BOOM! Attorney Cleta Mitchell tells Congress that DOJ IRS investigation is a SHAM, NON-EXISTENT

Cleta Mitchell didn’t mince words this morning as she told Congress that the DOJ investigation into the IRS is a total sham, that it’s non-existent. And she didn’t stop there.

Watch her full testimony:

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216 thoughts on “BOOM! Attorney Cleta Mitchell tells Congress that DOJ IRS investigation is a SHAM, NON-EXISTENT

  1. Well clearly because mrs Mitchell says it it must be true right? I mean SHE. Would never lie because of a personal political bias right? Noooooo. Conservatives never lie for political gain right ? Noooooooo…. Just those evil liberals.

  2. this isn’t anything compared to what is being covered up by our President and the democrats in general. behind closed doors, they are plotting a constitutional overhaul, that is illegal for one, but most importantly, is aimed at giving the government supreme power over everything. they are aiming at taking away our rights, our voting rights, and turning this country over to muslim rule. just look right now, 6 of the Presidents cabinet heads are muslims. google it, if you don’t believe me.

    1. James are you on drugs? Seriously. Are you under medical care? You would have to be to believe that the president wants to turn the country over to Muslim rule.
      But I bet that when it doesn’t happen you will magically give credit to the tea party for stopping it right?
      As opposed to you just being a liar?

  3. We only have ourselves to blame if we choose to ignore history and continue on this path. Republicans, get your heads out of the ground (and/or your a$$es), and DO SOMETHING.

    1. It seems everything the administration can get it’s hands on is used for nothing but a tool of destruction.

  4. Obama is a GOOD guy unemployment is down, stock market is up. People are VERY happy. Life if GOOD Why do the EVIL Repubs keep picking on him? Next WILL have the FIRST women Pres, Hillary will rule, Bill will be back in W/.H LIFE IS GOOD Pelosi will be back as speaker Life if GOOD when are the Repubs going to admit that Socialism is GOOD. THIS IS WHAT THE MASSES WANT. ADMIT IT REPUBS! GIVE UP and face truth. GOD HELP US ALL>

    1. Either you are being sarcastic or you are a complete and total bafoon. NOWHERE in the world can you name a country where socialism is a true success. How about Cuba? Maybe N. Korea, or how about Russia. Oh, i know, China. No wait, they have gone to capitalism cause they saw how the US was so successful over decades under it and how we created more millionaires who began with nothing than any other system in the world.
      You want socialism, move your ass to Cuba and enjoy. Oh, and take that worthless sorry excuse of a president with you.
      The only way you can be a true demoncrap is to truely belive that the only reason socialism has never ever worked anywhere is because the right people just haven’t been in charge yet. Karl Marx was a fool and so are you

      1. Actually if we want socialism we can move to Great Britain, Australia , Canada or Israel. All are socialist countries with state run media and medical programs .

    2. What are YOU SMOKING ???? Obama is A} a fraud, B} liar C} intent on bring America to an END..
      Hopefully you are being sarcastic, otherwise PLEASE don’t vote ..

    3. Okay folks – lighten up! this guy is being sarcastic. Save the attacks for real liberal trolls

    4. Well said Komrad Crump. When everything goes to shit you’ll be trying to find a woman to hide behind, probably a conservative woman.

    5. Johnny … you’ve been on those political drugs way too long … it’s time to wake up and see what is really happening because of our lack of honesty and leadership in this administration … there’s still time, Johnny, you can come to your senses, I just know you can !

  5. Shame on Washington and the Press for being part of a criminal conspiracy against Americans. Obama has covered up one to many crimes and must be brought to justice. If this is not investigated our entire country will fall apart and become corrupt.

  6. My Fellow American’s, it is time that we take a stand this coming November and vote all the law breakers and liars out of office. What the IRS did is because someone higher up told them to do it! The reason we are not getting to the bottom of it, is because there are those who wish to take the Freedoms away from Americans, and make Americans their slaves!!!! Don’t think of your personal gain with all the give away by the elected leaders, think of your country and what is being done to it! The time to speak up is in November!


