BOOM! Allen West makes the case that Obama intentionally trying to overload the welfare system

Talking with Greta tonight, Allen West made the case by looking at the dependency trends in our economy of why he believes Obama is intentionally trying to overload the welfare system, just as Cloward and Piven suggested.


Well, I think that we have to stop saying that the president’s economic policies are failing and we start looking at really what the trend is. We’re seeing an incredible growth of the welfare nanny state, We’re seeing the poverty roles explode. We’re seeing the food stamp roles explode. We’re seeing more dependency on the government largess and programs. Look at what just happened kicking part-time workers off of their health care insurance plans. We’re seeing a desperation and a despondency out there that’s being created by this administration.

And it caused me to go back and read about the Cloward/Piven strategy of Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven who were Columbia University professors. (And it just so happened that the president went to Columbia.)

They talked about overloading the welfare system to a point where it would collapse, you would cause such chaos and then you would have to move from a welfare system to almost a national income system. And when you think about this 11th extension of unemployment benefits, it’s almost like the federal government’s trying to pay people not to get out there and participate in the job market.

[Food stamps going up] is a sign of failure, but is it intentional failure? You think about this. When you have a federal government that’s using taxpayer dollars to advertise for people to go on food stamps, not just here in the United States of America, but they were also doing it south of the border in Mexico.

So what message is that sending? Do we have a government, do we have an administration that is really trying to improve the quality of life and the standard of living for the American citizen or are they just trying to get them more attached to government?

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63 thoughts on “BOOM! Allen West makes the case that Obama intentionally trying to overload the welfare system

  1. Do we have a republican majority in congress? That’s where the spending is authorized. Obama could not have pushed through his Cloward-Piven program if the republican majority had not assisted him, debt ceiling after debt ceiling after debt ceiling. Regrettably, Allen West was one of those who voted for the debt increase in August 2011.

    1. The GOP was forced to make a deal because everyone knows everyone would blame the GOP if the government shut down. Obamas lapdog media would put it all the the GOP and that is why they cave every time.

  2. Greta go ahead and try to open a soup kitchen to feed the poor.. Good luck. You will get shut down for health reasons in a matter of days, but the real reason is that you cut the government out of their game of getting people to rely on them.

    1. Some time ago there was an article in a national publication about soup kitchens being shut down around the country. If I remember correctly, they mentioned somewhere like 20 to 30 cities.
      Just as a matter of personal interest I decided to check if these mayors were democrats or republicans.

      EVERY ONE of the mayors shutting down the opportunity for a hungry person to get a hot meal was a DEMOCRAT!!

      100% !!

      And it is EXACTLY as you say. You cut the government out, i.e. you cut the dependency and therefore a possible vote.

      Never thought I would see all this in this Great Nation… (I’m an immigrant)

  3. Jumpin’ Jiminy, every single thing that has harmed, is harming or will harm our Country is a success of the 0 administration. How hard is this to figure out. Man, the dots are there, the lines are there what more is it going to take? The creep said “fundamentally change”. What the hell does people think he means, no more vanilla and chocolate swirly cones?

  4. ” i wanna give food to anyone that’s hungry ”

    so in principle, you are basically agreeing with the sociailsts on the left, that we should ‘give’ the, food instead of creating an environment where everyone can ‘earn’ their food by themselves,

    sorry gretta, you got it wrong,

    1. Until that environment (earn) is indeed a way of life again, sorry, I got to help those that are in need. I have no problem with individuals helping/giving to others in need, the problem is when the Gov’t makes me give to those who are in need because they (the Gov’t). think its some lazy azzes right to have what I got. If I’m not mistaken I think there has been some religious food pantries that have been tested already as to their lawful existence.

      1. i agree 100% percent with you,

        However from the interview it looked like they were from a governmental perspective,

  5. Boom! Read Cloward and Piven and Alinsky to see that this is exactly what that communist piece of filth is up to. TRAITOR!

  6. Sounded like Greta still didn’t get it…still engaged in the blame game when, as West said, it’s INTENTIONAL.

    1. Exactly. People keep saying Barry and cohorts are Socialists when they obviously are not. They’re hardcore Communists ~ the most vile enemies of America.

    1. he is doing something about it. Even if we (you and I) knew this yesterday, Col. West has let more people know about it than we have. This guy got railroaded 6 months ago by a machine that 1/2 the country can’t stand, what, pray tell do you think this guy can do other that what he’s doing?

      1. LtC West, as you say, was jerrymandered out of his Congressional seat. Half the country hasn’t been able to stand the obama regime since 11/08. We knew well before Col. West’s remarks many things evil and treasonous that obama has done. Protests, demonstrations, faxes, phone calls, emails, all had minimal results, and since the usurper was re-elected have had far less impact.

        The time for talk is long over. I’m not necessarily talking about revolution, but what we need is action of some kind. You notice I said “What do we DO”, not what do we say or who do we call.

        I’m not in a position or condition to do very much, but if something was being done, I would certainly try to make myself useful.

          1. Thank you.

            Allen West is a conservative at heart, I think. I’d certainly be glad if he had my back in a fight. It’s just that we’ve talked ourselves blue in the face and I feel like ….

  7. Thank you Allen West! You sir are a Patriot. Thank you for saying the things others are afraid to say!

    1. He’s a little late to the party, isn’t he? Glenn Beck outlined Cloward-Piven about five years ago.

      1. Yes he did, but it is still good to read about it, and everyone will be able to see it plain as day.

    1. WOW, thanks for that link. I hope more scoopers take the time to read the article, then pass it on. It’s frightening to watch the “fundamental transformation” of the greatest nation on earth. It breaks my heart to see the direction America is being taken in. WAKE UP America before it’s too late.

