Awesome: Bill Whittle (Virtual President) explains how to deal with N. Korea

This is really great. Mr. Virtual President Bill Whittle explains exactly how to deal with N. Korea in the face of all their threats. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a president that sounded like this:

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37 thoughts on “Awesome: Bill Whittle (Virtual President) explains how to deal with N. Korea

  1. The last thing China wants, other than Japan developing and deploying nuclear weapons, is for the U.S. to increase its strength in the western Pacific. China has tolerated madmen in North Korea, and China must now deal with the unintended consequences.

  2. b.o. should do what the President of South Korea did permit the military to handle it.  If b.o. does the same he won’t have to agonize over making a decision and can put his footsies back on and go to bed.

  3. It’s great to see Mr. Whittle is far on top of things! Schools should use him in their curricula! A clear ,articulate voice of conservatism! Always enjoy his offering!

  4. Sure, the world ignored another madman living in a cave in Afghanistan when he declared war on us. Hmmm, what was his name? Oh yes, that’s right, it was Osama bin Laden and he ended up following through on his threat with the first 9/11 attack on this country. When are we going to start listening to these crazy people and admit that they mean what they say?

  5. America did have a President that sounded like this.. and no doubt he is currently welcoming his good friend Lady Thatcher to her new home.

  6. All of this is wonderful.  But the correct policy would be quite different – and it would have been started many years ago.
    The US, China and South Korea make a deal – the Chinese smuggle South Korean citizens out of the country to China.  China then moves them South Korea for settlement.  The program starts small – 1000 people per week, but grows steadily over the years.  Whenever the North Korean government acts badly, they triple the number of people they smuggle out – until they start acting better again.
    The only thing tyrants can’t handle is if the people leave.  That’s why tyrants build walls around their country and kill and torture people who they catch getting out.  Its our best weapon, if only someone had the imagination to start using it – and then manage it like any other war operation.

  7. If only Mr. Virtual President Whittle’s press conferences went viral and got more attention than those of our virtual president rabble rouser…

    1. Psalm14_1a   I agree… so we need to get Bill Whittle’s videos out there.  Post them on FB… email to everyone who has a brain and is capable of some level of rational thought.  What he says is common sense and he is not a politician, so people are more likely to listen, but he needs exposure!!!

  8. If, and it’s a big IF, NK does fire a rocket towards anywhere outside of NK, it will not clear the coastline before it is destroyed and 200 or more rockets from SK, Japan and America will be launched towards NK.  It will be reduced to rubble, not that it is much better on the best of days.

    1. Pancake3 I trust SK and Japan but I don’t trust obama to do anything to protect our country.  He has opened our borders and set illegal aliens set for deportation because of serious criminal actions free upon us as punishment for not raising taxes all the while he goes golfing, ObamaWaist and the ObamaBrats vacation again.

  9. … YES ! Where is DEAR LEADER Mao OBAMA on this international declaration of a NUCLEAR ATTACK and who is Barack HUSSEIN Obama ?” ( just asking)

    1. LIBERTYUSA I have heard ZERO about North Korea declaring war from the MSM.  Coincidentilly, Obama is releasing his “budget” tomorrow, on the same day NK said they are doing another launch.  I don’t believe in coincidences. Zero is distracting the country with gay marriage (that timing is no coincidence either), 2nd amendment, people control, illegal alien amnesty (btw read the bill is 1,500 pages long!)

    1. WolfieUSA I say Bill Whittle for President of the new United States of America, the country returned to its founding principles.

    1. SigEliteDark We get campaigning for the DNC, parties as the WH and bully tactics in CO and CT for Americans defending their right to bear arms from him!

  10. Thank you Mr Virtual President. Now if we could only get the dictator-wannabe muslim-in-chief to grow a set and defend his country and its citizens. But then again, he hates both the country and its citizens so I don’t think that will happen.
    A pox on him, his family and almost everyone in DC! Lock and load.

  11. If only you were our president Mr.Whittle.This is how the president should be reacting.

    1. 57thunderbird He’s too busy behaving like the Bully-in-Chief while taxpayers fund the website and program.

  12. Wow… I almost forgot what backbone and common sense looked and sounded like.

    1. The Sentinel  Yup.  Oh how I looked for someone with the cajones to talk like this in the last presidential election, but none were found.  The only one with cajones didn’t run, sadly, Sarah Palin.  We need someone like Allen West or Palin to run in 2016.  America craves this kind of leadership talk!

      1. Conservative_Hippie The Sentinel No none were found.And now the RINO’s will try to shove Jeb Bus or Crispy Creme Christie down our throats.They will get no support from me.

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