  8. Anyone think the reason Boehner won’t open a special investigation because he and the establishment Republicans want Tea Party groups targeted just as much as the Dems do?

    1. No. Boehner is a two faced, back stabbing, spineless coward that has too much of his thin skin in the game to allow a bunch of know nothing, grass roots conservative activists to spoil his boot licking career.

      In my opinion, this administration has been using the NSA’s data mining capabilities to go after those that oppose them. I believe that when the Supreme Court was getting ready to vote on the constitutionality of Obamacare. With the deciding vote coming down to Chief Justice Roberts, they got to him and blackmailed him with incriminating evidence they dug up via the NSA. The leftist scum will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal at destroying this country.

        1. I wasn’t the only one to think that scenario took place once I heard his explanation why he voted the way he did. There are a couple of highly regarded conservatives that have stated that they too believe Obama’s henchmen got to him the night before the vote was to be revealed with very embarrassing and incriminating evidence they gathered via the NSA’s spying apparatus. From what they have said, the NSA’s evidence involved a member of his family.

          1. So,what you are saying is that Mr. Chief Justice SOLD out his Country to protect a family Member? This is a very chilling thought! Where are the nerd hackers when we need them?

      1. I thought the same exact thing when that vote came down. I also wondered why Justice Roberts left the country so quickly on vacation afterwards. But, the way I look at it, if you are an honest person with integrity and you don’t lie, you really shouldn’t have any problems.

  9. When the elected officials “CHOOSE” not to follow the laws that a formulate,pass/enact then you have no rule of law — they must be executed.

  10. This lady lawyer rips/tears/shreds the phony scandal not a smidgen of corruption claim of the Dictator-in-Chief and the liar Dems covering for him. The IRS has employed Naziesque techniques against Conservative groups. Criminal felonies have been committed.

    1. Ya, good luck, I’m still waiting for charges against GW for illegal wiretaps and torturing people, for starters.

      I remember lots of people bending over backwards to defend all of that that would want the electric chair for Obama if he was doing it….

        1. Of course it’s five years plus later and Bush Derangement Syndrome still requires treatment. Some are treatment resistant for sure like John Angst. He’s a liberal… and these liberals are gloriously self un-aware.

          1. Yes, he wants to defend all that Obama has done by actions of GWB. Yes liberals have never seen a problem so big nor difficult that t hey could not find a way to BLAME it on Bush or someone other than the guy in the mirror!

      1. What American Citizens were tortured on Bush’s watch? Thos terrorists that may have been torture, deending on your definition, Saved an untold number of American’s lives, maybe even yours!

  11. Nothing is happening in isolation. Make sense of all of it:
    AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN is much, much more then you know
    Watch and share. Post everywhere. EVERY PATRIOT needs to see this:

  12. DESPOT: des-pot noun – A ruler with absolute power and authority who wields such power tyrannically.

    DESPOTISM: des-po-tism noun – A system of government in which the ruler has unlimited power over the people, rule by decree.

    Is the picture becoming clear yet?

  13. I don`t think any American knows anyone that works for the IRS.If they did, they! the American! would have a little talk with them.A kind of Behind the Barn” thing.

  14. I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts. Abraham Lincoln
    We have Mark Levin, Talk radio, Conservative congressman/women, Jay Sekulow, Catherine Engelbrecht, and now Cleta Mitchell. They are sticking their necks out and standing up to corruption. They are who we have been asking for as leaders and now we must stand with them to add power to their voices.

    1. The Good Lord works in mysterious ways, those of us who believe will have our prayers answered. There is a purpose for those who you mentioned standing up for us.

  15. Also, notice how the people on the Committee are sitting up high in such a superior position and behind the very large barrier instead of a table. Jeez!

