“BLEEDING EVERYWHERE” – White businessman SAVAGELY beaten by gang of black teens; MSM ZZZzzzzzzzzzz

A New Haven, Connecticut businessman was savagely beaten so bad by a gang of black teens that he doesn’t even remember the incident. Yet the media isn’t picking up the story and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson haven’t been heard from on this. Oh that’s right, it’s black on white, not white on black. Never mind about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


Even though the local news doesn’t mention that the teens were black, GWP found a reference to it here:

According to a New Haven Police press release, witnesses said “between five and six black male teenagers rushed him, pushed him from the moving scooter, assaulted him, and fled with the scooter.”

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136 thoughts on ““BLEEDING EVERYWHERE” – White businessman SAVAGELY beaten by gang of black teens; MSM ZZZzzzzzzzzzz

  1. This is the Socialist State of Connecticut! The state is run by Democrats who steal elections with voter fraud and smear campaigns! We have the 5th worst gun laws in the country and our economic growth got us the dubious distinction of being the 50th worst state! Our Governor is an arrogant idiot and our senators and congressman/woman are all Obama rubber stampers who like puppets will dance to any Obama tune! They all do what Democrats do best! They keep the minorities in poverty with entitlements and freebies all in exchange for their votes! Sounds like one of the banana republics in South America!

    1. Tea Party Marine  
      Semper Fi! there brother. Sounds like LBJ’s tactics worked real well there.  Too bad I can’t post that picture here.

  2. Just another double standard news account! Shame on the liberal media! This is a fact which can be found at the DOJ’s own website! In very recent statistic’s acquired by the Justice Dept,  more than twice as many white people are murdered by non-whites than blacks murdered by non-blacks. The actual ratio is 2.2 to 1. Where’s the outcry for racial justice here and now!

  3. I think some of you are mistaken in who’s who in the clip. The white guy injured, was an employee, mechanic, for the black owner of the business. There were both blacks & whites that worked for him.

    1. JamesGragg   it doesn’t matter to me who he worked for,  I am only responding to blacks attacking white, and nobody seems to get upset.

      Yesterday local paper had two crime stories,  both black teens/thugs with guns robbing and committing crime.  Sorry I profile based on past experiences and believe me if I am walking alone and being followed by a couple blacks in hoodies, I am, like Rev. Jesse Jackson greatly concerned for my safety.

      1. BarryLevy JamesGragg  
        YA THINK!?!?! Some of us older guys, walk with canes, whether we need them or not. GREAT “offensive” weapon ALREADY IN HAND.

        1. JamesGragg  and I would look to learn how to hit a person’s kneecap and immobilize that person.  Stops the attack dead in the water

  4. Isn’t Connecticut one of those States who  does’t like guns? Better change your attitude and gun laws because you are going to need guns to stop theses purple drinkers. Al and Jessie ain”t gonna be no help.

  5. Their are more frog lickers then kkk members in our country.Sure every race has thugs but the black race has many more and you know that’s true. They have the Al’s and Jessie’s to make a fuss and the media give them a platform to spew their BS. The stupid lazy white people let all that’s happening  happen with their hands out and not voting and not speaking out.What’s the sense when the whites are a minority they will p-ss on us and kill us off like the christens in the middle east.

  6. every race has their thugs and nothing says coward more than a kkk member. italians are white and for decades they killed in the most brutal ways this country has ever seen who knows they maybe even killed a president or helped layout the hit. so how come every black or hispanic is a thug when he assalts a person and when a white person decides to snap and shoot everyone he sees he has mental issues and the meds made him wig out. im not saying what happened here was right but i gotta say whites in this country are bitter and scared now because they know that the playing feild for employment and opportunity is equal. now their skin isnt a free pass anymore and now they are living in low income housing and recieving welfare maybe thats why oboma got elected because republican canidated alienated their own voters so some “voted for the lesser of two evils” we need unity in america otherwise its going to be hard for whites in the future.  america is like a teenager its starting to come of age every contry founded went through similau struggles with race and different ethnic groups. but if the whites lose their majority how can the expect other races to respect them when they have showed none. stop making everything white and black. and why is zimmermaan white and obamma black arent they both mixed? zimmerman himself identifies as hispanic and obamma mixed.  i guess the mafia arent criminals either. they had a pretty good run here in america.

