BOOM! Boy Scouts gets some competition from a new unapologetic Bible-based boys organization

Since the Boy Scouts of American bowed to the gay agenda, a new bible-based group has emerged as an unapologetic Christian alternative:

THE BLAZE – With the new year came a new group for youth, based on Christian principles, as a response to the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow gay scouts. Trail Life USA formally began operating Jan. 1.
Bible Based Alternative to Boy Scouts Launches After Policy Change for Gay Scouts

The new organization’s motto is “Walk Worthy,” taken from Colossians 1:10 “that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

“Our vision is to be the premier national character development organization for young men which produces godly and responsible husbands, fathers and citizens,” the organization’s website states.

Though it’s based on Christian and biblical principles, its open to people of all faiths.

“While the program is undergirded by Biblical values and unapologetically reflects a Christian worldview, there is also a clearly defined inclusion policy for youth,” according to the membership standards. “Accordingly, all boys are welcome irrespective of religion, race, national origin or socio-economic status. Our goal is for parents and families of every faith to be able to place their boys in a youth program that endeavors to provide moral consistency and ethical integrity in its adult leaders.”


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143 thoughts on “BOOM! Boy Scouts gets some competition from a new unapologetic Bible-based boys organization

  1. Excellent! That motto is wonderful! Christ is the beginning and end, the savior of all who put their trust in Him, and the judge of all. Repent and cry out to Him for the grace to believe while you yet have breath.

  2. Boy Scouts is a name that still represents them well…just for another reason. There will be perverts scouting for boys.

  3. The “Boy Scouts” should be required to change their name to “gay scouts”
    There ought to be truth in labeling.

  4. How long before the Gay radical go after this group by legal means?
    That’s the only real question here. First they will plant a gay as a leader under cover . Than comes the law suite. Than tearful stories of gay youth not being treated the same. Its always their tactic. Subversion from within aided by a corrupt justice system.

    1. And then the First Lady of the United States of America will congratulate them on their “win”, with photo ops plastered all over the media. Mrs. O will be delighted that she could endorse their status as a protected class and further her commie goal of eroding Christian morals. (After her husband is imprisoned for fraud and usurpations, she may need to get a job with the ACLU – her consistent same sex attraction support will look good on her resume.)

  5. Thanks Scoop,
    I heard Mr Beck last year or the year before speaking on his radio program about this being in the works. I glad to know its now fact.

  6. The gay crowd will stop at nothing to destroy what is left of America’s morals & values. They are a sick & demented segment of society that proves life is full of those who would try and bring society down into the depths of their hollow world. If we don’t stop this evil agenda of theirs we will continue to be left only the crumbs, courtesy of their tainting of the good still left in society.

  7. I think name recognition is still an important thing. Dissenting chapters of the Boy Scouts of America need to break free, and form an organization with a name like Boy Scouts Organization, or something. Keep the values, with a similar name.

  8. I used to belong to the Boys Club of America. Card carrying member. We used to have some great sports like Boxing and what not…I love it…but then they made it the Boys and Girls Club. All the sports was kicked out the door and they brought in TV’s and Movies and Computers basically it was a baby sitter instead of a club..I used to be able to show up any time during the week..No hours were kept..Now you have to have your parents drop you off and they can’t pick you up until it’s time..It’s pathetic….I grew up with 7 sisters and going to the Boys Club was an escape that I needed…Kids have NOTHING today…

  9. When I was a kid the Scouts were a good deal, Parents would take turns being den leaders…No one was indoctrinating the kids. They used the Manuals to get the kids their patches. Now a days anytime you see a group of kids their is an Agenda to indoctrinate them. Lefties just can’t leave kids alone. If they are not molesting their bodies they are molesting their minds with BS. I like the Idea of having a scouting program but if they are allowing anyone in than what makes them “Unapologetic” What makes them a “Christian group”….When you start allowing in the opposition that is exactly what you have and it’s non stop until they cave you in…

    1. Perhaps they believe this will give them the opportunity to witness for the Lord to those boys that don’t know him?

  10. “Accordingly, all boys are welcome irrespective of religion, race, national origin or socio-economic status.”

