Audio: Sarah Palin responds to NAACP: It’s a sad day in America.

Sean Hannity gets Sarah Palin’s reaction to the NAACP decision as well as a little on the oil spill, the Arizona border, and as always her thoughts on 2012. He really never misses a chance to ask her about 2012. For once though, he got an answer that was somewhat interesting to me:

I don’t want to hurt the cause; I don’t want to divide the nation. There’s going to be a lot of prayer and contemplation that goes into a decision like that between now and ’12. So my concentration is going to be on these midterms to help turn this country around… I do not want to hurt a common sense constitutional cause by speculating internally or externally on whether I should or should not run”

Sounds like a well thought out answer that means she’s gonna run in 2012 to me!


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