Bill Whittle: The Obama admin isn’t incompetent, they seek to DESTROY this country and they are succeeding

A very passionate Bill Whittle says on this week’s Trifecta that he’s done entertaining ideas that incompetence is the reason for our fiscal insanity and that going forward he’s operating under the assumption that the people running this country are trying to destroy it and they are succeeding.

Watch below:

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154 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: The Obama admin isn’t incompetent, they seek to DESTROY this country and they are succeeding

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  2. From the day Obama became the subject of interest, I have thought that he must be part of a conspiracy designed to destroy America. One need only connect the dots to conclude Obama is the public face behind a grand conspiracy, a conspiracy so wide that all branches of Government, the Media, the Education System, and the Communist Party are involved. There are also dots representing Islam.
    How we got here is for the historians to figure out. What matters now is how we can muster the forces needed to fight this evil enemy that is very effectively tearing our country apart.
    As I write this, Obama is developing a plan to forcibly take our Firearms, and make the possession of certain types a felony. The Second Amendment of the Constitution means nothing to Obama and his Regime, in fact it hinders his plans to create an obedient society. In a few short months, I and millions like me, middle aged family men will become felons overnight, as we will never surrender the tools we have chosen for the defense of our homes and families. In the event of Civil War, some of us will head to the west, to mountain cabins with defensible perimeters, others will have to remain to care for elderly of the newborn. Those with medical conditions tethered to the healthcare system and the pipeline to the stay alive drugs will be the first to be caught in Obama’s dragnet. Others that remain at home will too be wrapped up in the Dragnet to Disarm America’s civilians.
    The Laws that we granted the Government to fight Terrorism after 9-11, will be used against good Americans, Patriots, Veterans, Sportsman, and those that Obama said “cling to their Bibles.”

    Will we succeed in our struggle against the evil forces behind Obama and his plan to destroy our Republic and rebuild America into Obama’s vision of Utopia ? Or will the apathy and ignorance of American society enable Obama to succeed ?

  3. Just got back from Christmas dinner with inlaw family(liberal environmentalists)who said that they hope gas goes to 8/9$ a gallon to crash the economy so as to force the oil companies to go to alternative fuels!( You cannot argue with right-brained drunks/they think by emotion only! Liberals do want to bring down America, no doubt!! Cloward Piven at work! Insanity!!!

  4. I heard that too, Obama knows that raising taxes will lower revenue for the government. I also heard him say “I don’t care ” also, he said ” I wants fairness.”

  5. Wow, you’re good Bill Whittle, CBO says when national debt hits $25 trillion, our debt become unsustainable. We are almost there. The people who get checks from the government could give a dam , just as long as the checks keep coming in. They’re in for a surprise. I can see a day when coffee costs $1000 a cup. We’re in for dark days.

  6. I’ve believed this for nearly 3 and 1/2 years. My opinion is that Obama is the most successful president in history- he did in 4 years using our money what the Soviets couldn’t do in 60 years spending billions of their own- destroying our constitutional republic and transforming America into a socialist welfare state. In a few more years he will finish eliminating the Bill of Rights (having started with the 1st and 4th Amendments and soon the 2nd) and individual property ownership.

  7. I thought it was pretty obvious within the first year of his illegal term of office. What amazes me is why it has taken you smart people to see it. As for your friends advise of start in our communities, well we called them tea parties at the start, you know a grass root movement that even the Republican party has treated shamelessly. I and a number of my tea party folks will go down swinging but we could have stopped his second term if the Republican party had got behind the movement. Would you like to join us?

    Liberty gal

  8. Lol, sorry to tell us? Everyone here has known it for a very long time. I’m sure Whittle has, too.

    I think the libs want to destroy capitalism so they can install a completely socialist society where we have to wait in line for 3 hours to get one roll of toilet paper. Of course, they know they will be the elitist rich running the show while everyone else is subservient to them.

    I’m going to be a stick in the mud, and I’m sorry for going this route. But I think we’re done. The Republican party is done because nothing was done to stop liberal fraud while we could. What has been done started way too late and only libs can change it now because they are in control. Yeah, don’t hold your breath for the party that creates and wants the fraud to do something about it.

  9. maybe they are just utopians like rousseau, marx, engels. no excuse but they could be that stupid. some folks are just that way. as a french guide told me at versailles when i accused rousseau as starting it all–he said, no, it started with Jesus Christ.

  10. Imagine the world with an ineffective, defenceless and bankrupt U.S.A.
    With the United States out of the picture, imagine how the bad guys will have a field day. Unfortunately, and sadly, that is where America is heading, with half the people supporting those who want to destroy their country. If the United States was forced to go back to the gold standard, and the private bankers’ Federal Reserve was no longer allowed to print monopoly money, America would be recognized as a bankrupt country. All countries know this, as does the IMF, the WTO and the people in the White House. They cannot stop it or the country will go into immediate economic turmoil. We allowed Asian countries to steal our manufacturing and our jobs, and we had the elected governments borrow money from them. Now China can call in its loans to the U.S. and cause the turmoil whenever it likes. First they’ll use profits to continue to build a huge military, and when they’re ready to throw their weight around, our enemies will strike. This plan was spoken by a Russian Chief of Staff, after the Russians pretended to have lost the Cold War. It was a ruse to buy time to regroup, and now they are almost ready also. The goal was to destroy America. Russia spread its errors all over the world, including all of the immoral living you can think of. Americans are not aware of the dangers ahead, and are only interested in the good life–parties, drugs, sports and promiscuity–all the sins that offend God. These occupy the free time people need to think. The media is all for the leftwing, and even they don’t realize how they are enablers of their own country’s destruction. Winning is all they care about. Well, they’re winning, alright. In the end, they’ll realize they lost a great country.

  11. All the information necessary to learn exactly what Obama was and is has been available since he started his political career…if anyone had had the gumption to look for it and spread the word. I’m not particularly great at researching on the Internet, and I’ve known what he was since he announced his candidacy in 2007. You only have to read and listen.

  12. Bill is right. Fox and talk radio tend to soft peddle Obama’s dictatorial ambitions. I think he’s deliberately crashing the economy and positioning the Republicans to take the blame. The “zombie apocalypse” will come when the government can’t send checks to all the welfare deadbeats and they riot to take what YOU have. Invest in precious metals- brass and lead in particular.

  13. Bill Whittle said, “Do you see any other explanation for this spending that everybody knows–everybody knows–what’s going to happen here?”

