Arkansas Mom Absolutely Devastates Common Core Lunacy In Four Short Minutes

Karen Lamoreaux, college graduate, former National Honor Society member, and mom, in one example highlights one of the worst, though not the only, problems with the Common Core.


The manner in which the student is expected to solve the problem typifies any product produced by government committee thinking. It would make sense to solve the problem in two simple steps. Instead the child is expected to go through an absurd 108 steps to solve the problem; steps designed to shoe-horn students forward who haven’t learned basic multiplication and division. “This is not rigorous. This is not college-ready. This is not preparing our children to compete in the global economy.”

The swipe at Arne Duncan was particularly excellent. How can failing to take 108 steps to accomplish something that only takes two steps be a mark of benighted intellect? The only multiplication to see here is nonsense times nonsense. And know-it-all big government hacks like Duncan are too caught up in their politically correct race-baiting suck-up ministry of truth reeducation efforts to have the time to see they’re undercutting America’s ability to educate to compete.

Common Core is nothing but dumbing-down and elimination of educated problem solving skills and institutionalizing cumbersome finger-counting in their place. How many more stories of malpractice must we endure from this social experiment before people smarten up and start listening?

We better hope it happens soon. Because once the products of common core education start filling roles in government, we’ll be past the point of hope for finding someone smart enough to yell “stop!”

Read more about Common Core at Heritage’s The Foundry.

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92 thoughts on “Arkansas Mom Absolutely Devastates Common Core Lunacy In Four Short Minutes

  1. The Rotten Core of the Common Core: Part Seven

    John Dewey, the undisputed “Father of Progressive Education” who
    began publishing his theories on politically-oriented educational reform in
    various works such as The School and Society and Democracy and
    Education over a century ago, may have finally achieved the ultimate
    consequence of his philosophy: supposedly student-centered schools in which
    education takes a back seat to social reform with government dictating what must
    be taught, how it will be taught, and determining if it’s worthwhile teaching.

    The disaster that is the test-fixated Common Core State
    Standards Initiative is rapidly evolving into the vehicle through which Dewey’s
    “progressive” principles are being implemented in America’s troubled

    The many flaws and misrepresentations in the mislabeled,
    pernicious Common Core State Standards Initiative, actually a federal initiative
    disguised as a state idea, have already been detailed in this space in six parts
    but news on those flaws and misrepresentations keeps pouring in:

    –Ethan Young, a well-dressed, articulate senior at Farragut High
    School in Knox County, TN., is one student fighting back. Young pleaded at a
    school board meeting that the national Common Core education guidelines,
    which he called “a mistrust of teachers,” be dropped because, “If everything I
    learned in high school was a measurable objective: I haven’t learned anything.”
    (American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten might just agree
    with the Tennessee teen. An avid supporter of Common Core, Weingarten has
    nevertheless characterized its rollout as even more disastrous than Obamacare.)

    –North Dakota’s Superintendent of Public Schools claimed that, “after
    meticulous review” and “local leaders always have and always will determine the
    textbooks being used to teach your child.” However, the fact the sex-filled,
    Common Core-recommended novel Dreaming in Cuban is being taught to
    North Dakota 10th graders calls into question who is really making the
    education decisions in the Roughrider State. (One of the
    novel’s less-explicit excerpts: “Hugo and Felicia stripped in their
    room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed
    walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper

    – reports that ”New Common Core teaching materials
    instruct second graders that land owners are intrinsically evil, that business
    owners are inherently greedy, and Saul Alinsky radicals are the saviors of the
    everyman.” The article explains, “In addition to reading a glowing biography of
    the Marxist labor leader [Cesar Chavez], students will be asked to evaluate the
    “scales of fairness” between wealthy landowners, and lowly [non-union]
    workers.” The teachers’ guide directs teachers to say, “Fairness and equality
    exist when the scales are balanced” and ask students whether both sides, as
    presented in the plan, are equal. (The correct answer is “no” according to the

