like individuals who are not beholden to anyone. Obama, Jamie, Wright, Jackson and Sharpton practice a whole different type of religion and it is not of God at all.

        1. Look no further than affirmative action. It’s reverse racism!

          Even the NFL and the ridiculous requirments for interviewing of minority coaches.

          Let’s say a team knows there’s a great coach — that there’s a mutual interest with a white coach such as John Gruden. However that team would get fined if they simply hired Gruden without interviewing at least one minority coach first. So the team must waste their time and the minority coaches time!

          We should all be so proud!!

          1. Ok, let’s just calm down. The requirement in the NFL to allow minority candidates an opportunity to be head coaches is not a bad thing. If the rule did not exist, then great coaches like Mike Tomlin, Tony Dungy and many others would not be in existence because there was a glass ceiling. Look at NCAA football to see the lack of coaching opportunity for minorities. In the NFL, the Rooney Rule allows blacks (and other minority candidates) to be included in the interview process who are qualified as candidates in the first place.

            What makes Obama and Jamie’s analogy intolerable is that THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED and think only because of their skin tone, they should have reparations. It is against what MLK thought about which is judging a man on the content of their character, not color of skin. That is what I was referring as tit for tat. It is not becoming. Gruden would not have won in Tampa Bay if not for what Tony Dungy laid down for him. Same can be said with Harbaugh in San Francisco. If it was not for Mike Singleton, the 49ers would not have that stout defense to do what they are doing now.

            The issue is QUALITY not color. If you are qualified, I don’t care what color you are. The opportunity to lead, be employed, etc… should be made available to you. But, with that opportunity, you must produce and not just give lip service like Obama is doing.

            1. So you support affirmative action?

              You actually believe that no good black coaches or blacks wouldn’t be hired in general if it wasn’t for the Rooney (big obama liberal supporter btw) and affirmative action??

              Great black coaches like Mike Tomlin would get hired no matter what. If there was an issue of owners not wanting to hire blacks, then that would disappear as soon as they saw someone like Tomlin doing so well. Winning and making more money would trump any racism that had existed.

              Then again I believe racism (in terms of against blacks) has largely disappeared. If anything it’s the opposite.

              So I hope you see the error of your ways for buying into a liberal charade.

              1. I am a supporter of ensuring that QUALIFIED candidates get an opportunity to showcase their skills. The quota system is not what I am for which folks seem to be advocating as affirmative action. What I am for is ensuring that all candidates regardless of color are considered. What happens is that the GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK OF NEPOTISM AND FRATERNAL/SORORITY BONDS put in candidates that are really not qualified. Tomlin got an opportunity because he proved his worth. He was a leader of men like Stephen A. Smith states. Others like Whisenhunt wanted the Pittsburgh coaching job, but Cowher had a feeling that Tomlin should get the opportunity. That is what I would like to see. People looking at their character and not their color of skin or ability to have nepotism and fraternal/sorority bond in selecting candidates.

    2. Somehow, it’s always the fault of “white folks”. So let’s look at that, shall we?

      Slavery was practiced by “white folks”, yet it was “black folks” who were selling each other into slavery. Those slaves were loaded on ships and came to America where they worked until they were freed during the Civil War.

      Now I’m not condoning slavery. Slavery was, and IS – I’m looking at you Saudi Arabia – *wrong*. But if you take the long view, many, many black families survived because of slavery. Because they were brought to America.

      How many families in Africa were wiped out due to massive starvation, rampant diseases, political upheavals and tribal warfare that led to the wholesale slaughter of the population of entire areas (see Rwanda and the Sudan).

      God took something bad – slavery – and used it for good: to deliver many black families that never would have survived in Africa.

      Can you understand that, Jamie Foxx?

      1. According to guys like Foxx and the good ‘revs notsosharpton and jackson” the only slaves which ever were, were black. No other slaves exist for these people, especially those who overcame slavery and became successful and productive people. Foxx and those like him disgust me.

        1. I am not an historian, except in the amateur sense. But in looking at the history of slavery that is available, it appears slavery has been with us for a very, very, long time. It is not something black people can lay claim to, as their own private misery.

