BOLTON on Ukraine: Obama is weak, feckless; American influence is slipping away and we will pay the price for this

Bolton effectively torched Obama tonight with his frank analysis of Obama and his lack of response to the world on fire around us:

This is not just Ukraine. We’ve got riots and demonstrations in Caracas, Venezuela. Friends of the United States in effect, friends of liberty but friends of ours are out there trying to prevent their government from succumbing to autocracy and the US government is effectively silent and inactive.

What we’ve got in Putin is a man with a strategic vision and an autocratic mentality. In Obama we’ve got a weak, feckless, inattentive president who not only doesn’t know what America’s interests are, I don’t think particularly cares about American national security. He’s devoted to transforming America domestically. We can see this all over the world. American influence is slipping, slipping away in Ukraine, Venezuela, the Middle East and we will pay the price for this for a long time unless people speak up.

Watch the full interview:

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