    –A mother of a New York kindergarten student found offensive
    materials on the Student Services Page of the Engage NY Common Core materials
    site and reported it to NYSED. . . . (Read more at

  2. Any way you cut it, there’s no major difference between today’s liberals and their communist ancestors.

    1. If they vote at all!
      Add to this dumbing down of America’s children the drumb beat to legalize marijuana which literally causes a brain to rot leaving gaping holes in a person’s brain where brain cells used to be.
      But don’t take my word for it. There are plenty of studies out there that testify to how deadly marijuana is to a person’s brain:

      This drive to legalize marijuana and make Common Core the standard in American education is every bit as disastrous for our future as a viable nation as is ObamaCare.
      This lady should be given the Medal of Honor for courage under fire.
      John Craven
      New Orleans

  3. You literally have to DEBRIEF your children every day after being at Otyrannt’s school system! Otherwise you will be raising a Marxist for the cause!

  4. re: ” She was advocating for a real education like they get in 3rd world countries. ”

    I did not catch that part but if she actually did – wow!

  5. An extermely articulate, well educated Mama Bear! She made her case with class! I became a instant fan! She was advocating for a real education like they get in 3rd world countries. Common Core is as Karen said, educating all students to the lowest common denomination! The stupidity and evil intent of boards across the country are the most heinous of crimes being perpetrated upon our children!

  6. she was EXELLENT I agree but she could have used that very same presentation to oppose ANY academic standard .. just vary the example used. She would be a good public speaker on ANY issue!

    but what did she advocate instead?

    we’re developing a personalty cult approach to difficult/controversial issues.. IF we like the personality – we like their message.

    but It plays almost like we’re descending into some kind of a Luddite Revolution where Science and Academics in general are seen as political tools…. but we have no alternatives… just torches and pitchforks!

    We have to WANT to MEASURE in academics to find out what you know and to find out what you don’t and still need to learn.

    One can argue about the best way to do this but to argue against it in general without an alternate vision, doesn’t solve anything.

    Without advocacy for SOMETHING, instead we’re just tearing down.

    it’ red meat for the anti-govt crowd but bad karma for the country

    1. If you have been following any of the common core discussion and debates, you would know that the curriculum does not promote the goals of education in any way. While measuring a student’s progress is important, a love of learning and a solid foundation in academics are critical. Common core destroys both but uses the students for data mining.
      Your comments are uninformed as this has nothing to do with a “cult of personality” or a mistrust of science and academics. Quite the opposite, in fact. We insist on credible fact and outcomes instead of pie in the sky suppositions.

      1. like I’ve been saying.. give an alternative that still provides for standards and measuring academic progress.

        is this a proxy for anti govt or a legitimate issue?

        1. They were measuring academic progress and setting standards long before common core came into vogue. It needs to be thrown in the trash can and responsibility for standards and performance returned to the states. Results have deteriorated ever since the federal government got involved.

          1. it already is at the states. NCLB does not specify standards – it requires the States to set them and they can (and do) set very low ones but what the Feds do require is that they test for their standard.

            Common Core is a State-initiated standard in fact AND is adopted by the DOD schools.States can decide how to modify it.

            we have basically opposition to standards – of any kind.. it appears to me.

            Having 50 different standards make no sense in the modern job mobile world where people move from one state to another often.

            what happens to kids when this happens?

            that’s why all the other OECD countries that clean our clocks academically all have National standards and national testing.

            Of the 50 states, Massachusetts tops the rest and rank 7th in the world .. Most of the rest rank 25th or worse.

            1/3 of our children right now cannot pass the Armed Forces Vocational Battery tests. Our own kids cannot operate our own Army’s weapons systems..

            when kids take the SATs or the Armed Forces Entrance tests – there is one national standard not 50.

            when we compete for global jobs – we compete against other kids who have masted national standards.


  7. This should be mandatory viewing for school board members everywhere. That was one of the most effective a$$ whippings I have seen in a long time. Good for you Karen!