  7. We need some rev al and jesse’s on our side but  they wouldn’t get air time. Bad things are gonna happen if this keeps up.

  8. Just imagine if one of those black witness had been carrying concealed and shot one of those kids before the man was really hurt bad. Al and Jesse would of been down there calling
    The black man an Uncle Tom

  9. Black cowards won’t attack unless the numbers are in their favor and/or the intended victim looks like and carries himself/herself like a victim, i.e., the body language and demeanor indicates that he/she won’t fight back.

  10. Add one more to the ever-growing list. . .guess they went home to celebrate with skittles and all the other right ingredients.

  11. He was in a black neighborhood. Law enforcement in Southern California would consider the victim as having deliberately provoked the violence by daring to enter a black neighborhood while white.

  12. If the children just wanted the motor scooter they could have easily taken it but the name of the game these days from the top down is “get revenge.”  Wonder what this working business man did to deserve “revenge.”  The role models and idols for these children support “getting revenge” so these youths were merely doing that which their leaders support and encourage.  So  I guess there is no answer to curb this type of behavior because it  is now the acceptable norm and is fully justified in order to “get revenge.”                                       If a problem that could result in the imposition of a police state doesn’t exist, then create one.

    1. Lorraine E President Obama admitted that he himself used to Trayvon some 35 years ago,

  13. From the anchor nor the woman reporter, no one mentioned the kids were blacks.  But boy if it had been the other way, we would have heard a gang of white kids.  It is no wonder that  lot of people just don’t even realize the crime that blacks are doing.  The liberal media even started calling Zimmerman a white man, which was clearly not the case.  Why does the media do this.  And it is no wonder by blacks are profiled more than any other group, because they do the majority of things like this.  They are not even blacks, they are animals, a step above apes.  Thank goodness most of the black population are not like this but they need to step up and do something about their own instead of always saying it is because of whites.  And to me most blacks are cowards, they can’t do anything unless there are many of them.

    1. wedey   the report is that blacks make up 13% of the population yet commit 10 times the homicides of whites and hispanics combined.

      Since the black thugs that do this comprise less than the entire black population, one could make the case that blacks should be profiled when they are in a certain age and dress because the likelihood is extreme of a problem occurring.

  14. Let’s look at the big picture here!  We had black thugs jumping a white man!  Actually we had a gang of thugs jumping a citizen!  Citizen; just like you and me.  I am retired from over 45 years in law enforcement; and after awhile you get past the stereotyping, and begin to see things as they really are!  These were thugs against citizens who are out for what they want; any way they can get it.  Yes, maybe it was black on white crime; or maybe a couple miles away there is a similar situation with white on black or brown on yellow!  What difference does it make other than being a criminal act against the citizens themselves!  We don’t need the Jesse or Al or Obama’s; we just need citizens against criminals; in order to stop this crap.  When I entered law enforcement in the 60’s we didn’t have as bad a problem as we do now; because laws where stricter!  Since the ACLU and all the so called rights groups entered the picture and began to chip away at laws in order to meet their special agenda’s, the criminal element has become cocky!  The prisons have become places for a criminal to take a short vacation instead of paying for their crime; so they figure they get 3 hots and a cot; so no big deal!  Do the crime; pay the time (if caught and sentenced) then on to another score!  There is no fear of prison because the so called prisoner rights have taken the teeth out of incarceration!  
    In this situation it appears the man was well liked by the local neighbors, who just happened to be black!  These people did not look at the issue as racial, they looked at is as criminal and have responded accordingly.  This is how we citizens should see this situation and others like it!  The hell with the color of a person’s skin; the issue is crime upon the citizenry!  Case Closed!!!!

    1. While you are right about these crimes being against citizens regardless of skin color, the problem is in the hypocrisy of politicians and the media in their reporting! Zimmerman’s case was considered racial because of mere skin color, but a crime like this one in Conn. is not. That is the problem, and that is why race is being highlighted in this piece!

