Biden suddenly taking credit for Trump’s recovering economy [VIDEO]

Biden this afternoon took full credit for Trump’s recovering economy:

Here’s what he said:

“As result of our prompt vaccine rollout to roll out the vaccine and boost the economy, we’ve gone from stagnation to an economy that’s growing faster than it has in nearly 40 years. We’ve gone from anemic job creation to a record creation for more — for a new administration. None has ever created this many jobs in this time frame. The progress is undeniable, but we’re not done yet, and some of the hardest work is ahead.”

There’s so much wrong with this statement. The ‘prompt vaccine rollout’ was already underway at around a million doses per day by the time Biden took office. Trump did that. In fact Biden embarrassingly said he wanted a million doses a day as his goal when a member of the press told him it was already there.

Secondly, the economy had already been growing for months when Biden took office. But it was still being stymied by many governors who kept their citizens on lockdown. I don’t know of anything that Biden has actually done to make the economy recover faster. In fact, the last jobs report was a huge disappointment, which is why I suspect Biden is suddenly running to declare the economy is booming and taking credit for it.

Lastly, Trump had the best economy in a long time and Biden will be very lucky to even come close to it with his heavy taxation and spending policies.

I’ll leave you with his remarks on COVID:

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