  8. The day after Obama was elected to his second term, Bill Whittle had one of his Stratosphere Lounges. The theme was about “checking out.” He essentially said, give them the taxes, because we cannot fight it, but make the effort to create an alternative stream, for essentially, everything. I think this applies to children’s education also. Private (religious) schooling when you can afford it, and a better infrastructure for home schooling.

    I came from a system that I thought was rigorous and very good. In India, we do not have a national standard, but a state one. Every examination that counts within a state has students taking the exact same examination. Therefore, when one goes to college, we do not need SATs, Every student took the same examination. It works well, because individual schools can not dumb down the education for expediency.

    Even at a state level, standardized education only works when the aim is education–not progressive indoctrination.

    1. Perhaps an alternative is to make the SAT the de-facto standard for high school, eh?

      you take it in the 9th grade and see what you don’t know yet and then take it again in the 10th to see what you learned and what you still don’t know, etc??

      the thing here is – you have to measure to know what you know and what you don’t know.

      not measuring at all (or measuring badly) is a recipe for disaster whether it’s private or public school…

      If one does not like the NO child standard or the Common Core standard – then find one you like but opting to not measure at all or badly is not an answer.

      1. The fallacy of SAT thinking is the mistake of “one size fits all” thinking.

        The true measure of intellect is in the production of the individual. Fortunately no single means of production exists.

              1. All you’re proving is that standards are important.

                Did anyone here claim they were not? No, they did not. But you knew that.

                We’ve put up with your boring attempts at sophistry long enough.

                All you have is straw man arguments of the form “You think X. X is stupid”. But naturally you have provided zero proof of your purported mind reading abilities necessary to support your assertions about what we think.

                In fact, you’ve only demonstrated you are not smart enough to tell us what we think.

  9. I’m fine with the opposition to Common Core and even standardized testing as long as the opposition can get behind a better way – that meets the goals of more kids educated to world job requirements.

    but like so many things these days, the opposition is not just one group with one complaint but an assemblage of groups with different agendas that vary from true concerns to political to just outright anti-govt.

    those coalitions can agree on unified opposition – but they cannot agree on a better alternative.

    so where does that leave us with these tough problems?

    Every proposed path gathers opponents and no opponents really get behind a different better path.

    that will ultimately so damage the country that we stagnate… and just
    fall back further and further on the very things that made this country a leader.

    we have to make choices – even when none of them are perfect. We cannot veto everything because none of it is perfect.

    principled opposition – has a better way…

    1. A better way is to get government completely OUT of education. It’s none of their business, and they have no constitutional authority over how we educate our children.

  10. Not only is Common Core incredibly, disgustingly sub-standard curriculum, “Common Core sexualizes American School Children.”

    That is the primary purpose, however, since CC Curriculum is the concoction of people with an agenda to normalize every kind of abnormal, (decadent and empirically proven to be physically and mentally destructive, dangerous and deadly to both children and adults ) sexual behavior, including adult-child sex.

  11. starts off ” common core is a sales pitch to sell us down the river”

    after that gets worse. righteous indignation does not mean intelligence .. re: Palin….

    1. Sarah Palin took on corruption in her state and beat the DBC in Alaska. She cut spending, reduced payroll, reduced Federal earmarks by 80%, reformed the state pension system to
      reduce unfunded liabilities by 34% for the state. She signed ACES
      into law that stopped Big Oil from ripping off Alaska.

      As a former chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and wasn’t afraid to take on Exxon
      that was sitting on oil permits and refusing to drill. She took them
      to court and won. Alaska was second in the nation in job growth under Palin. Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from
      AA to AA+ in April, 2008. She also passed ethics reforms.

      I wish more politicans had determination, guts and character to make a difference in their states like Palin did in Alaska. If Obama had her record of job growth and fiscal responsibility millions would be in better shape. He’s the brillant one…right Larry?

  12. This articulate woman reminds me (favorably) of Sarah Palin. Palin, I believe, began her political career as a school board member. Righteous indignation is a strong motivator.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  13. I wonder how many who reject common-core would agree to do what Finland or Japan does?

    or is the opposition to common core, just a proxy for opposition to standards and testing?

    every country that cleans our clocks academically and puts us in 25th ranking internationally – has a national curriculum and national testing.

    we seem to be pursuing a Luddite path.

