Bloomberg reporter caught making stuff up for article

Nobody is going to care about this article by Eric Martin and Nacha Cattan all that much or the made up part either. But it is interesting that the editor of the of the article left in the authors’ note that said:


Michelle Malkin caught it and nabbed a screenshot. It’s a good thing because they’ve already scrubbed out the edit remark. You can see it below:

So yeah, looks like these reporters do make stuff up for these articles which is pretty loathsome.

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27 thoughts on “Bloomberg reporter caught making stuff up for article

  1. I don’t think that they (the lamestream media) even care about it anymore. Its just not a big deal, b’cause they all do it as accepted normal practice.

  2. I believe rags like the NY Times (and Bloomberg) are only going to be open between the hours of midnight to five am in order to be able to work only in the dark, like the cockroaches they are. Sooner or later they will understand why their profits keep diminishing and diminishing till they sell for a dollar, much like Newsweek.

    Air America never understood. MSNBC never understood. CNN is trying to understand, but it’s far too late, the cancer has metastasized to their brains.

    The king is dead (Lame Stream Media). Long live the King (alternate media).

    1. Excellent choice of words: metastasized.

      Liberalism metastasized and killed Main Stream Media.

  3. So the journalists are liars, and the editors are lazy. Or just call it a “bloop-berg.”

  4. Of course, reporters make stuff up. This has been the status quo for years. All they’re really upset about at this point is that they’ve been caught doing it.

    1. Even reading the local rag each morning, have to check the byline first. If AP/NYTimes or a myriad of other lib sources, just shake salt on it and serve it wrapped around fish and chips.

  5. Just proving Breitbart comment about the progressive. “Just turn on the video camera and watch.” They’re like glue sniffing primates flinging poo in the liberal zoo.

    Communists, socialists, Democrats, fascists and Utopian crack-heads–Jackasses all, immoral, devoid of reason, they gather to sniff rear ends like so many little blind, yin’s and yang’s looking for a leader. Look at the line up for Obumma’s lol.

    1. “They’re like glue sniffing primates flinging poo in the liberal zoo.”

      As the Simpson’s Comic Book Guy would say” Best. description. EVER.”

  6. Just as in Obama’s own biography, it was a mistake. We are conspiracy nutjobs to believe he made it up. You can’t win no matter what the evidence is.

  7. There are no **real** journalists anymore. Just editorialists and fabricators. Reporting the truth is hard work that requires a passion for the truth, integrity, guts and the ability to put your own opinions aside . These people aren’t journalists. They are celebrity wanna-bes. All they care about is getting “face time” and a fat paycheck.

    Truth? What’s that? Most papers aren’t worth the ink they’re printed with.

    NBC should have it’s broadcasting license revoked for the Andrea Mitchell caper.

    1. I’m sure they’ve been using this tactic for years, but the alternative media and media research groups on the right are finally getting the word out. They can no longer push their lies without running the risk of being exposed. They will do it anyway and just make excuses.

      1. “…using this tactic for years…”

        Thank Wm Randolph Hearst Sr for this; he made himself a multimillionaire with the concept of inserting the ‘entertainment factor’ into news reporting for a broader appeal. It just grew until it eventually obscured the truth altogether.

        1. Straight news with no dialogue or duscussion is boring as hell. I like Fox’s format where they bring up the story and both sides slug it out on the details. Much more difficult to pull over a lie because someone will be right there to point it out on live t.v.

          I want to be entertained, but for crying out loud…..I don’t want to be lied to.

      2. Ain’t this internet wonderful? I’d like to see and amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing and unregulated internet and unrestricted use and access in this country in perpetuity

        1. Me, too, but the libs are going to be working to try to take it over….as they already have (tried). Good little communist bastards that Bill Clinton said don’t exist.

      3. This is why the left hates the alternative media and has been trying to squash it for years. Don’t think they’ve given up, they won’t.

        1. Lol, no…they haven’t given up. That’s why the liberal politicians tried to take over the internet so they can control web content based on “hate speech”. They are communist as can be but they will never admit it and probably don’t even realize it. Bill Clinton said there’s not a communist in sight. Really, Bill? Look at the actions the left tries to take….and what Obama is doing now. You don’t have to call yourself a communist or a tyrant in order to be one.

  8. Not only do they lie and make stuff up, they’re too dumb to cover it up effectively!

  9. At least this one has the courtesy to say so.
    These reporters ought to quit their jobs and just go work for the Onion.

    1. Also, Google has it cached at this time if you search
      “i’m making this up” “bloomberg”

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