Awesome – Rush: Americans are taking their country back

This is a fantastic monologue. The theme is in Rush’s first statement, that Americans are taking their country back and they are doing it one election at a time because they are tired of failure. He says Americans are tired of Democrats dividing this country and they are tired of Republicans allowing them to do it. And he says that last night is proof that the Tea Party is not dead.

Watch below:

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69 thoughts on “Awesome – Rush: Americans are taking their country back

  1. In spite of the successes in local elections, in spite of the ‘sting’ of Obama’s policies, Obama is going to be re-elected, if only by a nose, to make the scam less obvious. Why? Tabulation of the presidential election results was sold to a company in Spain, and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to verify the accuracy of Obama’s ‘questionable re-election’.
    Unless each and every precinct in the country BACKS UP the information in every single computer used for the presidential election, OBAMA WILL BE RE-ELECTED! Contact your local Board of Elections and demand they back up the results and safe guard the info.

  2. I don’t get to listen to Rush alot, but I actually caught this one in the car radio.

    One of your best Rush, one of your best. Thank you!

  3. Well said, Mr. Limbaugh. Not a big Rush fan, but there isn’t a single thing I disagree with in this monologue. Perfect summary of where we are.

  4. Thank you, Rush. Your words lifted my spirit up.
    I pray good people of America won’t lose the hope and belief that we’ll win our country back.

  5. If Obama is not reelected who and what will Rushblow whine about? Oh thats right he can spend the next four years blameing eveything on O and the dems. If O wins againt he will have 4 more years to cry about him and those nasty Dems. Win win eh Rush?

    1. Rush will be holding Romney’s feet to the fire. He’ll be on the backs of the majorities in the House and Senate. He does not rest when Republicans are in power. His focus just changes. The welfare of this Nation is his concern. He doesn’t care who’s driving. If they drive erratically and stupidly and dangerously, he will do what he does. Listen every day and you will learn. You will begin making intelligent posts instead whining, unless you maintain your current liberal stance.

  6. I truly hope we are all correct. We wouldn’t last another 4 years of this. We would be instant history.

    1. Try not to be such a kill joy. Can’t we just have a moment to enjoy this great statement of facts from Rush!

      1. For conscience sake, I will not choose either. Watching the primary process was very telling as to how this process really works. A candidate chosen, and we here in California have had no voice at all in the process. It’s ridiculous. Anyone worth voting for was out before we could even cast a vote.

  7. Fantastic piece. When you put it all together, this gives me hope (for change). I hope Americans keep waking up and standing up against this liar-and-chief and his crooked regime. The truth hurts don’t it Mr. pResident.

  8. I have heard the voice of God, and it is Rush! Man, he was on fire. And the funny thing is that he is right on so many levels. The biggest one is Wisconsin. If Walker can win a big victory there, then not only are the Democrats finished, but the stranglehold the unions have on this country will also be over. Praise God.

    1. You are so right about Wisconsin. If Walker holds on, Nov. 2012 will make Nov. 2010 look like a close race.

  9. Sorry I have tried to listen to Rushblow, but someone who is always telling me that he is 100% correct in all he says and that if I don’t agree I am automatically labled a liberal is too much to stomach. Being a little humble and admitting you are wrong on some things makes you a better person. But then again he’s Rush and he is right!…..always. The only one I know with a bigger ego and someone more pleased with themselves is Michael Savage…..excuse me DOCTOR Savage.

    1. The one I know with a bigger ego and someone more pleased with themselves is not Michael Savage but Barack Obama.

      Oh…but Obama did display humble-ness by admitting the U.S. is wrong during his apology tour around the world – So maybe his ego isn’t as big as Limbaugh’s …………NOT! LOL!

      1. The apology tour, as you call it, would not be needed if we would have had a real pres. from 2001 to 2009. Someone who understood what foreign policy is.

        1. The apology tour wouldn’t have happened if we had a real American President who loved our Country. There is no reason for us to apologize to the world, read a non revisionist history book once in a while.

