Author Brad Thor asks a very important question that isn’t being asked about the Bergdahl terrorist swap

Brad Thor brings up another discrepancy that points to the possibility that there’s much more to the Bergdahl terrorist swap than we’re being told. It all hinges on the fact that the Haqqani Network is actually the group that found Bergdahl, but he ended up being traded for Taliban leaders.

Watch his explanation:

While the Taliban is animated by their extreme Islamist ideology, the Haqqanis are driven more by material gain. So why would Bergdahl be traded for guys they don’t really care for? Brad concludes reasonably that the Obama administration most likely paid off a ransom in addition to the trade. And it that’s true, then we’ve funded a terrorist organization just to please Obama’s political agenda.

Finally, why is the media so inept it can’t even ask the simplest questions of this administration?

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