Betsy McCaughey to Mark Levin: “What the president is imposing on us today is NOT the Affordable Care Act”


Betsy McCaughey made a great point tonight in an interview with Mark Levin, noting that the Affordable Care Act that was passed by Congress, signed by Obama and upheld by the Supreme Court is not the same law that Obama is currently imposing on the American people. McCaughey says that with all the changes Obama has made to ACA, it is now nothing more than a ‘distorted little piece of the Affordable Care Act’ and says it doesn’t have the status of law because it’s not what they passed:

MCCAUGHEY: I have the Obama health law right here in front of me and I think about how different what the president’s health reform today is from that law. I hear the Democrats say all the time ‘well it was passed by Congress, it was signed by the president and it was vetted by the Supreme Court.’ But what the president is imposing on us today is not the Affordable Care Act.

LEVIN: Stop! Stop! That is a very important point. Wait a minute, Congress passed, the president signed, the Supreme Court upheld…and your point is since then Obama has changed the law and nobody and nothing has passed on that. Brilliant!

MCCAUGHEY: Oh yes exactly. He has stripped the employer mandate, income verification, caps on out of pocket expenses, over half the statutory deadlines in the law. So now he’s had this very distorted little piece of the Affordable Care Act and he’s tacked new things onto it, 1472 waivers. And how about this new subsidy for members of Congress that he weaseled through without congressional approval. All of this means that this reform doesn’t have the status of law.

And there’s more. Keep listening.

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67 thoughts on “Betsy McCaughey to Mark Levin: “What the president is imposing on us today is NOT the Affordable Care Act”

  1. Another point… Don’t all TAX laws have to originate in the House? I’m pretty sure that such a “tax bill” never came out of the House. Can it then be declared invalid? My suggestion: #NoExemptions . Let’s see how that goes over.

  2. Since it was sold not as a tax after the only way it could be upheld by the Supreme Court is to call it a tax did it ever get ratified by the congress with its change since they are in charge of finances and would have had to approve it with the change to a tax.

  3. “Obamacare” has nothing to do with health care, it’s all about power.

    The author of the linked article writes,

    “I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.”

  4. ObumaNOcare has little to nothing to do with healthcare; It is intentioned to force the middle and lower Middle Class into poverty and reduce the upper Middle Class into a position that leaves them unable to fight against the Progressive State (Progressive State being the socialists, communists, and Islamic Jihad now holding all positions of Power). As bad as the ACA Law that was passed by traitors to America, what is being forced onto people now is infinitely worse and Betsy McCaughey is absolutely correct in that what Obuma enforcing as ObumaNOcare is not even legal in any respect to any Law.

  5. But he gets away with it, so what difference does it make? I am so frustrated with Obama being able to bypass the law and do what he wants.

    1. Apparently, when it comes to Pols in Congress it requires more than a few good men/women…primary and vote out all of these traitors in 2014 and put in some more good men/women willing to fight for freedom.

  6. im trying to understand how this newly changed law wouldn’t have passed the then socialist-democrat congress and the weak John Roberts, not sure that anyone of them would have changed their mind because of the new face the lay has, (they may have changed their minds due to unpopularity,)

    however betsy is right, that regardless, it needs a new vote Because of the new face it has

  7. So why aren’t we suing Obama about this AHA? The SCOTUS needs to revisit this NEW law that now has been imposed upon us. This will give Justice Roberts one last chance to make it right by the American people. Come on, Republican leaders…SUE!

  8. This is hardly surprising. The Imperial Dick-tator in Chief is above the law. The questions are however: 1, What will Congress (or at least the Republicans) do about it. and 2, How will this be made widely known to the general public.

    1. 1. Republicans will do nothing.
      2. It won’t reach the public and most people won’t care or understand.

  9. It takes a lot to stun Levin. She did it. She actually thought of something he didn’t. Kudos to him for giving her credit and the prestige of his podium.

  10. Yes, I wonder what John Roberts is thinking now of the Presidents Obamacare? It needs to be sent back to the Supreme Court on these issues she is talking about! I believe fully that it would be ruled unconstitutional because of all the waivers and delays.