          The first to practice slavery, or at least, to give it a name, were the early Egyptians, or Sumerians. The Pharaohs, to give you a reference point. The fifth millennium, or five thousand years before Christ. Funny thing is, the Pharaohs, were black. The slaves were white, or at least, olive-skinned. Think God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

          Throughout history, many slaves gained that status as the result of wars. The victorious armies had too many civilians on their hands and didn’t know what else to do with them, so they sold them as slaves. No one ever said history was kind, but it was efficient.

          Fast forward to America. Not all the slaves who came to these shores, were African. Many were indentured slaves. Lots of Scots and Irish. But they worked off their indenture and bought their freedom. Many Americans can trace their lineage to these people.

          Here is my point, in all of this. In the History of Slavery throughout the world, America represents the first instance, where an enslaved people were not able to shake off the stigma of being slaves, and put it behind them, so that they could move forward and become productive citizens, without help.

          Help is the key word, there. The United States not only freed the slaves, but they put in place, a protective shield for them and the future generations of their families. For lack of a better name, we will call that shield, “Guilt.” Because that’s what it is.

          Using this shield, we call, “Guilt,” the black population of America has been able to extract a thousand times, the worth their ancestors expended in the cotton fields. Their are no more slaves picking cotton in the south. Not even white people. It is done by machines now. But this nation is still paying for that brief period in our history, when slaves picked cotton. By anyone’s measure, we will still be paying for it, a hundred years from now.

          It created a welfare state, the size of which, no one in their wildest dreams, could have believed possible. Never before, in the history of the world, have so many people enjoyed the pleasure of staying home and eating Bon-Bons on the couch, while others worked to provide that state of bliss. We are the first.

          It also created a Political Party. The Democratic Party. That, in itself, is curious. Because in the beginning, it was the Republicans who stood up for the rights of black people in this country. But no one remembers that now. If you mention that to a Liberal, he will deny it.

          There have been so many opportunities for the blacks in this country to free themselves of the mantle of slavery that they think still lies upon their shoulders.

          Actually, they could have done it fifty years ago. All they had to do, was say, “No,” to all the free stuff that was offered to them. They could have taken advantage of the educational opportunities and training, available to all Americans, and joined the work force. That’s what they could have done. But they didn’t. They took the free stuff, and looked for some other way to make a living, besides actually working.

          In most inner cities of America, its easier to work in the drug trade, than to get a real job. Lucrative, too. Why would a teenager work at McDonalds, for eight bucks and hour, when he can make $1200 a week, selling drugs?

          Major League Sports. Another form of Slavery. Workin’ for tha Massa’. Making big bucks. The physical attributes of black athletes, did not go unnoticed on the field of Major League Sports. They turned those muscles into money, not unlike the Plantation owners, of a previous generation.

          While these sports greats make tons of money, the sadness is what that does to the black youth of America. Instead of going to school and getting a degree in a field that will allow them to live a good life and raise a family, they waste away their youth, shooting hoops in the local school yard, thinking they might be the next Michael Jordan.

          This is getting long, and I have to find a way to get out of it gracefully.

          To all of the Scoop members who are black, please understand I am against slavery and any kind of discrimination, in our society. I am also against laziness, or lack of fortitude. I want everyone to succeed, who wants to succeed.

          But you have to want to do it. You have to first have the desire. Because nothing happens, without that basic desire. Nothing.

          1. I’d say you not only got out of it gracefully, the whole piece was grace and truth, and excellently said.

            Anyone who brings up the issue of slavery in this country, so many make the same arguments about blacks being oppressed by the white man. Yet here we are, over 100 years later, and people are still complaining about slavery and race, as if there have not been incredible biographies of people who overcame both American slavery and racism. I can’t help but look at some of the folks who still complain, and see people like George Washington Carver, or Booker T. Washington. I can’t help but think of Martin Luther King’s words about content of character.

            To think of the thousands of people who have come up from adverse or humble beginnings to do great things, I can’t have much pity for those who still claim slavery as a reason for blaming others.

            You’re absolutely right whitefriend. Most folks here I believe know that so many of us believe that each person is created by God who gave each of us talents and gifts, and while some are born into adverse situations, there is something to be said about working hard to over come.

            Sorry. You said it better 😀

            1. Don’t be sorry. We have to say it together, and keep saying it, over and over again. We simply do. We live in Freedom. More Freedom than any human being, in History.
              And we are wasting it!! Viewed from space, we are that one country on a blue planet filled with water, and life, that the extraterrestrials are interested in. Because they are curious. They don’t know why we keep killing each other.