      1. soxpatfan EExactly Butch…..This is anarchy starting to grow against all peoples…It’s time for real reform in PUNISHMENT…….Prisons are not supposed to be a purgatory, it’s supposed to be HELL…..Out here in the West these perps would have not gotten away with it because most all citizens are ARMED. I for one have several weapons and a couple of holes conveniently dug out in Desert. Once shot they are transported and buried there never to be seen again……The stupid liberal laws in Conn are to blame

    2. butch ragland  For the most part, I completely agree with you, on ALMOST everything you said.

      Here is where we differ: The ACLU has done some really stupid stuff in the past, they have also done some very good stuff on occasions, despite the “reputation” that is laid on them. Then there is “prisoner’s rights,” which are damn few in prisons, MOST “issues” in that department, mostly deals with “Cruel & additional punishments” dealt out by prison staffs, without ANY justification. As well as a few cases when the prisons REFUSED to release inmates, as ORDERED by various courts, or Ex Post Facto applications of new laws. Then there is the “Innocence Project,” which has gotten HUNDREDS released from prisons all across the country, for “crimes” that they FACTUALLY did not commit, based on DNA “evidence.” How many more poor souls are in those hell holes, just as “innocent,” but having no DNA evidence in their cases to prove anything? I know you retired form Law Enforcement in the 60s (from what you said), and that was 50 years ago, the training that some cities did back then, the attitudes and the way “business” as was done in your day, by some, is what gets Police fired or jailed today, you can see it all over YouTube.
      The Biggest “reason” today, that so many young people (“thugs” & “gangsters”), is that NOW too many of them see most police as just another “gang,” with a uniform & badge, because in too many areas of our country, that is EXACTLY how LEOs conduct themselves, unlike in your day days in service, I pray. But, I in NO WAY, approve of or endorse THAT behavior, either from citizens or police.

      1. I agree with you to a point, the aclu in their day were very effective and useful. They have become useless and are no longer relevant. The causes are BS and so they have become also.
        Please no manger in the park with a baby Jesus.

  15. Americans once were like “killer bees.” When trespassed upon, the victim was not left to his own feeble devices. The community and the servant government were his allies, swarming to inflict justice in response to his injury.
    “In Europe a criminal is an unhappy being who is struggling for his life against the ministers of justice, whilst the population is merely a spectator of the conflict; in America he is looked upon as an enemy of the human race, and the whole of mankind is against him.”
    – – – Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-1859. . democracy in America, volume 1

  16. And what is so eye opening & refreshing, is that all of the people that
    helped him, and were on camera AGAINST what happened to him, were black.
    My GOD, there is hope for this country, in combating the likes of Al
    Sharpton et. al.

  17. You’re right Tommyblogger56. People are people. Sin is sin. Everywhere. Anybody, any color, alone is nice 99% of the time. But when you put people together, you’re going to get the percentage of corruption out of them as a group that’s inside of them individually. If people are good on the inside and they join with others who are good, good prevails. Same the opposite. If our culture keeps dumbing us down, accepts a lower bar or standard, flaunts evil for entertainment, gets us to start laughing at what once would have been shocking, let’s say it…takes God out of every equation in life (which is basically saying there’s no one that we need to be accountable to even in our private, hidden moments) THEN we’re going to get more and more of this kind of stuff. We are accountable for our actions! Always! And if we don’t believe it, we’ll that’s ok, but our “sins will find us out” despite our unbelief! Christians, heads up! We’ve been told that we can turn our culture around in one particular way. It’s not telling everyone about Jesus though we’re told to do that. It’s not getting involved in local government in order to “salt” our culture. It’s to REPENT. “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves (that’s the hard part because we have blinders on too but the Holy Spirit will oblige us if we just ask Him to take off our rosé colored glasses) and pray and seek My face and turn from THEIR wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

  18. I’ve seen this behavior in numerous cultures: Middle East, inner city,
    white trash … they all act the same way – mob rule. It’s not in the
    color – it’s in the environment. It’s all they’ve ever known because
    it’s all they’ve ever been taught – and it’s all they’ll ever show the
    world. Change the surroundings and you change the person.

  19. All races need to come together and stop this thuggery.  Bless the people that helped a fellow human in distress.

  20. Again, I have emailed this to Al Sharpton and his National Action Network. I pray they get to the bottom of this soon. I am very certain that they were racial undertones to this assault and robbery, and something must be done.