    1. I would love to hear an interview of the Justice’s opinion now! And where are the Governors of the states! I know Rick Perry has voiced his outrage!

      1. Hard to put faith in Perry; recently, he came out in favor of ‘changing’ Ubamacare rather than repealing/defunding it. Sniff! Sniff! Do I smell RHINO?

        1. Yeah, I know he’s no angel but he has been but a few to speak out for the state of Texas (other than of course Cruz) on this so-called healthcare! I was under the impression that he was one of the govs who didn’t accept additional Medicaid fundng for the state! I know Jan Brewer did! Ugh! But nonetheless, thanks for the update! I hadn’t heard the latest from him!

  11. I heard her discussing this with Levin and wow, is she bright! From all accounts, she must be the leading authority on this law, all 2000+ pages of it! I would love to hear more of her take on what is really lurking behind this law! There’s got to be all kinds of surprises that even Obama doesn’t know about! (Well…….I’m not sure what he knows quite honestly!)

    Other people here have also made the comment as to why this bandied law, which has been massaged to fit into the Democrats vision of single-payer healthcare, is not being challenged in the courts. I was wondering the same thing! And now, since our branches of government are at a complete standstill over this very law, wouldn’t this be a opportune time to gather up all the constitutional lawyers in the country and have say, big pow-wow to discuss how this should be challenged via the Supreme Courts?

    1. Go to her website and if you have the stomach, read what “lurks” behind this law. It will make your hair curl or go straight, depending on what it is now.
      This is the biggest intrusion on privacy ever seen.
      o bama and his brown shirts have taken a page out of the worst despots of history. We’re dealing with a deep and entrenched level of evil. God will have to help us, there’s no one else equipped.

      1. Yes, I was going to do that! I believe it was! And I have no doubt that the evil is there! I can just sense it! Thanks!
        But wouldn’t this be a good time for the states to begin taking action against the Federal Government’s lawlessness? There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Levin is fully aware of all this and knows that it’s time for the States to begin invoking their powers!

        1. I’d sure like to know what the states are waiting for! The population has been so dumbed down by the dept. of education, that I’m sure most haven’t a clue the states even have powers! I pray God has mercy on us still.

    1. Impeached, fitted for an orange jump suit and life pounding rocks.
      That is if America was America, she slipped away into the night when the traitor was put in the WH.

  12. I have been saying exactly that on some of the comment threads I frequent. This ACA law that the Dems have chosen to shut the government down for is not the one they passed. Some legal eagles like Levin’s group will hopefully file a lawsuit on this point alone. If no does on behalf of the American people, people like myself who is not willing to comply with oppressive tyranny – sorry Mark, this is no longer soft tyranny, once I am asked to pay the penalty,I plan on seeing what my legal options are at that point. Not sure if I can do anything before that. This is one of those teachable moments that I don’t think president Pinprick had in mind when he started his transformation. But he will get it all the same.
    Carpe Diem!! The Time is Now.

  13. Plus more than 20,000 pages of regulations written after the Democrats pass on implementing Obamacare.

    1. Hopefully this has awakened the general populace and they will continue to arise and restore liberty.

      1. You do realize you are talking about the lo-fo freeschitt army, do you not? I wouldn’t pin my hopes on these leeches waking up.

      2. i sure hope so, but if our Founding Fathers thought it important enough to include God in what they were doing then it’s not going to work if we continue to exclude Him.

  14. I love Betsy! She has been carrying the O’Care bill under her arm from day 1 and standing up for us!

  15. I appreciate the truthfulness of Ms McCaughty’s statement “this reform doesn’t have the status of law”. Obama and the democrat party modus operandi, unadulterated deception.

  16. The Conservatives in both Houses need to get Ms McCaughey in a conference room and brainstorm with her…she is the foremost authority on Obamacare…she is a treasure.
    Her website is great. On her site she advised Congress should go to Obama and tell him what he has done is unconstiutional and he has to uphold his oath!