    When Whittle says, “everybody” does he just mean “some people”? He can’t mean “everybody” literally, because liberals support this spending. Liberals think spending helps the economy (per Keynes’ theories). Obama just won the election, and Democrats won Senate, so clearly a good chunk of the American people support this spending. The answer must be that a lot of people think spending isn’t a problem, that it can even be good, and that many people support so-called “free stuff,” because either they don’t think they will have to pay for it, or they really don’t have to pay for it, being that the taxes are stacked on only some taxpayers and 47% don’t pay taxes.

  14. Bill Whittle completely doesn’t understand liberalism. He said Obama’s policies are failing because he’s trying to “destroy America,” not because Obama is a liberal. Newsflash: Obama is a liberal–a far left liberal! Liberals support massive government spending, wasteful welfare entitlements, and more. Whittle thinks, “Oh, Obama is doing policies I don’t agree with, and anyone who doesn’t agree with me must be wrong. Therefore, if I don’t like Obama’s policies, then it must be because he is trying to destroy America, not because he has a different ideology.” That’s a dangerous view for Whittle to hold, because it doesn’t address the threat of liberalism. It gives liberals a pass by saying, “Obama isn’t doing these policies because he’s a liberal who thinks these policies will help America, he’s doing them because he hates America. If he were just a liberal, his policies wouldn’t be this bad.” No, liberal policies are this bad when liberals try to help America. Now Obama is trying to help America, but he’s a liberal, so he doesn’t know how, and he has the wrong idea about how to do it. Conservatives, for example, always mention the fact that way too many people are on food stamps, because they know it’s a problem when this many people are on food stamps. Liberals don’t see it as a problem. They support food stamps, so the more people who are on it, the better. Liberals think, oh, if more people are on welfare, then we are helping more poor people. They don’t care that we’re wasting the money of people who actually work and earn it.

  15. Bill, I’ve had more than a whiff of this. I’ve been saying this since before the 2008 election. Everyone talks about how Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. I disagree. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing – destroying the United States – and he’s doing a good job of it. Once destroyed economically, the NWO can step in and take over and Soros can say, “Mission accomplished!”

    1. We the People will not allow that to happen. We know what is going on and are already taking back this country and holding people accountable.

      1. Yup… it’s like Admiral Yamamoto said, (misattributed cuz he didn’t actually say it) “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

  16. Malice aforethought. I’ve known that since before March 2011:

    Presence of Malice: Against the Conservative Portrait of the President

    “As Richard Fernandez once remarked in another context, “The terrible ‘Ifs’ accumulate.”]

    We can survive many traits in presidents, but malice is not among them. In the unfolding saga of the Libyan adventure I note that, even though it is early innings, a popular strain of conservative criticism centers around the always popular idea of ‘stupidity in government;’ with a variant on the subset of ‘the president is not as smart as he thinks.’ The popular variant this time is: ‘deep down, Obama is shallow.’ This notion includes various complimentary subsets such as ‘he is lazy,’ ‘he is incompetent,’ ‘he’s hooked on the perks and doesn’t care for the work.’ All comfortable notions that imply that the critic is, conversely, smarter, more diligent, and more fit to make governmental decisions than the president. The problem here is that the critic is not the president and hence has no power to do anything remotely presidential.”

    Full text at:

    Gerard Van der Leun

  17. That whiff is now a stench, and it’s becoming overwhelming! The most frustrating thing is hearing somebody say that oblabla is a nice guy. He’s not……….he’s evil and we need to make quick work of him and his Commie ways. I haven’t heard George Soros mentioned lately. Ruining economies is his forte and this epic fail has his name all over it.

  18. Bill’s a little late to the Reality Dance (about 5 years), but better late than never! This was crystal clear to anyone who watched Obama speak candidly for 3+ minutes in a row. But since our country is fulla YAMs*, they can’t see an America-hater in front of their eyes when he wipes his @ss with an American flag.

    1. Exactly!

      But gosh, did you have to speak of the poor yam like that. It’s already the red headed step child of the sweet potato.

  19. He’s succeeding because he’s not being stopped. Bank robbers will succeed if they’re not stopped by the police.
    I blame those who don’t stop him.

  20. I like your work Bill & I’m glad you’re FINALLY seeing the light. I had this epiphany in late 2009 or early 2010, and, Beck, Hannity & Rush have been saying this since before BHOs first day in office. But PLEASE don’t stop making this argument as others need to wake up too. Thank you.

  21. …right on Bill, right on . The enemy WITH IN is with DEAR LEADER PART II and his minions are destroying and fundamentally transforming the very foundations of this Nation . Unless we Tea Party Patriots get involved there will be no chance in saving the U.S.A. .”

  22. I used to have a bumper sticker that read, “You Can Only Hide Incompetence So Long” but for the past 3 or so years, I’ve come to believe Obama is indeed out to humble America.

  23. Glad you could catch up, Bill! Many of us have been screaming that Obama and his communist mentors have been out to destroy America and enslave her citizens for many years. Now if we only had Republican Party folks speaking out like this.
    (Seems to me if you are not part of the solution, Republicans, you are part of the problem!)

  24. Ive been saying this for years. I’m glad to see others smarter than I agree with me. Whittle is right, there is no other explanation.

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”———Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr

  25. Many of us have been trying to tell this for years now. No one has listened, and that gave those that want to destroy this nation more time to develop their plans and set them in motion.

    Cassandra, we know how you felt. But hopefully we are being heard, and in time to save our nation from Troy’s fate.

  26. No one can be SO WRONG for America EVERY SINGLE TIME without doing it on PURPOSE and it’s HIS “MASTER PLAN to DESTROY America.”

  27. hey Bill, you better get your blinders on before they come and get ya. How dare you see things so clearly

    1. Soros did say the 1st thing we need to do is “DEBASE THE CURRENCY.”
      This is happening before our very eyes RIGHT NOW.

    1. Interesting isn’t it that this explains far far more more than anything out of the mindless mouths of the media and pundits, yet is considered nut case conspiracy.

  28. We already know this – especially about Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Jarrett and so many others. But when we tell our liberal counterparts this (I have no liberal friends), they refuse to believe it. Man, Satan has indeed clouded American minds… the author of confusion. But it’s worse because the damned, corrupt media perpetuates the lies by Caesar Obama and his ilk. So his highness gets re-elected and the “gimme generation” takes the path of least effort and expects their free stuff now since they supported this monster. But we MUST keep at them and NEVER surrender. NEVER.

    I am now an officer on the board of my Home Owner’s Association. I joined Tea Party Patriots. I donate to Freedom Works, The Heritage Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Declaration Entertainment, the National Right-To-Work Legal Defense Fund, Project Veritas, and a few other organizations when I can. I vote. And I’m a member of my PTA and work within my school. I’m not trying to brag or anything… but this is minimal compared to what I could be doing. And as they said, think how these small efforts are magnified if we all chip in and fight these devils. We must fight the good fight… because this is our home and THEY are the intruders!

