Arkansas Mom Absolutely Devastates Common Core Lunacy In Four Short Minutes

Karen Lamoreaux, college graduate, former National Honor Society member, and mom, in one example highlights one of the worst, though not the only, problems with the Common Core.


The manner in which the student is expected to solve the problem typifies any product produced by government committee thinking. It would make sense to solve the problem in two simple steps. Instead the child is expected to go through an absurd 108 steps to solve the problem; steps designed to shoe-horn students forward who haven’t learned basic multiplication and division. “This is not rigorous. This is not college-ready. This is not preparing our children to compete in the global economy.”

The swipe at Arne Duncan was particularly excellent. How can failing to take 108 steps to accomplish something that only takes two steps be a mark of benighted intellect? The only multiplication to see here is nonsense times nonsense. And know-it-all big government hacks like Duncan are too caught up in their politically correct race-baiting suck-up ministry of truth reeducation efforts to have the time to see they’re undercutting America’s ability to educate to compete.

Common Core is nothing but dumbing-down and elimination of educated problem solving skills and institutionalizing cumbersome finger-counting in their place. How many more stories of malpractice must we endure from this social experiment before people smarten up and start listening?

We better hope it happens soon. Because once the products of common core education start filling roles in government, we’ll be past the point of hope for finding someone smart enough to yell “stop!”

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