Betsy McCaughey to Mark Levin: “What the president is imposing on us today is NOT the Affordable Care Act”


Betsy McCaughey made a great point tonight in an interview with Mark Levin, noting that the Affordable Care Act that was passed by Congress, signed by Obama and upheld by the Supreme Court is not the same law that Obama is currently imposing on the American people. McCaughey says that with all the changes Obama has made to ACA, it is now nothing more than a ‘distorted little piece of the Affordable Care Act’ and says it doesn’t have the status of law because it’s not what they passed:

MCCAUGHEY: I have the Obama health law right here in front of me and I think about how different what the president’s health reform today is from that law. I hear the Democrats say all the time ‘well it was passed by Congress, it was signed by the president and it was vetted by the Supreme Court.’ But what the president is imposing on us today is not the Affordable Care Act.

LEVIN: Stop! Stop! That is a very important point. Wait a minute, Congress passed, the president signed, the Supreme Court upheld…and your point is since then Obama has changed the law and nobody and nothing has passed on that. Brilliant!

MCCAUGHEY: Oh yes exactly. He has stripped the employer mandate, income verification, caps on out of pocket expenses, over half the statutory deadlines in the law. So now he’s had this very distorted little piece of the Affordable Care Act and he’s tacked new things onto it, 1472 waivers. And how about this new subsidy for members of Congress that he weaseled through without congressional approval. All of this means that this reform doesn’t have the status of law.

And there’s more. Keep listening.

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