Bill Whittle: How many will have to die because we won’t take Iran at their word?

A sobering reminder from Bill Whittle of how recent history is playing out once again in the present because we won’t take our enemies at their word:

I think Whittle misses it on this one. Obama is not like the others (and I kept hoping he’d say that) because his fatal flaw isn’t hubris, it’s intention. Yes, I absolutely believe our Muslim president is doing this intentionally and doesn’t have the best interests of the good old USA or Israel at heart.

Whittle is right about one thing though, that the why is unknown. One can only speculate as to why Obama is doing this and here’s mine.

The more I’ve pondered this nuke deal with Iran and the ramifications it may have on the region, the more it seems that the nuke deal with Iran is only a pretense to find a ‘good’ excuse to convince everyone to drop sanctions on Iran. This way it allows Iran to become a bigger player in the region because it allows them to create new economic relationships with other countries in the region, like Turkey, who will all benefit from a growing Iran. Everybody has more money and the caliphate grows even faster.

Iran will get a nuclear bomb with or without a deal. We all know that. Heck, they may already have several nukes in their arsenal. They’ve certainly been at it long enough. That’s not what this is about. Sanctions are the one thing Iran cannot control and the one thing they really don’t like. And now, with the help of our Muslim president, they are going away very soon.

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