  16. Do you know what scares me about this? It is obvious that Barack Hussein Obama has every Department, every facet of the United States federal government in his pocket.. The combined power of the Congess, DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, the Supreme Court… at his beck and call. What will come of all these investigations? Nothing.

    1. Maybe it’s our job to make those congressman care. If Cleata does this alone then they have no reason to care.

  17. Obama reminds me of a zoo-keeper provoking a lion with a sharp stick. Sooner or later the lion will eat his ass up!

  18. Two words she said several times:
    “Criminal Offense”
    There will be no arrest, no prison time and probably no people being fired. The government is pushing its citizens towards the scenario of pitch forks and torches in the night.

  19. Why has it taken so long in this whole process for anyone to call the president and members of his administration liars? I’ll tell you why. Because the Republicans, save a minute few, are complicit! GIVE THIS WOMAN BOEHNER’S DAMNED GAVEL! GIVE IT TO HER TODAY!

  20. Not taking or making any accusations; but who are those two dudes behind her? Names, positions, and WTF were they doing? CIA/FBI/IRS/EPA/OSHA/HHS/DOJ/MB Agents maybe?????????

    1. Especially the one to the right. Smirking throughout. I’d like to have asked him wtf he thought was so funny? His slut mother? Or his failure of a father?

  21. So it took a WOMAN to be the one with the courage to finally call Obama what he is ~ a LIAR! Others have minced their words with “not exactly true,” “untrue,” “falsehoods,” blah, blah, blah. But this brave woman uttered TRUTH, and did so repeatedly.

    Where are the men???

    1. Well and truly said! Where ARE the men?

      If you are looking for MEN in Congress, with just a few very rare exceptions, the rest are eunuchs!

    2. Where are the men? If you mean the men in Congress, I don’t know. But I know where they will be come the end of this year? Unemployment lines.

        1. A fucking disgrace! All of them. They should be castrated. Not like anyone would notice a difference. (Sorry for the language. But its how I feel. I can’t hold it in any longer.)

    3. For once, someone who is brave enough to speak the truth and question authority!!! Our America and our Constitution is under attack by our own elected government!!! Our rights and liberties must be defended!!! “The People” of this great country must ban together to protect our freedoms!!! We are in a fight!!!

  22. This is one very brave and PATRIOTIC woman! Not only does she call out the IRS and the DOJ, but she names Obama as well.
    She knows full well that she is going to be targeted by an out of control and, in my opinion, a thoroughly corrupt and criminal government, and yet she perseveres and continues to carry the fight to them.
    Why aren’t we electing people like this courageous woman to Congress instead of the corrupt damn fools who now ‘occupy’ those Halls? Imagine Cleta Mitchell as YOUR Senator or as your representative. You would finally have a voice in Congress! Can you say that about whomever represents you now?
    Let’s do whatever we can to protect this magnificent woman. She is a national treasure and we need many, many more like her.

    1. So why did the GOP not support Romney and have an Honest President? I know too busy spouting I am holier than thou! In the process you, we handed obama the Election! Wherewas the Womens vote? Again I know, they were more worried about abortion and birth control than the future of this great Country! When will we ever learn, When will we LEARN? United we stand, divided we fall and we, the GOP, were certainly divided in 2012 and 2008. Each and every Congressman and woman is only interested in what is in it for them personally.

      Rob Andrews, a Democrat from New Jersey who is resigning in the face of a his Ethics scandal investigation said it best when announcing his upcoming resignation:

      Andrews — who entered Congress in 1990 in a special election to replace
      Jim Florio, newly elected as governor — pointed out that he would have
      “eventually” succeeded Mr. Miller as chairman of the Education and Labor
      Committee in a Democrat-controlled chamber.

      frankly would have benefited enormously from Democrats being back in
      the majority,” he said, adding that at 56, deciding to “stick it out
      until we get back into the majority” might cost him precious years in
      improving his family’s finances.

      As I said, they only represent themselves, Democrats and republicans alike!