    One more thing… this is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider… PRAY that the Lord will bless our efforts and depose the wicked. Without God’s help, all else is in vain.

    1. I have come the same path Sober. I see it as beginning to rebuild. The left has been at this for decades, satan an eternity.

      It is interesting that you mentioned HOAs. Many people do not realize they sign away their most essential property rights and due process away under private contract to the HOA.

      We unfortunately found ourselves involved in an extremely corrupt HOA Board. I started seeing very odd things happening, dug into it. I was shocked! All extreme leftists on the Board. Petty selfish control freaks. They violate the ByLaws and Covenants but also turnaround and use them to control residents they do not want in there. They create rules and regulations at will. They raise the dues without Owner approval and use huge reserves for a scumbag attorney and an underhanded property management company. It also turns out that the HOA president is part of “coalition” of other HOAs who are using the same attorney and property management company. Their goal is to combine resources and control property rights this way – they know individual Owners cannot afford to fight them in court. We joined the Board and started exposing what they were doing but they used the attorney to “vote” us out via proxies even though the ByLaws require 2/3 vote to do it. They cannot do this under the ByLaws and right now the attorney is getting a court order to keep us out of the Board meetings.

      Anyone who is in an HOA needs to get on the Board or go to all meetings. Demand meeting agendas in advance and demand minutes published after every meeting.

      On the other hand I am on the Board of a POA out in Colorado and everyone hates bureaucracy we trim things down to the bone and leave everyone alone. We are fighting regulatory controls the the State is trying to impose over POAs/HOAs. It is a great bunch of people. What a contrast – I love working with them.

  29. You probably had a whiff of this already.‘ – Whittle

    A whiff? The room is filled with the stench. Our country is filled with the stench. The first minute and a half of Bill’s monologue cannot be denied. Those are facts. No matter what the left and their propaganda media will tell us, these facts are true and the outcome of such a life is quite predictable.

    What is the solution? True, getting involved in our local government is a good idea. But until we can convince those millions of true lemmings out there that what we say is true, there will be no change until the system collapses and we start the new revolution.

    One way or another, it will change. Whether it’s by narrative or by revolutionary rebuilding, only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m stacking up on ammo and baked beans.

  30. America’s Constitutional Republic generated through individual freedom the greatest wealth for the most people of any form of Government ever. As the rest of the World rushed toward Socialism, Islam, and Totalitarians to appease their Governments failures, America–the shining city on a hill–had to be destroyed by stealing its Republic’s massive produced wealth. Redistribution to the poor–those the World’s Governments themselves created–was the only fair way to deceive the sharecroppers and slaves. All Governments are about stealing their people’s wealth. When OPM runs out go after those that still have some and America became the only Country remaining where the people had anything left to steal. So here we are.

  31. This Tyrant Obama seems to have an inordinate amount of power for a Constitutional Republic, maybe we need to revisit that document.

  32. If Bill Whittle is just realizng this, you know most of our congressional invertebrates haven’t a clue.

    1. MOST congress people, 80% at least, are just politicians and therefore down right stupid. Remember the D who said Guam might SINK by putting more troops on the island? HE GOT ELECTED AGAIN and is just as dumb as before.

  33. They are creating a global crisis that works as a smoke screen so they can continue their looting and power-mongering.

  34. Like global warming, the fiscal cliff thing is a farce at whole. Back 1996 the U.S had hit a point of n return with the National deficit. Unannounced to the public of the Nation we had hit the staggering owed sum of better than 60 Trillion dollars based on percentage rate and what not. It now sits at an insurmountable tag of 88 trillion and rising like afterburners are tied to it’s hind end. History proves that the borrower is always slave, “to no end”, to the lender! We now have a group of presumed human that would and are going out of their way to extend that number to 100 before their time is due, OUT OF OFFICE. For the first time in my mere 52 years on this beautiful planet of ours, I have irrefutable proof that an entire administration and presidential election were bought and paid for. So in essence this Government of ours is owned by outside sources. We are simply along for the ride. I love this country and served four years for it and would do so again. However there is not one individual in office today, that I would defend for any reason as they are blatantly attempting to harm, not only myself but mu kids and grand children. According to all know legal morality, that is cause for definite personal defense. Which now days is also ILLEGAL. So now we’re at this thing called a fiscal cliff. I must with all due diligence call it what it can only be, the non climbable mount of false printing. I implore the persons with any true Americanism in them at all. To put they’re life on the line until we have re-instated the Gold, silver and platinum standard’s. Abolished welfare for ever along with any type of entitlement program. Hold all public official’s legally responsible to include capitol punishment for treasonous behave as the Constitution dictates. Our true cliff is one that can and most assuredly should be, not only met, but climbed and conquered. That cliff is one of replacing, in whole, the persona of the U.S Government establishment before it is entirely to late. That point is not far away i fear. If we do not oust those that would intentially do us financial or other harm for any reason or in any manor. Our current blunderer’s are not incapable, they simply do not care but for and about themselves. This includes the so called republican’s. We need to immediately put constitutionalists in office that will obey that document and live by it as did our beloved forefathers. This act would not only honor them, but more importantly ourselves and that of our fellow American’s. Close our boarders and rid ourselves of the illegals that have no interests in adopting our land as they’re own. Get rid of any money sucking program or special interest, or redundant money sharking thing in this land that would undoubtedly cost nothing but strife. This alone Ladies and Gentlemen, would save this country in the neighborhood of 3.4 trillion dollars immediately and another 750 billion to 1 trillion yearly. Do the math yourself! God Bless to all

  35. Whittle states the obivious. Instead of spending so much time commenting on this stuff maybe we should all be in the field actually doing something about it.

  36. Sad part is, I think that liberals in this country are basically the same as socialists and they really believe their own ideology, even though it has proven to be a failure in every country that has tried it. Just look at Europe today. The Europeans, driven by socialist and communist ideology, really believed that they had all the answers when it came to creating and maintaining the “perfect” society. And where are they today? They are ALL either broke (like Greece) or economic basket cases with little or no growth (like France), and ALL of them have sky-high taxes, high unemployment, chronic low economic growth, and no militaries to speak of. Heck, these countries could barely even defeat Gaddafi in Libya, a dictator where half of his own people were trying to kill him. And even with that, the European countries needed a huge amount of help from the United States to eventually “win” the war, even though you could make the case that Libya today is worse off than when Gaddafi was running it. So are insidious fools like Obama determined to destroy this country? No, but they firmly believe in and cling to a political ideology that will achieve the same goal, and THAT is the difference. They actually think what they’re doing is right. Problem is, WE are the ones that are going to have to pay the price when it all comes crashing down, and it most certainly will by 2016 at this rate of spending.