  21. Gather up all the hoodlems from all over America and put them in  cities like Detroit, Chicago and other so called safe cities along  with Jesse, Al and the biggest one Nobama , this will stop all of the white on black crime.

  22. Quick, someone call Obama, Sharpton and Jackson so they can hold protests in 100 cities! I’m sure they will want to protest this racist behavior!

  23. What’s the big surprise here? Savages being savages. I don’t care if I’m criticized for saying so. It’s a fact. These are the same kind of thugs that trayvon martin aspired to become, based on his phone records.
    Black males acting like bullies and animals, preying on the weak, or outnumbering the victime. This is what they think makes them tough guys.
    JayZ and his fellow black entertainers must be so proud of what they’ve helped create for the next generation of black males, with their songs that glorify uncivilized behavior and treating others , especially women, with utter contempt and a total lack of any respect whatsoever.
    It all starts like this article describes and ends up like Detroit. I’m am perfectly happy to sit back and watch it all burn. I will never live anywhere near a black community. Ever. For exactly this reason.

    1. Well, as a black man living in a community that has other black people, I don’t want you anywhere near me, either.

    2. jamesJ Did you not see the black people in this community that had empathy for the white man, including the ones that came to his aid?  It’s the thugs that act like savages.  It’s not their skin color, it’s their culture.  There are blacks that reject that culture, as there are whites that embrace it.  Try judging the individual.

    3. jamesJ I’ve seen this behavior in numerous cultures: Middle East, inner city, white trash … they all act the same way – mob rule. It’s not in the color – it’s in the environment. It’s all they’ve ever known because it’s all they’ve ever been taught – and it’s all they’ll ever show the world. Change the surroundings and you change the person.

    4. jamesJ   you put it so correctly   Trayvon was a wanna be gangsta wishing to put a whoop ass on Zimmerman, and not one black/lib/media states the obvious, that being using someone as a pinata, bashing a head into the pavement is not doing nothing, but is being a thug, criminal.

      And what is it with a child,  at 17,   no that was a different time and different crime.

      and did you catch the news about the person that created the hollywood riot/flash thuggery.  He is 16.  So we are supposed to think of this waste of human debris, this black bit of trash as a child.  
      Sorry not a child, and how about publishing names of youthful thugs, and parents names and addresses so that people can shun them and maybe cause some shame on the people that create the problems.

      Don’t get these problems in small towns where people know each other, because societal pressure stops this nonsense.

    5. In the wild, the apes/monkeys attack in mass. They get the whole tribe together and raid their neighbors, killing them and in some cases eating them.

  24. Black teens pulled a white man from his car, beat him, and murdered him by pushing him in front of a passing car. A local news anchor called it a “Hit and Run ACCIDENT.”

      1. Orangeone 
        The ‘Weazselzippers’ link was dated April 3, 2012 8:01 pm. Almost 4 months ago. You notice it got ZERO ‘media’ attention. 😉 😉

        1. tinlizzieowner Orangeone Chris Loesch, Dana Loesch’s husband just tweeted that his friend’s father was shot twice by thugs he was giving directions to, is now paralyzed.  Also in FL.

    1. JohnGarrett1 HIT AND RUN!?  That’s insane and just so politically correct it makes me ill.

  25. Hey Jessie!  Hey Al!  Where are you two race mongers on this one!  Oh!  He’s white or something other than Black?  So he doesn’t count does he!  You both are worthless!

  26. Drive cars, trucks, SUVs, and get a concealed handgun permit, and find a qualified instructor to teach you how and when to use it. Do some planning to avoid having to use it.

  27. Obama’s speech only centered on white on black crime which is the lowest ever.  It is black on black and latino on black (and vice versa) that is going through the roof.  It makes for good politics to keep people’s mind off that devastating Obamacare and how it is destroying our economy.  It is also a welcome reprieve from this Administration to take some light off of the IRS, Benghazi and FF.  I wonder if the black race has figured out yet that they are being used?  I’m just sayin’…..