  23. Shared this on fb with the quote from Edmund Burke,

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that enough good men do nothing…

  24. I foresee a tragic ” accident ” in her future … This is a total take over .. From wh down to local pd’s … The entire government is a lie .. The entire establishment of government needs a make over and ASAP …

  25. Just watched the entire C-SPAN3 coverage of the hearing… Its amazing! If you have time to watch, I recommend it… See first hand the corruption of your, and my, completely rogue government. Note the attacks on the witnesses by the D’s. Also Rep. Gordon (R-OH) chairing todays hearing is remarkable in attempting to control the D’s condemnation of the witnesses. Take names and throw theses traitor D’s out in 2014.

    1. I did, and you’re right. The only way to get a real, up-close view of history in the making as far as our government is concerned, is to watch that proverbial sausage being made. It takes time and patience, but it’s worth it.

    1. If you watch the entire hearing you will know the D Rep.s have already started the further attacks in real time.

  26. It would seem their mentality is that if they lop the heads of those responsible, then they’re all vulnerable…can’t have that…

  27. In my lifetime I can think of no administration as corrupt or criminal as this Administration is. The rule of law is on a slippery slope and thank God for Cleta Mitchell, an American Patriot in the first order.

    1. I don’t think this has happened in the entire history of our country. We are trying to fight this formidable enemy and no one in Washington gets it. O has us locked down in every way possible, but mostly in our elected officials.

    2. Maybe it is time for a conservative woman President, because the male GOP leaders look like complete wimps next to these principled Women.

          1. I avoid Facebook, Google, and McCain like the plague so I don’t have the “gratuitous praise’ you speak of. Don’t bother posting a link as I won’t go to Facebook to see it. If you care to elucidate on the for mentioned it would be appreciated…

            1. It was one of Sarah’s Facebook posts where she praised McCain after the Arizona GOP censured McCain.
              McCain is an idiot. He wants us to support Al Qaeda in Syria against the Iranian puppet regime in Syria and at the same time support the Iranian puppet regime in Iraq against Al Qaeda in Iraq.

  28. Here is how you tell this is policy from top down based in ideology that is fascist…NO LEFTIST GROUPS HAVE BEEN TARGETED OR DENIED TAX EXEMPT STATUS.

  29. i must say this was the most powerful and direct accusation i have heard on this subject,

    and the tone and timing ? this was hillary clinton – esque

    1. The key being her testimony does make a huge difference in exposing the overt, misleading, deceptive lies and political machinations that we’ve been subjected to so far by every I.R.S. employee and the despicable liberal democrats, Elijah Cummings/Shirley Jackson Lee.

  30. God bless this super brave woman! Only sad thing is now she has a crosshair tattooed on her forehead. Obama and his gang of “pay back” lackeys are way worse to fool with then Mother Nature!

    1. don’t worry about her. God has her back in her fight for truth. those fueling the evil… they are the ones doomed

  31. The establishment GOP rinos will do nothing about this. They hate the TEA party as much as Obama does.

    1. Not to worry. The establishment GOP/RINOS have actually done we conservatives a favor by outing themselves for being the despicable, gutless, capitulating, progressive, cowards they are. Furthermore, despite all of McCain’s, McConnell’s, Graham’s and King’s anti-Tea Party grand standing, it backfired on them. It backfired on them because the wackadoodles grossly misjudged the power, influence and the steadfast conviction of the conservatives in the Tea Party to rid us of these losers.

    1. absolutely,

      and let me predict the chris Matthews opinion on this, its Probably because the President looks different from her….

  32. We’re being audited. The date is coming up. We were notified two weeks ago. My husband has been calling the agent every day since. He leaves messages upon messages. He’s called various numbers, left messages. Not only does no one ever pick up the phone he has yet to hear back from anyone he has called.
    It must have been the easiest coup on earth for this WH to have taken it over.
    BTW, was there even a dam democrat in the room when she was speaking???

    1. MiLady, be sure to retain a tax attorney. Hire one as soon as you can. Once you have one, then YOU can tell THEM, through your attorney, WHEN you are able to meet with them! Don’t delay!
      It has worked for tens of thousands of taxpayers and it will work for you.