    1. Boehner needs to stay away and not give “O” anything but budget cut solutions. When “O” rants and raves Boehner needs to say “real budget cuts.”
      When new taxes start coming out of paychecks Boehner needs to say “O” did it talk to him, all I did was try and stop MASSIVE TRILLION $ DEFICITS, $6 TRILLION added in just 4 years by “O.” “O” never signed a budget and DID ALL the spending, talk to him.
      Boehner needs to stick to his guns and NOT let “O” get any Rep. name on new tax rates and keep it up.
      Will this be easy? NO, but ONE Rep name on tax increases will allow “O” to BLAME R’s. NO R’s on tax increases then Boehner needs to tell people to talk to “O” since HE raised your taxes not R’s.

  37. Whittle is absolutely on target. It’s rapidly reaching the time for impeachment before he totally destroys the economic system he and his partner in crime, the “Master Purp of Quantitative Easing” will destroy our financial system… the gold and silver commercials are taking command of TV (everyman’s inflation index): and investment in wheelbarrow futures are getting hot (To carry money in and groceries out)!!

  38. What took them so long to finally realize all that is happening is deliberate. A lot of us have known this all along. It’s hard to believe that anyone truly thought it has been incompetence. They have had blinders on.

  39. I used to deny this and say that Obama was simply incompetent, and in over his pay grade. I don’t believe that anymore. Even though I have always basically felt that conspiracy buffs were idiots that hated America, and would rather believe the worst, at a certain point you have to face reality. They are going to raise taxes despite the fact that it won’t change a thing except make matters possibly worse, They spend money like it is free even though they know that they are writing checks they cannot cash and that the folks they claim to support will have zero safety net left as it falls apart.You cannot reasonably do what they are doing and expect anything less than disaster. Affordable Care Act? Employers will dump people and cut hours to 28 hrs per week. As Whittle pointed out , it does not even pass the laugh test that they are doing this to dump folks on the govt dole to ensure socialism because there is no money. I seriously believe we have been hijacked by bigger fanatics than AQ, and I have serious doubts as to the legitimacy of what happened Nov 6th. We are now in Amerika.

  40. It’s too bad that many are giving obama so much power to think he can destroy America. If American’s would pray and listen to God instead of listening to talk radio hosts and political pundits, then we would be ahead of the game. Imperfect as some of our Republican leaders are, praying for their guidance is much more productive than constant criticism and insulting remarks. I usually like Whittle but this kind of talk is nonsense. Obama is not in charge-God is and if we continue to ignore this, then obama won’t need to destroy us-we will do it ourselves.

    1. Obama does have power. Tons of it. He is president of the most powerful country in all of history. That’s power right there. Does God have more? Absolutely. God doesn’t always intervene though as history has proven.

    2. Are you brain dead? God wants us to pray, but he also allowed us to create a republic that we are responsible for. The Good Samaritan did not stop to pray and move on. He took care of the injured person and made sure he was cared for until he was healed. Don’t deflect responsibility with a noble gesture toward prayer. God didn’t tell us he had good prayers stored up for us….He said he had good works stored up for us. Please be careful here. BTW, Obama does not HAVE power, but he has STOLEN power. In a healthy world, he would have been impeached, and maybe even thrown into jail. Alas, this is not a healthy world. God is ultimately in charge, but the prince of the air, rules our world right now, and Obama is Square in his control. Make no mistake about that….

      1. Jesus prayed constantly to the Father, and He told us to do the same. There is power in prayer that sometimes good works cannot accomplish—such as in healing. I experienced the power of prayer on at least two occasions, when all seemed lost.

    3. Excellent letter, but we need people like Glen and Bill to get through to those who ignore anything to do with God. We should pray for those people, also.

  41. It’s called the Cloward–Piven strategy. The goal is to overload the welfare system in order to force the government to turn to socialism. Glenn Beck warned us about it four years ago and no one took him seriously.

  42. Obama isn’t incompetent and he knows what he’s doing. Whittle is correct, however, It’s gonna be an up hill battle now in his second term I feel. Look at all that has happened in just the first few weeks of his second term. These next 4 years are gonna be interesting to say the least.

    1. I think Bill has been there for a while. Now it is time for ALL GOOD MEN AND WOMEN to come out and SCREAM IT !!!!!

  43. That alright they built a nice new jail in illinois that when we take our country back we can put this whole administration and their fools in the press and lib tv. Put them in there for treason against this great nation.

    1. I much prefer a guillotine for all these anti-Americans.

      I will be HAPPY to pull the lever, OVER and OVER again…

  44. Duh….of course he’s doing this on purpose! I knew this is what he wanted before he usurped the presidency in 2008.

  45. The Government has no fear because it owns the Press; thus we are under a controlled crash. I would rather be attacked by an enemy with guns and bombs than watch and listen each day how the Progressives destroy human dignity, freedom and LIBERTY.
    It is simple to me, LAZY native born Americans had a chance in Novemebr 2012 but stayed home, so we got the Government of the redistributors which will eliminate the “middle class”

    1. We conscious conservatives in the US have to watch a war going on inside of our borders while most of society acts like nothing is happening, and don’t even know who the enemy is. I suppose that we have that in common with our troops overseas. I would rather have an active assignment to carry out in the war against an enemy that everyone knew was the enemy, as I am sure that our troops would, as well.

      Our enemy is within, and is running our lives. Our enemy lies to our faces every day, while our neighbors believe it and live like there is always another peaceful day coming tomorrow. Our enemy wounds us one cut at a time, with no concern that effective retaliation will come. Our enemy feeds off of us, stealing away our very livelihoods and liberty. Our enemy is our authoritarian boss who treats us like halfwit slaves. Our enemy poses as our protectors, while taking away our protection. Our enemy enslaves our children for generations to come.

      Our enemy is our government.

      1. Great letter. Remember, though, that if we are enablers for abortion, porn, mind destroying drugs, and promiscuity, we give permission to the devil and his disciples to be more ‘progressive’ in destroying our country.

        1. The people are ignorant and powerless, because they know not God. The Holy Spirit is fading in the collective souls of this country. There is not enough unity among the good to organize against evil. People’s lack of faith causes them to fear, and their fear cripples them. We no longer face evil head on, and we compromise. After so many generations of compromise our society has grown to disdain those who are on solid ground. We are their enemy, terrorists, and religious zealots. They have been consumed by their fear and now seek to destroy those who convict their hearts so that they can continue their evil deeds with immunity to righteousness.