            1. Not really, it has been communists, muslims and (gasp) Democrats. The last tried to change their history and claim any others did/thought/acted as the Dems did. Individually, yes there have been a few idiot republicans trying to fool people. By the same token there are some honest Democrats, even communists. On the whole, according to actual events, My first sentence holds.

            2. Hey Keystone State, I know Pennsylvania is full of West coast-like liberal girlie guys but don’t you think you need to get back to the Huff-N-Puff with rest of your ilk. You aren’t fit to judge anybody let alone Rush Limbaugh. You aren’t fit to hold his mike. Git on back to the toilet you crawled out of at HNP and shut the hell up. No one is listening to your nonsense anyway. BO is going down and pigs like you will go with him. The village is calling both of you.

    2. He’ never said that he is 100% correct. As a matter of fact he states, quite often his percentage of “rightness”. I’ve never heard the 100% mark. I think right now it’s about 98. something.

        1. Let me guess. You’ve never listened to him. Not as hard a guess as you might imagine since a very large percentage of people who put him down have never listened to him.

          2% away from God? Actually his position on the matter is that his talents are on loan from God and DebbyX is correct, about 98.something. Never hit 100 and, being human, never will.

          Give yourself a challenge, listen to him for two weeks with an open mind, actually even with a closed mind and see if he didn’t expand yours.

          1. I have listened andcan only take him in small doses. Would not mind listening regularly but too many ads and hawking products. I know it is nessasary, but it goes on forever.

        2. He says that for the benefit of people like you, those with no sense of humor who are bound and determined to take offense at what he says, no matter what he may say. Most of what gets you riled up at him is humorous shtick that allows him to provide cogent analysis and opinion in an entertaining fashion. Your hysterical reactions just add to the fun for those of us in on the joke.

  10. If people had been paying attention in Indiana they would have voted Sen Luger in again. He has worked tirelessly and was key in tracking down and securing nuclear war devices from the post Soviet era. Also one of the few who would work with other members of the Senate, no matter which party, and work for the good of the people. The TPC that was elected in the primary has a very good chance of being defeated by the Dem. Mr. Lugar would not lose this upcoming election for his seat thus keeping one more Republican in the Senate. Indiana may rue their choice.

    1. Lugar voted “YES”, to the Stimulus bill, the Brady bill, AND the NDAA Bill!
      So, he voted to ENSLAVE US to debt to CHINA; he voted to disarm the American people-in opposition to the 2nd Amendment; he voted to make EVERY American CRIMINALLY SUSPECT, and, at the WHIM of the sitting President, to name YOU or I as a ‘Homegrown Terrorist’, and thrown in jail, putting The Bill of Rights in the trashcan!

      Those are acts of TREASON, perpetrated against We The People! The LEAST we can do, is get him out of office! And all from a man who TOOK AN OATH TO DEFEND AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

    2. Lugar hasn’t even been living in the state and he is Obama’s favorite Republican and voted with the liberals more than the GOP… so what good it it having him in the Senate. We have to stop voting for people we think can win if they don’t stand for anything when they get there. That is why we are in this mess! We need true conservatives in the House and Senate who are willing to support legislation that will turn this country around and not just keep kicking the can down the road to buy votes and secure their seats or we will soon end up like Greece!

        1. For your information, I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh… though I do enjoy RightScoop. Both sides have their “talking points” because it depends on your perspective and what is important to you. I don’t want our representatives to work with the other side of the aisle if what they are doing is irresponsible and destroying our country. There are some areas where compromise is good, but you can’t compromise on fundamental principles like fiscal responsibility. Obama is not very interested in compromise – his budgets are so irresponsible he hasn’t been able to get a single vote from Democrats!

    3. Except for one thing; Primary turnouts are normally lower than general elections. Mourdock won by a large margin. He will have an even bigger turnout come November- always providing we are allowed to have an election, lol. We really ARE waking up, you see. Rush is correct. We will be voting in droves. Indiana may have been asleep for the last POTUS election, but not anymore.