    I hope I’m wrong, but I think that’s going to spell their swift demise. Watch. muslims will join and try to recruit and claim islamophobia. The LGBT crowd will be screaming from the rooftops that they’re open to everything except homosexuality. They’ll be forced, one way or another, to accept homosexual boys as members. Then the boys will want to homosexual troop leaders or whatever they’re called, then the equivalent of Scoutmasters, because “we’re discriminated against … no one understands us … we’re harassed …” You know the rest. We’ve already seen it in the rest of society.

    I wish you well, Trail LIfers, and I’m no prophet, so I could be wrong. I just think that the only way out of our moral mess is to start standing up for the values of discrimination and exclusiveness – in some things – and I’m afraid it’s too late for that to succeed.

    Come quickly,. Lord Jesus.

    1. I just called bigoted, ignorant and intolerant for requesting that the muslim holidays be removed from a wall calendar I was ordering. I cancelled the order because Mr. Calendar on the internet guy questioned my request and then sent me a scathing email. That’s just what they do!

      1. Bravo, DebbyX. You were over the target. That’s why you were taking flak.

        Were you able to find a calendar without muslim holidays? I’d buy one myself.

        Scathe him back. That’s what I do. It may not accomplish anything except lowering my blood pressure, of course. and be sure you block, not spam, his email address before you send your scathe. That way he’ll know he’s been shunned. I think. I’m no internet wizard, but I think that’s the way it works.

        The Grim Reaper always has a scathe over his shoulder. It works for him, why not us? :>

        1. Try USO, NRA and Reagan Ranch. Donate and they’ll send you calendars and tons of junk mail. Not complaining mind you, I am after all a capitalist.

          1. What I buy every year is a kitchen towel hanging wall calendar, you know, those that show the entire year on a pretty towel. There are tons of them out there, he ain’t the only rodeo in town!

        2. Yes, my heart is still pounding. When I’m upset and typing I tend to go into overdrive, I didn’t want to stoop to his level, but I feel compelled to answer his allegations. I have to find out how to block his emails first, I know I’ve done it before, but uh-oh, I forgot how 🙁

      2. Right on, good on you. BTW, I get calendars from the USO, Reagan Ranch and the NRA and IIRC, (I’m in the truck in OH right now) none of them have islamofascist holydays on them.

        1. Thanks, I’ll give them a look. This guy is obviously a screaming Lib………….he really t’d me off. He wrote that I was “religious intolerant”. What nerve, he’s only selling calendars!

    2. “…I’m no prophet…” Didn’t Churchill say that if you wanted to see the future, study the past? I do believe you’re right.

  11. Personally, I don’t see much use in national scouting clubs. I’ve survived very well never having been one and have excellent self-preservation skills. My sister and brother – both scouts – ended up easily taken into the liberal mindset. Both thrive on group functions to this day.
    Nothing wrong with an outright Christian organization with camp functions for the purpose of combining outdoor experience with the teaching of God’s word; other than that, I think group outings for kids should be local only.
    Large organizations with large overhead invite compromised principles.

    1. Boy Scouts in many instances are the only stable male role models that many of the boys have ever known.I.spent over twenty years volunteering for scouts and seldom missed a function,whether it was a camp out,an awards banquet,or a fund raiser.The same fathers showed up at every function.Those boys without a full time dad were thankful for the chance to at least have some semblance of what it means to be a father.

      1. Not to downplay your generous role in scouting; just saying it seems these organizations seem to lose sight of their well-intended origins when they become large and distal and would be much more effective as small, local groups focused on the boys’ well being.

        1. And THAT was the intention of several of these youth and boy movement organizations that sprung up as a response to the increasing rate of absentee fathers in the wake of Industrialization, when men went to work in factories… and no longer were around their sons on the farm all day.

