Benghazi Attorney: At least two major networks ‘fully engaged’ on Benghazi; NSA just ‘tip of the iceberg’

Joe DiGenova, an attorney working with Benghazi whistleblowers, spoke with WMAL this morning and left to big hints about Benghazi and domestic spying by the government.

Regarding Benghazi, DiGenova said people are coming of the woodwork to talk to him about Benghazi and at least 2 major networks are fully engaged in trying to uncover more information about Benghazi:

All I can tell you is that people are coming out of the woodwork from both active and retired areas of government service – I’m not gonna be more specific than that.

In fact, what’s happening is The Benghazi ‘phony scandal’, as the president and his minions have called it, is actually growing quietly behind the scenes because now, major networks – at least two – are fully engaged in deep stories trying to uncover more information and we are being helpful.

DiGenova told WMAL he can’t be more specific than that, other than to say “it involves people who know things”.

He also hinted that they are uncovering a lot more about domestic spying and not just by the NSA:

We’re discovering information about surveillance programs…the NSA looks like it’s going to be the tip of the iceberg.

…What’s happening is that as a result of people coming forward just to talk about Benghazi, we are learning ‘things’ about other things the government is doing that it probably shouldn’t be doing domestically.

Listen to the full interview:

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49 thoughts on “Benghazi Attorney: At least two major networks ‘fully engaged’ on Benghazi; NSA just ‘tip of the iceberg’

  1. a little while ago,  Glenn Beck was going to put out some stuff “in the next 24 hours” that was going to bring the Obama regime down.  there is the continuing saga of Sheriff Arpaio and his band of merry men are always “soon to release more stuff about the birth certificate”
    The expression “[email protected] or get off the pot”  comes to mind

  2. I love Joe but hate this kind of stuff……………can’t say more but there is more but we have to wait for more
    JUST GET IT ALL out there please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  we deserve it and so do those 4 dead Americans and the liars need to be exposed about spying

  3. <i>at least 2 major networks are fully engaged in trying to uncover more information about Benghazi</i>

  4. TexasPGRRider GeneHilgreen Thanks Tex…I’m 100% with her too. I will be following her. Here is a scene from my novel, Dragon at 1600 to be published by Christmas.
    CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO   Scene two
     Someplace in the South Pacific
    1700 Tuesday 22 November 2016
     Barry Soetoro and
    his wife Mufeeda had the new mansion, bought by his deep-pocketed supporters to
    themselves. The steaks were sizzling on the outdoor grill, part of the full
    kitchen and entertainment center Barry had installed last week. The gas grill
    operated off a remote device that also controlled the large screen TV and
    entertainment center.
    What Barry did not
    know was that the installer had a similar remote that turned on a gas line that
    leaked into his private office. Barry swore to Mufeeda that he would quit
    smoking, but every night after she went to bed, Barry would sneak into his
    office for a nice Cuban cigar.
    Later that night,
    history repeated. Barry turned on the TV in his office and poured himself a
    glass of Brandy. He caught the recap of Dr. Russell and Robert Blau’s treason
    trial and pulled a cigar from his humidor.
    “Got away with
    that one unscathed,” he said to no one.
    He lit the cigar,
    before he realized the hiss he heard was not from the TV. The explosion was
    heard miles away, where a man dressed in black watched the event unfold on his
    thermal GPS system. He watched as the Secret Service Agents escape unharmed
    from their wing, on the other side of the mansion.
    “Take us home,”
    the man said to the pilot.
    The pilot knew not
    to question the man, but had to ask. “Did everything go as expected?”
    The man smiled at
    the pilot. “As right, as rain my friend. As right, as rain.”

  5. GeneHilgreen  THANKS, Gene. This lady has been On Top of this story from Day One, (much like our own AbiC). She is Well Connected with International Sources, and has been for Quite some time. Peace be With You

  6. A start, but until we see a House Select Committee, along with the appointment of Independent Counsel ….

  7. TexasPGRRider Read the Blog, Heavy shit. Which makes me a hundred fold more pissed that Hussain Obama is not in front of a firing squad

  8. Dukehoopsfan I hope he has something substantial, because it will take a butt load of evidence to incriminate this “president”!  The MSM has his back and they will not give him up easily!

  9. Dukehoopsfan I hope he has something substantial, because it will take a butt load of evidence to incriminate this “president”!  The MSM has his back and they will not give him up easily!

  10. patriot077 Orangeone MontyRay I agree.  The RINOs, and IMO that’s 99.9% of the GOP in our Congress have their 2014 issue. They’ll campaign on repealing ObamaCare, Benghazi and NSA without ever accomplishing anything.  They will pass amnesty in the heat of the night and campaign that the Dems would have granted that citizenship faster so they should be re-elected.  The base needs to abandon them and let them be unseated by Democrats.  They have taken the work from 2010, lied to us, used us, brought this country economically to its knees and will deal the final blow with “amnesty will help the economy” nonsense. They don’t care if we are spied upon, if we are subject to ObamaCare, they all have their waivers.