    1. The United States is 25 in raking because we educate ALL children! The countries and nations that are far above us, separate those who can from those who cannot. We have had to dumb down curriculum so that the lower children will find success, because in the U.S. “Everyone is a winner!” In our liberal theology! As a teacher I have seen standards drop and watched our children suffer because of it. I DO believe that all children deserve an education and should be challenged on their level, not everyone is going to college, nor should they! We do not need the government to regulate education, we do need testing and standards but how can we put every child on the same level without lowering our standards??? Are you willing to remove the can’ts from the cans? Are you going to tell Johnny that he should dig a ditch because he can’t read? This is what those other nations do to keep their academics high……so before you judge think about it.

      1. not true. MOST OECD countries educate ALL their kids also.

        we refuse to take responsibility for the at-risk kids and what does that accomplish?

        Kids grow up to be adults who can’t get jobs and end up on entitlements.

        now how smart is a strategy to abandon these kids ?

        no.. you cannot save all of them but when the at-risk demographic regardless of race or gender or IQ scores significantly lower and we know these kids grow up to not have jobs and get entitlements is that a “liberal” problem?

        I call it a dumb-as-crap problem.. for folks who fancy themselves as “conservatives”. What is fiscally conservative about not education people because some of them are harder to educate?

        and what does it accomplish to essentially abandon standards and testing because they make the problem we have visible?

        remember – every kid you abandon now, your kid is going to be paying entitlements to. “think” about it.

        1. I do believe that all children should. E educated and have no problem with testing and standards. But who chooses the standards? Politicians? That is what common core is about, real teachers and parents should set standards. I refuse to abandon any child, but our entitlement nation is working against me. Many I teach are generational welfare recipients and that is their plan. Democrat/ liberals keep this mentality going to keep voters! My students are taught to work and believe in themselves, but I can’t fight the tide of parents, government and others who impress upon them that they ca survive on welfare!

          1. who chooses standards in the other OECD countries?

            I think the “politician” thing is an excuse, a canard.

            if you don’t like what the Politicians propose then come up with a better alternative and let the opponents of common core promote it so that people can see a better way. Otherwise, it comes across as opposition to standards and testing especially when people talk about local standards and choice schools – with no standards.

            what is the difference between the advanced economy nations and 3rd world nations?

            where we are headed right now is towards a country with significant numbers of uneducated who receive entitlements or get put in prison in a country where we have almost as many people in prison as we have in our armed forces.

            we’re going to be a country with hillside slums and gates and walls if we do not take responsibility for teaching – the harder to teach.

            and I totally agree.. it’s a burden we should not have.. we should not have to teach kids of parents who either won’t or are incapable of helping their kids but this is like complaining about bridges that need repairs or airplanes with crowded conditions.

            we have to teach these kids.. if we do not.. we harm ourselves, we harm our kids.

            1. For all the rhetorical attacks you’ve posted to those who accurately described the real problems associated with ‘common core’ curriculum, you have NOT provided one reason to support this socialist program that’s design to indoctrinate kids with lefty ideology and NOT education.

              1. there ARE problems with ANY standard. stipulated.

                the question is which one do you support of the ones that are choices?

                either support reforms or a different standard or admit you don’t want standards …

                no attacks.. just questions about motivations.

                what are they?


                1. You ignore the very simple question I asked on just affording all of a reason why you support Common Core so strongly. Now you’re asking me to answer a new question. Why should I answer it based on your reply?

                  I support the same educational standards we had 40 years ago when our students were the best in the world based on standerize testing. More important, it was prior to the creation of the DoED by Carter. It was a time states made the educational decisions with the parents input. No one had to worry about big-brother’s political ideology replacing math, history and science.

                  It was a time before liberalism destroyed America’s educational system which was the envy of the world.

