Bernie bros are attacking MSNBC’s Joy Reid for having ‘body language expert’ call Bernie a liar

Yes, the proggie war between the Bernie commie bros and gals and the Big Chief Liz Warren scalpers is heating up and I’m all about it!! Today’s battle has to do with MSNBC’s Joy Reid bringing on a body language expert, who also happens to be a vaxxer, to call Bernie a liar!! Yess…

“He turtles!” LOL! What a dope. But don’t worry there are plenty of dopes on the other side too!

And Vaccines!

There are accusations of anti-semitism:

And just general absurdity:

Yes, feel the hatred course through your veins..

They’re so angry, they’re actually figuring out the media is biased!

Welcome to the party! We have booze, but no paper straws, sorry…

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