Blood Money: Mitt Romney’s Medicare Scandal

Honestly I was very skeptical of this documentary, given the dishonesty of some Super PACs this election season. But as I watched it, it looked it was put together fairly well. It wasn’t full of short interviews that could be taken out of context and everything was sourced.

The basic premise is that Romney’s Bain Capital bought a company named Damon Corporation and scammed Medicare out of millions in cash, and then sold the company right before the feds came knocking the door down. They point out that they aren’t sure if Romney knew about it, but it seemed very odd that this stuff was happening under his watch, that he would know nothing about it.

Make up your own mind, as I know you will:

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139 thoughts on “Blood Money: Mitt Romney’s Medicare Scandal

  1. The ad does say they don’t know if Romney knew about it. But he was in charge. Who made the decision to bail as soon as they got a subpoena? Looks suspicious at the very least. The execs usually aren’t the ones left holding the bag-the minions are the ones who go to jail while the execs sail off into the sunset. I wouldn’t support someone like Romney anyway. He’s nothing but a suit and a liberal one too.

  2. If Romney was on the board of Damon and didn’t know what was going on, how is he going to know what’s going on if he’s president? Sounds kind of like Holder not knowing about F&F.

  3. Oh sure, they’re gonna tell the CEO of Bain Capital about their plans to scam Medicare and he’s goinna say sure do whatever you have to to turn a profit.

    I’m no Romney fan but this is what’s implied.

  4. It would have made much more sense for this man to have challenged Obama in the democrat primary-they are one in the same.

  5. Why are you supporting hit pieces for or against any conservative candidate? I like all the candidates and, while I’m disappointed with the vicious attack ad on all sides, this is not the worst that it’s ever been. RS should not be supporting any hit piece by posting it without any challenge to its inaccuracies. The next sound you hear is me, removing RS from my favorites.

  6. If Romney is not an insider than why are all of the insiders supporting him?
    Why does Romney avoid explaining the truth about how half the people in Mass are unhappy with his health care plan (not 1 in 3). He wants to run away from the debate on Health care. His patented answer is that I will repeal Obama Care which was designed from Romney Care. Deflecting its substance. Exactly what is Romney going to replace Obama Care with? The republican party needs to ask direct questions to Romney. Get off Gingrich’s case about Fannie and Freddie,wives,etc.Romney has been campaigning for 6 years. Yes Gingrich wanted a mandate but I trust Gingrich to leave the power to the states. Romney is backed by Goldman Sachs and most insiders in the Belt way. He was not in favor of Reagan yet he wants to make it seem as though Gingrich was disliked by Reagan. Not true. The elite Republican insiders need to explain Romney’s record not tear down and lie about Gingrich. Let us not forget that Romney started these negative tactics in Iowa and then went on steroids in Florida. The wife thing was also orchestrated by these elites during the SC primary. One minute Romney is the great business man that knows how to manage. The next minute he has nothing to do with a company because he is was in mutual funds or he was unaware of adds that he in fact approved. All Secrete trusts. Give me a break. Is that the way he will run the US. Lets talk about the Damon Corporation. The Damon Corporation, who pled guilty to Federal conspiracy charges as a result of tens of millions of dollars in systemic Medicare fraud committed under Romney’s and Bain’s control. Obama certainly will talk about it if Romney is the nominee. We need to know more about this Romney guy and his past. The last President was elected without the proper venting. Also no doubt Obama’s is preparing his campaign against that Romney will be the poster boy for the Rich against the middle class and social injustice. Count on it. I believe Gingrich is the only one that can debate this in depth. Food stamps are paychecks will be Gingrich’s platform . Chances are Romney will lose the debate with Obama by portraying him as a Super Rich guy that is out of touch with hurting Americans. Bill Clinton felt your pain. Obama will protray Romney as just another CEO from Wall Street in bed with Big Banks.

  7. I just heard that Romney’s numbers have droped 20 percentage points in florida due to this ad. I love that I live in a contry that someone could put out a half truth ad and it sways that big a portion of the population. I hope Romney Drops out and sues for defimation of charector. The guy behind this is the CEO of Marvel Comics. I hope Romney own’s them and Forbs magazine after this.

    Then everyones dream will come true and Newt will be our nominee. Whom I will not support after dirty politcs like this. This is going to do nothing but hurt Newt in the long run. Then When it is time Pelosi will release what she knows about Newt – at that time it will be to late to turn back and Obama gets voted in again. I love this contry…

    1. “Romney’s present critics are quick to point out that U.S. attorneys didn’t see it that way. Damon’s prosecutors credited Corning, not Romney or Bain, with discovering and ferreting out the alleged fraud.

      Romney and the Damon board did, however, contact Damon’s lawyers, seek their counsel, and change Damon’s policies.

      The New York law firm Schulte, Roth & Zabel advised Damon to change its policy to clarify its requisition orders with doctors, The Boston Globe reported in 2002. Knowing of the federal investigation into lab companies, the firm told Damon that its policies weren’t the same as those of National Health, another lab company accused of fraud by federal investigators, and ultimately advised Damon that its policies didn’t violate any laws. Neither Damon nor Romney alerted federal investigators to this process.”

      “Responding to the ad, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul wrote in an email, “Newt Gingrich’s SuperPAC ads would make Michael Moore proud and have already struck a chord with President Obama’s liberal allies. They have been thoroughly discredited by independent fact checkers and by respected Republicans like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Once again, Speaker Gingrich is reaching into President Obama’s playbook and trying to re-litigate old Democratic attacks.”

      Though Winning Our Future is steered by former Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler, the former House speaker and his campaign are prohibited by federal election law from coordinating with the group or advising it on ads and messaging.”

      Quotes taken from here:

      So it turns out Romney did nothing wrong and he was following the law the way it was written back then. When he found out about this supposedly wrong doing he did what any intelligent CEO would do and talked to his lawyers and asked them what he and the company should do. He followed the law and his lawyers advice. He did not break any law. Isn’t it funny now that the DNC has now attached them self’s to this attack. That is right the DNC is on NEWTS side on this. The DNC ESTABLISHMENT. Is going hard after Romney here. Hmm I wonder what they have up there sleeve. All you people are falling right in to their plan.

  8. This is very much like Fast and Furious. Most of us have called for Holder’s resignation because if he knew about the operation it is criminal, if he didn’t it is incompetence. The same could be said here about Mitt Romney. We all know fraud of any kind costs each of us and therefore must never be excused. Mitt Romney, one way or the other, does not deserve to sit in the Oval Office.

  9. What I want to know is what reason willard has for keeping his tax returns from 2008 and 2009 hidden!! For some reason, no one knows anything about those years but from previous releases of financial documents, there isn’t anything incriminating in those docs….did he profit from the stimulus? was he like soros who made money from betting against our economy?? who knows, maybe it’s nothing!! just interesting that I could come across this story on my own while researching the guy but there are certain areas of his recent past that remain hidden

    1. Even here from your neighbor in the north, we are wondering why the media and Republicans did not pursue this. Don’t they know that silence to a known crime is complicity? The delinquency, negligence, and indifference of your judicial, legislative, and investigative bodies (Federal election commission, FBI, CIA, and military) regarding this matter is inexcusable to a point of being criminal (Pardon me for being politically incorrect, but it is too important to really care if I offend anybody with this. If I offended anyone, too bad, just grow up!).

