AWESOME: Ted Cruz explains how defeating gun control is a template for how we can defund Obamacare

Earlier this year the grass roots mobilized and convinced enough senators to vote against the Obama administration’s gun control legislation. Ted Cruz believes that is a great example, a template, of how we can get more senators and House members on board and fight to defund Obamacare.


To watch his full session on defunding Obamacare at Heritage this morning, click here.

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27 thoughts on “AWESOME: Ted Cruz explains how defeating gun control is a template for how we can defund Obamacare

  1. Absolutely correct Cruzy .. we have a seat at the table b/c of you, Sarah, we will cal,l and call, and call, and vote, more servants into office 2014 so on, so forth, thanks for all you do ..

  2. My 2 blue senators are obama a-wipes.
    That’s about all they’re good for.
    Blumenthal and Murphy, the two greasiest looking men you’ll ever lay eyes on.

  3. Retired Chicago public employees are already being dumped on exchanges when they had a health care plan. This is going to be the story for all cities that are cash strapped due to high pension & benefit costs going forward. And the taxpayer will be footing the bill.

  4. Oh, man, he makes a convincing argument.  I am twisted like a freaking pretzel on this.  I’ve been leaning towards allowing the bill to show it’s ugly face and let it collapse under it’s own weight.  As long as the public doesn’t see the ill effects of it they won’t push to get rid of it.
    But will that happen?  The libs I’ve talked to claim it’s the greedy business owners and doctors that are making it impact jobs and medical service.  Work hours are being cut and jobs aren’t being created because of greedy business owners, not because of Obamacare.  Doctors push away Medicare and Medicaid out of greed.  Will the blame ever be properly allocated?  Looking at California and Detroit, I doubt that it will.  Libs will not change the way they operate and continue to push the policies until everything is destroyed. 
    Maybe we can’t afford to wait and find out.

    1. kong1967 Rush says we all won’t live long enough to witness the collapse. I tend to believe that point of view. All the socialist entitlements started generations ago are now only becoming a real burden to those of us left with a job. The takers will take ’till it hurts!

      1. DebbyX  “Collapse” is probably the wrong word.  There are Democrats now that don’t like the way it’s looking, and if it gets worse we may be able to pick up enough votes to knock it out.  Then again, we may never get those votes from Dems.

    2. kong1967 waiting for it to collapse would be an Ayn Rand fantasy.  However, a lot of people are gonna get chewed up in the process.  As much as I would like to  laugh like Homer Simpson on the theft of his “flaming Moe”, I’d rather have this bill defunded.
       If the GOP plays dumb and lets this become a permanent entitlement  (collapse or not) they are in for a shock come 2014 (and beyond).  I won’t help them nor donate a single penny.

      1. TimothyJacques  I probably should have used a different word than “collapse”.  When the bill takes hold we could see a multitude of things get worse, and hopefully some Democrats will want to get rid of it as well.  That’s asking a lot, though.

      2.  The key is the
        psychological aspect of the human condition. For example, when people are asked
        if they would be willing to pay higher taxes to receive some govt benefit
        – polls consistently show the vast majority of Taxpayers (most likely
        unemployed Drones not included) say no. However, after a benefit has already
        been doled out by the “pusher man” Big Govt. even if it’s only $10 or
        $100 bucks, many of the same people who didn’t want to pay for it beforehand –
        would choose to keep it. INCYMI Bryon York wrote an
        excellent piece discussing precisely what I’m referring to – The
        Establishment RINOS need to acknowledge this will happen because it has
        happened every single time, everywhere something fitting these parameters has
        happened anywhere on the planet.  Read Margaret Thatcher memoirs the only
        thing she couldn’t get rid of was Govt healthcare – which by western standards
        – Britain’s healthcare sucks, but it doesn’t matter.  Furthermore, as I
        mentioned on an earlier comment – the English people never asked for Govt
        healthcare, it was installed on an emergency basis during WWII as the Germans
        were leveling there cities with bombs ever night! The problem is that the
        Amnesty RINO’s like Big Govt Karl Rove, know all about it but don’t give a crap
        – they’re just looking ahead to find a new mush Republican to nominate in 2016.
        Here’s York’s Article <;

  5. Everyone needs to take this video and the other one with the full speech and send to at least 10 people, ask them to send it to at least 10 more people and so on and so on, etc.. Do it on blogs and other social media as well.

  6. He is so right – and what’s more, the grass roots are the strength of your system, and the only way you can turn things around. 
    Let the DC swamp dwellers, a.k.a Congress critters, know what you want them to do – remind them that they work for you, and that there is an election next year. And as we all know – elections have consequences, one of them being the loss of one’s seat …

  7. I support Ted and hope and pray that he stays the course and doesn’t go RINO on us.  I’ve not seen signs that he might, and I hope I never do, so he’s still great in my book.

    1. WolfieUSA Many have not gone RINO, their stance is being manipulated by the MSM/Press. Keep a eye on the sources of information and where it is coming from.

  8. He is smart and unlike the rest of the Republican he knows how to strategize. Now he needs to reach out to Reagan Democrats.

    1. Laurel A Wouldn’t it be priceless for Cruz to gain enough Democrats to get this done and have the GOP Rinos holding their own, ahem, “horns” on the sideline.

      No way that would happen in the Senate but it would be sweet.  By the way, whom is more liberal; Reagan Dems or GOP establishment?

      1. MaroonRepublic Laurel A That would definitely be an unexpected defeat for the RINOs.

  9. Sen. Cruz is the most communicative and articulate politician since Ronald Reagan and for the times.

    1. Alan Dershowitz who is a lib, said that Cruz was the smartest student he ever had at Harvard.

  10. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and co. = Brilliance and strenth
    Karl Rove and Corker = Stupidity and weakness
    We need to light up the phone lines and e-mails, and “Nudge” our reps to do the right thing. The principled thing. All they seem to understand is getting thrown out. Some of them think big donors and money can override the people. Let those find a new career. One in which they can continue to ignore us, without actually harming us. Like a paper route in their respective hometowns.

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