          They were led by the writings of Ernest Thompson Seton who published articles in the “Ladies Home Journal” about how he took a rag tag group of boys who vandalized his property near Greenwich, CT… and instead of turning them into the authorities… he invited them to come camping with him on his property. He taught them campcraft and skills and stories from the time he spent with the Native Americans… and the writings became the basis for the Boy Scout Handbook, it was also the inspiration for SEVERAL other groups, including the S. Baptist’s Royal Ambassadors (yeah… that name inspires *eyeroll*).

          The Royal Ambassador program has seen better days.

  12. I find this pleasing. I refused to allow my son back into the Boy Scouts after this pathetic caving…I will not ever (intentionally or unintentionally if I can help it) allow ANYONE to ooze their disgusting habits onto my son, the SLIME!

  13. Great idea! But it is still a shame that they ruined the Boy Scouts. If the Scouts wouldn’t have caved then the gays would have had to start their own. A battle has been won but the war was lost.

    1. Or maybe the war is just beginning. Good for the Bible based group .And bad, bad, bad for the Boy Scouts

  14. I find this as encouraging. Does anyone remember when ZO and Bill Whittle mentioned that it was time to stop trying to fight the enemy on their own terms. How it was time to make our own way, in the entertainment and family friendly arena?

    Well here ya go!

    We need to capitalize in this!

  15. I am suspecting there will be more of these organizations cropping up around the country now. It is a good thing. There are plenty of good men in the nations churches that would be willing to assist a group like this.

  16. Finally, someone decides conforming to the ways of the world is not what a Christ like life should be, instead be transformed from her (world’s) ways even if the whole world will be on the other side, and you’ll be all by yourself in your side. Choose ye this day, I’m glad for my choice, even if it’s not at all famous.
    May God bless and protect the tender hearts that is still learning how to Love HIM.
    Great News Trail Life USA, I’m behind you in prayer !
    My prayers also for the Boy Scouts of America that the Loving Lord will lead and bless them.

    1. Ditto, crosshr.

      My father, now with the Lord, was active in Boy Scouts, first as a young boy and for many years as a leader, for over fifty years (it may have been more, I forget the exact number). He was officially awarded for his decades of service.

      I’m glad he never saw the demise and descent into depravity that has claimed something he was so devoted to.

      Best regards, Peter Warner.

  17. Of course the Boy Scouts have a similar motto as of January 1st.

    “Be Fruitful”.

    Bada Bomp! Yeah!

    1. I would be willing to bet that your morally bankrupt self has not even SEEN the curriculum, so how can you hate on something that you’re utterly ignorant of? OH THAT’S right, you’re a typical godless liberal! You run your mouth before you run your brain.

      And if you don’t like what the Bible says, you purveyor of “liberal tolerance” and “open-mindedness”, then you can take it up with God the Creator right before your sentencing.

    2. Intolerance – “unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.” Congratulations! You’re guilty of the very thing you accuse others of being.

    3. Do you believe in protecting children from sexual assault? If so, it’s not a bad principle to not allow sodomites to be leaders who likely would be tempted. However, if I had a child, even if it were called a Christian organization, that allows homosexual young men to be members (which this group does: )
      even if they’re not supposed to do anything in troop sessions, I wouldn’t allow my son to attend. Friendships can go beyond a club and a boy may lust after another boy in camp and not do anything about it until they’re done with the troop get together.

      1. I read the issue quickly, being a former Scout and Scout Leader, but I believe the policy against gay leaders is still in effect. Only Scouts can be gay.

        1. Same is true with this new group, which I was trying to say is a plus- however, according to the article I cited, young men are allowed to be in this new group who are homosexual.

    4. Yay! Once again, the “all things gay” person shows up to defend sin as OK. Would anyone expect anything less of this one?

      Because he/she has a family member who is gay, it’s ok, irrespective of scripture to the contrary.

      Would you like to play dueling scripture with me? I’m not gay, but I’m game!

    5. What the h*ll are you talking about?
      ‘Cause calling a perversion what it is is most definitely NOT ‘prejudiced and intolerant’. Forcing a perversion on others IS prejudiced and intolerant. Welcome to the Dark Side, wodiej, in spite of all your self righteousness.
      Be aware…homosexuality is not and never will be normal.