      Rubio might be a good speaker but he is not a natural born citizen, sorry Rubio fans (I too like the guy’s prowess with words) but his parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth. You cannot go after Obama and then excuse Rubio’s candidacy. I wonder who else is not qualified to run.

      Every American must insist that the law is applied equally, even if it affects those who are well loved and like, otherwise it will lead to a complete breakdown of your institutions, if not now then later. A law must be enforced; otherwise what is the point of wasting untold billions for law makers to make laws that is not worth the paper they are written on? Excuse one law breaking and you will end up excusing the breaking of most laws. You might as well dismantle all the institutions in place and go back to being wild America.

  10. This proves the government has TOO MUCH OF OUR MONEY and they are not good stewards of it! And Taxpayers are ripped off every unbelievable way possible. Just a bunch of high tech criminals. Newt and Romney BOTH should be in Federal prison.

  11. If Romney is not an insider than why are all of the insiders supporting him?
    Why does Romney avoid explaining the truth about how half the people in Mass are unhappy with his health care plan (not 1 in 3). He wants to run away from in any debate on Health care. His patented answer is that I will repeal Obama Care which was designed from Romney Care. Deflecting its substance. Exactly what is Romney going to replace Obama Care with? The republican party needs to ask direct questions to Romney. Get off Gingrich’s case about Fannie and Freddie,wives,etc.Romney has been campaigning for 6 years. Yes Gingrich wanted a mandate but I trust Gingrich to leave the power to the states. Romney is backed by Goldman Sachs and most insiders in the Belt way. He was not in favor of Reagan yet he wants to make it seem as though Gingrich was disliked by Reagan. Not true. The elite Republican insiders need to explain Romney’s record not tear down and lie about Gingrich. Let us not forget that Romney started these negative tactics in Iowa and then went on steroids in Florida. The wife thing was also orchestrated by these elites during the SC primary. One minute Romney is the great business man that knows how to manage. The next minute he has nothing to do with a company because he is was in mutual funds or he was unaware of adds that he in fact approved. All Secrete trusts. Give me a break. Is that the way he will run the US. Lets talk about the Damon Corporation. The Damon Corporation, who pled guilty to Federal conspiracy charges as a result of tens of millions of dollars in systemic Medicare fraud committed under Romney’s and Bain’s control. Obama certainly will talk about it if Romney is the nominee. We need to know more about this Romney guy and his past. The last President was elected without the proper venting. Also no doubt Obama’s is preparing his campaign against that Romney will be the poster boy for the Rich against the middle class and social injustice. Count on it. I believe Gingrich is the only one that can debate this in depth. Food stamps are paychecks will be Gingrich’s platform . Chances are Romney will lose the debate with Obama by portraying him as a Super Rich guy that is out of touch with hurting Americans. Bill Clinton felt your pain. Obama will protray Romney as just another CEO from Wall Street in bed with Big Banks.

  12. Romney, as it stands now, has spoken from both sides of his face, as recorded history, both present and past, has shown. It’s his words, that has stopped me from from ever supporting this guy. I don’t trust him. If I can’t trust him, at present, why should I vote for him to have the capacity to impact my life in any fashion?

    Would he come out and call Obama a Socialist? No! Thereby, by silence, condoning Socialist policies and beliefs.

    Would he join in and rebuke John King on iar, for that puke’s actions? No! Has he ever admitted to being part of an organization that proclaimed war against the United States; it’s founder, on record, concocting a treasonous scheme against the United States; or being part of an organization that slaughtered American civilians, just because they were passing through Mormon-claimed land? NO! Again, by silence, condoning that Mormonism is no less violent than Mohammedanism, “to the gentiles”, to use Mormon terms.

    Bain Capital was one of many such ‘acquisition and restructuring consultant organizations’ that provided many a ‘downsizing’ for impacted employees. In fact, for those that know and remember, the very word ‘restructuring’, became the ‘alarm of doom’, for the wary employees. I remember a few times when the office phonelines were abuzz with the phrase: “Start working on your resume’s!” Acquisition companies operate as mini-monopolies, not to be confused with ‘free enterprise’.

  13. Further evidence (even if it’s circumstantial) that Mittens is part of the problem and is not the cure. I don’t like or trust “The Undertaker”.


    After a few hours of researching I discovered some huge details that are missing from almost everything I could find on the Damon Corp. scandal. I found them inside two “scarce” Boston Globe articles. Before we go there, let me clarify that these articles are negative, but they are the only sources of the information mentioned that I could find online.

    It is well known that the BG is no fan of Romney, but with so much on the web about the “Damon scandal”, it is interesting that these details that help to corroborate Romney’s version are missing (I have backups of the doc, just in case). For perspective, it seems that at the time Damon was sold, the common, but questionable bundled billing practices had not yet been determined to be fraudulent. That is, not until after the subsequent industry wide investigations attempting to reduce spending/waste were completed. So, to relate the story as if it were part of the actual scandal is sooo misleading. The fact is, if this had any real teeth, Romney would have never been elected governor in such an left-leaning state, as these very articles were (along with many others) little more than hit pieces during his gubernatorial campaign.

    What we do know is that the federal probe that looked the entire industry over had cast a wide net, yet the feds felt no need to implicate Romney in any way. The board was wise to follow the legal counsel of their lawyers, whatever the actions they took, as they were, apparently, according to law. I am sure the shareholders were particularly grateful about the Damon sale after few years.

    The BG and now NG, as well as OB, DNC, and AFSCME, etc. have to resort to creative implications. They rely on a lack of evidence to THEIR contrary in order to convict political enemies in the court of public opinion (communism 101). Folks, the underlying theme here is , again, “greedy evil capitalists ripping you off”. The only proof you really need is Romney’s wealth and proximity to a problem. Gingrich, what in the HECK is wrong with you playing along with the MSM and DNC??? I hope we Republicans won’t allow ourselves to be useful idiots, too…

    Anyway, here are the most significant tidbits-
    Boston Globe issue 10/10/2002 page A1 article by Frank Phillips

    “…Damon’s lawyer at the time, Stuart D. Freedman, a partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel, said the board asked his firm to conduct a review in early 1993 of the company’s billing practices. He said the review was done immediately and changes were made. Because he no longer represents Damon, he said he could not provide any details of the changes. Asked why the changes and their potential impact on the company’s revenues were not reported to the SEC, Freedman said: ”Obviously we made a determination” of what the company needed to report. He said he is confident the board acted appropriately.”

    “…A spokeswoman for Corning told the Globe in 1996 that her company knew when it acquired Damon that billing practices used by the laboratory testing company would face scrutiny, but added: ”To the degree of detail, we would have no way of knowing.” At the time of the purchase, the federal government had begun to aggressively review billing at laboratories industry-wide.”