    1. suzy000 
       “I wonder if the black race has figured out yet that they are being used?  I’m just sayin’….. ”
      More and more are every day. 😉

  28. I am glad to see that there are still sane blacks calling for justice for the white store owner.  All the citizens in the news video do seem to want justice for this poor man.  Good to see some humanity in this world!  I hope they catch them and string them by their toes!

  29. I support the principles of individual rights and equality of rights before the law. Unfortunately, after reading many of the posts today it appears that these people turn blind eyes to individuals and clearly do recommend violating others’ rights based on their own prejudicial viewpoints. All bigotry, regardless of the objects of its hatred, treats the individual based on some collective trait, not their individuality.This type of reasoning along any lines is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. If ‘we’ simply didn’t hate because ‘they’ aren’t ‘you’, we could get to focusing our energy on regaining our individualism and unity against tyranny, lies and deceit of government and all be happy and free…

    1. JimmyKane How did you glean that from the posts here?RS is simply trying to point out the media bias when it comes to black on white crime or even black on black crime,as in the case of Chicago.This type of stor doesn’t fit the left wing media’s narrative about racism,and it doesn’t fill the needs of moving their agenda of division and race wars,such as in the case of GZ.

  30. Results = Jessie, Al, Obama .. Holder.   can winter come fast enough ? don’t think so ..

  31. As long as hate of fellow Man is on everyone’s agenda rather than focus on those who are pushing hate, (like the media and Obama’s agenda), there will be no room for peace and happiness.

  32. Another reason to CARRY but CT just keeps on giving the advantage to the bad guys! More gun laws and we really mean it this time?

    1. Conniption Fitz And we all know these incidents aren’t Trayvon-inspired. Just a good excuse for some to be thugs.

  33. Leftism has ALWAYS been the political home to racists.
    – KKK
    – LaRaza
    – Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood
    – Southern D’rat Governors who blocked school integration
    – Race-baiting rhyming reverend racists

    …just to name a few.

    1. freeperjim How many Blacks know that the KKK were not the republican party that it was and still is the left wing dems?  I just wonder if they knew the truth would this give them a new light on how they are being used as pawns in the Obama game of Chess and the NWO Agenda (JMT)

    Do you want to know why there’s not a single liberal troll decrying this? Because secretly they’re APPLAUDING IT! They WANT a civil war! 
    But as noted below, one of these days, they’re going to cross the wrong neighborhood or attack the wrong person and they will all go home in body bags.
    You want to act like a barbaric uncivilized animal, then don’t be surprised when you’re put down like one.

    1. they already did come across the wrong guy and attack him….George Zimmerman.  And look how he was portrayed and how Martin was portrayed…..as some sweet innocent little boy just out for some candy, awwww.

  35. Ah, that was a clutch of wannabe-trayvons, just having fun, man!
    Expecting the MSM to report this, expecting the race pimps (including the POS) to condemn this is futile. The only way is to get the ordinary, non-violent black neighbours to stand up, give up the criminals in their midst, and not do what trayvon’s “parents”, the race pimps and the bleeding-heart progs do: make them into little innocents who only wanted to play.

    1. colliemum According to the moron media, these kids are just “mischievous teens”. Yeah, they were bored and just needed to assault an innocent victim. It’s all part of their “black envy”.

      1. stage9
        Yep, sure, ‘mischievous, bored, envious teens’ – and it’s the fault of the businessman to have tempted them by running those scooters where they could see them …
        It is precisely this ‘compassion’ for the criminal which needs to be eradicated – but it won’t as long as the progs hold the MSM and education in their hands, and as long as the race pimps perpetuate it in the ‘hoods.
        I just wish there were more successful black people who’d turn their backs on the ‘gift’, the poison of the left and the race mongers and knock a few black heads together.
        If the attitude in the ‘hoods doesn’t change pretty fast, there will be a counter-reaction which will not be pretty at all.