                2. I don’t support common core without regard to other potential standards but I do support standards.

                  what you don’t realize perhaps is that our 40 year old standards do not prepare kids for the world we now live in. Other countries advanced their standards, we have not.

                  You have to pass the SAT to get into college and you have to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to get into the Military.

                  Both are much tougher than our standards 40 years ago.

                  Each State sets their own standards. even with the Fed NCLB. It only requires that a state have standards and test for them and some states still basically have 40 year old standards and they suck compared to other states and other countries.

                  Kids who grow up without an globally-competitive education cannot get jobs, instead get entitlements.. or end up in prison – all of which other kids will pay for.

                  Making this a “liberal” issue is just a denial of some harsh realities.

                  don’t be against what you don’t like .

                  Accept the modern realities and pursue something better.. going back is not the answer.. and it fails everyone but especially the kids who will end up flipping burgers if they cannot compete for global jobs.

                3. Are you serious? How old are you? The SAT Reasoning Test dates back to the 1920s and they were worldwide. Take your modern reality liberal nonsense spin to someone who doesn’t know the facts. My time is worth far more than debating someone who thinks he’s an educational scholar yet doesn’t know the age of the SAT.

                4. I’m serious.


                  it’s undergone many changes… as you well know but more than that – it’s one national test not 50.

                  you insist on making this political, why?

                  this issue has to do with why standards are important – national standards .. which are common in every OECD country – as you also know.

                  why are you arguing for going back?

                  even the Military Aptitude test went from one for each service to one for all Armed Forces.


                  Finally, you are also likely aware of NAEP which is a national test benchmarked to PISA.

                  the point here is standards.. find some you like but don’t hide behind politics.

                5. I’m a West Point graduate. I don’t remember being fed left wing propaganda as part of my testing. I do know the military has ungone social engineering over the last 20 years since I left the service.

            2. More bizarre assumptions.

              Whenever a leftist says “we” they mean, “the government” and the government cannot teach anything.

              1. wow!

                Adjutant General School

                Air Defense Artillery School

                Airborne School

                Armor Center and School

                Army Logistics University

                Army Management Staff College

                Army School of Music

                Army War College

                Aviation Center/School

                Aviation Logistics School

                Chaplain School

                Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School

                Command and General Staff College

                Defense Language Institute

                Engineer School

                Field Artillery School

                Finance School

                Infantry Center and School

                Intelligence School

                International Student Division

                Military Police School

                Officer Candidate School

                Ordnance School

                Physical Fitness School

                Quartermaster School

                Ranger School

                Recruiting and Retention School

                School of Advanced Military Studies

                School of Information Technology

                Sergeants Major Academy

                Signal School

                Transportation School

                University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies

                Victory University

                Warrant Officer Career College

                Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic School

                1. Nice try. We all know the military is the one area where government can do the job better than the private sector.

                  But of course, the military involves many private sector businesses to accomplish their goals.

                  But you knew that. It didn’t stop you from making an a$$ of yourself.

        2. “What is fiscally conservative about not education people because some of them are harder to educate?”


          You clearly are blinded by assumptions not in evidence. Government school education has let you down, badly.

          1. does that go for the OECD?

            how about this:

            Department of Defense Dependents Schools

            same problem?

            US Military Academies?

            and these:

            United States Military Education and Training Programs

    2. The measure of a society’s overall intellect is exactly the same as for an individual. You look at their production.

      We out-produce all other economies in every major area.

      We still represent the center of technology.

      So much for your “luddite” BS.

      The only luddites are the radical environmentalists and the AGW frauds.

    3. Who determines what this national curriculum consists of? Hillsdale Prof. Terrence Moore has looked at the literature and civics components of Common Core and have found them not just dumbed down, but ideologically driven. For instance, students are not taught to read the Constitution, even by 12th grade, and their exposure to the Bill of Rights is limited to the 1st Amendment.

      Years ago I chose to homeschool my kids precisely because of the history curricula that were being used by schools. I don’t oppose testing or standards – although I do want to know who is writing the standards. There are some very badly written textbooks out there.

