Based on last night’s results, here’s how bad Ted Cruz would beat Beto O’Rourke in the general election!

In last night’s GOP primary, Ted Cruz easily won over his two opponents, garnering a whopping 85% of the vote.

In the Democratic primary, Beto O’Rourke also easily won as well, getting 61% of the vote.

However when you look at the primary vote totals for this Texas state that was being hyped as turning blue, then you realize that Ted Cruz has the potential of demolishing O’Rourke:

Notice that Ted Cruz has more votes just by himself that all of the combined votes in the Democratic primary, by almost 300,000 votes:

Just based on those numbers alone, Ted Cruz would win by 12 points, 56% to 44%.

But if we make it fair and give Cruz all the Republican votes, then Cruz wins by a whopping 20 points, 60% to 40%!!

All we’ve heard in the media is just how much money O’Rourke is raising in Texas, how he’s outraising Cruz. But when the rubber meets the road, Democrats don’t even have enough votes in the state to make him competitive. And what’s so bad about this is that Democrats are said to have broken past voting records last night.

Talk about a gut punch!

To be sure, Republicans broke records last night too and they should intend on doing the same in November. After all, this needs to be a statement election on just how red the political blood is in Texas.

Here’s what Cruz had to say about the election last night:

Also if you’re wondering, Gov Greg Abbott also won his primary easily with 90% of the vote. With respect to his Democrat opponent, that is still yet to be determined as neither won enough to win outright. So they go into a runoff battle. But the overall numbers are basically the same and Abbott would crush whoever challenges him based on last night’s numbers.

If you want to look at more Texas election numbers, you can do so here.

Here’s a little celebration diddy by Ted Cruz after last night’s victory:

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