BillO on whether or not there is life after death, says you have to earn it

BillO has admitted in the past that he doesn’t believe most of the Bible is literal, so when I heard him advertising a segment on ‘is there life after death’, I sighed. Well, the good thing is he doesn’t do this segment alone. He has a good Christian Texas Pastor Robert Jeffress on with him to discuss the matter.

The striking thing in this segment though isn’t that they believe there is life after death. It’s that BillO makes the argument several times that you have to ‘earn it’. But this simply isn’t true. You can’t earn it. You aren’t even worthy of it. In fact, the only thing we sinful humans are worthy of is death.

This is the core of the gospel in Christianity. It is only through Chris Jesus’ perfect life, through His death and resurrection that we can be reconciled with the Father. There is nothing we can do to earn it. Period.

Fortunately the good Pastor tries to correct him. But I still don’t think he gets it entirely.


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