Boehner: Why do Republicans want to side with Obama, Reid, & Pelosi?

Boehner is pushing his caucus hard to get behind him on this deal and even admitted that he told them to get their a**es in line and get behind this plan. I’ve got the full interview for you to hear, but what stuck out to me was something he said around the 7:15 mark. Regarding his deal he said:

President Obama hates it. Harry Reid hates it. Nancy Pelosi hates it. Why would Republicans want to be on the side of President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi [is] beyond me.

Sorry but I find that to be quite condescending. I think I can say categorically that the Republicans who want Cut, Cap, and Balance aren’t on the side of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, but rather on the side of the American people getting their fiscal house in order. And if Boehner doesn’t understand that then he needs to step down as Speaker and hand the gavel to someone who does. It’s just that simple.

Here’s the whole interview:

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