  8. It’s definitely intentional. Obama is the poster boy for Rules for Radicals. And of course, Obama HATES America. Most transparent pResident EVER.

    1. Why can’t our establishment beltway Republicans see it? It is clear as can be for me, and has been since 2008! I think our NSA found some dirt on Boehner and is willing to use it, and is.

        1. I heard they blackmailed Roberts because of his adopted kid. His adopted kid is from Italy I believe and they have restrictions/laws that Roberts ignored. NY Times had a story on it but went all away when they realized they can use that information to blackmail Roberts. I believe Roberts was about to be brought to court over this and lose his adopted kid but all went away when Obama needed to Save his Obamacare .

  9. The LEFT wants people to be dependent on goverment and not on themselves , so they can control you for THEY well being not YOURS .

    1. Politicians always sought more power when they got a taste of it. Today progressives are seeking to destroy America and fear of being called names brought Republican leadership in line with them. Only the people can change this dynamic.

  10. We know that there is nothing benevolent about this administration! Yet we have lazy, greedy, and extremely ignorant folks falling for the “free stuff” that is paid for on the backs of we, the allegedly evil, conservatives, who work to pay for it. This administration is all about corrupt power and how they can keep it for themselves. Odumbo’s administration is truly an evil and malevolent regime!

  11. How in the hell did this happen ? Oh, now I remember, young people fell for the bull crap rhetoric of a younger, cooler candidate .They were buying into the hopey changy crap, crying at his rallies, wearing T shirts like he was some celebrity . They were flaunting over him and embracing him with adoration, they chanted his name much like the Hitler youth did Hitler. What a tragedy and a fatal mistake these people voted not giving any thought to his background or belief system. Now we are in a temporary abyss until he is gone from office. People need to know and understand this Obama, his policies, his beliefs are also those of his party. It is imperative that the American people get registered to vote and vote in the primary elections and then vote again in the Nov. 2014 elections to elect new House Representatives and US Senators. These elections are just as or more important than the Presidential election. Congress creates the laws we are subjected to obey. They are passing laws that interfere &stifle our lives. We have to get involved. We can’t afford to be lazy, more people have to get involved in the process. We are a Country of 300 million people and maybe 110 million vote in Presidential elections. Please nonvoters, help us save our Country. Please help us keep America free as we have known her to be, please don’t laziness, time or other excuses keep you from voting. Every vote counts. Get involved. Do it for the life of Country.

  12. If Americans only still shot or hung traitors we might preserve our heritage and have some peace and quiet.

    1. Only Cruz, Cornyn, and Inhofe voted against Kerry’s nomination. The 94 other senators should be included in your traitor remark also. We have all been deceived by both parties.
      It’s so bad we don’t even use the word traitor anymore. Congress selling the country out is now called ‘just bad policy decisions’

  13. Nearly everyone in DC is complicit in this charade…they should all be brought up on charges and thrown in prison.

    1. Exactly. Those who stand against it like Colonel West are ousted by thier own party and a complicit media.

      Republicans should need no other proof of the party’s anti-Constitutional subversion than what it did to US Representative Allen West.

  14. Kudos to Col West! I am very thankful for this outspoken man.

    Unfortunately, most of the Republican spokespeople are stuck in the thinking that “of course Pres. Obama doesn’t want to damage the economy, he’s just incompetent.” But Obama himself said when asked about taxes on capital gains that he preferred “fairness” (aka, punishing successful people) to pricing taxes at the most efficient level.

    1. The Republicans are covering for Obama too. Its just that they are given a different script than the Democrats.

      DC Kabuki Theater. They are all Progressives. Some don donkey suits, others play the parts of elephants.

  15. Many of us figured this out a long time ago. I applaud him for his efforts
    in telling the truth about the Obama regime.

  16. Isn’t obvious why they used election fraud to steal his House seat. The problem is the useless House leadership was just as happy as the left to see him go.

    1. Yes. People who say O is making bad policies, or mistakes or is inept are wrong. He is doing exactly what he intended to do. People who say otherwise are not only giving him more time for his New World Order to take effect, they are stealing precious moments from those of us trying to thwart that effort.

    1. I thank Glenn for teaching us so much and teaching us still. My family and I thought we were alone – we knew somthing was wrong and didn’t know what…he showed us we were not alone and showed us how to find out about what we were feeling was wrong. Cloward and Piven is one of the things I learned about because of Glenn. “Took the red pill” and never looked back.

  17. Pretty much, the Conservatives with eyes wide open have known from the beginning that this Socialist was doing all he can to advance that agenda. That’s why the Romney stuff was so tragic – hopefully the last time Rove & establishment GOP have anything to say about elections. No one even at reelection time would say the truth about Socialism or that Obama was a Socialist. Why we are in such deep sh#t now. Lets hope 2014 will be a major awakening.

    1. Many of us have known Comrade Obamatollah was implementing Cloward-Piven’s communist policy to overthrow America from the very beginning.

  18. I tried to find out from my elected officials why food stamps could be given to Mexicans, living in Mexico…or illegal ones crossing over here. I also asked about them being able to get “earned income credit” (!!!) for any number of children, whether they lived in the US or not. Form letter replies, IF ANY reply, is all one gets. I have NEVER heard ANYONE address this issue, not even Tom Coburn.

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