  11. tinlizzieowner  A Bud sent me Clinton`s military records via email last week. Are you up on that intel, tin ?

  12. Orangeone patriot077 MontyRay I’m cynical too, Orange, but still keep hoping that one day enough of the public will unite behind an issue to actually stop this train.
    I don’t trust any of the networks either – that’s why I got rid of my dish when they chose to malign and falsely report the Zimmerman incident. Haven’t watched TV since.
    Spying on everyone should be an issue everyone has strong feelings about …

  13. clevonlittle tinlizzieowner Conservator1
    “Is Clinton still disbarred ?”
    I’m not sure. The fact that it has recently come out that they are pulling the same kind of illegal ‘antics’ with their new organization that they were pulling during their days with the Rose Law Firm, would make me wonder but being ‘Clintons’, of course anything is possible.
    “Both Obama’s surrendered their licenses……..”
    Under penalty of what? Lawyers don’t just ‘surrender’ their licenses except to cover up what would be exposed, should they fight to keep them.
    I could probably dig and find out why but the fact would still remain. All 4 of them were ‘crooked lawyers’, (providing there is any other kind). 😉 😉

  14. patriot077 MontyRay And yet CNN and CBS both had people moderating the 2012 debates and sat on it.  This is all for political show and perhaps they will find a way to blame Republicans and not enough spending right before the 2014 elections.  Call my cynical but I don’t trust O’s media at all.

  15. deTocqueville1 I am skeptical with you. What he is doing is exposing the whistleblowers to Obama’s MSM.  I don’t believe for one minute the MSM will ever return to reporting the truth as long as O is in our WH.

  16. stage9 Great example friend! The owner of the Vikings was found to have perpetrated a civil racketeering charge (RICO) yet the Dem governor and legislature are spending $975 million on a new Vikings stadium where the Vikings are supposed to pay 40% of the costs. The Dems have more lawyers “evaluating” the “investment” now that Wilf’s civil case, which they knew about before signing the taxpayers on to this massive debt, has concluded. The Dem lawyers and accountants are salivating at the fees they are receiving because Wilf is filthy.  In the end the stadium will cost more, the taxpayers will be out all of the extra professional fees and Wilf will never pay the Vikings’ 40%.

  17. I love this guy.  He calls outobie and the MD legislature perfectly.  I believe he has the goods on these scandals or he would not be talking about this now.

  18. Why does none of this surprise me? Let’s just reason through this…if your accountant has been caught embezzling money from your company, can you then turn around and believe that he can be trusted to trust ethically manage the assets of your estate as well?
    If the NSA SECRETLY began collecting “metadata” (wink, wink) from US citizens, is it not safe to say that they’re probably also collecting “MEGADATA” as well? Can you really trust an organization like that to remain ethically honest in regards to your other private information?

  19. MontyRay CNN was my first thought also. Fox (Catherine Herridge) or CBS (Sheryl Atkinson) could be the other. After all the hacking her computer suffered, I would bet CBS feels the scorch.

  20. Conservator1 Laurel A Good to hear that he isn’t just blowing smoke. I’m not familiar with him or his partner, so I am encouraged by this interview. At some point it seems the dam just needs to break; hopefully this will do it.

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN was involved.  They were there on the scene way before the Feds showed up.  They’ve been sitting on information, and I think they might be calculating when it is reasonable to disclose.  What I mean by “reasonable” (unfortunately) is the balance between covering for their celebrity president’s administration and keeping their however-be-it small reputation in-tact.  Or, in other words, avoid legal trouble.

  22. tinlizzieowner Conservator1 is Clinton still disbarred ? I thought he only got a year . Both Obama’s surrendered their licenses……..

  23. tinlizzieowner ArchAng3l question becomes whether or not CBS would stifle Atkinson’s reporting . This has been nothing but a test of time………cover-up written all over it from the jump . I wouldn’t bet the farm on CBS either……….there was talk of foreign print media having sources that were talking months ago .

  24. It’s always supposed to be this big bombshell and then — phhhtttt. When someone would like to quit idly yapping about what is to come and get down to the actual facts that might explain all this, I’ll listen. Until then, just keep your bluster and teasing to yourself. Do your job and get the information out – short of that, shut the eff up.

  25. ArchAng3l  
    Fox is a foregone conclusion. I don’t know that I’d bet the farm  on ‘See BS’. 😉 😉

  26. My guess its Fox and the Fox News Network, big bam, two networks. I’m tired of the lying Media. I want to hear that besides Fox… CNN and MSNBC give a SH*T about America and not just Hussain OmygodBama.

  27. When Joe Digenova or his wife Victoria Toensing make such a statement, they have the goods on Obama’s cover-up in Benghazi and the illegal intercepts of American’s phones and online activity by the NSA. They’re brilliant attorney’s, especially when compared to Obama, Holder and Hillary.

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