    “…It is not clear whether Corning’s knowledge of the Damon billing fraud affected the sale price. Corning purchased Damon for $391 million. In 1994, Romney told the Globe that the sale yielded him $103,000 profit. His venture capital firm, Bain Capital, had an 8 percent stake in Damon. Romney also earned a 5 percent share of the Bain profit, or $370,000.”

    The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
    October 25, 2002 | Frank Phillips, Globe Staff

    “…The law firm Schulte Roth & Zabel of New York recommended that the Damon board change its requisition orders and clarify its policies with doctors, so they do not unknowingly order unneeded blood tests. But the lawyers also said there were differences between the billing practices Damon used and the fraudulent scheme carried out by National Health, and therefore, the lawyers did not consider Damon to have committed any criminal wrongdoing.

    “…Schulte Roth & Zabel would not provide details of what it found to the Globe. But the minutes suggest the law firm told the board that, compared to National Health, the Damon billing system and its marketing efforts to doctors were decentralized, and therefore the firm was not commiting fraud.”

    “…Romney said the board, based on the advice of lawyer Stuart Freedman of the firm, did not consider the billing problems to be fraudulent. “He told us exactly what to do, and we did exactly what he told us to do,” Romney said during a news conference this week.”

    “…Although Romney said the board uncovered “inappropriate billing” at Damon, neither he nor the board reported the matter to investigators who they knew were investigating the entire industry’s billing practices. The lawyers apparently viewed the changes as not significant enough for the company to report its findings and “corrective action” to shareholders in their annual report or financial statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
    Romney aides argue that Damon’s 1992 annual report was sufficient. It informed shareholders that federal inspectors were reviewing the industry’s bill systems and cited the National Health case.”

    1. cutos on doing your own research and not jumping to a judgment on the whim like the rest on this blog.

  15. The question of whether Romney is conservative enough for this important time is a legitimate one; however, I will reserve judgment before accepting that he was guilty of fraud.

    I don’t trust this PAC at all after the last attack on Bain. Their methods and motives are sleezy.

    This would be a legitimate inquiry if brought forward by someone else, and it would be helpful to get it aired out before the general (if Romney wins the nomination). If Santorum had come across any questionable activities and confronted Mitt with it, I would be far more likely to give it credence.

    1. Unfortunately, Santorum has no money and Romney has more money than God. I heard talk about this issue with Damon much earlier in the campaign so I’m sure the media will be coming over the details shortly. But the very fact that Romney said in the debates that he never did any business with the government is itself clearly a lie. That begs the investigation.

    2. this was something I found online while trying to find anything about the guy that I liked and that was before the Bain stuff happened….the info is out there, the problem is that no one is willing to do the research themselves and just waits for it to be reported elsewhere….unfortunately that includes a good part of the media that we all look to for information also

  16. Mittens wants us all to have “blind trust”. No money, just blind, lemming trust. He is a much more experienced, powerful and richer…..Obama! Wasn’t there a movie about a rat named Willard?

    1. It’s such malarkey isn’t it? He promotes himself as some great businessman who can run the country well, but when he’s confronted about his personal investments or his ads, he says he doesn’t know anything. For a guy who wants to be president, Romney sure doesn’t know about a lot of things. This “It’s not my fault” business is a page out of Obama’s playbook.

  17. As others have commented, there’s a big gaping hole in this report: that Damon somehow “ordered” unnecessary tests that doctors didn’t know about. It’s the doctor who orders the tests. I was pregnant in 1992 and I had A LOT of tests done at labs and they all started from my doctors office. They’d give me a script, I’d take it to the lab down the street, they did the tests. I wasn’t on Medicare, of course, but I did have the biggest HMO in Rhode Island and they paid for everything. I had tests coming out of my ass because my insurance would pay for it. And the two tests mentioned in this ad don’t sound unreasonable for elderly patients on Medicare.

    I think the real hit to Romney in this ad is the fact that he lied about never doing business with the government while at Bain. If he really was a manager at Damon, that should hurt him.

    1. I agree with you on the real hit here. Also, Romney gave conflicting statements as to his knowledge of the activity.

      As to the tests, what Damon did was bundle a series of tests together and charge the doctors very little for the added, unnecessary tests a small overcharge fee). Then they (Damon) charged Medicare for the tests individually, which was a far greater cost. So the docotrs were out nothing and actually only used the tests that were needed. Therein lies the scam.

    2. It works like this. You buy a series of tests which cover different outcomes. So you may check for glucose or sodium but the vendor also includes other tests that are not needed in the same “panel” so maybe urine is also include or creatinine. So you get a panel of tests. You might only want 3 or 4 tests run but you end up buying 6-8 because thats how they are bundled. Yes its complex and thats why Medicare was being de-frauded for so long.

  18. Romney’s number one campaign contributor is Goldman Sachs and the top ten are banks or investment companys. If Mitt ‘Il” Betcha Ten Grand’ Romney wins the nomination and then the election the crony capitalism will be worse than under Imam Obama. Romney or Obama, there is no difference.

    1. There are no differences thats all? Please give the examples of no differences? I would love to hear them.

      1. Lies are lies.

        Using Drudge as a stealth campaign tool – when you own the company that owns Drudge – reeks of Obama.

        1. That is your no difference? So what candidate are you for. I am sure I can find a few lies for each and every candidate up there. Are you that big of a fool???

          1. Oh my gosh….this is not a lie here and a lie there. You really must be a liberal. Moral equivalence right?

            lapitup – I actually thought I could at least discuss things with you but it seems you are too ready to “lapitup”. Name and nature I would think for the Romney machine.

  19. I’m sure the guy who lied about voting for Tsongas and lied about the ghetto language ad will be more than willing to be completely up front about his role if any here.

    And if you disagree with me, then you must be an anti capitalist. Or something.

  20. There is one thing that bothers me about this expose, is the exoneration of participating doctors of culpability and responsibility. As doctors, they should have known that these tests are completely unnecessary, so why prescribed them? Their complicity to this crime should have been investigated too. To portray these doctors as nothing but innocents and victims is nothing but full of hooey and pure baloney.

    1. You’ve got that right! There are many people that are complicate in Medicare fraud and it’s still going on today on OUR dime.

    2. While I agree with you, it seems that Damon was ‘bundling tests with profiles and panels and billing them separately to Medicare’. They would charge a small fee increase to the doctors while billing Medicare for the full price individually. Sounds a bit complicated and the doctors should have done something about it, but perhaps that’s part of how it was discovered.

  21. For those of you that know me in this community know that I don’t automatically jump on the bandwagon and this one I just can’t as I have too many unanswered questions. It’s interesting, but I don’t feel it’s the whole story. I’ve dealt with corporate divestitures and acquisitions so I think I’m qualified to have valid questions about this.

    Did Damon (Bain) disclose that there were pending claims for Medicare fraud and did Corning agree to assume the liability?

    If the profits reported during the sale were based on fraud which pumped up Damon’s financials ever challenged in court by Corning?

    What legal action did Corning take after this whole mess? I can’t imagine them not unless it was a sweet deal for them, until a few Corning employees blew the whistle, if you get my drift.

