‘Black Lives Matter’ guy wears an OBAMA shirt in Texas… and live-tweets what happens!

Michael Skolnick is a media producer and a big supporter of Black Lives Matter and other racialist social justice BS movements.

So when he tweeted about wearing an Obama shirt in a small town in Texas, people expected it would be about how racist everyone was.

Here’s what happened:

Notice how he’s vague about what happened. “Quite the experience.”

Yeah…. you mean he didn’t spit at you and chase you out of the restaurant angrily?!

Call the ACLU!! Call Jesse Jackson!! Hitler opened a gun shop in Texas!!

UH… so… nothing happened?

It sounds like he was hoping to provoke people and they just saw him as an oddity.

A LOT of people made a very similar point about his tweets:

Would liberals in Berkeley or any other left-wing enclave be as tolerant about a Trump shirt? Yeah… not bloody likely.

This might be the last post for the day, so have yourselves a merry little open thread!

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