Black unemployment at HISTORIC levels!

According to a new job report out today, the black unemployment rate has fallen to a historic level:

CNBC says the black unemployment rate is now the lowest on record at 5.5%, and those records began in 1972.

The overall jobs report today, however, wasn’t as strong. The unemployment rate remained steady at 3.7%, according to CNBC:

Job growth continued at a tepid pace in August, with nonfarm payrolls increasing by just 130,000 thanks in large part to the temporary hiring of Census workers, the Labor Department reported Friday.

The increase fell short of Wall Street estimates for 150,000, while the unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%, as expected. An alternative measure of the jobless rate, which includes discouraged and underemployed workers, increased to 7.2% from 7% in July, due mainly to a 397,000 increase in those working part-time for economic reasons.

Wage growth remained solid, with average hourly earnings increasing by 0.4% for the month and 3.2% over the year; both numbers were one-tenth of a percentage point better than expected.

Labor force participation also increased, rising to 63.2% and tying its highest level since August 2013. The total number of Americans considered employed surged by 590,000 to a record 157.9 million, according to the household survey, which is conducted separately from the headline establishment count.

With the previous June and July reports revised lower as well, monthly job growth in the U.S. has slowed to just 158,000, compared with 223,000 per month a year ago.

The fact that labor force participation is on the increase is good news according to CNN, who says months and months of good job growth are encouraging people to enter the job market:

So overall it’s kind of a mixed bag today with some strong, some weak.

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84 thoughts on “Black unemployment at HISTORIC levels!

  1. The increase in the labor force participation is the big deal. Sadly it’s only as good as 2013. Looks like we have long way to go. But then again we do have a record number of people employed in America so that’s good. Just need those that are able to get off the couch and start producing. Now’s the time.

  2. “The overall jobs report today, however, wasn’t as strong. The unemployment rate remained steady at 3.7%,…”

    What’s wrong with 3.7%?

    1. 3.7 % means that Jenny Mae is temporarily unemployed as she takes her clippers from the Hairport to Curl Up And Dye.

    2. Nothing. Under 4% is considered full employment.
      From 2018 Bloomberg. To economists, full employment means that
      unemployment has fallen to the lowest possible level that won’t cause
      inflation. … U.S. Federal Reserve economists currently put this
      so-called natural rate of unemployment at between 4.1 percent and 4.7

        1. Yeah, but wasn’t that way back before even the gold standard? I think that was the “shiny shell standard” time period.

  3. We all know that if this were happening under Obambi, CNN, MSNBC, et al. would be crowing about it non-stop. But you won’t hear a peep from them about it now. So much for objective news and journalism.

  4. Give a man a free Obummer phone, he can call his unemployment line, but give a man a Trump economic growth development job and he can make a phone.

  5. This should help with the black vote. Added to the CNN climate lunacy town hall and their upcoming lgbtqxyz gender bender town hall more blacks and hispanics will vote republican.

    1. For a while I’ve wondered if the AA community was ever going to get clue that the Dem party is not good for them. If slavery and Jim Crow didn’t convince them, I’m not sure what a good jobs market will do, unfortunately.

        1. Well, they voted to politically implement the social issues lunacy we now have. I wouldn’t say they seriously believe in traditional values. Their Christianity is mostly for show.

      1. I’ve worked with black people who would talk about Jesus all day long and then would vote Democrat. I’d ask them why they didn’t vote Republican, the pro-life party, and they’d go on a rant about how Republicans were racist, and Democrats were the only party that cared about black people (with no facts to support their claims). It’s hard for facts to get through to them when they are raised on propaganda and don’t have an open mind.

  6. In other economic news, according to the crop report on WYXY Champagne, Illinois soybean exports are “looking good.” This contradicts some of the “experts” who pass through and say that the crop will remain unsold because Chyna.

    1. I’m often amazed at the soybean market. Until this year, I had no idea how many tons went into animal feed.

      But the new thing I learned is that the supposed specialness of The Amazon as the world’s biggest oxygen producer is not so special after all. Soybean fields are also major oxygen producers, but are not counted as forest. Ditto with other crops.

      (The Amazon is still a vital resource, and a home to a unique kind of diversity, so I’m not diminishing its importance. Merely pointing out that it is not “the Earths lungs,” as the eco-warriors claim.)

      1. Yeah, I live near an ADM plant and trucks and trains are lined up almost every day bringing in grain. My employer raises feeder cattle and grows the corn for feed. It’s a much bigger industry than people are aware of.

      2. Just like the corn deal with Brazil, the Trump administration is countering the effects of the tariffs with new deals with other countries. Imagine that… the government foreign policy supporting diversity instead of dependence. I wish more voters realized the importance and positive effect that is having on our future and this administration is the reason it is happening.

        1. Grain is a commodity, just like gold and oil. If you can’t sell it one place, sell it another. The only thing is, with China being the biggest consumer, will they capitulate or let people starve?

      1. Oh yeah, I broke the anti-all-caps rule. It was for comedic effect, though. I hope the mods understand. 🙂

  7. This just shows how stupid and incompetent Trump is……what kind of good racist white supremacist creates an economic environment that increases black employment?!?! Next you’ll be telling me employment is up for latinos and women. /s

  8. Here’s an optimistic outlook on how the job growth will be good for votes in 2020…

    David Catron (AmSpec): In 2020 Trump Will Reduce the Blue Wall to Rubble

    On the one hand, let’s not start assuming Trump will win. Better to play like you’re behind.