        1. There are Tea Party and Conservative groups who employ tax attorneys for cases like yours.
          I don’t know where you live, but there are probably some near you, plus, you can either go online to the ACLJ, Jay Sekulows group, and similar groups, or do a web search. Don’t give up dear one, fight for your rights.

  33. The truth outs: The WH, IRS, Justice Dept., FBI, and US Treasury are all corrupt to their core liars. But we paying attention/Conservatives already knew that! Looks like most of that committee had something else more important to be doing as most seats are empty. I bet they will appear when its their turn to put on a show…

    1. When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty….Thomas Jefferson

      We the people cannot afford to fear the government.

  34. I adamantly applaud Ms. Mitchell for her bravery, her no nonsense and candid testimony. She confirmed beyond the shadow of doubt, via her testimony, what we highly informed voters already knew about the I.R.S.’s criminal and lawless behavior toward conservative and religious groups. Her testimony also proved to America that the P.O.T.U.S. is a bona fide, cold blooded, pathological, liar.

  35. Love her. They are all sitting there like deer in the headlights. Hope nothing untoward happens to this brave lady. You go girl.

        1. Yeah and I’ve been reading some other reports from her today. she and Jay Sekulow are tag teaming this and they are not giving up by any stretch.

  36. Somehow, when the DOJ appointed a total Obama supporter and donor to investigate wrong doing by the Obama administration, I knew that this would be a sham.

  37. Thankfully, we still have Daryl Issa’s Brave Little Committee that Could, still steaming along, investigating barack and his accomplices.

    I think Issa’s committee recently moved from “Geologic Age” speed up to “Continental Drift” speed. I look forward to reporting his shift upward to “Glacial” speed.

    Then we’ll see some real action.

  38. God Bless Cleta Mitchell and Jay Sekulow for standing up for America albeit with Obama and Holder there will never be justice until America elects a conservative President like Ted Cruz. Did anyone see Karl go after Carney on this topic?

    “JONATHAN KARL: In the president’s interview with Bill O’Reilly last night, he said there was not even a smidgen of corruption regarding the IRS targeting conservative groups. Did the president misspeak?…”


  39. The FBI WILL NEVER investigate, nor will anyone be held accountable. Unless Congress gets off its hump and does something, but i doubt that will even happen.

    1. Unfortunately you are probably correct. If the directives are coming from on high then no-one will touch this with a 10 foot pole.

    2. Boehner is a coward and worse than useless for refusing to address this scandal (and others) in a serious way.

  40. The FBI will never investigate the IRS that is a fact of life and Obama will never let it happen ant he needs to be put in prison for even lying about it because he knows that is true and he is a lying scumbag who should have never NEVER have been president of these Unite States

    1. Yeah but how many smart idealistic people have put their names in the hat and been voted in only to be taken aside and told “you will do it this way or else” or words to that effect.

  41. The truth is that Obama and Holder have been orchestrating attacks on conservatives for quite some time. This is one of their attacks! They both have committed felonious acts and must be put in prison.

  42. It’s not a cover up; there’s simply been a zero response. And this is just a glimpse of what america will be like in the future. In fact, the ability to even comment here will not exist ten years from now.

  43. Thank you TRS for putting this up. I’ve passed it along to my entire email list. (with comments, of course)

  44. Don’t be surprised if there is an accident in her future and all here business records are seized and go missing… It’s icy out there you know…

    “There’s always some miss guided soul that believes in the rule of law.”

  45. So…when does this Congressional committee DO SOMETHING?! When do people perpetrating these crimes against the American people get prosecuted, if ever? Nothing Ms. Mitchell said surprises anyone here…so the question then is…so what? That has been the answer this corrupt administration has bullied us with. They laugh because they know we can’t do a damned thing and now they have silenced our votes with corruption and fraud. This is going to take way more than political grandstanding to fix!