  14. I’d like to see that problem demonstrated. It sounds even more mind-numbingly dumb than Common Core lattice multiplication.

  15. I hope Mrs. Lamoreaux’s name wasn’t too difficult for the board members to spell. I honest-to-God saw a woman’s name spelled Mushell, (On a business card!) so apparently there are some common core graduates in our midst already.

  16. The board should not have needed angry parents telling them the facts. They only needed less than the three minutes Ms. Lamoureaux took to see that Common Core is so malefficient that it can not possibly be the result of stupidity. It is the result of an evil conspiracy of evil people determined to destroy the thinking ability and the knowledge of American children.

    I absolutely reject any explanations of Common Core’s existence that include ignorance or good intent. Common Core springs from a common core of distilled malevolence in the soul-less minds of the destroyers disguised as educators.

  17. Common Core is designed to shoe-horn the unintelligent or lazy students forward…think failed Leftist cities…but imposing the SAME curriculum for dummies, on ALL students, regardless of intelligence or work performed.

    1. It also seems designed to punish independent problem-solving. Some people have an intuitive sense of numbers. Others need to count on fingers and toes. By artificially lowering the grades of high achievers, and artificially raising the grades of low achievers, they redistribute the learning. I feel sorry for good students who graduate with a degree from that worthless institution.

    1. but the chambers of commerce are bribing republicans in just the opposite direction, they are also now bribing them to “fix” not eliminate obamacare. got to replace most progpublicans to save the country

      1. I do not see how it can be done, but we need to remove from office every last rino. At this point, I am in favor of either sentencing them to life in serious prisons among the general population, or exiling them, having first seized every bit of their property.

        These evil, unbelievably stupid rinos can make one understand the mood of the French Revolution.

  18. The communist’s goal of infiltrating our public schools has been implemented, and in their eyes very successful as can be seen by common core as well as programs that demoralize and obamatize our children. This obamanistic approach will succeed in totally changing America as we know it into a immoral, unpatriotic, secular, obamanation that will set the standards for third world goals and achievements. obamunism will consume what little freedoms and liberties left until no one will be able to think or to reason outside of the box. Total slavery is their objective and Obama’s programs have been very effective. We must act now to stop this madness or else forever carry the guilt that it happened on our watch.

  19. She should run against them for School Board and get a few of her like minded friends to do so as well. I would bet the last dime in my pocket that school board does not grasp Common Core nor it’s implications.

    I’m going to pop some popcorn and watch again.

    1. She’s that good, isn’t she? Glenn Beck had her on his show but I was disappointed that her time with him wasn’t long enough. She has so much to say and is so very articulate and Focused.

      1. I agree. I loved her smile when she said I have a math problem for the board members. Get your pencils ready and then again a smile..I’m not kidding LOL

  20. Either these school board members are just ignorant or corrupt politicians that can’t make a profit in the real world so must throw innocent children under the bus.

  21. …as for the DUMBING DOWN of students . We are witnessing the results of a generation of Dumbed Down students 1980 ~ 2008 . The results of which are that of the ELECTION of President Barack HUSSEIN Obama .
    My Solution ,
    pull your children out of the Public Educational System .”

  22. I’ve seen this video before. This is the video that changed my mind on common core! Very powerful!

  23. Feminists must hate this fine example of a mother who is engaged with her children’s education and well being. In today’s world turning your kids over to the public school system is like playing Russian roulette. The system with Arne Duncan, NEA etc. is not education but social engineering.

  24. Outstanding! We need to hammer it into these “public servants” that they are elected to represent constituents! This well-educated mother did just that and we are all going to have to do the same thing until they finally get that we are not hysterical, we are pointedly serious that we will not tolerate dumbing down our children to fill their greedy pockets! Common core is strictly crony deals for crooked politicians and has zero to do with educating anyone!

  25. That school board better NOT ignore this woman. Her anger is righteous and she knows how to express it.

      1. Oh, for sure! Bet the other parents she referenced would be willing to take it on also. That group isn’t going to be steamrolled.

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