Beck says ‘thin-skinned’ Huckabee should stay on the sidelines

Mike Huckabee used his radio show to go after Beck for referring to him as a progressive. Huck took offense and lashed out by writing Beck a nasty letter and then by suggesting on his radio show that Beck misrepresented his support of Michelle Obama and her campaign to make kids un-fat. He then accused Beck of being a conspiracy theorist looking for ‘booger bears’ where ever he could find them.

After Beck went through a list of his ‘conspiracies’ that have been proved absolutely true, he went on to give the reasons why he would not be able to vote for a big government progressive like Mike Huckabee for president, complete with audio of Huckabee ‘practically begging’ to raise taxes as governor and more. He ends the segment with this:

Look Mike, I want to point out as a guy who has been in this battle now as well, and has had every gun turned on me from the right and the left, it only gets tougher from here. If, sir, you are this thin-skinned about your politics, it might be best for you to stay on the sidelines – maybe with Michelle Obama and not enter this race. The last thing we need is someone challenging Barack Obama, not as President of United States, but challenging Barack Obama for his title as the most thin-skinned President in American history.

Perhaps Huck should take a cue from Donald Trump and learn how to respond to criticism.

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