              I’ve had that thought, myself. Why do we? There are only two types of wars. Wars over territory, and wars over religion. Sometimes, the two are mixed together. But over the timeline of History, more people have been killed in the name of religion, than for any other reason. Makes you want to go to church next Sunday, doesn’t it?

              I’m getting off topic. This thread is supposed to be about entertainers, like Jamie Foxx, who are taking their chance in the limelight of the entertainment world, that a black President gave them. It is a momentary aberration.

              Black entertainers, taking advantage of this moment in time, when they have a Black man for a President. Not just any black man, but an arrogant black man. A black man, who is sticking it in Whitey’s face, finally. They’re loving it. Don’t think they aren’t.

              If it were not for the United States of America, there is no way they would be enjoying that luxury.

              Let us not forget. This President was supposed to be the one who was going to bring us all together. To get rid of class warfare, once and for all. To make us one people.

              Ordinarily, I am not a person who finds himself, at a lack of words. But, in this particular instance, I am speechless. The deep chasm, between what this man promised to do, and what he has actually done, is beyond belief.

              The fact that these same idiots elected him again, even after he proved he was incompetent to lead, is also beyond belief. I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to get a little scared.

              1. I remember as I was hearing J Wright saying God D*** America, people were saying how electing our first black president was going to heal the racial division. As dear leader was accepting a Nobel Peace prize, how this president was going to stop all wars and bring respect back to America. I remember hearing dear leader saying to Joe the plummer, we’ve got to spread the wealth around, as I was hearing black folks say, obama’s gonna give us stuff.
                I remember warning people long before the election night in 2008 that this man was going to destroy America… and now, they’ve elected him again. Because of his skin color. The guy is a Anti American marxist,narcissitic, thuggish evil dictator wannabe. This is NOT the content of character that deserves to be running this nation.

                I was scared 4 years ago my dear friend. I’m beyond scared. I’m royally pi$$ed. Ducks are not nice when they’re angry.

                But. Psalm 37. I’ve been breathing that Psalm for quite a while now, and it reminds me that God is in control. xoxoxo

      2. 3seven, that was a beautiful statement, filled with truth. You won’t find a Liberal on the planet, who will agree with it.

    3. Oh, I love it, Duckie. And if you’re a white duck, then you must be a swan. They are so beautiful. 🙂

        1. Would it be because most people on this site cherish the truth and just speak their minds the way they see it? I think so.

                1. It’s little chats between people like you, Nuke and White just had that makes this site special to me! It’s why I keep coming back too. I feel the genuine love and concern people have here for one another. I love the company I have here too. Without good guys, this website would be just another news comment site, no disrespect to Scoop! 🙂 Scoop and the ScoopFamily are the best!!!

                2. 🙂 I’ve never seen anything like what we have at Scoop Wolfie. I’ve gone to so many sites in the past, rarely commented before but always read comments (a lot of hilarious people out there). But I’ve never seen a family like we’ve got here. I love my Scoop family. Is it any wonder why some of us believe God brought us all here for these times? xoxoxo

    4. AmericanBorninCanada, I’m on the floor, because I fell out of my chair laughing. That was just too funny, and so unlike you. I do believe indeed, that you have become one of us. Americans, I mean. Because the Canadians I know, do not have such a humorous side, that they could put something like that together.

      Welcome to America.

      edit: grammar

      1. Lol. Oh, my Canadian brothers and sisters have their humor- but are much more polite about it 😉 Thank you though whitefriend. I honestly think that’s one of my most sarcastic comments, and didn’t really mean it to be funny, just rediculous like Foxx. But looking at it now, I can lol at it too. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. Have a Blessed evening whitefriend!

        1. You are a present I open each day. And I am always surprised and delighted, at the gift I find in the box. 🙂

          1. OK. So is it Be sweet to duck day or something? Some of you guys are incredibly sweet! Really, I can’t get over some things that you and others have said to me- I am shown more love here than even from some in my own family. I am amazed by how much I am blessed here. Thank you whitefriend for such a thoughtful and touching thing to say to me. xoxoxo

    1. Gee, I guess the jiggers wanted to do a little backsliding. Can’t let that civilization catch up to ya…

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