          1. There is hope. You may be intersted in a great event that took place in 1917, just prior to Russia becoming Communist. It will take a few days to absorb.
            see, and start by looking up “Heaven’s Key to Peace”

  46. Lefties think we all need to be punished as Americans for being successful! They aim to level the playing field for the third world countries and are doing darn good job of it. Threatening our national security, our national wealth, and the health care system of our nation.

  47. Dinish D’Souza apparently pointed out in his movie about Barack that he believes America should pay for the sins of colonialism and this is exactly what he’s doing. Apparently Barack addresses this in his book Dreams From My Father. All the talk is cover for his plan. He knows exactly what he’s doing but knows he can’t say it in those terms so he disguises the real message with rhetoric and outright lies.

    1. With all due respect, you have no right to complain about Barky. You made it clear that you would not vote for Romney, only for Ron Paul. You are part and parcel of the reason this person is destroying this country because you failed to vote against him.

      1. I have every right to complain about anybody I want any time I want.

        In a number of threads before the election, I said, that despite my conviction for someone like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or the Constitution Party candidate, I was on the fence about voting for Romney or someone else.

        The one stat that hit home with me that planted the “Romney vote” seed was this…

        If you take the number of months all the presidents since the 1940’s have had unemployment above 8% it totals to 39 months, not including Obama. This one president has had unemployment over 8% for 43 months. More than all the others for the last 70 years COMBINED!


        That one stat really hit home with me. I’m not going to tell you who I voted for. It’s none of your business. However, that being said, I want you to think real hard about what I’m about to say……

        From my perspective, it is people like you and the republican party that are the real problem, not me. If you wanted a republican (ANY republican) in the WH in January 2013, then the party should’ve run Ron Paul.

        Why? Simple….

        Republicans are going to vote for whomever the party runs. It doesn’t matter who it is. The republicans will vote for that person, nobody else will, and you will continue to loose elections.

        However, if Ron Paul had been the nominee, all the republicans that voted for Romney would’ve voted for him (remember, anybody Obama, right?) Obviously, all the Ron Paul supporters would’ve cast their vote for him. And the Gary Johnson supporters would’ve most likely voted for Ron Paul too. Also, a fair amount of “moderate” democrats that don’t like Barack’s far left view and like Ron Paul’s liberal social views and anti-war policies probably would’ve cast their vote for him.

        Gary Johnson got 1.1 million votes. Romney lost by about that same amount.

        If Ron Paul had been the republican nominee, chances are very good you’d have a republican president elect right now.

        It’s your choice, keep running people like Romney and McCain that the independents and libertarians won’t vote for and continue to loose elections, or embrace a NEW LIBERTARIAN DIRECTION for the republican party.

        Again, it’s your choice….

        1. Blah blah blah. Libertarians are Democrats under another name. They support gay marriage, illegal aliens, two things that Republicans oppose.
          And for you to conclude that all Romney voters would have voted for Ron Paul demonstrates your need to acquire knowledge.
          Ron Paul is a nutcase and his followers demonstrated just how low they also want to bring America.
          Enjoy your Marxist in Chief, you and your fellow PaulBots are responsible!

          1. So if Ron Paul was the nomination, you would not have voted for him, right? OK. So who would you have voted for Obama? Gary Johnson? Not voted at all?


            You’re a hypocrite. You are completely clueless as to what Libertarianism is all about. To say that Libertarians are like democrats is complete insanity. Libertarians are THE EXACT OPPOSITE of democrats. You’re ignorance of Libertarianism is only matched by your political hypocrisy.

            1. Did you wake up on the cranky side of the bed this morning? I exercise my right to vote.  I don’t take my marbles and go home because a nutcase wasn’t on the ballot.
              Although you think you speak for me and for others, I here to tell you that you do not. Nor do you have any knowledge or right to speak for me.  And those actions and attitudes demonstrate  what is wrong with the liberal-light party.
              There are plenty of PaulBots in MN and they made @sses out of themselves at the RNC which encouraged many across the nation to not vote.  Minnesota Morons, quite a fitting title.  If Libertarian is so good, why didn’t the PaulBot run under that party instead of lying by running as Republican?  The MN Libertarian voted with the Democrats 100% of the time!
              The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and the latest PaulBot in public office is already falling all over himself to give illegal aliens rights for violating our federal laws.  Barky Boy will own this country forever because of the PaulBots.  Enjoy socialism.

              1. So you exercised your right to vote. I’m soooo proud of you!

                Your such a good little boy!

                BTW, so did about 118 million others, including me.

                But you still haven’t answered my question, tell me, who you would’ve voted for if Ron Paul was the republican nominee?

                1. I’ll be very nice and remind you that the nutcase is a 3-time loser and would NEVER be the nominee, even when he lies about his political party.  Now, take your insults and go back to your liberal sites.

                2. Let’s just suppose he was…Why are you so afraid to answer my question?

                  So I’ll ask you one more time, if Ron Paul was the nominee, who would you vote for?

                  Here, I’ll make it easy for you, just pick one of the choices below and reply.

                  A Obama
                  B Paul
                  C other
                  D wouldn’t vote at all

  48. Lefties think we American’s need to be punished for being successful. They aim to make us all suffer and equalize the playing field for third world countries to compete with us.

  49. If what Obama has done in a short period of time causes others to believe that he hates this country and is destroying it on purpose, then what does that say about his predecessors? Were they destroying the country on purpose as well, but just a bit slower?

    Obama is continuing the Bush, Clinton, Bush agenda. Sure it is happening faster now, but that is what tends to happen right before you go over a waterfall. The reason Obama stayed in office is likely tied to the fact that he got so much done in a short period of time, so why not let him keep it up?

    Obama isn’t the only one who hates this country and is actively seeking to destroy it. They knew that this time would come when they created the Fed Res and the income tax almost 100 years ago. It was freaking known then. Heck, it was known when the country was founded.

    This is how things work, and we are not the first country to give up our rights for a little temporary safety. We are not the first country to be taken down by the big banksters.

    I like Whittle, but he acts like this is some big surprise, and if we get someone with a better background, they will love our country so much that they will single handedly shut down the Fed and create a sovereign currency that we don’t need the IRS to collect the interest for. Maybe a president who loves America will make sure that Agenda 21 is wiped out of existence in this country. Maybe a president who loves this country won’t treat the citizens like a bunch of criminals every day. Maybe he would shut down the DOE, and a few others who are brainwashing and strangling the citizens. Maybe he won’t give global corporations positions in government that allow them to snuff out the American little guy. Maybe he would quit training foreign troops to do house to house raids in America. Maybe he wouldn’t have our military spread all over the world, and would protect our borders. Maybe he would get rid of treaties that have shipped our industries overseas.