    I want to know the full story on this one. I’m not saying Damon (Bain) are innocent but I’d love to know about the Corning part. Don’t give me the first chapter of the book and then ask me to figure out the ending.

    1. Did Damon (Bain) disclose that there were pending claims for Medicare fraud and did Corning agree to assume the liability?‘ — M

      Corning acquired Damon on Aug 4th. Fed investigation started on Aug.24th. The investigation and court actions took 3 years. No pending claims of fraud till then.

      If the profits reported during the sale were based on fraud which pumped up Damon’s financials ever challenged in court by Corning?‘ — M

      It appears that Corning assumed ‘successor obligation’ when they bought Damon from Bain (one reason Bain was not fined), so I’m not sure they could.

      What legal action did Corning take after this whole mess? I can’t imagine them not unless it was a sweet deal for them‘ — M

      The fine was ‘significantly reduced’ to $119 million due to the corrective actions taken by Corning.…-a018749693

      I don’t have your expertise, but I hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the link, and yes it filled in some of the blanks. I sounds to me that the bad practices were under Damon, but stopped upon the acquisition by Corning. Guess we will never really know what went on behind the scenes.

        Geez, I hate these attack ads. A lot of folks will buy them hook, line and sinker without even questioning, investigating or using their own brains! That’s why they are so successful, unfortunately, as it distracts from the real issues and causes the other candidate to spend money to defend against the attacks. Pathetic!!!!!

        1. I agree Maxine. 100%. I wanted and was looking forward to a debate about ideas and solutions to the many problems, dire problems that we have today. But in Iowa Romney’s Super Pac ran scurrilous ads about Newt Gingrich and he took the campaign into the toilet. He thought he had it wrapped up after he “won” Iowa and NH but when he lost SC the ads went even more vicious.

          We are meant to believe that Newt was a foaming at the mouth anti-Reaganite. Thats what Romney would have us believe. Its disgusting. So Newt fights back and Romney cries foul ??!!!

          Really. The tactics that Romney and his shills (Coulter, Drudge, Christie) are using are the tactics of the left. We all recognise them. There is a reason for that. Romney is a lib. Sorry to say it but his record reads like a liberal.

          If anyone and I mean anyone can show me where Romney has advanced the conservative agenda in his entire career then please show me. Romney cannot run on his record so he is trying to destroy Newts. Classic Alinsky.

  22. Does anybody know whether Bains Capital, Romney’s blind trusts/corporation, or Romney or his family own Health Insurance Companies which could benefit from his Massachusetts ruling of mandating people to buy health insurance policy?

    1. If he claims blind trusts, and foreign bank accounts, I’m sure he would never have anything that obvious in the open. I think someone would have found that by now. But, one never knows.

  23. it does not matter if it is true or not…this stuff will be eaten up by the ego…romney is a liability

    1. Obama and the dems are licking their lips. If he ends up being the nominee he will be eviscerated people, they will turn him into pate with this issue alone. Mitt should be familiar with pate….

  24. Here’s the whole problem over the “Romney has lied” accusation, regarding his business dealings: It’s really easy to put a moral value on doing things that are usually considered unethical. It’s so easy, an entire leftist dogma–based upon the notion of “the common good”–has been invented to justify murder on a scale unimagined in Atilla’s day.

    Governor Romney strikes me as an honorable, decent man. But he made decisions that he considered morally correct at the time–several years ago–that he has since recanted. Many of us have done so. But most of us never had impact on thousands (or millions) of lives while those decisions were operative. And most of us settled into our view of life’s ethical decisions by the time our kids were in school. Maybe it has to do with teaching our children, hoping they turn out better than we did.

    A great man, the late C.K. Prahalad, used to implore his students to think their way through thorny ethics issues well before getting involved in them. He challenged his students to consider the impact that seemingly minor issues on the ethical fringe can have on people’s lives. Things that you or I can do in our daily lives without harming a soul, like paying off one creditor early and another late, are far more important when you head a business or other organization. This is important enough to teach in Business School. It should be expected of people who are leaders.

    We DO need to know how these men (all four candidates) handled themselves ten years ago or more. It informs our decision on whether we think they have the right mindset–whether they have thought important ethical dilemmas through, before wading into them. They all chose leadership and service at an early age. This examination comes with that choice, and they knew about it’s importance beforehand.

    I can do with less off the weird accusations (like Romney ads claiming Newt is “unstable). But I want to know more about these sorts of dealings, and I’m old enough not to be swayed by yellow journalism. It is possible that Romney took actions he deemed ethically acceptable which, upon reflection, were not actually so.

    This would not mean he’s unethical now. But it could mean he’s likely to make that mistake again. Naturally, similar things could be said about Newt, Santorum, and Paul.

    To be clear, digging madly through their past to find examples of screwups isn’t what we need. (A screwup isn’t meaningful unless it’s one that occurs several times. I believe all four of these guys are smart enough to learn from their mistakes. Eventually *cough*Newt*cough*.) But major ethical decisions, as well as policy decisions do need to be looked at.

    As for who does the looking, they need to be vetted, too. This site is clearly part of that process. Let’s all do some digging, and share what we find. Maybe we’ll be surprised.

  25. Gosh, let’s be fair. I mean, the messiah sat in Wright’s church for years and never heard a word. I’m sure, if this is true, that Romney’s clean. ~_^

  26. The interesting point of this story is that when Corning bought the company they promptly found the fraud and reported it to the feds. I would assume (only assume) that it was discovered because they went over their books like all companies do when they buyout another company.

    Now, don’t you think Bain went over the books as well when they bought the company? If they did, why didn’t they find the discrepancies like Corning did? If they didn’t go over the books, I think they are a poor example of a quality company.

    Nothing, like I said, has been proven, yet. But, either way they went, it smells a little stinky. That’s all.

    1. I agree. It’s troubling that after Damon was purchased by Bain the company started making “record profits”. That would indicate that either the number of medical tests that were being performed went up dramatically by an expansion of the company’s market, or the price charged for each test went up dramatically. Either way, I would think that that fact would be “on the books” and the board members would know. How can you run a company if you don’t know where the profits come from?

      Obviously the numbers were on the books because Corning found them right after they purchased Damon.

      1. I’m still doing further research, as I feel uncomfotable why Bain was not fined and Corning was. Granted, the fine went to Damon, but Corning owned them and took the loss on their books and Bain, who owned them throughout the scam, went scot-free.

        What I am starting to see is that the practice of ‘bundling’ seems to have been considered acceptable (not to me, as I see it, but to all involved). This practice seemed to be widespread, as the investigation known as ‘Labscan’ was out to uncover.

