Bill Maher says anonymous Kavanaugh high school allegation makes LIBERALS look bad. Correct.

Yeah, no kidding, Bill. The pretend high-ground-taking by the liberal media and Hollywood (two overlapping groups rocked almost daily by #MeToo accusations) does make all liberals look bad. But it hasn’t stopped the desperate frenzy to make something out of this nothing.

You can argue that various individual aspects of the story on their own don’t warrant dismissal, but the overall picture is patently stupid if you see it all at once. Sure, something being a million years old doesn’t necessarily make it irrelevant, and something being anonymous doesn’t necessarily make it suspect, and accusations made absent any corroboration aren’t necessarily untrue, and the fact that you were a kid when you did something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s absolved, and the left indulging its nature to overreact to something doesn’t necessarily mean the something warrants no reaction at all or, worse, is a completely fabricated set-up… but take it together.

The fact that this is a story about long time ago when the person in question was a kid and the incident is vague, with no corroboration, presented anonymously, and liberals just happen to see it as the perfect way to do what they otherwise can’t do, yeah, that looks bad.

And it makes liberals look bad, if indeed it is possible to diminish them in anyone’s opinion any further at all. And that’s what Bill Maher said on Real Time on Friday. Or what he tried to say over the sound of former Bush White House adviser Richard Clarke colossally missing the point.


Yep. That.

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