    The last few presidents that we have had hated this country, if you consider these things.

  50. Water is wet,ice is cold,night follows day
    PRAVDA will ensure the lemmings will only know the warm and fuzzy side of the Premier.
    Native born Americans what are you doing to America?

    1. All sides of our family escaped or lived through this combined , Hitlers’ socialism, Mussolini’s fascim and Castro’s dictatorship.

      I look these pathetic self-hating Americans in the eye and tell them that all the warnings, all the stories of deceit, grand promises, propaganda and foolish ignorance I heard as a kid are coming to life, like a bad dream, right before my eyes.

      What I get usually back is first a glimpse of fear – then a mocking stare or laugh.

  51. Wow! The talking heads are finally beginning to understand the problem that has been evident since the 2008 elections.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking.

      They are just now comprehending what has been so obvious to most of us for the past 4 years.

      1. Now if we can just get them to wake up to the fact that you cannot negotiate with tyrants and Muslims.

      2. No need to denigrate the messengers. This is not the first comment from any of them about what we face. Like those of us paying attention they’ve been on the case from when Obama first came to the fore in 2008 this is just a reiteration of what’s happening.

    2. Actually going on since just before the start of WWI when the Marxists fled West and infiltrated our NE Education Institutions. It just became the only game in town in Jan. 2007 when Congress was taken by the newly minted Marxist controlled Democrat Party under Piglousy and the supposed opposition being the newly minted Liberal controlled Republican Party under Bush II. I know this will draw a lot of flak, but the Liberal Bush family has destroyed the Republican Party. Of course they had a lot of help but they could have stopped the destruction if they had wanted to and instead promoted Liberalism in the face of the Marxist opposition. So here we are with Obuma winning a second term and Bush III being promoted as the R top dog for 2016.

      1. Actually going on since just before the start of WWI when the Marxists fled West and infiltrated our NE Education Institutions.

        “We will bury you without firing a shot.”

  52. It’s about time! Some of us have been trying to tell people this since before 2008!!
    Dear leader is NOT a nice guy.
    Dear leader does NOT love America.
    Dear leader is NOT incompetent.
    Dear leader is NOT Christian.
    Dear leader does NOT give a rat’s butt about the Constitution.
    Dear leader IS destroying America on purpose.
    Dear leader IS a marxist.
    Dear leader IS a TRAITOR!!!!

      1. No what is happening is what I’ve always known! Bill Whittle is an Obama-hater and ALL Obama-haters are racist bigots to the core!

        No Doubt about it: Right-wing America hates having a Black Man as President!

        Is Barack Obama NOT a nice guy? I DON’T KNOW!

        Is Barack Obama a narcissist?

        Does Barack Obama hate America? HELL NO!

        Does Barack Obama NOT incompentent?

        Is Barack Obama a muslim? No Obama is not muslim, he is most likley atheist, but fox news need something scarier so they pegged him as muslim.

        Is Barack Obama against the Constitution?

        Is Barack Obama destroying America?

        Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No Obama is not a marxist

        Is Barack Obama an Illegal Alien? Obama is not illegal. no more than bush was illegal back in 2001, how easily we forget.

        Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
        No, Obama is married to a woman. Plus, he is anti-gay marriage.

        Is Barack Obama “Pure evil”? Obama is not evil, hitler was evil, charles manson evil, dahmer was evil.

        Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? HELL NO!

        Is Barack Obama a Traitor to America? HELL NO! No more than bush is a traitor because of events on 911.

        If Obama is trying to take away your guns then why hasn’t he done anything and how come whenever one of these “falseflags” happens the Administration says it’s not the right time for gun control?

        And the American people hate racist bigots like yourself.

        1. I think you are a liar. I think you are a welfare slob living on the backs of taxpayers and you will say anything to get your free money from the government so you don’t have to get a job.

        2. you are just a fool saying foolish things you can not see the forest for trees there are none so blind as those who will not see all of those fit you to a tee. Oh and the gay thing there is proof of Obama s latent tendancies his ex lover has come out and he is black so you can not call him a racist because we all know that blacks can not be racist (sarc) I know many married men who are really gay but would not disrupt their families or there wifes lives, B arry was raised mulim so he has ties he goes against the constitution every day all of his policies are Marxist If Obama is mot an illeagal why did he pay to have his passport files his adoption files and his school records sealed from public veiw? what is he the “most tranparent POTUS in history” hiding?YOu say that the american people ” hate raxist bigots” yes we do and you fit right in that list. But what we hate even more is a lazy good for nothing Obama phone useing food stamp and wellfare Queens like yourself. Johnny you and your Obama supporting idiots are what is trully wrong with this country but your days are numbered civil war will probably come and it won’t be pretty for the free loaders like yourself

        3. Some people just can’t see the forest for the trees. The Great Deceiver has the leftwing media to support his every move, and his every word. Bigotry has nothing to do with it. Now, even black supporters are seeing through him. He attended Communist school in Chicago, and he had Muslim Brotherhood leaders for dinner in the White House. He has given Egypt’s Marsi 1 billion dollars in ‘aid’, and he has shunned Israel’s Netanyahu, evenkeeping him waiting for over one hour after his appointment time while Obama was having his dinner. He ordered Christian universities to cover their Christian icons before speaking his propaganda to the student body. He has never said a thing about Christians murdered in Egype, even crucified, and Churches burned and Christians threatened on a weekly basis. Nor has his leftwing media. Someone should identify the symbols on the ring he wears. No media has asked him if he is socialist or communist, to hear the answer coming out of his own mouth. 2013, after his oath, he will begin his agenda on America.
          He will have nothing to lose, and he will manipulate his Opposition.
          His morals are corrupt. He cried at the killing of 20 children in Newtown, but he wiped away no tears. He can say things that are normal to say, about those children not having graduations. or families of their own. but he will not only allow late term abortions at the very last minute of an abortion, bit the killing of an aborted baby that survived the abortion.