      1. They will do anything to rationalize and or justify it for themselves or for anyone they know who is very close to them… like a family member. They’re sad, incapable people who think they have to embrace this perversion of nature instead of just loving the person…instead of the sin.

    6. No. We have an organization that will not be pushing perversion on young boys and young men. It is inappropriate for young boys and young men to be forced to camp with those who are attracted to them in an inappropriate manner. The Girl Scouts never camped with Boy Scouts and the same should be held true for those who are not interested in partaking in homosexual behavior. The agenda was pushed and now boys, who do not wish to take part in the homosexual agenda have an alternative. It’s not hate to not agree to take part in a behavior you do not feel comfortable with. You cannot force acceptance of an unnatural behavior. Doing so just proves that homosexuals don’t really buy into what they are forcing on everyone else, it just proves they lack self acceptance.

    7. Intolerant of things that should not be tolerated. Prejudiced against evil. Yes, absolutely and hallelujah. I hope they make it work.

    8. Shove your intolerant rants on intolerance, pi$$ant. I’m done with useful idiots like you who spew those words as if they have any meaning in my life or anyone else’s who believe otherwise. You’re DAMN right I’m prejudiced and intolerant of SIN. Take your PC flatulent-speak where it’s worshiped.

    9. It is beyond irresponsible for the leaders of the Boy Scouts to succumb to political pressure to accept and affirm boys in disoriented identities and distorted self concepts and unhealthy behaviors.

      Tolerance of homo/bi/pansexuality has exponentially increased the incidence, number and severity of sexually transmitted diseases.

      Homosexual boy scout leaders often seduce the boys into homosexual experimentation during camp outs. This is predatory recruitment and indoctrination by homosexual practitioners.

  18. None Christians go to Catholic schools because they want a quality education. The same might be true with Trail Life USA. People like buckethead get caught up in the small pictures.

    1. Buckethead is a former Cubmaster who was very successful at growing the pack he managed by 33% 2 years running and increased adult male volunteers by 300%.

      I’m also a big historian of the Boy movements of the pre-World War I era… and am disappointed that Trail Way is not the alternative I had hoped for.

      1. With all you success in scouting where is your alternative? I’ve known plenty of disappointment but I don’t go around challenging new ideas.

      1. It’s a great organization, it just needs updating. It needs a fresh direction as far as how it relates to 21st century kids. The above organization seems to be doing that.

      1. More heretic than anything.

        But I was being serious, because their FAQs state that Jews may not serve in positions of leadership, that they only allow confessing Christians as leaders.

        So my question is valid… Especially since this is coming from the Blaze.

        1. Yeah, yeah every other Christian alive is a heretic, and you’re like the ONLY human being left on Earth who has been given the fountain of all truth in the final days leading up to the Lord’s return.

          And it’s NOT a valid question.

          “We certainly respect Mormons. However, Mormons would not participate in our program as a denomination because of our specific Statement of Faith which holds a belief in the Trinity, which is not in step with Mormon theology.”

          1. Actually, I took it as meaning he was calling himself more heretic than anything in response to being called a Baptist.

            1. Thanks… And yes I was referring to myself as the heretic.

              The Mormons are the #1 largest supporters of the BSA, with the Catholic Church a close second. Both groups have not made much of a move against the recent rule changes.

              1. What qualifies you to be more of a heretic, in your view?

                Given that Mormonism is a cult and the Roman catholic pope’s current position on homosexuals is not in keeping with Scripture, not making much of a move would not be surprising to me.

                1. Why am I a heretic?

                  Because some of my understanding of the scripture falls outside of mainstream Orthodoxy. And the proper definition of Heretic is someone who does not follow Orthodoxy (meaning… I don’t vote with the mainstream, or the wide gate, on all issues).

                  I assure you that I came to my heretical views based on actually READING and STUDYING the bible with a very high Hermeneutic (more towards literalism) and respect for the scripture and from studying with some very respected conservative leaning Bible Teachers.

