Black Conservative: I don’t care if Cliven Bundy is a racist

Great clip from Kira Davis that speaks for itself:

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121 thoughts on “Black Conservative: I don’t care if Cliven Bundy is a racist

  1. Cliven Bundy has nothing on Margaret Sanger, “the father of modern society,” when it comes to bigoted or ignorant or racist remarks.

    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, which targets unborn black babies for extermination, created The Negro Project back in the 1930’s for the express purpose of exterminating the black race which she considered human weeds and she founded this diabolical project, as well as Planned Parenthood, upon ideas which were evil to the core and more racist than anything which Cliven Bundy has so far said.

    And people such as Woodrow Wilson and Kermit Gosnell thought the same way as Margaret Sanger.

    Nevertheless, as Kira Davis so well pointed out, Mr. Bundy’s conflict has nothing to do with his ignorance about race but about the injustice of seizing his cattle and land on the whim of the federal government.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  2. I LOVE you Kira Davis,,,,,the voice of sweet reason in a very unreasonable world. If we don’t listen carefully to people like her we will lose this country as I have known it!!!!!!

    1. Ditto! Jeanne Hamel! Ditto!

      I found her statement to be one of the most well-reasoned statements on this issue that I’ve every heard.

      As she remarked, she thinks Cliven Bundy is probably a bigot and not a racist but even if he is a racist is doesn’t deligitimize his arguments against the Federal government seizing his property under an unjust law and that would include his cattle.

      At the same time we have the infamous Dred Scott decision which returned a runaway slave to his master in the days leading up to the Civil War if I am recalling the case correctly. If I am not recalling this case correctly please correct me. It is one of the things which led to the War Between the States and hundreds of thousands of casualties and a nation torn in two.

      I think Kira Davis has correctly analyzed the current situation with our Federal government seizing people’s property on whatever whim suits their fancy at that particular moment under laws and regulations which are as unjust as the ones which returned a slave to his master in the days before the Civil War.

      She is great.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

  3. Bingo, this gal has the most astute description of the situation of any I’ve heard thus far! Brilliant Kira, brilliant! Thank you!

  4. A young woman with actual facts on her side that is articulate and smart. How refreshing. I enjoyed her rant and insight!

  5. She’s right. My neighbor had some overdue books and the Public Library SWAT team broke down their door to collect.

  6. The voice of reason! She interpreted it the way I did. He’s exactly right! Millions of blacks ARE enslaved by the goobermint. He’s a good old boy farmer- he’s not a diplomat, he’s not an orator–maybe his choice of words was unfortunate, but he’s dead on point. I was disappointed to see that Allen West was offended by it -I expected him to see through the spin and get what Bundy was saying.

      1. No! She’s an evil conservative so Bite-Me wouldn’t be found anyway near her.

        I have only heard snippets of what Bundy has said and as Kira Davis pointed out, even though he was inarticulate in making his points he made points that she has often made about black Americans in the United States trading slavery for slavery by using their hard won freedom to shackle themselves to a welfare plantation. And the same thing can be said for Latino Americans and poor white Americans who are also enslaving themselves to the government plantation.

        John Craven
        New Orleans

  7. she should share her perspective on the big talking heads shows. She’s more reasoned and interesting than most of the pundits. Now’ she’d get people tuning in!

  8. Thanks for sharing Kira Davis’ clear headed thinking once again. Please make this video go viral everybody.

  9. Wow, how refreshing. Somebody speaking the honest to goodness truth.
    By all accounts she is no dummy. She is not afraid to call it like it really is.
    It will for sure not fit into the progressive race bating agenda, and she’ll be by them taken down a few notches, but as I see it it won’t work in their favor.
    She has taken the reigns of, not being counted in as a dummy. I wish her well and keep speaking out.

  10. It’s amazing how liberals never admit that they in and of the Democrat party, it’s people were the cause of legislative institutionalized Jim Crow Segregation laws, Poll Taxes, Literacy tests, etc, ie; Govt Institutionalized Racism for over a 150 years after the Civil War, let alone were the party and people of Slavery of the Confederacy. Yet, somehow they claim righteousness as the one’s who have always fought Slavery and Segregation, and Bigotry and Racism, but which Democrat people like Woodrow Wilson, a blatant racist bigot who racially segregated the US Military, and LBJ and Robert Byrd- a KKK member himself, were the one’s in the US Senate who filibustered, gutted, and prevented Eisenhower’s 1954 Civil Rights Bill from being a legitimately enforced law, and Gov George Wallace of Alabama who helped maintain Segregation as the law of the land, along with Sheriff Bull Connor who enforced it all, etc, etc, were all Democrats that made it and kept it all legal for a 150 years.