  27. Well, as I’ve made very clear, I’m no fan of Little Lord Fauntleroy. However, I can say in his defense (if it is a defense) that he’s not a doctor. It wouldn’t be difficult to lead people to believe things were necessary that weren’t, when they’re dealing with people that aren’t physicians. I could put a lot over on bosses, myself, if they’re not educated in electronics engineering. To me, this is more of a case against social programs. If we weren’t involved in un-Constitutional schemes like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, things like this wouldn’t be happening. If left in the hands of states and lower level governments, while I’m not saying fraud would become impossible, I don’t think it could become quite as widespread, and, quite frankly, the damage would be contained, as opposed to spread about to the rest of the country’s taxpayers. This is why we need privatization, not emulation of Chile, a nation most people wouldn’t want to be forced to live in. Bottom line, if he knew, he’s a crook. If he didn’t, then he was certainly incompetent to be running a medial corporation (and I’m pretty sure Romney is incompetent to run a medical corporation).

    1. I think you’re missing the point. They were manipulating the medicare billings behind the scenes to maximize earnings. And by doing that, they were defrauding the American taxpayer.

    1. What’s false about this. Romney was not implicated, as stated, but he was in charge between 1989 and 1993, during the fraud, at which time Corning bought it, discovered the fraud, and reported it to the feds.

      If anything can be gleaned from this, it’s that we have a good comparison between the way a decent company (Corning) and a suspect company (Bain) do business.

      Corning bought the company to make it better and Bain bought the company to make their profit. Plain and simple. Ethics.

      (thanks to Trust1TG for this link that got my search started)

      1. You don’t know all the details all you know are general facts…I guess what you say about Bain could be true if you were sitting at a board meeting and they all discussed the fraud and said -we are going to overlook it-make our money and get out-maybe they did say that but we don’t know now do we?

        1. I stated the facts as I found them. I stipulated that Romney was not implicated, but the truth is his company bought Damon in 1989, he sat on the board during the fraud, and when Corning bought the company, they reported the fraud. Just the facts. What’s incorrect? It seemed, as I said, ‘iffish’, but to date nothing could be proven.

          The way Bain does business to profit from companies that they are suposedly saving is what I dislike. I have already stated that there was nothing wrong with Romney buying Freddie Mac in his Mutual funds. I have them too.

        2. Cheryl – we do know that Newt asked Romney if Bain had ever done business with the Federal Govt, Medicare etc and Romney said no they hadn’t. Well, you would have to possess a spectacularly awful memory if you could not recall that you ran a company for 4 years – a medical device company – which routinely billed the Fed Govt. Which you then sold and which went on to be fined the largest fine in Mass legal history.

          So guess what? You think Romney forgot? Or do you think he lied?

          Simple question – what say ye?

    2. prove it’s false. I got the reply and 20 pages of documents that prove all points. As you see….no interview. There is even a video out there that I saw two days ago of the AG from Mass spilling the beans in a deposition for Medicare Medicaid fraud in Mass. Mitt is in deep with this…and it’s no wonder why they were trying to end this primary even before it began.

      1. This is big….if Romney wins in Florida this will nail him in every other state.

        I’m a businessman and I work for medical device company. If I did this today not only would my company be fined but I would go to jail.

        The laws have changed people. The only thing that kept him out of the jail were the laws in existence back then. Nothing else. Don’t believe me go look up Sarbanes Oxley.

    3. I am tempted to “like” your comment just for the sheer irony and stupidity of it. Resist I must -_-

  28. when Romulus said he had no idea what is happening with his money because it was being handled by a blind trust…it made me think of two things…the U.S. congress and we are talking both houses here say that their money is also in some kind of trust fund that just happens to make them millions and millions of dollars off of inside trading… that they say they didn’t know was happening….REALLY!!!!!! if Romulus can’t keep track of his own money what the heck is he going to do if he becomes POTUS and has his hands on all our money….just close his eyes and hope all works out well!!!!!! the man is so slimy and deceptive i wonder if the bamster has met his evil twin…..

    im just sayin….

    1. Dan I have been thinking the same thing ever since this came up in the debate. Unfortunately, Gingrich didn’t counter with this argument, that if he’s oblivious to what’s in his own portfolio or ads, then how can he be president? We’ve been hearing this kind of “it’s not my fault” crap from Nobama for the last 3 years. I think conservatives are particularly irritate by this type of excuse making.

  29. Looks like the super PACS are doing the digging that real live journalists/INVESTGATIVE reporters used to do!

    1. The liberal MisInformation Stream Media is in itself a 360 day-Super PAC for the Democrats and Obama.

  30. This was a post I put up Wed. night in another thread, along with one of the links I looked at:

    It looks like Bain Capital bought Damon Corp. in 1989. Romney was on the board of directors of Damon sometime between the buyout in ’89 and a sale in 1993 to Corning, Inc. The criminal activity of Damon occurred between 1989 and 1993, which was discovered by Corning after they bought it, but Romney was never implicated in the matter. He did, however, make about 1/2 a million dollars on the deal.

    “On the one hand, he said he hadn’t known what was going on at Damon; on the other, he said he’d helped to put a stop to practices later found to be fraudulent” — Michael Kranish and Scott Helman (in ‘The Real Romney’)

    It seems a bit iffish to me, but nothing can be proven.

    1. Doesn’t matter….he made money off of fraud…..and managed under fraud. He is resposible for fraud…..he’s done.

      1. He wasn’t specifically implicated in the fraud. Whether he was or was not responsible for any part of the fraud is unprovable right now.

        The positions he took about the situation, however, are of importance. According to the authors of the book, ‘The Real Romney’, his statements are conflicting.

  31. *Nervous Smile* Look I didn’t know anything about that, I was in charge of the company sure but the fraud division was run through a blind trust…

    Ever notice that for a guy who claims his executive experience managing companies makes him an ideal president he didn’t seem to be “managing” much?? Liberal record as governor? That was the democrats fault. Hidden money in offshore accounts? That was my accountants fault. Invested in companies whom you use to attack your competitors? That was all handled by a blind trust.

    I mean this guy doesn’t even know what his companies do, how much money he has, where its located or how its invested. I would expect this kind of thing from a trust fund baby or a rock star but it just all sounds like BS coming from a guy running for president as a successful CEO.

    1. Gee, that all sounds like a president we already have. And the one we already have has far more impressive ears.


  32. I can’t wait to get home so I can watch this 🙂

    I look at it in very simple terms. Who is the candidate that is espousing core values and principles most like mine? I am a Tea Party Patriot; I have been to several Tea Party Rallies. Newt Gingrich is the only one saying what I want to hear. He challenged the National Media Bias, Obama’s Alinsky roots, and much more. No one else has had the courage to fight like he has. If you doubt what I am saying go back and watch his South Carolina victory speech, all of it! He wants to fix this mess and he wants to represent true conservatives. True Conservatives are Tea Party Patriots, period.

    1. word is that ther Romney camp is trying to “out leg” this and keep it quiet until after Tuesday…..more corruption. This is all unwinding for Romney….

  33. Like it would really take much for Romney to arrange that timing of the Fed raid. Maybe a round of beer at the yacht club?

  34. “Hey, I only manage the company and count the quarters that come in, how would I know about any so called corruption. Now lets hurry up and sell and this company, the feds will wait for it to be under new ownership.”

    “Now, with my medical billing expertise, I’m going to run for governor and start a mandatory health insurance plan.”

