Bolton: Obama is too smart, sophisticated, nuanced to believe in victory

This is a great clip by my favorite part comes when Bolton criticizes Obama’s we’re-not-in-it-to-win-because-we-suck approach with Libya:

The President is too smart, too sophisticated, and too nuanced to believe in victory. He believes in something else. Look, he and his people have been told for years that American leadership irritates the world and therefore he’s trying to hide the reality of this operation which is that we’ve led it from the beginning and we have delivered most of the military muscle. The result of his unwillingness to assert American leadership is exactly the disarray you now see in NATO and even among the potential Arab partners for the coalition.

I think this is proof positive that the whole line of analysis that says American leadership somehow irritates the world just needs to be discarded, and sooner rather than later.

So if we want to protect the people but refuse to take out Qaddafi, how will we do that exactly?


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