  36. Obama, where the he** are you now?!  Where are you with your stupid speeches saying “if this were a black man he wouldn’t have been severely beaten”?  
    This angers me so much!  Whites getting beaten, murdered and raped year round by young black men and you never hear a word from any liberal, whether black or white.  It’s not news and deserves no attention.  But,  a white Hispanic (which didn’t exist before this shooting) kills one black thug and the liberals are outraged as he** over it. 
    They say it’s not agenda driven.  My a**!  They originally believed Zimmerman was white.  They already made a case for outrage because he was white.  The racist white man killed a poor, helpless child just walking home.   Liberal, if you have no agenda to politicize this and fraudulently make it about race, why did you make up the new racial classification as white-Hispanic?   Liberals wanted to rile things up about whites being racist , and they soon found out that Zimmerman wasn’t black.  Uh oh, we’ve got a problem, Houston.  He doesn’t represent the race you set out to express outrage against, so you made up a new term to make sure “white” was in his racial classification.  It might be a scant trace, but it’s enough to tag him as a white man killing young black man.  You liberals are pathetic.  No honesty, no morals, no decency, no respect, and no care for setting racial relations back 40 years.

  37. “Even though the local news doesn’t mention that the teens were black,”
    Yea thats typical of the liberal media. Just remember everytime they omit race in the description, its because the suspect is black.

  38. The media really doesn’t need to report the skin color of the perpetrators or the victims.  
    First of all, the absence of it in the lamestream media reporting should tell you exactly who the perpetrators and victims are.  
    Secondly, Jackson, Sharpton and all the lowlife race baiters abstaining or screaming loudly tells one all they need to know.
    By now, one should be able to tell just what fits the political correctness narrative and what don’t.

  39. <b>If the neighborhood really wants to – They will catch the punks 
    If they really want to – that is!

    1. PressWatchusa No it won’t happen, these people live in fear 24/7.  The thugs know where you live, and the people know it.  The police respond, they dont live there or have a station located in the area.

  40. This site seems really obsessed on reporting on black-on-whiite crime… trying to fan the flames or just plain have a grudge against black men?

    1. There is just so much of it, and the msm ain’t interested. Why, you just trying to fan the flames or just plain have a grudge against white men?

    2. GarthAlgar  
      You see a few posts and you come up with that gem of reasoning?  A stupid accusation unsupported by any facts.

      Sad how skin-color obsession seems to rob people of the ability to think.

    3. GarthAlgar 
      Maybe you’ve noticed, or not…just in case you haven’t, there has been unending reporting on how WHITE’s detest blacks and how unfair it was for Mr. Zimmerman to not have been convicted of murder because Mr. Martin was black…I think that’s how the scenario is going…day and night complete with marches and demands and a president and doj hell bent on making sure Americans know how racist they are….You want to talk about “fanning flames”? Talk to Al Sharpton, J Jackson, MLK III, jay z, beyonce and any number of other race baiters.
      We’re suppose to be having a “dialogue” on race relations. How do we do that if we don’t “dialogue”?

      1. badbadlibs GarthAlgar This is true but what we are really talking about is how the media has their own agenda. If you think about it

        1. CarlaPresley badbadlibs GarthAlgar 
          The media’s agenda is lock step with the leftists. If we want to blame the media first and foremost, I’m all for it. I hold them accountable for lying thru their teeth to advance liberalism in all it’s myriad forms on this nation.

      1. stage9GarthAlgar 
        Have you read this?

    4. GarthAlgar  
      I didn’t see anywhere in the video clip where it said the business owner was ‘White’, did you?
      Every witness to the crime in the video was Black, it ‘appears’ to be a Black neighborhood? You think that the business owner might just be Black? Or are you just here to be a racist A$$hole?

      1. tinlizzieowner GarthAlgar  yes the clip DID say the business owner was white… the real issue here should be simply that A man was beaten by a group of TEENS.. everything does not have to be about race… come on people, the reason we still have race problems is because people will NOT let it stop…. this is meaning both blacks and whites won’t let it die down…. How about trying to look at ALL people as just people and not the color of their skin..

        1. melaniegrant 
          No. It’s NOT BOTH blacks and whites. Until the true facts are dealt with there’s little hope for race relations to be realized in the way they are actually lived.
          The nation fought a war to end slavery, this is not the 50’s, the democrats were shamed into supporting civil rights, America elected a black man two times to the presidency and the true crime statistics show what is happening.
          Be a part of the solution and look at the true facts. There is one side who benefits from making and keeping racial relations in a crisis mode and it’s not the whites.