    That said, like Ms Kira Davis says, the issue of the federal govt taking extreme measures to confiscate Clive Bundy’s legal rights to his land and his cattle, his livilihood which his family has done for over a 150 years, is different from his personal views of Blacks and other minorities, however bigoted, and ignorantly stated it may be.

    Of course no one is defending his statement, just his rights as an American and State of Nevada citizen.

    And naturally, right on cue, liberals will use it to distract from the issue to try and make it all about racism, just like they did with the OJ Simpson trial and Det Mark Furman’s racism comments that make it all about racism, and not OJ Simpson’s double homicide murder of 2 innocent people.

  11. I don’t think it was the National Guard. It was a whole bunch of Federales with automatic weapons &c. that are illegal or virtually illegal for ordinary citizens to possess.

    But good rant. Thanks.

  12. She makes some great points. And this is also what I fear will happen. Finally the media will pay attention to Bundy–but for, of course, the wrong reason. The liberals will use it to get us off message.

  13. Bundy was simply saying the government is oppressing the black community even more than when many were actually slaves. Nothing ‘racist’ in his comments. Just typical of the left playing the race card to destroy a person’s character, especially a conservative.

    1. [Bundy was simply saying the government is oppressing the black community
      even more than when many were actually slaves. Nothing ‘racist’ in his

      He apparently thinks no white people are on public assistance.

      Actually, though, it’s amusing hearing a Cowboy-Hat-Wearing Welfare Queen who has the Government feed his cows say that helping poor people makes them lazy.

      1. your ignorance is astounding! The Bundy family has maintained that land for 140 years…not the feds. But it was the feds who swooped in with helicopters, guns and heavy equipment to destroy the water tanks and kill/torture those cattle.

        1. Totally false. He lied. It has been public land since before Nevada was a state.

          “Clark County property records show Cliven Bundy’s parents moved from Bundyville, Arizona and bought the 160 acre ranch in 1948 from Raoul and Ruth Leavitt.

          Water rights were transferred too, but only to the ranch, not the federally managed land surrounding it. Court records show Bundy family cattle didn’t start grazing on that land until 1954.”

  14. People are jumping on this because all they care about is the literal interpretation. Try seeing it figuratively and you’d recognize that he is simply noting that people are enslaved today to the government and he believes that is parallel to the slavery of 150 yrs. ago. I don’t for one minute believe he is saying the slavery of the past was right or better.

    Bundy may have done a good thing. Finally, the “Common Man” speaks
    up! Not the so-called elitist and polished politicians who go around
    saying one thing and doing another. Not the lies put forth to pull the
    wool over the people’s eyes. Not another government handout which makes people look to government to “save” them – instead of saving themselves and their families.
    The “ruling class” has done everything they can to erase the fact that The Constitution was written for the Common Man (and Woman), it was so that they would have the freedom – liberty – to build their own House and pass it on for generations to come. It wasn’t for a government to be the all powerful destructive entity it is today – that’s why we fought the American Revolution.

    Clive Bundy is a Common Man, one that makes up the backbone of
    America, and he is only pointing out that those of any group (not just African-Americans) have become ‘slaves’ because they know not how to labor and be truly FREE.

    1. He may not be polished as so many freakin’ politicians are, but he said more than the media and the race baters will spin for the next few weeks. It is their opportunity to divert from the real issues at hand.

  15. Bundy is an older guy who grew up when that mentality was more prevalent. Also, let’s not forget that Reid himself used the word “negro” in his remarks about Obama in 2008 and the left circled the wagons in defense.

    1. We’re not supposed to remember that, plus, many people don’t have an attention span any longer than a tv commercial.

    1. I’d like to see her replace Juan Williams, to put her into some real money and a refreshing addition to Fox News, and I wouldn’t have to mute my tv every time he opens his face.

  16. I’m not familiar with Ms. Davis, but she’s correct about the Cliven Bundy situation on so many levels! Right on, Ms. Davis, you tell ’em.

  17. I took the time to view Kira’s video, again I was struck by the simple but powerful message she conveyed, that although Cliven Bundy may not be articulate, he is by no means a racist, simply a man looking at the world around him and making a statement that reflects the world as he sees it. He does make a valid point and I was gratified to see Kira acknowledge this important distinction. Your one brave lady, I admire you and thank you for your realism.

