Bolton: If you’re thinking about Ron Paul, think again!

Bolton first weighs in on Obama weaknesses in foreign policy, namely his removal of troops from Iraq that Bolton calls ‘catastrophic’, which he says should worry the entire world given its broader implications for a possible second Obama term. He also talks about how the world sees us now and how the may be plotting their challenges, which brings him to the GOP race of which he says there needs to be much more debate about foreign policy to show Americans what their alternatives are beyond what this weak president has done internationally.

Thus he feels the need to be candid in telling voters, politely of course, that we cannot live in fantasy land with Ron Paul’s foreign policy, which he says is worse than Obama’s foreign policy. He says if you are considering Ron Paul because of his domestic agenda, think again and pick another candidate:

That’s why I think the debate on the Republican side is so important. And why when I see, I have to be candid, a candidate like Ron Paul whose foreign policy is if anything is worse than the Obama administration apparently leading in Iowa according to some polls, it just gives me great concern. …

But I guess I’d say to people who look at Ron Paul and have some measure of support for his domestic policies on the libertarian side, I’d have to say look, I consider myself pretty libertarian but you cannot live in fantasy land. The rest of the world is not going to leave us alone and we need a Commander-in-Chief who understands that. A Ron Paul president would simply not address the challenges we face.

So if you’re thinking about Ron Paul because of his domestic issues, think again and look at virtually any of the other candidates and consider how they would be as Commander-in-Chief. That’s the president’s first duty, defending the country.


I’m kidding, of course.


P.S. If the video is a little slow loading and buffers, just hit pause and wait about 20 seconds.

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