          These are the things that continue to add up to his reputation as a destroyer of America, despite his hidden agenda. What will he do to support the families of those 20 children? Nothing. But one billion dollars are sent to Marsi to buy a bigger military to be used against Christians, protesters and Israel.
          Too many Americans don’t pay attention to his actions on a weekly basis. He gets away with deceit through his oratory. You can’t win an argument with the devil, or his disciples.
          He said he would change America, and he’s changing it alright. He will work with the U.N. to impose bureaucratic laws to control every aspect of American life. Ever heard of Agenda 21? That’s what it means and is in action right now.
          We get the leaders we deserve, as God tries to wake us up. Sin is America’s worse enemies, and attacks on Jesus Christ is unheard of in the over 200 years of American history. Christmas and Easter are always on attack now, while Muslims get a pass. Who developed this country? Who wants to take it over? Certainly not the Muslims. Their history in America only began in 1926.
          I could go on, but the best suggestion I can make is for good Americans to pray and pray. Stand by your Faith. Jesus Christ stands right there beside you. Our time on earth is so short comparing the trillions of ‘years’ eternity represents.
          Jesus said His Churcxh will prevail. We are heading at breaking speed toward the end times. It won’t happen until some other things take place first. But whe the end comes, the sun will lose it’s light, and the moon will be darkened. That is the final sign before Jesus Christ returns to save us from WW3 and annihilation—and expelling the devil from the earth, and being ruled by Jesus Christ for 1,000 years. The devil will be allowed back, and he will show he has not changed, then the end will come and so will the final judgement. It’s all in the Book of Revelation—and from the mouth of Jesus Himself. It’s just a matter of a short time that is left.
          Choose what is right.

        4. Who developed this country? Not the Muslims. Who wants to take it over? The Muslims. Why do they come here? As refugees to escape their Islamic leaders? Then why don’t they see their ‘religion’ is wrong? See the other reply I wrote to Johnny, as it will clarify the statement I made about who developed the country. I should have written the answer as Muslims. Who wasnts to take it over.. I wrote ‘not the Muslims’, but meant that answer to ‘who developed the country?”

        5. No what is happening is what I’ve always known! Bill Whittle is an Obama-hater and ALL Obama-haters are racist bigots to the core!
          And there it is, he opens with the race card. Alen West, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell etc all black we hate none of them…

          No Doubt about it: Right-wing America hates having a Black Man as President!
          As MLK Jr said “content of character, not the color of your skin”

          Is Barack Obama NOT a nice guy? I DON’T KNOW!
          Then pay closer attention.

          Is Barack Obama a narcissist?

          Does Barack Obama hate America? HELL NO!
          Examples of his love?

          Does Barack Obama NOT incompentent?
          So you agree the economic and foreign policy debacles are on purpose?

          Is Barack Obama a muslim? No Obama is not muslim, he is most likley atheist, but fox news need something scarier so they pegged him as muslim.
          The FNC I watch goes out of their way to avoid the muslim thing and states that the president is christian.

          Is Barack Obama against the Constitution?
          He just asked the House for the power to raise the debt ceiling which is one of the enumerated powers of the House, a clearly unconstitutional request. Don’t even get me started on legislation he has already signed…

          Is Barack Obama destroying America?
          The quality of my life has dropped in the last few years, allies don’t trust us and enemies don’t fear us. Are we somehow now stronger?

          Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No Obama is not a marxist
          The only thing remotely capitalist he has been a party to is crony capitalism at best and fascism at worst.

          Is Barack Obama an Illegal Alien? Obama is not illegal. no more than bush was illegal back in 2001, how easily we forget.
          None of us know the truth as the man has no verifiable documentation.

          Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
          No, Obama is married to a woman. Plus, he is anti-gay marriage.
          Who cares who he sleeps with? The man has come out as pro gay-marriage, where have you been?

          Is Barack Obama “Pure evil”? Obama is not evil, hitler was evil, charles manson evil, dahmer was evil.
          Let’s let history decide this one.

          Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? HELL NO!
          Rules of engagement, stand down orders, refusal of requested security measures support of Muslim Brotherhood, authorization of weapons to jihadis, Fort Hood described as work place violence…should I go on?

          Is Barack Obama a Traitor to America? HELL NO! No more than bush is a traitor because of events on 911.
          And there is the second predictable false argument. Bush is no longer President or anything else except irrelevant.

          If Obama is trying to take away your guns then why hasn’t he done anything and how come whenever one of these “falseflags” happens the Administration says it’s not the right time for gun control?
          Fast & Furious failed. He does not yet have the power to overturn the second amendment but he is still trying. He does love his drones though.

          And the American people hate racist bigots like yourself.
          You have no standing to speak for the American people. We are the American people.

      1. No what is happening is what I’ve always known! Bill Whittle is an Obama-hater and ALL Obama-haters are racist bigots to the core!

        No Doubt about it: Right-wing America hates having a Black Man as President!

        Is Barack Obama NOT a nice guy? I DON’T KNOW!

        Is Barack Obama a narcissist?

        Does Barack Obama hate America? HELL NO!

        Does Barack Obama NOT incompentent?

        Is Barack Obama a muslim? No Obama is not muslim, he is most likley atheist, but fox news need something scarier so they pegged him as muslim.

        Is Barack Obama against the Constitution?

        Is Barack Obama destroying America?

        Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No Obama is not a marxist

        Is Barack Obama an Illegal Alien? Obama is not illegal. no more than bush was illegal back in 2001, how easily we forget.

        Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
        No, Obama is married to a woman. Plus, he is anti-gay marriage.

        Is Barack Obama “Pure evil”? Obama is not evil, hitler was evil, charles manson evil, dahmer was evil.

        Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? HELL NO!

        Is Barack Obama a Traitor to America? HELL NO! No more than bush is a traitor because of events on 911.

        If Obama is trying to take away your guns then why hasn’t he done anything and how come whenever one of these “falseflags” happens the Administration says it’s not the right time for gun control?

        And the American people hate racist bigots like yourself.

    1. No what is happening is what I’ve always known! Bill Whittle is an Obama-hater and ALL Obama-haters are racist bigots to the core!

      No Doubt about it: Right-wing America hates having a Black Man as President!

      Is Barack Obama NOT a nice guy? I DON’T KNOW!

      Is Barack Obama a narcissist?

      Does Barack Obama hate America? HELL NO!

      Does Barack Obama NOT incompentent?

      Is Barack Obama a muslim? No Obama is not muslim, he is most likley atheist, but fox news need something scarier so they pegged him as muslim.

      Is Barack Obama against the Constitution?

      Is Barack Obama destroying America?

      Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No Obama is not a marxist

      Is Barack Obama an Illegal Alien? Obama is not illegal. no more than bush was illegal back in 2001, how easily we forget.

      Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
      No, Obama is married to a woman. Plus, he is anti-gay marriage.

      Is Barack Obama “Pure evil”? Obama is not evil, hitler was evil, charles manson evil, dahmer was evil.

      Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? HELL NO!

      Is Barack Obama a Traitor to America? HELL NO! No more than bush is a traitor because of events on 911.

      If Obama is trying to take away your guns then why hasn’t he done anything and how come whenever one of these “falseflags” happens the Administration says it’s not the right time for gun control?

      And the American people hate racist bigots like yourself.