  17. The only thing being accomplished here is a Democrat Get Out the Vote effort by the Navigators who are basically SEIU in disguise. They will have all the info to bump up the Democrat data base for electioneering. It is a scam for votes, so they don’t care if it is failing to produce insurance customers.

  18. We’ve been saying this about half the crap this tyrant is doing by fiat and executive order. Do we have to revolt to be heard???

  19. I pointed this out over a month ago.

    Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution states

    He shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.

  20. Mike Lee has been saying this all along. This is not the same law because so many aspects have been either ignored or eliminated.

    1. Because it is not the same law that was imposed on us, we should be in court suing the federal government to stop imposing something on us which was never voted for in the first place and at the same time seeking to force Nero Obama to live under it himself.

      Mark Levin talks often about the things which Landmark Legal Foundation has accomplished over the years. I think Mark Levin and his foundation to take this on in the courts while Ted Cruz and others seek to stop it at the Congressional level.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      1. I’ve been frustrated because no one would take this to the courts where they could issue an injunction on Obamacare until they return the law to the way it was written and passed.

        Obama would hate that.

        We would need that to happen where we still have a 5-4 majority in SCOTUS

        1. Mr Levin will not stop until every rock has been turned over.
          This information has got to be filed with the supreme court, not withstanding the Roberts fiasco, the US Supreme court is the real concern.

  21. I must say I was shocked Mark had not remembered these facts, but then again he is on the front line and there are many battles he is fighting!

    The point being made here is that the obamacare being crammed down our throats is illegal. It is not the law passed, it has been subverted, manipulated, and perverted even worse then was originally thought! It is a scam ripe for identity theft and plundering under the false disguise of being a law, which it clearly isn’t by the farthest stretch of anyone’s imagination!

    1. To be fair, he didn’t forget those facts. He’s been talking about the fact that Obama has unilaterally changed a law that he has no constitutional authority to change for a while now.

      1. You are of course correct. Mark more or less used this as a moment brought up by another individual to make the point yet again that once being played upon the American citizenry is nothing more then an illegal scam with the threat of enforcement by the IRS.

        1. Ditto! clockwindingdown! Ditto!

          I think Mark Levin should consider having his Landmark Legal Foundation take it on in the courts. And we can help should he do so by contributing to the Foundation’s mission.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

        2. No, it’s not a con game; that’s too tame and narrow a term — it’s your typical run-of-the-mill marxist authoritarianism is what it is. We have wrongly declared in this country that the Cold War has ended. It did not. Its seeds have spread far and wide across this country and infected our very government and institutions of higher learning to the point that Americans have become so numb to the reality of the noose tightening around their necks and have become concessible to and easy prey of marxist ideologues.

          This is communist/marxism 101. This rule by authoritarian dictate!

      2. Mark has indeed been working around the edges but he was genuinely startled by the succinct clarity of her point. She encapsulates the essence of the legal Constitutional argument.

  22. It just goes to show you how little of a backbone our representatives have. This ought to be challenged and no peep of concern.

    Where was this four, three, two, or even a year ago? I have very little faith in GOP leadership to toe their own line since they seem so willing to negotiate with themselves. We shall see.

    1. Well then, I guess it is up to us to remind them about what they were elected to do. I say to everyone, calll, write, E-mail your elected officials and tell them you expect their actions to be swift, strong, concise, and CONSERVATIVE; this is what they said they would be when campaigning. Hold them to what they said… no excuses.

  23. It never had the status of law. The House passed one version and the Senate passed a DIFFERENT version. Then Pelosi bangs her gavel and blathers, “I deem the bill passed.”
    I’m sorry, but I thought BOTH chambers had to pass the EXACT same bill before it could go to the president.
    Oh yeah, it was also signed by a USURPER. Therefore, it does NOT have the force of law all the way around.

  24. what a tiny little wispy puff of smoke we have for a president………..he’ll never have to fear being compared to Abraham Lincoln, but he will be serious competition for Chairman Mao

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