BOOM: Arkansas just dropped phony gender from driver’s licenses

The state of Arkansas just dropped the phony ‘x’ gender from driver’s licenses used by just over 500 transgender pretenders in the state.

The governor said she refused to endorse the continued inclusion of the phony gender, saying “only women give birth, men shouldn’t play women’s sports, and there are only two genders.”

Here’s more from the Daily Mail:

Arkansas has dropped the gender ‘x’ option from driver’s licenses used for transgender, non-binary and intersex people because the state’s governor says ‘there are only two genders.’

The state has also banned residents from changing the gender on their licenses without ‘verifiable information’.

Officials from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration announced the decision on Tuesday.

The state’s Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, 41, defended the decision – saying she will not ‘endorse’ the ‘nonsense’.

‘This policy is just common sense. Only women give birth, men shouldn’t play women’s sports, and there are only two genders,’ Sanders said.

‘As long as I’m Governor, Arkansas state government will not endorse nonsense,’ she said.

Of the 3,172,175 active driver’s licenses and IDs in Arkansas – 516 of those (0.1 per cent) used the ‘x’ option to describe the identification holder’s gender.

Department of Finance and Administration Secretary Jim Hudson said that the change reflects a ‘commonsense approach,’ adding that licenses and IDs should be based on ‘objective, verifiable information.’

The rule change still has to be approved by a legislative committee of the Arkansas General Assembly.

All of the residents currently using the ‘X’ on their IDs will have to get new cards when their licenses expire, but the licenses will stay valid through the expiration date.

The rule change is the latest effort from Republican lawmakers to legally establish sex as binary.

Of course the left is crying ‘discrimination’, but Sanders is right and the rule change should easily be approved by the legislature.

In related news, England just banned giving puberty blockers to minors in the country’s gender clinics. It’s good to finally see some movement in the right direction on this issue.

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