      1. I don’t know too many folks except for liberals who focus on dear leader’s skin color. As for me, I go by Martin Luther King’s advice and judge a man by the content of their character. Dear leader’s character smacks of the marxism that he was raised in.

        Dear leader is not a nice guy when he mocks a good size portion of the American public, calling them bitter clingers, mocking our beliefs and calling us bigots because we don’t appreciate being over run by illegal immigrants. He is not a nice guy, because you are who you associate with. Those he’s associated with are not nice people.

        Does he hate America? Yes. That is, he hates his perceived version of what America is. He doesn’t make any effort to hide his views either, and if you’d pay attention, you’d realize this.

        I never said he’s a muslim- but he certainly caters to islamists. He’s a humanist, as in he believes salvation is up to human effort. He is confused in all things religious having grown up around islam, atheism and liberal christianity and black liberation theology.

        Is he anti Constitution? He goes around congress when he doesn’t get what he wants from them. He has put American boots on the ground in at least 3 other nations other than Iraq and Afghanistan without congress approval. He is working on gutting the 2nd Amendment.

        Is he illegal? Who knows. Birth certificate has been proven to be false, he has a questionable ss number and he travelled to Pakistan at a time when travel was banned for American citizens.

        Is he homosexual? I have no idea. I’ve heard stories, but that doesn’t prove any more than it does that he’s married.

        Is he evil? I don’t know- you tell me. Is it evil to vote continuously to allow babies born from botched abortions to die alone in a dark empty room?

        Is he anti American? See my above comment.

        Is he a traitor? He left 4 men to die in Benghazi. They were watched by a drone in real time, yet orders were given for those close enough to help to stand down. They died alone. They died trying to save others. The families still have no answers.

        He is a traitor. He is siding with our enemies, aiding them, providing weapons to muslim brotherhood knowing full well the brotherhood has been a terrorist breeding ground who supplies to other groups such as hamas. He is working now in Syria for the so called rebels who are in large part made up of al qaida. He left 4 men to die in Benghazi when there were forces close enough to go in for support and rescue. Fast and furious.

        As for the 2nd Amendment, the UN small arms treaty which he is waiting to sign, he has used fast and furious and gun crime as stepping stones to keep the anti gun groups at the front and center of gun control issues. He is waiting because he knows darned well enough Americans know the 2nd Amendment is nothing to mess around with. He’ll not let any crisis go to waste to stir up more resentment.

        I am not a bigot. I’m just someone who doesn’t want America turned into a third world communist dictatorship.

        1. Nicely done. I like it. Very concise and to the point. I sense a book coming out, no? These all seem like possible chapters.

    1. Yes. Either Obama is an incompetent boob or a traitor. I vote for traitor, and have felt that way for years now.

      I hope Bill Whittle and Company are preaching to someone else other than the choir.

    1. We probably have the same percentage of population that fought the first war for independence in this country. The problem now is that one side has overwhelming technology, weapons, and a global regime of foreign warriors. I don’t think that the French will be helping out with this one. They will probably be on the other side.

      Edit: If enough time goes by, we will be back to using muzzle loaders.

      1. The good thing is that the FED.GOV can’t use a lot of their nice high tech toys. My liberal neighbors are going to be rather pissed off if that Hellfire missile that hits my house damages or burns down theirs. Napalm… not an option. Artillery… Not going to work in the city (unless you can define an entire city as one that can safely be eliminated). The FED.GOV has a lot going for it but they can’t really be sure of the people they are going to send out to man those new technologies and the harder they crack down on the patriots the more people they will lose.

        Since Viet Nam we haven’t actually won a war. we win engagements but we end up declaring victory and pulling out of every country we invade. What makes anyone think that we (that would be the military in this case) would be able to do any better in our own back yard when a very high percentage of people have firearms and know how to use them? When the guy driving that HumVee had his neighbor killed because he was suspected of harboring Constitutional feelings?

        The government has the economy in such a state that nothing can save it. Either the economy will collapse and a new power and economic system will come into being (the process of which will entail civil disorder) or someone will try to actually deal with it and we will be faced with civil disorder the likes of which make Greece seem like a picnic. Either way, we have tough times ahead.

        1. If these globalists take down this country slowly enough, they may have time to use Agenda 21 to destroy rural living and self sufficiency. If a mass chaos event happens, there will be some time for the rural populations to figure something out, but they will eventually be rounded up and put into the new system. The population centers will be the first priority for the controllers. They will likely just lock them down and let chaos take hold. When things have equalized, they will go in and deal with what is left.

          The people of this country are too dependent to effectively resist during a collapse. There may be a handful of people who survive long enough to resist, but they will not be enough. Positive change will either happen now, in peace time, or we will see the worst of change.

          The people taking this country down are not concerned about having chaos. They won’t have to endure it. If you are not one of the elites, you will die or survive based on how you prepared ahead of time.

          You are absolutely correct that the economy cannot be saved. There is nothing real about it, and therefor it will collapse. The question is “how quickly”? Based on the recent move into austerity, and the permanent QE that has been implemented, I believe that they could probably continue to take us down slowly for five to ten more years. That is a liberal time frame, and does not diminish the fact that they could crash it at any time.

          If any true, effective, grass roots movement threatens their control, they will crash it. They know that this is their back up tool of destruction. They have created a completely false system that they can control, and collapse at any time.

          It is possible that Russia and China could strategically nuke our country in such a way as to collapse us and completely neutralize us. They can do this without massive radiation destroying things for many years to come. Those two countries could effectively take over and split up our resources without much resistance. We are the military might of the New World Order, and those two countries are still our enemies, though we don’t seem to recognize it. All they need is the right person in the White House to stand down our nukes.

          A devastated starving country cannot offer much resistance.

          Bad things are coming. Sorry to say, but it is unavoidable at this time in history. The only way to avoid it is for our entire federal government to turn 180 degrees and do the opposite of what they have been doing for 100 years.

          I live in rural America. I have my own food and protection. That is all that we can really do to prepare.

      2. And candles and lamps and firewood, and gardens, if we have good seeds. Oh yes, well water would be nice, and pots and pans made in China, of course.

    2. That’s why Obama wants to disarm Americans. He wants America to be vulnerable to invasion. The Chinese are working on a technology that will kill people, but not destroy the buildings. The Pentagon said, a few years ago, that China had already trained 250 million soldiers.
      They stole accurate missle targeting from Los Alamos while under Richardson’s watch, and then proved they had the accuracy by destroying one of their own space modules. Remember?
      A civil war? We’ll need all the able men we can muster.
      There’s a way out, but mentioning God arouses anger now.

    1. You are not crazy. This nation is being destroyed by Obama and his cronies. I still say the election was rigged.

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