    But as I’ve maintained, Trump will lose no voters from 2016 (other than those who died), plus he adds all of the Trump-skeptical, like me, who didn’t vote for him in 2016, but will happily do so in 2020 (as long as events keep looking his way). He can take those votes to the bank.

    (I don’t see any blue state Dem votes *against* Hillary suddenly becoming a vote *for* any of the ultra Marxists now running.)

      1. Yep, the thousands of curious registrations in New Hampshire were covered down in the middle of the article…

        In 2016, he lost New Hampshire by a mere 3,000 votes, and there are indications that some if not all of those ballots were cast by ineligible voters. As the Washington Times reports, “More than 6,500 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.”

      2. After 2018, when the Dems flipped all the Red districts Blue in Orange County, CA through Ballot Harvesting, I take nothing for granted. I’m sure they have studied these techniques well and are prepared to apply them all over the country in key areas.

    1. Don’t forget the 14-17 year olds in 2016. Most are sons and daughters of Trump voters and since got to enter a thriving workforce. 2 of them are my sons. They see a future with Trump and doom with the democrats even though they are not as conservative as I.

    2. There’s always the possibility for an upset, but odds are good he will win. Especially when you consider what the alternative is. Yes, he’s far from perfect and not a conservative. But like I always say, we can survive 4 more years of Trump. I’m not certain we can survive another 4 years under a far-left president. Then we can focus on hitting the reset button in 2024.

      1. Watch the RINOs flock around Romney as, “The one to set us all back on the right path.” Nauseating.

        It’s going to be tough keeping conservatives from peeling off to support the old money elites.

        1. If they want to cut off their nose to spite their face then they might as well start saying president Sanders, or president Warren, or president Biden, because that’s what we will get. And if they think Trump is bad, they haven’t seen anything yet.

    3. K-Bob,
      Per usual, it’ll come down to a handful of swing-states. It’ll be interesting to see if PA, MI, and WI vote Trump again. That could be the key.

      1. Yeah, it’s a real turnoff to right-of-center voters.

        But so far, it’s all been trial balloons and hype. Let’s hope that it’s just Trump flooding the zone to pull any traction from under Dem candidates.

        1. Interesting perspective. I hope that that’s what it is, because if he signs anti-gun legislation I won’t vote for him.

  9. I’m happy that there is good job growth especially since so many in the Baby Boomer bracket have retired or in the process of retiring. It is good to see that those coming after us will be employed and perhaps it will lend incentive for the later generations to have more children. Our children are society’s future and stability. They are not THE be all and end all of the future but the world is only as stable as it’s posterity and children raised to be strong, independent and productive citizens (as opposed to the current fad of raising a little self-centered “prince” or “princess” like they are a lap dog) are those that will accomplish that.

  10. Somebody sent me this:

    You put this up;
    Black unemployment at HISTORIC levels!
    That is a lie or you are in error. You should have printed the headline thusly;
    Black unemployment RATE at HISTORIC LOW levels!

    I don’t know why people are so petty sometimes.

    It’s not a lie to say that black unemployment is at ‘historic’ levels because that’s exactly what the black unemployment rate measures: black unemployment.

    Also, ‘historic’ doesn’t mean high or low, it just means ‘historic’, which it is.

    1. It takes a little effort to read the article, rather than just the headline. Can’t have that! Might trigger someone’s feelings.

      1. It’s amazing how often people who criticize grammer online have grammatical errors or punctuation errors in their critical comment. It’s got to be a really high percentage.

      2. I thought that it should be historical, but then I did fail HS English so maybe I should shut up.

    2. I guess he’s concerned that people may interpret it as a historic high, but I think most people understand what you’re talking about especially after seeing the first line in the article, “…the black unemployment rate has fallen to a historic level:

      1. These days, we can’t give the Dems any fodder. It truly does give a false impression. I just think being aware of how a headline comes across is a good thing.

  11. Black unemployment is at its lowest level ever,thanks to President Trump.That is how it should have read,I did not care for the current headline.not sure what it meant.

      1. More so than not.We criticize Trump when we feel its appropriate,but really do support him when we feel he is right

  12. But will that good news translate into more American Blacks recognizing that while Democrats want to exploit the issue of participation in the economic growth by American Blacks, Republicans, and especially, that Rabid Racist; Donald J. Trump, actually DOES something to increase their ability to participate by growing the economy. Come November 2020, will they be ready to show their appreciation for his delivering on those promises by voting for him and other Republicans?

        1. I doubt it will make much of a difference. Most will be in districts that Trump won with a decent margin or never had a shot at. Just my opinion, I don’t have stats for it. But Vincent James at the Red Elephants does a lot of good statistics research pn this particular subject, and he’d probably agree with me.

  13. Good grief — race, or racial identity, is a choice… And if it’s a choice – a FLUID one – then your data is meaningless. Also, this post offends me. I am a cat.

  14. Well, I guess the “maybe there’s going to be a recession” anti-Trump crews were wrong… 3.7% Unemployment rate means the economy is STABLE and will likely decrease due to Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan holidays coming up;

    I will be surprised if President Trump doesn’t get at least 15-20% of the African-American vote in 2020… that would be the end of the Democrat Party.

  15. It really appears the Black voters are losing some of their uneasiness about our President and I would not be surprised if he gets even higher than the 15-20% projected here.Those blacks receiving freebies may realize that if Trump wins they will still receive those benefits and just stay home and not vote..That is also good news.

  16. This was a nice little click bait title. Worded that it would scare us into clicking, when it turns out that Black unemployment is at it’s lowest ever, rather than climbing.

  17. I’m confused. I’m seeing many other sources reporting 195,000 jobs produced in August, beating expectations.

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