  46. Hey! Worthless RINOS! Are you listening?!

    Or are you going to be happy to grovel for the few morsels your thrown your way as concession for raising the debt ceiling.

    Or, is your primary aim to perpetrate another crime through Amnesty for illegals?

    We’re slowly turning into a dictatorial regime. Mark Levin calls it a “soft tyranny.” But we’re close to the day when the soft turns to hard.

  47. ~~ And that ladies and gentlemen is how one attempts to show a castrated/neutered animal (CONGRESS) what is the TRUTH !!!

  48. I’m glad this committee heard this, and that this video was taken and copied.. It’s time to fight back, CITIZENS, fight back with your votes.. Arm yourself in case the votes don’t work.. Arm yourself well, and learn to use your arms, all of them.. This fraudulent Administration has gone on too long, and the lies continue daily…

    Everyone elected next November needs to oppose Obama and his administration. Everyone.. We The People will keep the newbies in line.. But get rid of those who support this fraudulent Administration..

    This next correction to our freedoms will make 1776 look like a paint ball war…

  49. I love this lawyer woman! She is telling the truth. However we have a Democrat in the highest office and the truth never mattered to the Democrats except if a Republican isn’t telling the truth.

  50. You know what cracks me up about this photo above?….Look at the two men sitting behind her Expressions when she spills the beans about the DOJ…they look like they just pushed a watermelon out of theirBUTTTS

  51. Lies, lies, lies. This is a major cover up. Seems everything in this administration is a cover up. Time to hold their fingers to the fire and make them tell the truth.

  52. I suspect there might be a smidgen of angst in the White House today. Of course there will be no worries though, the Criminally Negligent Media has there back and the established Republicans will look the other way.

    1. Which is why, we, the populace must prepare to take back our country through negotiations or other means. In the oath I took for the Marine Corps mentioned defending the Constitution,” against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and we have a domestic enemy in our federal government. I swore to my country to take them down.

        1. I have a meeting with about a half dozen like minded men on Saturday, the 15th at ON Target in Odenton, MD to practice with our devices of “other means” You are welcome to join us if you are in the neighborhood.

          1. Thank you, I appreciate the offer. Sadly, I don’t live anywhere near MD, but God Bless you and yours in your endeavors.

            1. I don’t think you’ve been around long enough to know that I was a Marine armorer and a marksman instructor. Too bad you don’t live closer. We can always use additional riflepersons.

  53. I’m preparing for war. I recommend you all arm yourself’s but Holder is mine, if it goes that far.

      1. He will be unidentifiable when I get through with him. No dental records, finger prints or DNA will remain.

      1. You bring up an excellent tangent. All the people you know who have been vehemently defending this islamic president who is allowing the muslim caliphate to be created must also be targeted and eliminated. I hate to sound so militant but I believe that this is where we are.
        Our very own DOJ is breaking every law of the land and ignoring the Constitution. We’ve had to fight for our freedom twice. Once to separate from King George the Third and then the Tyrant, Lincoln who violated the Constitution twice. He ignored Habeas Corpus when he arrested the MD counsel so they couldn’t join the Confederates and he violated the Posse Commitatus when he used Federal troops against US Citizens. He should have been hung and here we are again.
        What are we, our generation going to leave for our children? A Tyranical, socialist world or one of freedom and peace and power in the world?
        Deep thought but it’s time to wake up the sleeping masses and bring this government to it’s knees and hold the criminals responsible for their transgressions.

        1. I would rather my generation be known as the one that died saving freedom and liberty rather than the one that flushed it down the toilet.

          1. “From time to time, the tree of Freedom must be watered with the blood of Patriots and tyrants!”
            I’m willing to water that tree. I’d never have joined the Marine Corps if I weren’t. Besides nobody lives forever.
            Semper Fidelis, Brother.

        2. Mike, I was raised in the Northeast and you really have no idea the revised history that is taught on Lincoln in elementary school up there. He’s been recreated into a hero and most everyone up there STILL believes he was the best president ever.

