Bill Maher’s audience boos him after he defends Bloomberg on racism accusations

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bill Maher’s audience boo him. It’s in this video at about the 4:30 mark:

Here’s what happened:

HBO’s Bill Maher drew boos on his show Friday night, with the live studio audience taking exception to the “Real Time” host mocking liberals for calling 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg racist over his role as mayor in New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy.

“Bernie Sanders won Iowa and New Hampshire. He’s also leading in the national polls, which means we have a new front-runner,” Maher said in his opening monologue. “Michael Bloomberg? What the f—?”

“Well, Bloomberg must be the front-runner because liberals are calling him a racist,” Maher added to a chorus of boos from the audience in Los Angeles.

“Keep booing. That’s how you lost the last election,” Maher said with a smirk.

And also:

Maher conceded that the billionaire businessman does have some “blind spots” but added that he would “happily vote for him if he is the winning bidder.”

Bloomberg does have some blind spots, I’m not going to lie about that. He’s not too good on pot either,” Maher said to more boos.

“But hey, I will happily vote for him if he is the winning bidder,” Maher said, adding that President Trump “loves to mock Bloomberg for being short, but he’s not short on cash. He has got ads everywhere. Have you seen this? They’re on Facebook. They’re on YouTube. They’re on television. I saw one on Pornhub. The title was ‘Rich Daddy Pays for It.'”

Really interesting. Bill Maher’s audience is usually pretty agreeable to his suggestions, even when he mocks and derides the Democratic party for being stupid. But in this case, they’ve reached their woke limit. But the dynamic here is that old school liberals are getting worried that the party is too woke to get enough of a following to defeat Trump. And they’re looking to people like Bloomberg to drag the party back to the center…

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