  11. The Tea Party says “Rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated!” The lame stream media would like America to believe that the Tea Party is dead but, as Rush says, the protest has evolved into grass-roots every day action at all levels of the Party and all levels of government. Our Tea Party group ran an ad in a local tax millage election that took place yesterday. Voter turnout went from 12% to 32% for a tax millage for a single school district. From the smallest local elections to the national elections the effect of the Tea Party is being felt far and wide.

    1. The MSM just can’t understand true grass roots. To them, you have to be marching in the streets, yelling your position to everyone around you, occupying something and/or chanting something in a sit in for it to be a real movement. Since we don’t have rally after rally, we are ‘dead’ and ‘irrelavant’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      1. Well, you know it’s not a real people’s protest unless someone is defacating on a police car or being raped.

  12. As a Rush listener for a very, very long time (20years or so) I have to say this is one of, if not the, best monologues I have ever him deliver. As a matter of fact it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard by anybody.

    Can’t speak for anybody but myself but I am so filled with optimism and enthusiasm after listening to him that I’m going to listen to it again.

    There were so many great phrases and points made. This should be heard by all. Liberals and Conservatives.

    1. You may speak for me fine sir.I felt the same pride,optimism and enthusiasm as you did.We needed this pep talk yesterday Gino.A new day is dawning in America.Rush is the best.He reminded me of Churchill or Patton with this speech.I have grown up listening to Rush (Rush baby) and I attribute many of my political beliefs to both him and my parents.Rush always has my ear and respect.Prepare for the surge in the next six months.The Quagmire is close to being elected out dude.

    1. All the smoke from the fake-n-bake astroturf “occupy” was proof positive that the “occupy” were the real Tea Party… remember that? Or that’s what they so desperately told us.

      But all that their “occupy” shenanigans could produce were propaganda productions from the main sream media and citizens holding the bag for clean-up costs and security costs in cities across the country. That’s what the “occupy tea party” produced… and nothing more.

      But the real Tea Party on the other hand… what have they produced? For starters… November 2010 and now RINOs beginning to be swept out of office in favour of strong conservatives. That’s results! Fire… not smoke.

  13. Rush comments about WI are correct and pollsters are still coloring it blue for Nov. Same goes for Maine where to gov has done great stuff, but didn’t have to face a recall for it. Those are 14 electoral votes that are definitely in the red column not the blue as all the pundits have them.

  14. In summary – We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired! And we’re not going to sit down and shut up! We will make our voices heard at the ballot box.

  15. At the fork in the road, it’s either the road to prosperity or the road to serfdom and perdition. Should be an easy choice for most, that have their ears and eyes open at least a little bit.

    1. It is an easy choice for someone with more than a single brain cell; however, Obama will be re-elected even if he only receives 10 votes in the entire country. Why? Because tabulation of the presidential election results was sold to a company in Spain and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to verify his ‘amazing re-election’. Unless each and every single precinct in the country backs up the information in every computer used on Nov. 6 and safeguards the info., Obama WILL BE RE-ELECTED.

  16. He’s exactly right. Taking out Dick Lugar was a great way to get it started. Now we have to work for Scott Walker to remain in office.

    Remove Orrin Hatch in Utah, Clare McCaskill in Missouri and remove Barack Obama as President.

    If we can clean house in the Senate and install Tea Party people, we might actually have a government that we can count on once again.

      1. doesnt matter. all rinos must go. besides he needs early retirement anyway.

    1. Obama will be re-elected even if he only receives 10 votes in the entire country. Why? Because tabulation of the presidential election results was sold to a company in Spain and it will be IMPOSSIBLE to verify his ‘unexplainable re-election’. Contact your local Board of Elections and start a campaign to demand that each precinct backs up the info. in every single computer to be used Nov. 6, otherwise, we are doomed.

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