  18. it’s funny, when someone on the right makes a point about race their words are 100% of the time taken out of context and used to attack them. When someone on the left does the same thing, you either never hear about it in the MSM or they rush to protect them by saying…. “What Harry Reid or Joe Biden was trying to say is” bla bla bla bla……..

  19. I don’t like racists. I do not wish them well, & I wish them all a painful death. Bundy is a racist. However, while I’m not on Bundy’s side, I’m certainly not on the side of a federal governent that thinks it can steal people’s land, and brutalized them with government thugs at the same time. While I certainly don’t wish Bundy well, I don’t want his constitutional rights violatedbuy an out of control president, that’s every bit as racist as he is. Again, while I am no friend to Bundy, let’s not forget the fact that this is still about government overreach, and -potentially- the violation of a constitutional property rights of millions of American citizens. Obama and Harry Reid I know better than twenty first century claim jumpers & cattle rustlers, because those are exactly the actions that they’ve taken.

      1. Well, maybe you can wish them a good life. I don’t, and really couldn’t care less about what you think. And Walter Williams doesn’t go from one completely unrelated subject, to suddenly say Blacks should go back to picking cotton, genius. Try your red herring someplace else.

        1. Red herring? Ridiculous.
          Walter Williams knows that welfare has been more destructive in breaking up the black family than slavery.
          And yeah, I know you don’t care what I think.

          1. Really, the only ridiculous thing is my arguing with you on this. I’ve talked about the destructive nature of voting democrat and being liberal, and how Blacks have put themselves in ghettos, and only they can bring themselves out, or face death. However, I guess you’re just so intent on seeing things the way you want to see them, and refuse to see the racism in a statement that says:

            “And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy?”

            By the way, I notice you didn’t show any examples of how Walt Williams muses if he, and other Blacks, including myself, would be better off under the slavemaster’s lash, picking cotton. Why is that?

            1. Did you bother to read the interview of Williams?
              Cliven didn’t mean they would literally be better as slaves.

          1. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton.” That clearly implies that if they went back to picking cotton, they’d be better off, however, I guess you still choose not to see that.

            1. I don’t take that literally. I take it that too many black men did not learn the value of hard work.

              1. You take it any way that makes you feel good. If pretending it was figurative, when there is no indication that it was, you run with that.

            2. There is nothing wrong with picking cotton not detassling corn, nor picking veggies from the farmland.

    1. You wish a painful death on people you don’t agree with?! I would hate to talk to you at a bar. You know, the ol’ politics and religion taboo.

      1. You can conflate the issue, as much as you like, I really don’t care much about your opinion on the issue. If you want to spread the lie about me wishing death upon everyone I disagree with, because they disagree with me, be my guest. All it will do is make you a bigger liar, and liars don’t usually have much to say in bars that even remotely resembles intelligent.

      2. It’s ashame isn’t Debby? Virus is a conservative, but he can be so rude and nasty.
        His comment to you is out of line.

      3. Virus just likes to take things out of context, and is just making statements with a closed mind. Somewhat agenda driven to my estimation.

    2. I don’t like racists either, of ANY race or political leanings. But I wish for them to realize what they’re saying and the evilness and turn from it. We can all hate thugs and bad people, but can we judge people by the content of their heart?

      1. Again, I don’t care. Their emotional problems are theirs to address. And the contents of this guy’s heart came spilling out of his mouth, for all to hear.

        1. Been well, drowning trying to keep up with the ever unconstitutional changes in ObamaCare.
          Hope you have been keeping CA in line. I saw a tidbit about the state possibility dividing. Any truth to the rumors?

          1. Yes the movement is gaining momentum. State legislature is out of control completely and even those who normally sleep through this stuff are waking up.

            The latest move was to bar anyone from office or the bench that was a boy scout.

            1. Laurel, I caught this on the news a few days ago, but it was just a blurp, I didn’t get the facts behind it, what’s going on? Is this happening in CA.? What is the movement all about?

              1. Which movement? Splitting up the state or the boyscout maneuver by the legislature?

                The splitting up the state is starting to gain momentum because the out of control leftist legislature seems to only be concerned about ramming their personal world view down everyone’s throat. Water rights, taxes, immigration of course just pile on to this movement that actually began about three decades but went dormant for awhile. It began as a movement into three parts but now has morphed into four parts from what I understand. Unless we get a governor though that takes back the water rights I don’t see it working. Currently San Francisco owns Hetch Hetchy which is a large portion of the water used in California.