          It took moving into a more southerly region and then delving into (real) history books to learn the truth of that era, presidency, and Lincoln’s war. Be patient with Northerners on this matter; when they defend him they honestly know not what they do.

          1. Research this. My GGGG-Grandfather was named Rafael Barbee and he was a Captain on the CSS Webb which is known for ramming and sinking the USS Indianola which was the final US ship to be sunk before the end of the war. Up until about 50 years ago, my GGG-grandmother was STILL recieving a Confederate pension.
            The War of Northern Agression had nothing to do with slavery. Only about 17% of Southerners had anything to do with slavery and after the Emancipation Proclamation the two states with the most slaves where New York and Illinois. That’s right, Lincoln’s home town which is also the place where Jim Crow Laws were written.
            Just a little truth and real history for you poor yankees who’ve been lied to your whole lives. I don’t hold any grudges but we would be a better country if that war had gone the other way with one exception. Slavery would have taken longer to end.

            1. Mike, I did do a bit of research and found a Rafael Barbee DID serve on the CSS Webb, but couldn’t find any record of him being captain. A Lieutenant Charles W. Read was the Commander of the ship the night it ran the gauntlet in the Red River of New Orleans.

              Though raised a “Yankee” I’ve spent most of my life in the south-and mid-western states, so along with millions of others in this constantly shifting demographic country, it’s nearly impossible to label many people as a “Northerner” or “Southener.”

              I’m aware of slave ownership percentages and many other little-known facts about the history of slavery in this country. It ain’t what most people have been taught.

              How the heck did a zealous “Southerner” like yourself end up in “enemy territory” like MD? 🙂

              1. Well, done. That’s him. He was promoted AFTER the sinking. There are also about 5 different spellings of his name but that is my grand father some 4 or 5 generations back. Cool, isn’t it. My dad’s dad was an army master sergeant on Iwo Jima. He was a rotary airplane engine mechanic. His name was William Earnest Lewis. We also have some Casarati’s in the family too.

                1. Cool! Yeah, I also read that pretty much everyone on the CSS Webb was captured within a few days of running their ship aground. But what a night that was for them, eh? A feat worth retelling for generations.

                2. And we are an ornery bunch, still fighting. Only under the wrong flag. But this is my country. Maybe we’ll take it back someday soon.

                3. I strongly suspect, my friend, this country will not be made right again until the return of the Savior, though I hope I’m wrong.

                4. Well, I hope I get to be a part of the battle. I want to meet the Archangel Michael in person or in spirit.

                5. He was captured and released then went on to run a rice farm in eastern Texas before the Lewis Branch moved to South Western Louisiana. Dad is from Lake Charles, LA

              2. After my father, who was a LT. on the Admiral staff of the USS Enterprise during Vietnam got out of the Navy, he worked for Saturn airways where he flew Secretariat, Big Red, to his final race in Toronto then was promply laid off , joined the insurance company we work for now. He married an Annapolis Girl after graduating from the US Naval Academy and she had family that got him this job he started in 1976.
                I went around the globe as a navy brat living in Hawaii and Japan before I was 1 year old. Then I joined the Marine Corps and went half way around again to kill some more @$$holes that we are still fighting. Some families give more than others.

              3. BTW, Maryland is SOUTH of the Mason Dixon line and I am here. Therefore, Maryland is a SOUTHERN state. LOL

                1. A SWAMP, mind you. This is very entertaining, sharing my families long and heroic past. I only joined the Marines because no one else in my family ever did. They’ve all been Navy or Army Air Corp. Even my dad’s mom was Army Air Corps. She was a WAC. Don’t call her that though. She’ll haunt you. I come from some rather tough stock.

              4. The sinking of the Indianola happened on 02/24/1863 but the CSS Webb didn’t run aground until after Lincoln died. And Capt. Read went by the name Savez ( savvy) because he couldn’t speak french.