    “Vote for me people, you can trust me, I’ll make sure nobody else steals your tax dollars (at least nobody unimportant).”

    1. …”Vote for me people, you can trust me, I’ll make sure nobody else steals your tax dollars (at least nobody unimportant).”

      And the zombies… sorry, electorate, of Florida say, “Yes Mr Romney. Must vote Romney.”

      Seriously! How this guy still anywhere near the poll lead?!!

  35. Rick Santorum…

    Hang in there.

    Santorum rocked Romney on his heels and scored a TKO in the Florida debate about RomneyCare in Massachusetts and the mandate to buy your own health insurance or pay a fine to the state of Massachusetts…

    …just like ObamaCare intends for the rest of the Republic… buy your own our pay a fine.

    Exactly the SAME thing.


    1. And yet everyone said Romney won….Santorum had him on the ropes, if the establishment doesn’t want to acknowledge it..screw them!

  36. Maybe (aka could fit this Romney/Damon documentary in somewhere…

    Romney: We never did any work for the government, it was all in a blind trust (trust me, I’ll rob you blind), I don’t know who’s running those ads, Romneycare should be a model for the nation (well,…just not between now and the election), I’m running for office for Pete’s sake, I’m unemployed too, Wanna bet–10,000 bucks, $347,000 in speaking fees isn’t much really, I like firing people, its not worth getting angry about, corporations are people my friend, I think I’d better hurry up and sell this Damon Corporation before the feds nab me for Medicare fraud, there ARE lots of reasons not to elect me.

    1. Well OK….worst case senerio……he sold it….BUT…it was happening under his watch and made MILLIONS Off of fraud. Here in lies the problem…..corruption under his watch…..he’s done….sorry.

  37. I can hear his response now. He will deny knowing anything about the crimes. He will say he condemns such fraud, “and as president, I will do whatever it takes to stop these illegal activities.”

    Everything bad is an arm’s length or more away from Romney. Yet, he has had his hand in everything good that has happened around him.

  38. Oh OUCH! That one’s going to leave a mark on Romney.

    I’m sure he as a 30 second answer all ready about how he had nothing to do with it an no knowledge whatsover, kind of like Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal.

    Whoever put that video together definitely is no Romney supporter.

  39. Between this and the lawyers who preyed on malpractice suits,,,,it’s shocking we have any doctor’s still practicing medicine??

    Our fight against the money-grubbers is going to be long and arduous. How is this any different from what Soro’s does to countries? Somebody please tell me a difference? I don’t give a freak what shirt they wear. I’m getting more pissed by the day.

    I don’t begrudge ANYONE who wants to make a big buck. What I will not stand for is the filthy boot print on my back while you stepped on me to get to the top!!!

  40. The lies are getting to me! IMHO the only politicians who have not lied and gone the way of the progressives/rinos are Palin and the Pauls.

  41. I used to just be indifferent about Romney. But, he’s really got my attention. He’s really made an impact this time around. His campaign and recent debate performances have made an indelible impression. Now, it’s clear.

    You see, now, when I picture Romney as the nominee,
    – given how dirty this guy is,
    – how slippery he is,
    – with so many unknowns and questions about his background and who he really is
    – how hypocritical, self-serving, and power hungry,
    – distorting his and others’ records into not just lies, but the polar opposite of the truth,
    – using tactics of the left,
    – to say with a plastic smile that “I’m you the conservative and you’re me the liberal”, that black is white and white is black,
    – that he was a stealth conservative, posing as a liberal to infiltrate MA politics,
    – now in league with every RINO, left-leaning, phony-conservative, loser, disgrace of the GOP and beyond,
    – watching formerly-considered conservative pundits, media outlets, governors, congressmen, senators, trumpet his distortions, attempting to manipulate and fool voters, perhaps for $$$, power grabs, or whatever dirty back-deals that one might sell their integrity, reputation, and apparently sanity, for,
    – all of it shoved down our throats,
    – all while parroting conservative-sounding, but shallow platitudes as ideas, adopting the latest “conservative language” and co-opting conservative ideas to spout as promises that he’s never pursued in any capacity of leadership,
    – standing as solid as a pile of diluted mush on undoing liberal over-reach in gov’t,

    Romney and this unholy alliance of all that stinks in the GOP must be stopped. The GOP elite/Romney are instigating something way beyond a major resentment, and their gonna get a war. I kid you not. This is the GOP’s death march. The party will irreparably fracture.

    “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.”

      1. Wow… A message of support there… “Everyone else does it too so there”… You are exactly what’s wrong with our system. Accepting the status quo because “everyone does it” you sound like an Obama supporter.

        1. Are you trying to incite anger from me? Anger if of the devil, Anger leads to the dark side. Don’t try and pretend that you know me, because you don’t. Your words not mine “Everyone else does it too so there” I did not say that you did, yet you are implying I did that makes you a liar iidvbii. With me making such a statement, how again does this connect me with what is wrong with our system? Accepting the status quo. I have not accepted the status quo I have accepted Romney being an honest business man. Again you are trying to say I said “Everyone does it” and that makes it ok. Again it is your words not mine. Sounds like it is you that should write for the Boston Globe. Maybe you should send in a resume and attach this blog with it. They would probably do a blind hire.

          Why is it everyone personally attack me for believing what I believe. Just because I don’t think like you does not give you the right to personally attack me and put words in my mouth. EVERYTIME I stick up for Romney. I get pounded on this site. If TRS can’t stop it then I will call you out on it. I consider myself a well informed individual. All I am saying is that. The whole of the story has not come out yet. This ad was conveniently done to promote Anti-Romney and Business. The ad is from one of Newt’s Pac. I only hope that Romney files Defamation of character charges against these people and take them down. Oh by the way the person from Forbes writing the article is the CEO of Marvel Comics. A long time Democratic supporter. People do your homework. This video needs to be scrutinized and questions raised and answered. We have to ask questions, We should not take this ad at face value. The ad is going to effectively throw off Florida’s election process and maybe give Newt the advantage. Right now Mitt is 9 percentage points ahead. If Newt can sway the mind of 9 percent of the population he has won Florida. Dirty, Dirty politics. If this turns out to be false I hope Romney Own Marvel after this.

          This ad is obviously pushing a ONE SIDED agenda. It has come out on the eve of Florida’s Elections which Newt “needs” to win in order to justify him staying in the race. This is bad, bad politics. There is something fishy to the story and the smell is not coming from Romney.

          I could say to you iidvbii that, you believing in this commercial that you are the one accepting the status quo. You are the one the ad was targeted for. One who will believe everything they here with no questions. Does none of this raise questions for you.

          I have written down the entire video and am now doing my mono logs for it. I am going to rip this video apart so much so I don’t think Romney is going to have to defend it at all. Is Romney so clean that the only dirt they can dig up on him is from 20 years ago. Claiming that he knew what was going on. Which is debatable also, There is absolutely no evidence either way on the subject. So it is you who are blindly following this video.

