Bill Whittle makes joke at Ted Cruz rally, lefty blogs not laughing…

TPM wrote a story on Bill Whittle, at a Ted Cruz gathering, making a joke that Texans should start shooting as soon as they see California license plates driving into their residential areas. Now TPM presents it as news but you know they are really thinking it’s OUTRAGEOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS or they wouldn’t have cared. Also Ted Cruz.

They got it from Raw Story who emphasized how the Ted Cruz crowd (you know, those stupid barbarians from the Tea Party) kept laughing over and over when Whittle talked about shooting the cars with California license plates. Oh how they laughed. And laughed. And then laughed so more. OUTRAGEOUS!

Then of course some lefty goes on twitter and says Bill Whittle was advocating mass murder:

What an idiot.

But you know, I think it’s pretty funny. See for yourself:

If you want to watch the full night, including both Bill Whittle (28 min) and Ted Cruz speaking (the rest), watch below:

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