  20. I’m not black, but I view Bundy’s comments exactly as Davis does: He wasn’t pining for old fashioned slavery, but lamenting the problem of new age slavery. He was just very inartful in his wording.

    1. Yeah sorry to say, this was not meant for closed minds, but sorry to say this world seems to be forced to run on closed minds.

  21. I to don’t believe he is racist … he, I believe just chose the wrong words to get his point across. The left is so quick to use the race card on everything …. its getting to be like the boy who cries wolf … sooner or later … the meaning is going to be so watered down, that when real true racism happens … no one will care. Al Sharpten and Jessie Jackson have made millions off of racism. They keep using the race card, because the benefit financially from the racism hysteria. As long as there is money to be made from the race card, the left will pull it out any time it suits them. The problem is, that its not helping the African american community. The reality is, they are their own worst enemy. Whites aren’t killing blacks, blacks are killing blacks. I live just outside of Chicago, and read about it and watch it every day on TV. The white people don’t hate the black people. The white people faught a war and died to free the black people. Its the black people who hate the black people. They are the ones killing and harming themselves. But we are the racist people if we point it out.

  22. I think Clive’s statements may not have been articulated in the PC fashion; but the nuggets of truth in his statements so clearly disturbed a large part of the progressive bunch to the point that attack is the mode of operation. Discredit a man whose life has been spent putting beef on the table, a man who lives by the sweat of his own brow. It’s hard not to see the truth in his statements, put forth with a heartfelt sincerity that reflects his belief in God and a respect for lawful Government.

    1. You’re right and Ms. Davis is right.

      It’s a shiny object thrown out by the New York Times to distract from the real issue.

      The NYT doesn’t want its god in the White House looking bad, you know.

  23. Wow, Kira is good. People can deny the facts, but many of our own family used to talk like Mr Bundy, on the Right and Left. It’s generational and he hasn’t caught up with the times. He is busy taking care of his Ranch and fighting for his land. Don’t remember anyone on the left come out against the NBP for the kill cracker babies rants.

  24. Kira Davis made many excellent points and she’s correct in our world of reality.

    But in the MSM and among politicians, Cliven Bundy is now toxic based on his commentary. I just wish he or someone close to him had pointed out whoever asked him to comment on race was nothing but a progressive trap.

  25. Call Toure! Bwa-ha-ha! I love Kira.
    The sheeple have been deviated from the main issue, the fed’s land grabs. They are making a move in Texas now.

  26. The New York Times got EXACTLY what it wanted — to tip the argument towards race and detract from the issue that Harry Reid is land grabbing.

    This is how the evil of liberal-marxism works. We’re being distracted by the big shiny thing again. The New York Times was able to paint a racist image of Bundy and thus help sway public opinion away from supporting him. If they can paint this “cowboy” as just another “Conservative racist”, then they’ve won. And they knew it going into the interview. And Bundy walked right into the trap. Now, the federal crime syndicate will be emboldened to do what it wanted to do all along — steal his property and ruin him publicly thus silencing (jamming) their opposition at the point of attack.

    Rules for Radicals #5:
    Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    1. Doesn’t it remind you of how they bait and switch on the topic of abortion during election season?

  27. Romney called them the 47% enslaved on the welfare state plantation, run by the ruling class elites who are coercive collectivist Dixiecrats who like the Chameleon subvert who they are, but you know their fruits by their inequality of laws pitting one race against another, one class against another, all designed by purpose to keep their “INFERIORS” on their plantations.

    1. Frederick Bastiat said this in his writings regarding benefiting one group at the expense of another. If you’re only going to read nonsense you entire life than you’re very open to every ism the left throws at you.

    1. I liked the story his son told of the “guardian angels” that escorted Cliven safely out of the danger area during the Watts riots.
      I don’t think Cliven is a racist or mean spirited at all but I do hope he learns a lesson about media people as most have no morals or scruples.

    2. It doesn’t matter now what the context is or was or ever will be.
      The left got what they wanted and the right is jumping on their band wagon.
      Hannity and Beck couldn’t wait to condemn Mr. Bundy.
      If only we could be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves….
      the left is a serpent on both ends and gets done what they want.

  28. Finally somebody with some guts. If an innocent man was about the shot, but says something you didn’t like do you still shoot him? Look I’m a black guy have been one my whole life. If you read what CB said it’s a valid observation of the welfare state.

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