          If this is true Romney will go to Jail plain and simple. These are serious allegations. If this is true this could topple Romney’s presidency and send him to jail. However: I highly doubt it because the feds even vindicated Romney back in 1994. This whole video is a needs to be scrutinized with the upmost deniability. If in the end it is true however, I will be the first to offer up an apology. Yet I highly doubt it…

          1. “You can say that about any politician not just Romney! Nice try though.”
            That is your post right? Give the soap box routine a rest.

            1. another personal attack. Not only that you jumped to the Soap Box routine. You failed to recognize my thread you failed to answer any of my questions so again I will ask you?
              People who personally attack have no basis, and are extremely biased in there thinking and attitude.

              Are you willing to make a decision on allegations alone?

              That is what this is un-proven Allegations. That in itself is an un-wise decision. This ad was specifically made to throw off the eventually win in Florida and to Slow Romney’s campaign down.

              Does this ad not raise any red flags to you?.

              Does this ad not raise any questions that might be lingering?

              Are you following this ad as fully checked facts and truth?

              This is why there are agencies out there to fact check these super Pac ads. Adds that have been proven to be false on both sides and ad’s that have been pulled from both sides.

              The truth will come out, Will you say you were wrong, if it comes out in Romney’s favor? or will you just look for the next available attack?

              These are questions I would like to know iidvbii.

              I know it is unlikely you will answer any of these logical questions. You seem to always want to take the road of jumping around trying to change the subject and not backing up what you are saying with any sort of truth or fact. You are a NOOB blogger. I am happy to welcome you to the blogosphere.

              1. I made my mind up about good ol switch hit Mitt along time ago. However since you asked for facts consider the following.

                In 1989, Bain Capital purchased controlling interest in Damon Corp
                Romney PERSONALLY set on its board of directors.
                Damon was found guilty of defrauding the taxpayers (you and me) out of millions of dollars during the period Romney was running the company.
                Damon was fined over $119-million, which was, at the time, the largest criminal healthcare fine in Massachusetts history.
                As is very common in Romney’s background the medical testing company went bankrupt, with thousands losing their jobs, Bain Capital captured a $12 million profit.
                Romney’s participation was characterized in 1996 by Corporate Crime Reporter: “As manager and board member of Damon Corp, Mitt Romney sits at the center of one of the top 15 corporate crimes of the 1990’s.”
                Romney claimed later that he had helped uncover the illegal activity at Damon, asking the board’s lawyers to investigate. As a result, he said, the board took corrective action before selling the company in 1993 to Corning Inc. However, according to the court records, the Damon scheme continued throughout Bain’s ownership, and prosecutors credited Corning, not Romney, with taking corrective action.

                So please tell me where I am wrong? Provide credible documentation that refutes these claims and I will admit that this particular ad is unfair. But WHEN YOU CAN’T stop advocating for a lying crook. Deal?

                1. You still haven’t answered any of my questions, You are incapable of doing your own research. However I will play. If all that is true. With all that factual evidence towards Romney. Why isn’t he in jail? Why did the Feds vindicate him of any wrongdoing? Do you see where I am going? So that tells me there are some long stretched truths to this video. Time will tell. I just hope you’re the type of personnel that will say he is wrong when the time comes. I have already said I would be the first to do so if Romney was found guilty of these “Alleged” crimes.

                2. “You seem to always want to take the road of jumping around trying to change the subject and not backing up what you are saying with any sort of truth or fact.”
                  Regretting that statement yet?

                  Why isn’t Romney in jail?? You did see the “biggest fine in the history of Massachusetts” line right? I would assume that was part of an agreement. The other easy answer is the feds don’t but rich white men from the privileged class in prison for fraud, ask them.

                  You asked for facts, you’ve got them. Now put up or shut up. Provide credible evidence that anything I have provided is false. Or stop advocating for this loser…..

                3. He isnt in jail because Sarbanes Oxley and the raft of legislation that was passed subsequently did not “go backwards” it was prospective only. Previously CEO’s would hide behind the “I didn’t know” mantra and would walk as a result. That cannot happen anymore. If he did the same thing today he would be in Jail.

                  OK there it is. So argue with that if you wish. Facts can be so annoying especially when it is easier to emote than debate.

          2. No he wont go to jail because the SOX rules are not retroactive…..only prospective.

            I want to respect your position but you need to help me here. So this is Romney from where I sit.

            So Romney was pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro planned parenthood (he put them into his healthcare bill), he raised taxes and was anti-guns. OK thats as much as I know from his time as Gov of Mass. He said he would be to the left of Teddy Kennedy (that takes some doing by the way). He disowned both Reagan and Bush senior. He was successful making a pile of money at Bain Capital. I love capitalism so ok. (BTW this Damon thing is huge from where I sit and with this Obama will kill him, kill him dead DOD I think the term is).

            So my only question is what conservative agenda has he pushed in his entire career? Where is it? Show me please. I will listen if you can explain and show me I will gladly listen. Please don’t tell me making money makes him a conservative because we have ooooodles of rich dems, Warren Buffet, John Corzine, Bill Gates, Market Zuckerberg etc etc ad nauseum…..

            Just show me / tell me what Mr Mitt Romney has done to advance conservatism.

            Have at it….

            1. You obviously have not done your research either. You are listening to the main stream media. All that you say

              Pro-Planned parenthood
              Pro-Health care bill.

              All these are extremely debatable. For everyone one personal you can find that agrees with these statements I can find one who will disagree. There for I did my own research on the subject. Romney has been extremely open about his governorship and what he did. There are also tons of clips (that usually get taken out of context) on the web. If I found them so can you.

              They are counting on you aren’t smart enough to look up all the facts, that is what they want.

              Thank you for respecting my position. I know it’s hard, I am sure we are on the same side and want America to change course from the Socialistic state we have become. Romney has not and still is not my first pick. However I feel the need to defend him on this site because it is 15-1 against Romney. The more people attack him the more I feel a need to stick up for him. Not because he is my pick but rather I know he is a good stand up guy who does honest dealings. That is why I said in my first thread to “I CHOOSE” not to believe this, because if this was true, it would fly in the face of everything ells Romney has done his entire life. I know at times like this it tests us. It is hard to respect one another when our beliefs, and principles come in to play. That only causes good debate though. It takes a type of person to know that. So again thank you. My mother always told me hold your anger, never let anyone see it. That is what politicians have to do all the time. It is the ultimate poker face.

              This is what I get after doing “SOME” research on the subject.

              1. Romney was on the board of directors and in a management position over the medical part of Damon Corp.

              2. Over billing and corruption was going on while Romney was there.

              3. Other companies and business were doing the same thing back then. No! that does not make it ok. What makes it OK (In the Laws eye) is that there was no law against the tests back then. Romney did not break any law. I would have to question his ethics 20 years ago though.

              4. I believe Romney when he said, when he found out what was going on, he did what any logical thinking CEO would do. Call the companies attorneys and ask them what to do, and if there were any laws broken.

              5. Romney broke no laws. The reason why corning took credit for the fraud find is because at the time the doors did come down, Corning was the New Owner of the company.

              6. The federal government and the attorney general of CA at the time did not seek charges against Romney do to the “fact” there was no evidence against him. No evidence that he broke any law.

