BOOM! Allen West makes the case that Obama intentionally trying to overload the welfare system

Talking with Greta tonight, Allen West made the case by looking at the dependency trends in our economy of why he believes Obama is intentionally trying to overload the welfare system, just as Cloward and Piven suggested.


Well, I think that we have to stop saying that the president’s economic policies are failing and we start looking at really what the trend is. We’re seeing an incredible growth of the welfare nanny state, We’re seeing the poverty roles explode. We’re seeing the food stamp roles explode. We’re seeing more dependency on the government largess and programs. Look at what just happened kicking part-time workers off of their health care insurance plans. We’re seeing a desperation and a despondency out there that’s being created by this administration.

And it caused me to go back and read about the Cloward/Piven strategy of Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven who were Columbia University professors. (And it just so happened that the president went to Columbia.)

They talked about overloading the welfare system to a point where it would collapse, you would cause such chaos and then you would have to move from a welfare system to almost a national income system. And when you think about this 11th extension of unemployment benefits, it’s almost like the federal government’s trying to pay people not to get out there and participate in the job market.

[Food stamps going up] is a sign of failure, but is it intentional failure? You think about this. When you have a federal government that’s using taxpayer dollars to advertise for people to go on food stamps, not just here in the United States of America, but they were also doing it south of the border in Mexico.

So what message is that sending? Do we have a government, do we have an administration that is really trying to improve the quality of life and the standard of living for the American citizen or are they just trying to get them more attached to government?

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