                  My trend towards literalism probably is MORE than most of the folks who are part of this forum. The only difference is that the MORE scrutiny you put towards the scripture… the more I became a part of the Defense Team… rather than the Prosecution.

                  After all… the Master is the Advocate. The Accuser is a Prosecutor.

                  If you want an example… let’s take a look at the location of Mt. Sinai and the crossing of the Red Sea.

                  I gave up on attending Seminary with the S. Baptists because they do not teach that the nation of Israel actually went through the Red Sea anymore…. AND they still teach that Mt. Sinai is in the Peninsula of Egypt, rather than where the scripture SAYS it is… Galatians 4:25.

                2. Heretic has Biblical connotations to a Christian like me and without the explanation, is likely to confuse people… it did me. Glad you believe in studying the Word of God.

              2. Actually not really true the Mormons allow Gay leaders to march in Gay Pride parades and go to church with their partners. Gays can serve in any position in the church with no exception for Boy Scouts. They got in trouble with the BSA when two of it’s leaders led a Gay Pride parade in SLC, Utah.

                The Mormons have allowed Gays in scouting since 2010. Just not officially and not announced.

          1. Jews who are not confessing Jesus as savior are not allowed to serve as leaders.

            This is a problem… I have had boys that are jewish in my pack in the past… and would have LOVED for their parents to participate more, and there is no reason for them to be disallowed based on their Jewish heritage. It smacks of Anti-Semitism or Christian-elitism.

            I fear it looks more and more like a jr. Klan. I’m just saying, from all appearances… here in this area that I live in, it sends a negative message that just because you do not confess Christ as savior, then you are deemed unworthy of parental participation

            1. If it is a Christian organization that desires Christ followers to be the leaders and it does not exclude Jewish people who are following Christ, there’s nothing anti-semite about it.

              Christ is supreme- He’s the only way to salvation. There is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. The leadership likely wants to reach the boys for Christ. Nothing wrong about that at all. All who don’t follow Christ walk in darkness and would be blind guides.

              But when it comes to young men in a life of sexual perversion, protection of the other young men is essential. That’s why they shouldn’t be allowed to join while they are practicing homosexuals.

        1. I think it was a fair question, given that the article led to a site where the head of it, as far as I know, is a Mormon.

          1. But their FAQ says specifically:

            “We certainly respect Mormons. However, Mormons would not participate in our program as a denomination because of our specific Statement of Faith which holds a belief in the Trinity, which is not in step with Mormon theology.”

            1. Maybe he hadn’t read that. Or perhaps he was asking for the benefit of others who might be curious? I’m glad they recognize Mormon theology is not in keeping with the Bible. But I don’t like they allow young men who are homosexuals to be club members. (See article on this thread I posted link to).

            2. They have no real theology on the Godhead. It changes with the wind. Just do not believe in the Trinity doctrine. I imagine that will shortly change and they will embrace the Trinity doctrine as it seems they are constantly becoming more and more traditional Christian and less and less Mormon.

    1. I wondered who this Larry Wagner was- still don’t know.

      I found this article where they list a Baptist church as having the program.

      Unfortunately, they also indicate in the article that sodomite young men are welcome, as long as they don’t promote or participate in sexual behavior.

      How exactly does the allowance of homosexual young men in the troop differ from the boy scouts? What Christian parent would want to send their young men into the company of other young men that may lust after them, become friends and do something outside the troop?

      1. “What Christian parent would want to send their young men into the company of other young men that may lust after them, become friends and do something outside the troop?” Good point. No responsible parent, I would think, whether or not gay, would want to put their child into a situation like this.

        1. Point of clarification- are you saying whether or not the parent was a homosexual, they wouldn’t want to put their child into that situation? If so, the bad example the child is likely witnessing to some extent inside the home is a danger to that child.

          1. Yeah, that is what I meant. I do not believe any parent will want their child sexually involved in such a manner. I know there are exceptions, sure, but in general any responsible parent will not want their children exposed at such a young age.

      2. There is almost no difference between this and the boy scouts agreed.

        They allow gays as long as they lie they are not sexually active. Although the Gay Boy Scouts can march in uniform in Gay Pride parades. Seems a very small difference to me.