              7. The Damon Corp (NOT ROMNEY) paid out the 119 million dollars to the federal government. Romney was paid 5 percent from “BAIN CAPITAL” pocketing him 473 thousand dollars. Which was written in to Romney’s contract to begin with?

              Summary: As far as I am concerned he did no wrong. He did what he was hired to do, that was to increase the revenue, (Don’t misinterpret and say that he did that by charging the outlandish tests, Some say the problem was already there in 1989 when Bain bought Damon Corp). Bain Capital bought a failing company, went in and tried to make it successful again. There is Risk involved in any purchase such as this. Romney Ended up making Damon Corp a NET profit of 12 million when he resold the company. He only pocketed that what was owed to him 473 thousand dollars.

      2. Lap it up – I have some advice for you. Stop lapping it up. Dont be such a shill for this guy.

        He was the head guy at the company when these abuses were going on. It is not enough to say “I didn’t know”. It is his job to know. If this happened today he would GO TO JAIL. Do you understand? The laws have been changed precisely because execs were claiming lack of knowledge and hiding behind their so called ignorance. Well it doesn’t work that way today. Each CEO and CFO has to sign off on the financials. If there is something in there that they are not aware of (because they should be aware) and if its bad, shareholders deceived, government misled or defrauded then they are sent to jail. No ifs buts or maybes. And that is the guy you want to be president??!!! Really???!!!! Thats your guy??

        You are on a conservative website and frankly I would expect a modicum of intelligence but as your name implies perhaps that is too much.

        1. It is obvious you didn’t do your resurch on the subject. You your self seems to stick up for Romney. The laws have changed since then. Romney was in the law back then. Plain and simple. So what exactly is he guilty of?

          1. Romney was guilty of managing fraud on his watch at Damon. And he calls himself a man of faith. There was no law then that could send him to jail. I hope he will keep his mouth shut when falsely accusing others about ethics. Romney’s character is under question and this should be rehashed with great scrutiny. He is running for the highest office in the land.

          2. My, my….somebody touched a nerve, didn’t they? LAP, maybe you should back up your rhetoric with substantiation, not by simply making innuendos.

  42. and he is …… a …… religious ….. Mormon ???? mmmmmmm I guess money “Trumps” 🙂 religion

    1. This Ad is SO biased. It undermines Romney to the core. The ad even says “It is unclear that Romney knew anything about it” That means there is no proof “FOR” or “AGAINST” it. So what if the company was sold of in August of 1993 right when the government knocked down the door. You know when you sell a company like that it takes years to get everything approved. This ad was to attack Romney’s credibility and was not endorsed by any candidate. (I wonder why?) because this is what dirty politics is all about. This is propaganda and of course there are going to be people out there that believe this crap.

      Romney: a Multi millionaire in 1993 would risk everything to make a measly 16 million dollars. More importantly that he did not even pocket that money but only pocketed 473 thousand dollars, Which was his salary or written in to his contract. People come on use some judgment here. Look past the ad. Who ever made this ad obviously is pushing an agenda.

      I “CHOOSE” not to believe this. You may call me blind but I am using logic and reason to come to my own conclusion. If this was true this would fly in the face of everything ells Romney’s character stands for… Since all his actions and character surrounding his life has been to the contrary I firmly believe he has tried to be an honest up right individual. With honest dealings…

      1. To address your concerns…

        1. The ad says it’s unclear probably for legal reasons. There could be a libel suit if they said definitively Romney was involved without hard evidence.

        2. It’s true that prepping a company for sale is not an overnight task, but then neither was scamming the Medicare system. It is possible Bain was tipped off the hammer was coming down soon and accelerated the closure date.

        3. The ad was not endorsed by a candidate because it’s a PAC ad. Not legal to do so.

        4. It’s a PAC ad. Of course it has an agenda. So did Romney’s anti-Newt PAC ads. And?

        1. Winning Our Future Super Pac supports Gingrich-and the FEDS did NOT FIND Romney liable and we DON’T know all the facts-just how it is twisted to look very bad-if you know anything about investment firms then you would know that there is so much more to them than just what they are presenting here…kind of like Gingrich accusing Romney of owned mutual funds that invested in Fanny and Freddie and then Romney reminded everyone that Gingrich did so as well-its complicated!

          1. What we do know is that Romney, on the one hand, said that ‘he hadn’t known what was going on at Damon’ and, on the other hand, stated that ‘he’d helped to put a stop to practices later found to be fraudulent’. He can’t really have it both ways. Which way do you want him to go?

            1. Well actually you can have it both ways. He got wind of it after it had been going on and then put a stop to it. That was easy unless you’re ourt for Rmoney’s blood.

              Again, I questions Romney’s sincerity referring to all the BS he did as MA Govenor and stuff he said on c ampagn trail for the Senate before that. I don’t give a rat’s azz if he thought he had to do to run against Kennedy, to me, it says you’ll do anything say anything to gain election. Sorry, I’d rather not support one of those for POTUS.

              Newt on the other hand, actually same hand is the same character with lot less money, more mouthy and much better at debates. Screw them both. At this point, I’d rather L Ron Paul win since we can clearly see what he;s about though I’m terrified of his lack of support in terms of our only ME ally, Israel along with his Can’t we all get along attitiude.

              I would much rather vote for a character like VirusX.

              1. The problem with Mitt was he claimed he helped put a stop to the practices first and when the feds said, no, Corning discovered them, he backed off and claimed that he knew nothing. So…

                1. I stand corrected as I read later on comments, but yes, thanks for the correction. Still all suck in a very large way. If we’re lucky, Obama wins re-election and touches off the revolution.

          2. “.kind of like Gingrich accusing Romney of owned mutual funds that invested in Fanny and Freddie and then Romney reminded everyone that Gingrich did so as well-its complicated! ”

            Between Newt and Romney, it was only Romney who made making money with Freddie an issue. Newt’s point is Romney is being a hypocrite.

      2. The ad says it was not clear if Mr. Romney knew that the feds were about to knock on (down?) the door. It is totally unreasonable to expect that a managing partner did not know about the fraud.


        1. And here is the truth. If this happened today he would have gone to jail. He was the manager of the company. He would have to attest to the fairness of financials and the processes. For this kind of blatant abuse and fraud he would have been sent to jail.

          “I was the business leader but I didnt know what was going on” is precisely what is NOT allowed today.

          Anyone defending Romney of this charge is simply out of their mind and will stretch credibility beyond any normal level of common sense. With Romney supporters I’m beginning to believe that common sense is really not that common.

    1. Very compelling video, it’s hard to see how Romney can explain all this away. This is why I say let’s look at what the candidates’ positions today and vote on those principles. Everyone has baggage, we should be voting for the candidate that best reflects our views not the most electable candidate according to the elites and the establishments of both parties. Newt articulates Tea Party morals and values and a need for less government and less regulations to set our economy free. It seems like Romney has lots of faithful followers that don’t even know why they are voting for Obama-lite instead of real Tea Party change Newt has planned for our nation.

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