              5. You can DEFINATELY label me a Confederate, though, I’m partial to Reb or Johnny Reb. I like to wear grey wool in the winter. I MUST be reincarnated or there is something in the blood. Can’t explain it . Only tell it

  54. The left from the president down are guilty of STONEWALLING . It never ENDS with these people . This CHARLATAN who claims that all these scandals are phony is the phony himself , and needs to step down for the good of our country , but he is SHAMELESS , and only thinks of himself .

    1. “for the good of the country.” ????? He cares nothing about the good of this country. His plan is to bring it down to the level of the rest of the world.

  55. My goodness –

    What more will it take to expose this corruption ?

    You know – She knows what she is talking about!

    The Congress MUST act – If only just to embarrass the Administration

    They MUST be on TV EVERY night and BOYCOTT the Networks that refuse to cover this corruption

    1. I think I’m finally beginning to understand why some protesters have gone to the extreme of immolating themselves. It seems like nothing less can garner any attention.

  56. Putting this link on my FB page now, and sending the link to people. This brave woman’s well-spoken testimony needs to get out there.

  57. This woman has more balls than the entire bunch of elected Republicans in Washington. Weeping John and his merry band of elitist RINOs can’t hold a candle to this woman’s courage.

    1. Agree..the (R)inos are complicit in this (D)ung-Hole Par-Ta coup…Progressives are TRAITORS..just a bunch of “Control FREAKS ON ROIDS”…Starting with Buffy…Gates..Suckererg..

      1. Look the truth never matters to the Democrats, except if a Republican isn’t telling the truth. It has always been that way. Plenty of examples from history. President Reagan was the only president charming enough himself to make the Democrats almost grudgingly admit that as a Republican (at the time he was in office) he was doing a fairly good job and even President Reagan was set up for a “tribunal” by Daniel Inoye of Hawaii for some guns for the Contras “scandal”. The truth doesn’t matter to the Democrats unless the Republicans are lying and or getting ahead with the concept of a “limited central/federal government”. Democrats always believe that they know what is best for the whole country and they have always believed that the “ends justify the means”. They hated Nixon and it showed in the press and in the almost impeachment. Nixon loved the country enough to know that going through an impeachment in his second terms would have been completely disastrous so he resigned with as much “dignity” as he could muster. The press has always leaned left in this country. The mainstream media can always be counted upon as campaigning for the left of center. That they have gone so far left as to allow another dictatorship is no surprise to me.

        1. Been watching this movie 66 years..Agree..Now try and get REALITY to these Indoctrinated TWITS is yet another story..IDIOTS in hot pursuit of “Hoax and Chains”…amazing…

          1. I have one year on you olddog and I lost my soldier father in the Korean War and have been politically alert ever since then.

            1. Salute to you and your family and Especially your Hall of Fame Mother…From the 66′-68′ “Baby-Killing Nazi” Brothers ..never forget the “Forever Young”..Take care Kathy..btw..We got to live in the sweet spot of Americas existence..Carefree and totally FREE!!!!!!

    2. I was listening to Sean Hannity interviewed by a local radio guy this morning and they were talking about how the Rep. leadership just wants to tread water and thinks they can win that way.

      Today is Reagan’s birthday. We need people like Reagan who can explain and inspire. (Cruz, Lee, Palin are doing it, but they aren’t the leadership… yet.)

    1. “Interviews are being conducted” just like “traffic was being studied” on the George W. bridge.

  58. Wow! Finally someone who Knows the corruption and tells the truth, and Is correct in calling this Administration what it is, a LIE.

  59. If 98% of the people affected in any situation are of a certain religion, race, creed, gender, etc. then it is disparate treatment/disparate impact…… same story here and it points to intent.

  60. Someone needs to bang this drum even louder. Liberals aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box.

    Between the NSA spying and the persecution of political dissent fascism and tyranny are alive and well.

    Remember we fought a revolution for this.

  61. Speak the truth and do not stop Madame, we need you and others to beat the drum until finally something is done! You are in my prayers!

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