BIAS MUCH? Anderson Cooper treats Michael Brown case as though it’s been proven he was killed because he was black

Anderson Cooper had on two guests tonight, both discussing the black experience and how it’s different from the white experience in America.

Amidst this insane discussion on racism in America, where one of the guests suggested that any black person can end up like Michael Brown no matter how successful they’ve been, Anderson Cooper seemed to agree with their sentiments and suggested that it must be frustrating for black people that after the media moves on from this to something else, nothing will change and more young black men will be killed by cops because they are black:

I keep thinking of how we in the news organizations, we pay attention to this so often in the wake of an incident like this and then move on to something else. And I was thinking about that a lot today, how frustrating that is for many people that I was talking to today, the sense that nothing will really change. The cameras will move on and this will happen again a week from now, a day from now or a few hours from now.

Excuse me, but what will happen again? Am I missing something here? I thought that all the facts weren’t in yet on this case. Why is Anderson Cooper acting as though it’s a forgone conclusion that Michael Brown was killed because he was black?

Watch the full clip to ensure you hear all the crazy:

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