        If you declare yourself gay you have sinned according to the bible. You should have no place in scout overnight activities and you should be ostracized as a person in sin needful of repentance. Not saying that they should not be allowed in church they should.

        1. And why couldn’t the young homosexual men in this new group do this on their own time as well, just perhaps not in uniform?

          Practicing homosexuals should not be allowed to be members of the church and homosexual young men should not be allowed in a Christian run club with Christian young men.

          1. You are to obey these rules full time.

            Edit: The rest of this had nothing to do with the post in reality. He is a man of God I will leave it here for those that know not God.

            There is never a time when you are allowed to serve Satan instead of God.

            I guess in your mind on your own time means no rules no God no obligations. Not a way to be happy for sure. Not true happiness that comes with an assurance you will be fine for billions of years not just the small number you will live on this tiny earth.

            1. I’m sorry- I guess I didn’t communicate very well- you seem to have misunderstood me completely. I am a Christian who believes the Bible about homosexuality. I was saying even the marching in gay parades part does not seem much different between the two groups, if it is just a difference of being allowed to wear the uniform or not. They both allow homosexual young men in their clubs and the Christian club isn’t in charge of what the homosexual young man does on his own time.

              1. Sorry. Praise Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

                From my reading even out of uniform they can not promote gay life in any way. No such restriction in the Gay Boy Scouts.

                How them calling themselves Gay does not do that escapes me though.

                1. Who, besides God, is going to know if the young non-Christian homosexual man who doesn’t broadcast he’s a member of the club loses themselves in the midst of the crowd in the parade? Will the troop leaders of this new club carefully watch the disgusting exhibition looking for their club participants?

                  First, the club should evangelize the perspective homosexual young man and if he becomes a genuine Christian (as evidenced by a track record of good fruit), and because God saves him, becomes a formerly practicing homosexual who has been washed by the blood of the Lamb, he should then be welcome into the club.

    1. Kinda not. The signups are not as many as they thought they would have… And the main thrust of membership seems to be confined to the regions where S. Baptists, Indy Baptists and Church of Christ have a higher dominance.

      I looked into it a little myself, but the “Christians only” mentality and rules is a big barrier to getting some kids and families involved.

      In the early days, churches used the scouts as an outreach to the community… It was an opening for evangelism.

        1. ” “Christians only” mentality and rules is a big barrier to getting some kids and families involved.”

          How is that in any way factual?

          In fact the rest is false as well. The article states that they are totally full. Baptist withdrew from Boy Scouts so makes sense they would start there.

          No facts just lies.

          1. Hey… if they are totally full… then I’m happy for them.

            I’m rather disgusted with the S. Baptists however because they had an opportunity to “influence” the boy scout vote earlier last year with an incentive or two… but they hid behind a big veil of stupid when the Boy Scout director came to meet with the SBC leaders. They offered nothing to help… and they got nothing for it.

            It was not a sterling moment in the history of S. Baptist leadership.

            And as far as S. Baptists withdrawing from the Scouts… there may have been some individual churches that withdrew their support and from providing facilities… but there were more than enough churches from other denoms that picked up the opportunity to take them in.

            Speaking just of S. Baptists here (because that is my experiential background)… they do NOT have a great luxury of shutting down ministries to young families… not if they want to survive. There are smarter ways to make a biblical stand than to just say…”our way… or we take our ball and leave”

            Never saw Jesus act like that in the scriptures. He went TO the sinner… not away.

            Not sure why you want to be antagonistic with me Steve… but whatever floats your boat dude.

            1. Gays are more than welcome to attend. But Christ always said go thy way and sin no more. The sinner must be told to repent. The Church shows love by helping the sinner repent. The Chuches that tell the sinner they need not repent do those sinners grave harm. The Churhes that allow openly gay men and boys to hold positions are endorsing that lifestyle in todays politically charged climate. In some churches an adulterer is not allowed positions but a gay is.