        2. melaniegrant tinlizzieowner GarthAlgar 
          You have a valid point there. George Zimmerman was found NOT guilty. That should have been the end of it, right? But…… Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, the Black Panthers, the NAACP, the left wing ‘media’ and the protesters in the streets, wont let it die because it concerns a ‘White-Latino’ killing a Black kid (in self defense, I might add).
          This story will never get much national media exposure. probably even less than the Black on Black crime issue. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the (very profitable) ‘agenda’ of ‘White Racism’ in this country, that’s why.

      2. tinlizzieowner GarthAlgar I looked on the business’ website.  They have pics of the staff.  He is white.

        1. CeeDee tinlizzieowner GarthAlgar 
          So another White businessman leaves a predominantly Black neighborhood (for his own safety) and some Black guys who work for him are unemployed.
          🙁 🙁

  41. This nation is outta control. BO has marched this country backwards economically and socially, by design. This man is poison and doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. I fear we are headed for a civil uprising of epic proportion. God have mercy on this nation.

    1. PVG time to cull the heard…they want this, let’s oblige. 
      I am so sick of the race baiters in this country, especially Barry Soetoro

  42. REPORT: Enraged by accusations that they are doing Obama’s bidding, the MSM Leaders demand instructions from the White House on how to proceed in light of the allegations…

    1. doofuschmartz Hey  hey, very good. You’ll like thepeoplescube com, bestobamafacts com and iowahawk typepad com too. There’s some mildly amusing things at my old blog also. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  43. Just carry your concealed weapon, with permit of course… now that would have prevented this from happening.  Can you only imagine if one had to take out 5-6 thugs and the court case that would follow?  Yikes for sure.

    1. HillaryShackley  
      If he had been carrying, then he could have shot a couple of them – and THAT would have made the “White on Black  crime” evening news. I can see it now – 
      “Headlines: Crazed Tea Party terrorist shoots and kills unarmed black children who only wanted to go for a ride to get skittles and a soft drink. When informed, the black parents of the dead children promptly trademarked their names (for future revenues). When will the white on black mayhem ever cease?”

    2. HillaryShackley “with permit of course”………your ‘permit’ is the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution…..

      1. NorthernBear HillaryShackley  
        The 2nd Amendment. America’s original ‘Homeland Security’. 😉 😉

    3. HillaryShackley I had the same immage in my head.  I could even see the MSM lead in for the story.

  44. Johnson’s “Great Society” has only succeeded in creating several generations of progressively Feral Urban Youth that end up filling jails and spreading misery.

    1. Terrenceor  
      Obviously Johnson (D) was right when he said,
      “I’ll have those Ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

  45. evil has been given a pass from this administration. the crimes are everywhere; but, the doj doesn’t prosecute because they are oppressed…shameful

  46. If this type of action continues it’s only a matter of time till they run into someone with a gun, Then Obummer can cry for some more for his kids.

  47. From the looks of the news footage, if he was white, he was a minority.

    No justice – No peace.

  48. I presume that, in this case, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    It sounds like the businessman was beaten badly, based on what the witness said.
    Now, according to George Zimmerman, that’s what was happening to him before he shot Mr. Martin.

    There are no reports of the businessman producing a gun.

    The only time that those hypocrites at the main-stream media would have made an issue of this was if the businessman had produced a gun and defended himself. Then it would have become a race issue.
    It’s not a race issue if I get myself beat to a pulp and I don’t defend myself!
    I don’t get it.

  49. Yeah, if he carried, & killed or maimed one or two of these punks the “Mod Squad,” AKA notsosharpton,jackoffson, & bungholebarry would take the first flight out there to condemn the man & demand more gun control.

  50. See Jesse the honky took his beat down like a good little cracka thank god he didn’t shoot the teens then we’d have an issue

  51. Chalk up another one for trayvon. Where is not so Sharpton,jackoffson & bathhouse barry? Probably all huddled together thinking up more blame to put on “Whitey”. It’s getting to be the national pastime dontcha know?

  52. The new philosophy question for the media: If a white man is attacked by black teens, was a crime really committed?

  53. But we don’t need Stand your Ground laws. We just need to succumb to the insanity of liberalism’s utopian victim society.

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