At Dem Debate, Hillary LIES about how much support she gets from Wall Street

So there were a whole lot of lies being told at the Democrat Debate tonight, but one of the bigger ones was when Hillary deflected Bernie Sanders’ attack on her support from Wall Street.

Her response was very Clintonian – in that it was a lie:

Clinton’s own source undermines her Wall Street donors claim

Trying to downplay her Wall Street ties, Clinton said about 3 percent of her donations come from “people in the finance and investment world,” and invited viewers to check, the Center for Responsive Politics’ website.

We did, and it shows that her campaign and the super PAC supporting her received $5.7 million from the securities and investments industry, out of $97.8 million total. That’s almost 6 percent. It’s closer to 3 percent if you only count fundraising by her official campaign. But in the context of a clash with Sanders, who pointed out he doesn’t have an allied super PAC, it’s misleading to overlook hers.

Yeah. No surprise there. Earlier the moderators let Bernie Sanders ramble on and on without answering the question posed to him. So no one cares what the hell is going on up there. And that’s OK, because no one is watching anyway…

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