              To allow a gay on an overnite outing is just asking for trouble. It amazes me that people will let their son go into a tent with a gay but not a girl when that gay is eight times more likely to end up in a sexual relationship or actions. I call these parents stupid.

              1. It’s recorded that Jesus said “go and sin no more”… Once. Not ‘always’.

                That story is in the book of John… The book that contains absolutely zero times the word “repent”.

                I think you’ve confused the Gospel is only for people that are sin free to start with.

      1. Evangelism isn’t so bad; in fact, would that kind of re-orientation be so bad for this nation’s youth?
        I heard an interview on the Lars Larson show yesterday; the leaders must have Christian dispositions, but they welcome all faiths AND non-believers as scouts and will not be “ramming religion down their throats.”
        He also said they are picking up a lot of never-before scouts.

        1. I never said Evangelization was bad.

          In fact… I’m all for it.

          And just think for a second about the message being sent to some of the kids…

          “You are welcome… but your Jew mom or dad cannot be a leader”.

          Just sayin’

          That bothers me.

          1. Don’t Jews believe in God? That’s a requirement for a leader. If you don’t believe in God, you are welcome as a scout; but, true, your parent cannot be a Trail Life leader if he doesn’t.
            If that doesn’t suit someone, they would have to choose another path.
            Again, I’m not a believer in national scouting organizations; locally-organized clubs are best.

      2. First, they are just now getting press. Second, you’re right, that the “Christian only” mentality as you deem it, is tenuous…it represents only 80+% of this entire country, and is actually much more loving than excluding. So, a misnomer is what it is…and what you mistakenly perceive:-)

        Perhaps you cannot see the pendulum swinging back in the other direction. That’s just the physics of a pendulum. In a country where even evangelism is close to being outlawed, your buckethead holds neither water, nor wisdom.

        Try inverting it, patching the eyeholes, removing the baptist part of your moniker, and use a monocle instead. We’ve been here before, thee and me. I believe in Latin we call it Dingius Battus.

        No offense of course…after all, not being offended is right there in the Constitution, under Article huh, Section whuh.


        1. First, there is a difference between STATING you are a Christian… and actually BEING one.

          There are 16 Million S. Baptists on the rolls in this country… yet HALF of that number never shows up on Sunday Mornings and the FBI couldn’t find them if they tried.

          And for all the wishful thinking that the Pendulum is swinging back… I base my opinion on factual information gathered from several sources, ranging from Barna, the S. Baptist Convention, the Associated Press… and others.

          There MAY be a more vocal section within Christianity that is voicing their displeasure with the culture… But I need to see more evidence than buying a Chik-fil-A for Jesus and sending tersely worded emails to A&E for suspending Phil Robertson before I capitulate to wishful thinking on your part.

      3. It’s a point in their favor to allow Christians only as leaders. Sure, God is a turn off to those rejecting Him, but that doesn’t mean people don’t need Him.

        Being inclusive of homosexual young men however is a safety problem to other young men part of the club (see article link I posted).

        1. As stated in a previous thread… I have a problem with cutting leaders out just because they are NON confessing Christians.

          This is an idea based in Calvinism… NOT the Gospel.

          1. If you do not confess Jesus as Lord and do not believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you are not a Christian. The idea of confessing Christ and walking in obedience which demonstrates love for Christ is Biblical and did not originate with Calvin.

      4. I understand, but the article said:

        “all boys are welcome irrespective of religion, race, national origin or socio-economic status. Our goal is for parents and families of every faith to be able to place their boys”

        Because of this I got the impression it was pretty much all inclusive.

  19. Good to see that Capitalism is providing a competitive alternative to the Boy Scouts. Best of luck to Trail Life USA.

    If SCOTUS does what it’s supposed to do, it will do nothing more than interpret law. Trail Life has broken no laws. They have the right to exclude homosexuals. BSA excludes homosexual scoutmasters to this day.

    1. That may be, but, like me, I’m sure there’s tons of folks who have never heard of the Royal Rangers.

  20. Good for them! I think that’s the best thing to do. Provide an alternative.
    I also really like their logo.

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